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November 2010

November Paddler
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23/10/10 Membership Renewal

As members come to the end of their years membership they will receive an email informing them that their membership has expired.  To renew, just log into your account via the members tab / page and click Renew Account.    Click here for instructions on how to renew. 


You can upgrade you membership type or simply renew.  If you delay the renewal process when you come to renew you will have a daily rate automatically added to the membership fee and a your membership will expire after 365 days from your renewal.  If your membership has expired you will still receive googlemail group emails but will not be able to access protected material via the website.  Your details will not appear on the current members list.

23/10/10 Pool sessions – how to book

The clubs weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre in Widnes is proving very popular again.  Members can book a slot in advanced either online using paypal or preferably by paying at the previous pool session (this saves the club transaction costs).  As it is very busy at the moment members are asked to only book a 30min slot, however, if there is space on the night paddlers can use the whole hour and pay the difference at the end.  Probably the best way to book is with a friend and share a boat over the whole hour, you can then work as a pair to practise rolling, helping with emptying etc.  It is possible to just turn up on the night and paddle provided there is space.


If you would like to see the current places available click the link on the venues page or directly click here…….


Costs: Half-hour £2, Two people sharing the hour £4, Add an extra half-hour on the night £1.50 in addition to £2 for first half-hour. 


Coordinators Chris Murphy and Roy McHale  pool@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk


23/10/10 Liverpool Canoe Club Christmas Social and Meal will be held at the Marina Club again this year on Wednesday 22nd of December.  Reserve you place now.

The cost is normally £27.95 for each place but Liverpool Canoe Club has negotiated a special price of £19.95 each for the same meal, entertainment and a glass of wine.  Hopefully this will make it assessable to all and we hope for a large turn out again this year.

Please use the online form on the website to book a place or click here… for the direct link for more information…..   Places are limited and once gone they are gone!!!

Please note all those who have paid the original price have been refunded the difference

23/10/10 The Dark Art of Rolling
Some of you were talking to me at a few pool sessions about what some boaters call the dark art of rolling and what resources are out there on the world wide web and in books.

There are many types of rolls out there, some very complicated with only a limited use such as the tornado roll.  Others include the more common rolls such as the screw roll and mine, and many other coaches favourite the C to C roll. It works in every scenario and if done properly it is arguably the safest and most efficient roll. There are many videos of the net, unfortunately there are many bad examples of this roll. But here are the ones I have used in teaching.

This 1st video in my opinion is one of the best on the net. It clearly shows the basic principles behind what is involved in what is require to safely do the roll. PS don't worry when you say "I'm no way as flexible as that woman". I guarantee everyone says and they can all do the roll!

This is one of the latest rolling videos to enter the web. Made by some paddlers at Bangor uni for there degree. It is well put together and shows a clear step by step guide.

This last video is another American "Kayak School" video. Some cautionary notes on this are needed. The roll below is an add on to the C to C but defiantly one that should be thought about once the basics have been mastered. The yanks call it the combat roll basically it is a C to C roll but coming up leaning forward protecting the head. This is not just for white water paddlers but for all forms of paddling!

The old fashioned form of the book hasn't been surpassed yet by the internet, especially in terms of rolling resources. This book is often termed the "Bible" of rolling resources as it is easy to use and is well worth the price! The first batch of pages are available free on Google books it even shows a very useful flow diagram.

The second book I haven't actually read but it does come recommended to me from other coaches. Rolling-Kayak-Ken-Whiting
I hope this helps  Dave Rider

23/10/10 Club Paddles  - Click on the main club calendar for an updated list of paddles and events.
If you fancy paddling on any of the proposed trips this year then please consider offering to act as a coordinator. You won’t be in charge of the trip; you just select the date(s) and act as a contact point to give information / gather prospective numbers etc. Contact Keith Steer with offers of help or suggested trips.  All coordinators will take a list of names and contact numbers before paddlers get on the water - please contact the coordinator before the trip.



Div 3 Polo tournament at Stockport pool - Why not come and support our team coordinator Dinny Davies



Scotland trip 4 day paddle on the River Spey starting 23rd Oct - Contact Coordinator Ian Bell


Introductory course for new members (2 of 5 sessions) Click for more information........


Hilbre Island paddle - coordinator Karl Tattum



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)


Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready- Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....



