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March 2011

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Club Paddles - Click on the main club calendar for an updated list of paddles and events.
If you fancy paddling on any of the proposed trips this year then please consider offering to act as a coordinator. You won’t be in charge of the trip; you just select the date(s) and act as a contact point to give information / gather prospective numbers etc. Contact Keith Steer with offers of help or suggested trips.  All coordinators will take a list of names and contact numbers before paddlers get on the water - please contact the coordinator before the trip.




Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....



Grade 3/4 paddling trip - Lune - Coordinator Roy McHale


Div 3 Polo tournament at Stockport pool - Why not come and support our team coordinator Dinny Davies



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready- Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....


Paddle Sports Development Weekend 11th - 13th March 2011 based in Yorkshire



BCU two Star Assessment Course - Click the link for details and to book - Limited Places



Sunday Morning Session at the Docks - coordinator Dom Buckley



Every second Monday of every month we hold a mini-lecture or talk at the Liverpool Marina 8.00pm start - All those interested in paddlesport are most welcome (you do not need to be a member of the club). Click for details...... Kayaking in Norway - Alastair Randall



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....



Weekly pool session at the Kingsway Leisure Centre - Widnes. 20+ boats and paddles available. Click for more information. Pool time 9 to 10 pm. Please arrive for 8:30pm to get ready. Coaching for beginners, improvers and more advanced. Click here for more information....


The 5th Ravenglass Seaquest, Sea Kayak and Canoe navigation event - Coordinator for LCC - Mike Bell


UKCC Coaching course L1 or L2 Click for more information.......


Canoe Adventures in the Canadian Wilderness - A talk / presentation by Sarah Hooper



Easter Scottish White Water (Open Boats and Sea Kayak) - Club trip to Fort William - Coordinator Theo Gaussen


Bank Holiday Pembroke Weekend - Whitesands Bay St Davids - Coordinator Keith S


30.04.2011 -

Kari-Tek's Mid West Sea Symposium, Argyll, Scotland


13.05.2011 -

35th Annual Scout & Guide Training Weekend at Bala - Some BCU courses available to members with pre-requisites - BCU Coaches from LCC usually offer to help - Coordinator Alison Bell



Surflines Free Demo Day - Llanberis - click for more information.......



Kayak Safety Cover for British Gas Great Salford Swim - Click for more information - LCC coordinator John Worswick



River Dee - Farndon to Chester flatwater paddle. Contact the coordinator Dom Buckley



Anglesey Weekend 1 - Sea kayak, Surf and playwave - Coordinator Kirk Williams



White Rose Canoe Polo Tournament – 21st May 2011


28.05.2011 -

Whitsun Half-term week Scottish Sea Kayak Expedition - Led by Ian Bell Coordinator Frankie Annan



Conway Estuary Paddle - Take the tide upstream past the Castle and the river valley beyond, have lunch and return- Suitable for all types of kayak or canoe - Coordinator Daz Hale


17.06.2011 -

Kayak Safety Cover Required for British Gas Great North Swim on Windermere - coordinator John Worswick


18.06.2011 -

Merseyside Canoe Polo Tournament - Contact Dinny Davies if you would like to play for one of our sides



Kayak Safety Cover - Liverpool Triathlon - Why not help provide safety cover as one of our 6 kayak Safety teams at the Liverpool Triathlon - coordinator John Worswick



Alternative Anglesey - The endless summer weekend - Coordinator Anthony Vaccaro



2011 - Annual Club Holiday in the French Alps (Briancon) - ideal for playboaters, opens, families and those wishing an introduction to moving water - Contact Keith S if you would like to join us.



The London Triathlon 2011


Safety Kayakers wanted for Iron Man UK - Bolton - Club coordinator John Worswick



London International Polo Tournament - Come and join our team in London for the weekend, a fun event with access to a safe Lake - Contact Keith S for more information



LCC Ski Trip to French Alps - Limited places so please contact the Coordinator Andy Wrigg if interested in receiving more details


2012 Club Expedition to Alaska - coordinator Keith S


Click here for the main Calendar for weekly trips to white water play spots. Informal trips arranged by club members are circulated by the club`s Googlegroups email system.

23/02/11 Liverpool Canoe Club on the Radio

99.8FM KCC Live, a local radio station broadcasted an interview with Peter Thomas about Liverpool Canoe Club today at 6:10pm.  You can hear the full interview by clicking here……….

Mike Atkinson

Mike Atkinson
 Head of Sport

Peter Thomas
Liverpool Canoe Club


21/02/11 Benllech to Bull Bay

The plan was to meet at Benllech and to paddle the 20km to Bull Bay, and we had been assured that we would have a nice wind and tide assistance all the way.

