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The new BCU scheme for young people
Paddlepower is an exciting new scheme which has been designed to meet the needs of young people. It’s colourful and youth centred approach aims to:
  Encourage more young people to come into and stay in the sport
  Show them all aspects of the sport – both competitive and adventurous
  Provide signposts into Clubs where their skills and development can be nurtured
  Ensure good practice in coaching and equipment selection

It consists of 2 parts:
PADDLEPOWER 1 – The Young Paddlers Scheme
PADDLEPOWER 2 – The Challenge Log Book

Paddlepower 1 – Young Paddler Scheme
Paddlepower One is aimed at the 8-11 age group. It comprises of four progressive levels to take the paddler to just beyond 1 Star - plus 3 optional awards - Water Safety, Water Awareness and Capsize. A total of seven awards with a certificate for each one.

The aim is to give each young paddler the best start, helping to develop efficient forward paddling and boat handling skills. Progress is noted in a colourful log book with input from both paddler and coach to encourage involvement. Also included in the log book is the first challenge from Paddlepower Two, to show where they can go next – and even start collecting points. Click here to see sample pages from Paddlepower One log book and certificates.

The BCU recognise Paddlepower One as equivalent to One Star for awards and progressions and for outside organisations such as scout/guide badges.

Paddlepower 2 – Challenge Logbook
This scheme encourages young people to participate and continue beyond introductory sessions, try out different types of Paddlesport and takes them through several seasons of paddling. The log book sets 5 CHALLENGES whereby points need to be gained to achieve each Challenge. These are made up of:
Taking part in a number of coaching sessions
Taking part in various events
Obtaining proficiency awards like the Star scheme
Trying out different types of Paddlesport and equipment

In addition to the challenges the log book contains handy tips from top coaches such as Nutrition and Goal Setting. For more details of the challenges click Paddlepower Two Log Books.

What is required to run the scheme?
To run the scheme you must register with the BCU. For Paddlepower 1 you need to be or have access to a level 2 coach or above. Paddlepower 2 can be delivered by anyone – a helper, parent or coach.
To register contact the BCU Youth Programme or download a Paddlepower Registration Form (PDF doc 6k in size) here. Registration costs £5.00 for which you receive a Paddlepower Deliverer’s pack which includes the following resources:

A Guide to delivery of the scheme
A complete set of the 2 Paddlepower log books and certificates
£5 voucher towards attending a Paddlepower workshop

There are Paddlepower workshops to support delivery of the scheme – contact your nearest Paddlesport Development Officer or BCU Head Office (Youth Programme) for more information.

Coaching at Coburg Dock

Coaching at introductory sessions