5th UK Storm Gathering - Wild Northumberland 30th & 31st Oct 2010 - Club Coordinator Brian Green


Introductory course for new members (3 of 5 sessions) Click for more information........


CHESTER DEE DIV B. AND OPEN WILD WATER RACE - THE RIVERSIDE CENTRE in Chester to Chester Weir. - Organiser Colin Smith Click for more details....


Halloween Paddle - Evening paddle in the dark at the Docks. Please bring a torch, Costume or Halloween Mask, any spare day glow lightsticks or similar. Coordinators Jim Slater and Justin Cooper Click for more informtation.....



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....


Introductory course for new members (4 of 5 sessions) Click for more information........



General club session / Rolling practice and general skills - coordinator Dom Buckley 10.00am to Midday


Every second Monday of every month we hold a mini-lecture or talk at the Liverpool Marina 8.00pm start - All those interested in paddlesport are most welcome (you do not need to be a member of the club). Click for details...... Open boating film - K Steer



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....



Cumbrian Paddling Weekend - Based at Hawes End near Keswick - Click for more information......


Introductory course for new members (5 of 5 sessions) Click for more information........


Bivi style camp on Peel Island. Lake Coniston suitable for all craft; opens, sea kayaks or gp boats - coordinator Keith S



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....


River Ribble - Easy grade river ideal for open boats or those looking for mellow moving water. Coordinator Helen Siertsema



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)



General Club Night - Liverpool Marina Harbour Club Car Park 6:30 for 7pm on the water start to 8:30 (or Dusk)


River Goyt - Easy river trip - ideal for developing river skills - coorindator Helen Siertsema


Sea Paddle and Christmas Nibbles Llandudno Beach Cafe - Contact Brian Green



Every second Monday of every month we hold a mini-lecture or talk at the Liverpool Marina 8.00pm start - All those interested in paddlesport are most welcome (you do not need to be a member of the club). Click for details...... Paddling Gear, the good, the bad and the ugly - Ian Bell / Keith S


River Dee - Farndon to Chester. Contact the coordinator Dom Buckley


Liverpool CC Christmas Dinner and Social - Liverpool Marina Club - Coordinator Theo Gaussen Click for more details.............


Every second Monday of every month we hold a mini-lecture or talk at the Liverpool Marina 8.00pm start - All those interested in paddlesport are most welcome (you do not need to be a member of the club). Click for details...... Sea Kayaking film - Keith S



LCC Ski Trip to French Alps - Limited places so contact the Coordinator Kirk Williams



Easter Scottish White Water - Club trip to Fort William - Coordinator Theo Gaussen



35th Annual Scout & Guide Training Weekend at Bala - Some BCU courses available to members with pre-requisites - BCU Coaches from LCC usually offer to help - Coordinator Alison Bell



2011 - Annual Club Holiday in the French Alps (Briancon) - ideal for playboaters, opens, families and those wishing an introduction to moving water - Contact Keith S if you would like to join us.



The London Triathlon 2011 - Kayak Safety Cover Team - Coordinator John Worswick


Click here for the main Calendar for weekly trips to white water play spots. Informal trips arranged by club members are circulated by the club`s Googlegroups email system.

20/10/10 Club Expedition to Alaska (Crossing Prince William Sound form West to East) – Awesome 
(Part 1)

Ever since the clubs first expedition to Alaska in 2008 a group of us had been planning to return in order to cross from Whittier to Valdez using sea kayaks hired from Tom Pogsons Alaskan Kayak School based in Homer.   8 of us completed the journey returning on the Alaskan State Ferry to Whittier on the 29th August.  The group encountered 9 black bears, a humpback whale, Northern (Steller) Sea Lions, numerous harbour seals, sea otters and bald headed eagles.  We nearly got trapped in the ice of Columbia Glacier and paddled through the inner lagoon of Shoup Glacier. 

Brian Green, Theo Gaussen, Frankie Annan, Ian Bell, Mike Alter, Chris Franks, Kirk Williams and Keith S

The Flight out - getting to Whittier
We had all booked flights at various times and prices so the plan was to meet up in Seattle for the connecting flight into Anchorage.  As the Alaskan Airlines flight made its final approach the strong gusty winds and waterlogged Arctic tundra below hinted at the reported 40 days of rain and poor summer so far.  It was one of the bumpiest landings I had ever encountered.