So, at a rather ungodly hour, I haven’t paddled for ages and have got out of the early morning Sunday starts, 12 paddlers and 1 shuttle bunny met at the starting point. Whilst the drivers did the long shuttle, the remaining paddlers took all the kit down on to the beach and left the boats a good distance from the flooding sea. With unparalleled perfection, the drivers returned just as the incoming sea approached the kayaks. Fantastic, no carrying. I HATE carrying boats.

We launched through the small breakers, commenting how the forecast SE wind appeared very light and revelling in the superb conditions, and headed NE. The plan was to hug the coast to Dulas Island, and then make the most of the ebb tide that would woosh us to Bull Bay.

Approaching Moelfre, the RNLI flag indicated that the wind was from the East, straight on shore. No problems for this crack bunch of paddlers! So we carried on through the gap and soon stopped for lunch, the small dumping surf proving no problem as we landed.  Fully fed, we were keen to head off and burn off those calories. One person was so keen to feel the burn that they decided to go for a swim! That is dedication to health and fitness.


We followed the coast some more and then headed out to Dulas Island to see the seals. The wind was strong in our faces, but this crack team made good progress – alas only one Seal was seen. It was then time for some fun as we began a fantastic downwind run, surfing the waves as we went.  I will not lie, the surf was BIG, CONSTANT and FAST.  I know people exaggerate, but from the trough to the crest was a good 8ft, possibly more, and the kayaks were absolutely flying along as it was one wave after another. A constant rumble and crashing noise behind the only signal before you felt the tail rise, buttocks tighten, stomach churn and you were off on another exhilarating run. The group did very well.


With such conditions, it was decided to land and walk out. As we were mid way, shuttle bunny was called in to meet us whilst we began the carry out. Now remember I said I hate carrying boats. But that is much more so when such a carry involves a 1km walk, a 115 metre ascent on rough terrain, and we must complete it at least twice so that we can get all the boats out! URGH!!! Luckily Ruth had realised how we would be feeling after such a carry and had cold drinks waiting for us at the road.  Then it was off for food and a nice sit down.


I had a fantastic day. Cheers to all for organising and well done to all paddlers.  Mike A   More photos……..


19/02/11 Some do’s and Don’ts of kayaking This cartoon shows some of the finer points of edging the boat.

19/02/11 River Alt, Fazakerley to Hightown. Thursday 17th February 2011

Four members from the club met at 12.00pm at the car park for Liverpool Municipal Golf Club in Fazakerley.

Myself, Keith S, Ian Bell and Ste Bond got kitted-up and made it onto the water for a 12:30 start. The first 1km to the bridge under the Leeds/Liverpool Canal runs through the middle of the Golf Course (Surprisingly 1 of our group chose not to paddle in a helmet). Luckily, no stray shots headed into the ditch from the golfers above!!!

A few hundred metres on we found a surprisingly interesting obstacle (not a burnt out car or dumped motorbik9!!! I know you were thinking it) A weir with a central shoot and a drop of 2'-3' needed running, which we all negotiated safely (see pics).

2.5km further downstream, past the remains of an old kayak, we approached a tunnel near Switch Island which was to take us under part of
the M58 and the A59. The tunnel was plenty big enough at the entrance but as we couldn't see the exit or any light we entered with caution and paddled into the darkness. The tunnel was approx 200m long but remained a good size throughout (maybe if higher river levels/faster current it might be more problematic and worth a little caution).

The rest of the journey was a pretty uneventful 12+km paddle down to Hightown and the get out on river right just before the pumping station. The intention was to portage around the pumping station and put back on downstream but unfortunately it was an extremely low tide.  We decided to just carry the final 600m to the car. Now I hate carrying my boat and the “jobsworth” security guard who was trying to tell us off for being on MOD land didn't make it better!! It took us 3hrs 50mins in total.

Pro's : Nice weather, Very gentle introduction to moving water, Local
Cons : Long route, Poor views (well no views except wheelie bins and other dumped items as it is a high sided ditch)

Keith Scott  More photos………      Maps and trip details…….

19/02/11 River Lune – 3 gorges and a portage

We had our work cut out looking for any decent water today. Everything was lower than a snake's belly and the only chance of getting anywhere on the river was to have wheels on your boat. 

The get- in was unbelievably low and scrapey compared to usual, and some of us had to get out of our boats further down the way. Crash, bang, wallop was the order of the day and instead of bouncing down nice rapids, it felt as though you were being kicked up the backside at two second intervals whilst a fair amount of plastic was being removed from your boat.

Things improved a bit more when we reached the
gorge sections though it was far more technical with more rocks exposed.  The magnetic rock section was far less straight forward with some of us making a right cock-up here, cough, cough!  The rest of the group spotted the unfolding debacle and decided to portage this bit instead.

