Kayak Safety for Liverpool Triathlon 14th August 2016
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  Kayak Safety Cover Sunday Morning    07:45 - 13:30   Kayak Safety Cover Sunday Morning    07:45 - 13:30   Kayak Team Leaders     Sunday 06:00 - 17:00   Bank Support Team / Lifeguards                       Sunday 06:00 - 17:00    Red Team Blue Team Green Team Orange Team Bank Support Team / Lifeguards Sunday 06:00 - 17:00
1 Julie Brookes 23 Natalie Glover 1 Paul Hanley 1 John Fay   Paul Hanley Keith Steer John Vogler Peter Thomas  John Fay
2 Tony Robinson 24 Bob Hamilton 2 Keith Steer 2 Craig Ford   Anthony Brockway Ian Colwyn Ian Bell Carole Thomas Craig Ford
3 Callum Cook  25 Sue Hamilton 3 John Vogler 3 Sarah gille    Julie Brookes Callum Cook  Kathryn Wilson Robin Emley Sarah gille 
4 Norman Cook    4 Carole Thomas 4 Gareth Jones   Tony Robinson Norman Cook Tony Bennett Alan Peachment Gareth Jones
5 Kathryn Wilson    Reserves 5 Peter Thomas  5 William Hurley-Brown Lifeguard Irene Jackson Dominic Fahey Colin Muse Steve Lewtas William Hurley-Brown
6 Tony Bennett      6 Anthony Brockway 6 Martyn Hurley Lifeguard Keith Traverse Peter Brown Michael Smith matthew odonnell Martyn Hurley
7 Robin Emley      7 Ian Colwyn       conner odonnell  paul odonnell Stuart Conway  Jim Duffy
8 Alan Peachment    8 Ian Bell      andy freeman Don Brooks Natalie Glover Bob Hamilton
9 Irene Jackson       (Please bring good footwear    Sue Hamilton
10 Keith Traverse      Reserves  and shorts as you may be     7am – Para Tri (2 waves) – handful of participants
11 Dominic Fahey       waist deep in water!)    08:30 – 09:40 – Olympic Distance Waves
12 Peter Brown        12:00 – 12:40 – Sprint Distance Waves
13 Colin Muse       14:00 – Youth Elite
14 Michael Smith    15:00 – Female Elite
15 Steve Lewtas    Liverpool Triathlon Kayak safety Cover          16:30 – Male Elite
16 matthew odonnell    Team Leaders and Bank Support Team Only   
17 conner odonnell     Meet at 5:45am at Liverpool Marina to pick up boats and
18 paul odonnell    paddle round to Merseysport for the briefing at 6:00am 
19 Jim Duffy    Rest of Safety Kayakers  
20 Stuart Conway     Meet at 7:15am at Liverpool Marina to pick up boats and
21 andy freeman    paddle round to Merseysport for the briefing at 7:45am 
22 Don Brooks    Coordinator  
   Keith Steer Tel 07719459942 keithsteer AT gmail.com
Kayaks are available from the club (Please bring a whistle if you can!) 
pens, waterproof paper, colour t-shirts, VHF radios will be available on the day (spare whistles)
Liverpool Triathlon this Sunday.  Meet at 5:45am / 7:15am  Register and Briefing is at 6:00am / 7:45am at Merseysport so you will need to change and launch from the Marina (boats unlocked from 5:45am).  If you are bringing your own boat you can unload at Merseysports but please park at Marina if you can.
Please allow extra time to go around all road closures – Plan to go via Cathedrals, Upper Parliament Street and then follow diversion via the Brewery (Graffton Street) opposite the Marina entrance.  (Map of closure attached)  
A free coffee and Bacon Bap available from 6:00am / 7:00am but you must be changed and ready for briefing at 6:15am or 7:45am in the cafι at Merseysports.