We soon all met up in the terminal and headed for the hire cars and headed off to our Motel 6 accommodation for the night.  Some of the team decided to head out later that night to find a bite to eat (about 1am) and did not tell the others!

In the morning we enjoyed our complimentary cup of coffee and headed off to seek provisions at Fred Meyers (famous Alaskan Supermarket).  While some of us took our dietary requirements seriously (Cheesy Broccoli and pasta X 12 days supply) others were more concerned with checking out the pink riffle and ammo and latest camping gadgets for sale in the non-food section of the store.

After an eggs based breakfast (fast food), more coffee and the purchase of lunch (2 x 2ft sandwiches) we headed for our final stop, an REI outdoor store to check out more outdoor gear.  The two hire cars were now packed to the brim and we headed out of town for the tunnel under Portage glacier and our launching spot, Whittier.

 More Photos – getting to Whittier…….

Day One – Whittier to Squirrel Point

“Somebody pinch me, I’m in Alaska and I am about to head off on the trip of a lifetime!”

That was the thought as I woke up in the hotel at the beginning of a rather hectic first day after such a long flight. Eager to get going, the four excited paddlers in my room had to wait for the party animals from next door to poke their weary heads out of bed before we headed off to a supermarket to get breakfast and then begin the biggest supermarket trolley dash you have ever seen to ensure that we all had enough food for the two weeks away. This trolley dash was made all the harder by the fact that 1) It was a new supermarket layout and we didn’t know where items where, 2) It was full of brands that were unknown, 3) Being the organised lot that we are we hadn’t set menus in advance (accept for Keith and Kirk who looked like they were going to live on cheesy broccoli or cheesy potato!) 4) In my case they didn’t have that most useful of things when it comes to shopping, someone to do it for you!

Fully stocked it was off to that most important of places, the outfitters, to stock up on those last minute essential such as new boots, a map and other various odds n sods. Alas, all too quickly we had to leave the REI emporium and head to Whittier to collect our boats and kit from Tom at 12 noon.

The drive to Whittier is great, but we missed the tunnel slot, it’s a one way tunnel, so we ate the two foot sandwiches in the car park (not each mind). Into Whittier, meet Tom, collect boats and kit, check with ferry to ensure that we can get back ok – “No probs, just turn up” is the answer, pay launch fee (what’s that about?) pack boats before we get too wet as it started to rain and head off into the wild!


Just out of the harbour, we ran into a small group heading back in being led by a rather gorgeous, in Theo’s eyes, kayak guide. Awesome!

We are now on the shake down paddle, it’s a quick few hours to the probable campsite and we can still go back if we have forgotten anything. My seat is uncomfortable, but I am hoping that time at first camp will sort it out and for now it’s time to sit back and settle into the rhythm of the trip.

Arriving at Squirrel point, this is the first time camping in bear country for most of us, and we are a bit wary of how to proceed. Just remember the guidance, talk quietly and stand firm if it’s a black bear, play dead until it leaves you alone if it’s a brown bear. We land and the first timers are surprised to see a rather nice cabin ($10k fine for using without permission), composting toilet in its own hut and tent platforms spread out amongst the forest – these, along with the connecting boardwalks help minimise the human impact in the fragile environment.


A first meal under the tarp is soon followed by sorting of foods, apart from for Keith and Kirk who have a very simple menu, and then checking / fitting boats ahead of creating the bear cache. You are supposed to hang food 5m above the ground, but with 12 days food for 8 people this is hard, if not impossible. So we placed all foods in multiple zip-locked bags and then dry bags to hide the scent, moved it away from the tents and hide it under the tarp with pots and pans on top to scare away any bears (or at least provide an alarm).

Off to bed with a hunger to get under way in the morning – I must admit to being kept awake by any unexplained noise in the night.

Mike Alter. More Photos of day 1…….


Day Two – Squirrel Point to Culross Passage
Waking up in the tent platform in the woods, thankful to have survived the night with no bear encounters (it was me thrashing around in the bushes after falling off the boardwalk!). I have to admit to some feelings of trepidation, at the beginning of our first full day. Challenge number 1 – get breakfast eaten and the boat packed and not be the last on the water! Then as we are about to launch, Keith warns us of the wind forecast and more nerves kick in.

 So we head away from Squirrel Point into some swell and wind to begin the journey to see Blackstone Glacier. As we pass Decision point I see my first Alaskan Glacier – wow!  I suddenly stop thinking about the uncomfortable back rest, wind and waves and start to feel excited. Then the wind really picks up and the paddle into Blackstone becomes a battle.  After what feels like forever, slogging into wind and waves, a retreat is called. (The thought, is this a holiday? did cross my mind) We return with a following wind (much easier journey) to a sunny beach in a sheltered position for elevenses, then a sunny lunch watching the white caps gradually disappear.

As the wind dropped we headed off again, paddling for the point we could see ahead of us.  The wind was less now but still enough to test our boat handling.  A quick stop at Surprise cove before setting out again to get around in Culross Passage and our campsite for the night.  I could now relax into my comfort zone, chopping and cooking. 

Frankie Annan. More Photos of day 2…….


Day Three – Culross Passage to East Flank Island

With less wind that the previous day and a good forecast we set of from our campsite at a headland called Peter, close to north end of Culross passage.   Once clear of the bay we headed straight out for our first and longest open crossing of the trip so far. We Headed for Esther point, which was the south west point of Esther Island.  This involved crossing an area of the sound known as Wells passage, which is one of the main shipping routes for the Alaska sea highway and the many cruise ships heading towards the glaciers, so we kept closes together and with one eye out for shipping of we went. The crossing turns out to be uneventful and relatively smooth.

Once across we spent most of the rest of the day paddling along the south of Esther Island having the now mandatory stops for collecting of water, elevenses and lunch. As we did we encountered many local fishermen and had to weave around their nets. Brian made conversation with one and has promised to send him copies of the photos he took of him working. We also saw our first black bear on the beach as we where looking for suitable landings, as well as otters and sea lions.   At the east side of Esther Island is Esther passage, a channel used by cruise boats heading to the glaciers in College Fiord. As we started our crossing of the wider south end of the passage we saw a boat that was known to those who were on the 2008 trip. The “Klondike Express” which does daily trips from Whittier to the Glaciers. This is the boat in some of those 2008 photos that looks like a toy in front of the glacier. As it approached it sounded its horn to make us aware it was passing us.  We continued on to the east side of the channel and to an island called East Flank.  This had an excellent camp site with magnificent views in all directions. As it was still relatively early Brian, Chris, Kirk went for an afternoon paddle exploring some more of the coastline whilst the rest of us sunbathed and relaxed in the extremely hot afternoon sun. This was the hottest day of the trip and we had to keep reminding ourselves we were in Alaska, not Greece.

Ian Bell. More Photos of day 3…….


Day Four – East Flank Island to Fairmount Island
Leaving a very nice campsite at East Flank, we continued around the coast – some of us had paddled the first half already the night before in fact, but it was worth doing twice….  Crossing between a few of the islands, our first (and last) whale was spotted (a humpback whale that rolled over and dived away into the distance.  My trusty Spork (fork, knife and spoon in one) which had remained balanced on my day hatch for most of the day, was lost to the deep as I attempted to put it away.  Having three pieces of cutlery in one isn’t an advantage when you lose all of them at once. 

We followed round the island past large numbers of fishing boats using large, flat nets attached to the shore to trap fish in the tide, and searched for the ideal campsite, eventually finding a good beach on one of the small islands.  It was an island at high water anyway, separated by a tidal rapid of sorts, which proved to be rather shallow.  I didn’t run aground on it however – I merely stopped in the middle to see just how shallow it was, whilst paddling upstream…..  Another day of warm sunshine, which started off misty, and perfect flat calm conditions once again.

Chris Franks. More Photos of day 4…….


Day Five – Fairmount Island to Flent Point (via South Side of Glacier Island)
The Day started windy and grey as we crossed over to Glacier Island. The plan was to paddle along the south side of the Island which looks directly out to the Pacific. We then picked up a couple of inquisitive friends as some sea lions started to play around and then with our boats. They kept crossing under our boats hitting them on the hull and popping up right next to us. Coming round the corner we were greeted by some puffins hiding in some caves before finding a whole beach full of Stella sea Lions. Keith got too close and soon found himself with a wall of barking Sea Lions in front of him and had to make a hasty retreat!

After investigating a blow hole we then saw our first Iceberg which had come of Columbia glacier. After paddling thought the Ice we crossed over to Flent point and found a camping spot on to stony beach. We had to clear a tent platform using our feet and pitched on top of the stones.  Boats, buried tent pegs and stones were used as anchor points but with thermarests, these dry and free draining campsites are very comfortable.  This is where we experienced our first night camped next to the Ice and spent the evening watching Icebergs and Sea Otters floating by.  The sound of ice crashing and breaking up continued throughout the night.

Theo Gaussen. More Photos of day 5…….


Part 2 of the Alaskan Trip in next months newsletter.


20/10/10 Paddling in IrelandBantry Bay

Hi everybody, I have just spend a week in Ireland and went for a paddle in Bantry Bay in Southwest Ireland.  Noel O Flynn, a member of LCC and the Phoenix Kayak Club from Cork produced two sea kayaks and we set off from Glengariff.  This is a very pretty harbour travelling west towards Adrigole. The sea thereabouts is said to be warmed by the Gulf Stream and the weather is Mediterranean, when its not raining .We paddled about eight miles or so on a flat sea surrounded by craggy scenery.  After a stop for lunch, we returned to our starting point against a freshening wind to complete a trip of fifteen or so miles.  The water was exceptionally clean and numerous seals, sea birds and the odd fisherman were spotted on our little trip. There are plenty paddling opportunities for all ability levels in the area and perhaps we could organise a club trip this coming summer if there is any interest .

Dominic B and Noel O    More Photos…….

16/10/10 River Dee – Horseshoe Weir to Llangollen 

With everyone heading for the Pyranhafest on the Tryweryn we were a little surprised to meet a group of paddlers from London at the get in for the Dee.  A quick shuttle to the bottom and then sliding down the steep slope to the flat water above the weir and we were soon on the water.  The group played a little on the way down, the river was not high but proved interesting enough for most.


 Serpents tail was easily shot with a few breakouts and spins on the descent.  We cleared the pool at the bottom to find a group of ducks feeding (they looked like playboaters as they bobbed vertically nose first)

The bottom wave a Nomads allowed us to practise flat spins and general play and then off towards the town.  We followed Chris’s line over town falls and on to the get out.   This is a great section of river and can be paddled at almost any time of the year.


Martin Debroye, Kirk W, Graham D, Keith S, Chris S, Helen S and Theo G  More Photos…..

16/10/10 River Tryweryn – Pyranhafest

Hi everybody, I just spend my first paddling in UK, it was really nice day, good river, nice peoples (specially some really cute English girls on the river J), I really enjoyed it, even the temperature of the water compared to France!!! Martin Debroye Kirk W, Graham D, Keith S, David G, Helen S – joined on the river by Ben M, Jonathon M and on the bank John C @ Ben C

Karen D and Paul D paddled in the afternoon on Lake Bala in an open. 


More Photos…..

16/10/10 River Tryweryn – Saturday 2nd October

We met up at the Tryweryn about 10 o’clock and headed down the lower section for a nice warm up as none of us had paddled for a while. The water was high which helped us bumble down with very little effort. I paddled over Bala Mill falls which was at a great level and then we had a little play in the looping hole below (that was virtually washed out). We jumped back in the cars and headed up to the café for a quick munch before running the top section. We convinced jenny to join us and we all enjoyed a nice easy paddle down to Chapel Falls then a nice chat and off home. All in all a great day and no swims!  Graham Devaney Helen S, Jenny B and Darren B

15/10/10 AGM at Liverpool Marina

The Annual General Meeting was very well supported with over 50 people there to see the Alaskan Talk and partake in the meeting. 


Congratulations must go to Carl Leungsangnam who was awarded LCC paddler of the year 2010.  Carl has been to nearly every coaching session at the docks and the pool and has introduced most of our beginners to paddling.  Without Carl`s reliability and time many of our sessions just would not run.”

Swimmer of the year award 2010 went to Mark Moore. “Whilst surfing at Rhosnieger he came out of his boat after being hit by a  monster wave, screaming "help, help I'm in a rip tide", but then found he could stand up with the water at chest height only to be rolled over again by another monster wave.”



Election of Officers.

Chair – Dominic Buckley

Hon Secretary  – Brian Green

Hon Treasurer  -  Sam Godsell  

Discipline Representatives

Sea – Brian Green

Open Boat – Chris Turner

Coaching – Ian Bell / Carl Leungsangnam

Freestyle – Mark Garrod

Rivers – Helen Siertsema

Polo – Dinny Davies

Kayak Safety Cover – John Worswick

Volunteer Roles

Equipment – Steve Bond / Chris Turner

Fundraising and publicity – Pete Thomas

Notice Boards at the Marina – John Young / Simon English

Kingsway pool organiser / money – Chris Murphy,  Roy McHale and Sally Orritt


Nominees for Awards 2010…       Photos from Alaska Expedition….

12/10/10 The Big Easy - River Dee  Saturday 9/10

4 paddlers, Ivan F, Neil M, new member Steve Dawson and myself set of from Sandy Lane, Chester car park for the 6 mile paddle up to the iron bridge on a overcast but warm Saturday morning, heading upstream we managed to avoid all of the many rowing boats out on the river ,we were cruising at a steady pace enjoying the views and stopping here and there for a rest. The rowing boats got fewer and fewer by the time we got to the motorway bridge and had disappeared altogether at Ecclestone Ferry leaving us alone on the river with just the odd fisherman on the banks. Some of us had not been on the water for a while and suffered from sore arms at first but that soon worn of as we warmed up.


After a couple of hours the iron bridge loomed ahead.  We where planning to stop there for a butty and coffee but I then remembered there was a very small river running off to the left of us, we had a look to see if we could get down it and decided we could so off we set. Now this little river was at its widest 20ft but narrowed down to about 6 ft in places at one point we had to scramble through a overhanging bush to get past, a hundred yards ahead we came across a small tunnel which we could just make it through if we laid back and pulled ourselves along using the roof of the tunnel, we all made it through and carried on upstream until we reached a road bridge, deciding to have a look we all pulled are boats up on to the bank and then scrambled up to the road. Hey presto 50 yards down the road there was a pub. Lets go and have a pint we said so off we went all dressed in cags, PFD`s and paddling trousers. When we got to the pub we decided a cup off coffee was the best option so  4 coffees were ordered ,the look on the barmaids face was a picture as she brought out a pot of coffee to our outside table to see us sitting there dressed in all our kit.

After the coffee {thanks Neil} is was back to the boats to eat our lunch under a lovely big conker tree, we then set off on our journey back  .When we got to the tunnel the water had risen so much the gap under it had reduced to 6 inches so a portage over it was needed ,on the other side a little seal launch down the bank was the best way in ,3 of us made it down very easy but seal launching my 14ft kayak proved a little harder and I would of taken a swim if it wasn’t for a handful of grass I managed to get hold of. We got to the main river and with the sun on are backs ,buzzards flying overhead and with the help of the tide flowing towards Chester we made it back to the car park in record time.


Everyone enjoyed the day, Steve enjoyed his first outing and learned a lot about handling his kayak, well done, Ivan enjoyed being out in his new kayak.  Neil enjoyed being back in his kayak so much he was planning to go straight on to join the surfers at Rhosniger still wearing his kit.  I enjoyed being back out paddling with a great bunch of lads Thanks

Paddlers   Ivan F  Steve D   Neil M   Mark M             More Photos….



12/10/10 Rhosneigr Surfing Sunday 10th October 2010

With a massive low pressure system pumping in excellent waves and magic seaweed predicting the best surf ever a number of club members headed for Rhosneigr to paddle the ultimate wave.  Full report to follow….  More photos…..

12/10/10 Piel by any means  9th – 10th October 2010

Intrepid, fearless, hardened seagull eating sea kayakers often set out for Piel Island. We saw some on our way back. Our ‘Piel by any means’ began on Saturday 9th October 2010 with a particularly civilized 1 pm meeting near Tummer Hill Scar, Walney.

After studying the dumping break and ‘hurumphing’ thoughtfully, we set out through the surf.

As we clawed our way southwards against a robust 5, a DSLR camera in a dry bag would have recorded fantastic pictures of backlit translucent swells being photogenically  pierced by our resident ‘Bad Dog’ Green in the sort of photograph that is all too common in books written by top coaches. Unfortunately; a) no DSLR and b) no time to spare from the job of clawing ground. But given talent with a paintbrush, someone could make a living painting pictures like that. Perhaps Brian would like to purchase an impressionist or perhaps cubist paddler. More Homer Simpson than Homer, Winslow. A legoist is most likely.  

Anyway, having given the sea a good clawing southward for over an hour, we retreated back to the cars in about 45 seconds flat to try plan B. Plan B was a half hearted look at the channel from the Walney bridge.

So it was onto plan C. This was our last gasp chance of getting to Piel to meet the King before dark. The epic crossing from Roa Island consisting of a ferry glide of 975 meters. The portages were a record breaking 10% of the distance paddled. Anyway, this was enough to whet our appetites for a good walk around the island on arrival and some very well served ale and good quality bar food. This was served to us by the King of Piel with accompaniment by the Ornery Shereiff(sic).

There is a king and a castle, but the king lives in the pub and leaves the castle to the birds and ghosts. The island has been inhabited for 3000 years and probably used a good deal before then. The Castle dates from the 14th century when a strong warehouse was fortified by the monks of Furness Abbey.  Previous visitors include the Celts, Romans and Liverpool Canoe Club.  We stayed in the pub until nearly bedtime then went back to our camp on the grass outside. A cool and flappy night in the tents, followed.

A cold morning with a beautiful red sunrise over Foulney greeted me for an early morning cuppa. I almost came over all poetic at the crystalline morning over the ruby revealing sandbars in the translucent dawn light, but quite frankly my alliterations had frozen. 

The tides run quite staggeringly fast between Piel and Roa and on up through the Walney channel. It was on these currents that we chose to run up to Barrow bridge with the flood, using the considerable wind on our backs to our advantage at last. That was a jolly nice trip past a huge number of channel markers ranging from Tate Modern to downright mystic.

We left an island with few trappings of civilization, if you exclude the pub, toilets castle and holiday cottages, to end up in the middle of a Victorian ship milling town. Quite a change from the normal sea trips with just the one start.

We paddled a very genteel 12 k for the whole weekend.

We were Sara B, Keith S, Brian G, Carl L and Ade M.

We paddled sea kayaks and laughed a lot.  Adrian Mould       More Photographs………..


11/10/10 Coniston Family Weekend 17th – 19th September 2010

Thanks to everyone who joined the Coniston weekend.  A great turn out.

On the Saturday the first group, mainly sea kayaks paddled off to Peel Island. The second group, eventually joined by Barry, had an enjoyable paddle to Peel Island thanks to Keith, Anthony V and Carl L for cover. The young ones enjoyed exploring the island during lunch and jumping in off the rocks.


The Saturday BBQ went ahead despite the weather and John Young’s super BBQ gathering dust in his garage ( we won’t let you forget it next time John). As usual everyone joined in and we had a feast and good company with plenty of chat around its glowing embers.


Sunday - again waiting for Barry. But he is excused as he does a fabulous bacon butty. The beginners and open boats stayed close to the shore. and had an enjoyable paddle despite the weather. There was a great turn out for the sea rescues skills on the lake with lots of wet-practice before breaking for sustenance at the cafe near the marina.


The group of beginners and the twins  together with Sean,  Chris and Michael meandered back to the get in leaving Donna enjoying the waves.  She was set on making it to the centre of the lake.  A big thank you to Mathew Pegram for looking after us and keeping Donna in check on the way back.


A big thank you to Dom Buckley for the cup of tea.  Karen Devaney     More Photographs………..



07/10/10 Liverpool University (affiliated Club) Fresher’s taster day at the docks
Liverpool University Canoe Club held a joint Fresher’s taster day using our club facilities at the docks last weekend.  About 40 students paddled using some of our equipment but using their own coaches / experienced paddlers.  It was great to see so many people out on the water.  Many thanks to Carl L, Dave R, Sam H, Fionnan and Ben M.


 If members would like to paddle at the Docks during winter weekends, as long as they follow our risk assessment and docks licence guidance that would be great.  If you would like to coordinate a paddle either email the details to the google group or talk to a coach for guidance.

To organise a docks session:

  • Ensure that at least 3 paddlers are on the water and all in group are competent at deep water rescues
  • Advertise the paddle to other members via the google groups email messaging system.
  • If club boats are needed ensure that one of you takes responsibility for and knows the code for the shed.


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