Onto the Grade 4 “Strid” section and again it was exposed rocks a go-go. There was no running this section today as a very naughty rock which is normally covered was making it impossible to make passage. Another portage.
The last leg through yet another gorge down to Killington Bridge was enjoyable and rather more technical than usual.……  Helen Siertsema


Paddlers: Roy M, Dom B, Helen S, Michal G, Anthony V, Keith S    More photos………




...but mostly sunshine...18/02/11
Canoe Adventures in the Canadian Wilderness
A talk / presentation by Sarah Hooper

Tuesday 12th April 2011
(7:45pm for 8:00pm)
at the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina  Click here for more information……

16/02/11 Monday night talk – 6 mini films on paddling Monday 14/2/11


Despite this being “valentines evening” we had a good turn out in the upstairs lecture room to see 6 short mini films on a variety of canoeing topics.  If you missed it, the program is outlined below.


01 “Stakeout” the thumping sound track may have drowned out the romantic singer below but the size of the waves and aerial flips were out of this world.

02  “Poling on the Blackstone RiverA short film about poling an open canoe upstream.

03 Squirt Boating Halls Of Karma New River.  This had some amazing footage of very low volume boats and their underwater moves.

04 Canoe Polo - Australian team members.  This documentary type film showed what canoe polo is all about.

05 International Canoe Action 2007 Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy - 10sq m Sailing.  This was some footage which showed what it was like to sail an international 10 sq m canoe.  This sport is closer to sailing than canoeing but it is a branch of our sport governed by the BCU. http://www.intcanoe.org.uk/

06 The final film was last summers expedition crossing Prince William Sound, Alaska by sea kayak. 

This is a compilation of all the bits of video taken by the members of last summer’s expedition on their stills` cameras.  The video ability of these cameras is remarkably good.  This 12 minute film gives a good overview of the two week trip.  If you missed Monday nights talk Click here to see it on YouTube…… YouTube home 



Click here to see our upcoming Monday night talks (2nd Monday of every month)


16/02/11 Surfing on Anglesey - Saturday 12/2/11

Magic Seaweed was predicting 6ft high surf on the Saturday so we decided to head off and give it a try. Cable Bay (Porth Trecastell) was still not working despite being a mecca in the past.  I liked the look of Porth Nobla just round the headland of Cable Bay.  However, Bertrand thought this was too small so we headed for “toilet car park” in the sand dunes 1km to the north.  There were a few other kayaks out in the soup.  We headed out into the big stuff.  The tide was coming in and within about an hour the break began to build and closed out across the beach.  Neil joined us just as the surf became enormous.  6 feet of heavy green water falling on you soon had us looking for relatively calm spells to paddle out.  At around 3pm we decided to check out the wave at Rhosnieger or possibly head for Stanley.  More photos……….

At Rhosnieger we managed to get a cup of coffee to try and warm up, the waves here were mushy so we decided to head for the inland sea and Stanley Embankment.


Although it was neap tides Stanley would still be working, although about half the size of normal.  We dropped through the tunnel about two hours before high water Holyhead (3hrs before HW Liverpool).  The wave began to build and after about two and a half hours we returned to the car via the railway crossing.  
More photos……….    Neil, Keith and Bertrand


08/02/11 Liverpool Canoe Club branded clothing range takes off


It’s great to see more and more of the clubs clothing being worn around.  The whole range is high quality and available at heavily discounted prices.


Currently the club can get these items at cost price. We have added a small profit (all of which goes to the club) onto each sale. Our margins are minimal so, unfortunately, once the logo has been applied to the garment, we are unable to accept returns. We will do our best to get the items to you as soon as possible (typically 1 -2 weeks). 


We have a wide range of items in all sizes and colours; choose from hoodies to t-shirts, baseball hats to soft-shells.  See the range from our online shop click here……..



07/02/11 Canoe Polo – Division 3 Tournament 5


The team played well winning the first two games, drawing the third and only losing the last two games by a single goal.  Keith let in a very soft goal against Viking and Dinny missed a penalty against Manchester A.

Canoe Polo is similar to basket ball but played in canoes.  Paul Hardwood is hoping to get a B team together to play fun games at the dock.  If you would like to get involved please contact him or find out more from our polo page….


Paul Harwood.



07/02/11 River Dee in Flood

It poured with rain all day on Saturday so we thought we would head for the Dee.  As we got near Llangollen it was clear something was up.  The river was flowing through the trees, had flooded the golf course on the Trevor Rocks section and was over the path running beside the river.  Bertrand rang his mate who lived in Llangollen to seek advice; it seemed the only place worth trying was the campsite wave accessed from across the steam railway above paddleworks.  If you got swept off the wave you needed to head for the calmer water between the trees (sort of an eddie).


Bertrand wanted to give the wave a go, over two metres high and pulsing with the ebb and flow of with the raging river.  This diagonal, river wide wave is formed as water flows over the normally exposed rock shelf which runs diagonally across the river.  After seven or eight runs we eventually gave up and headed home.  Nobody else got on the river that day!   Attendees: Helen S, Bertrand H, Jim S, Keith S, Roy M and Michal G 
More photos……….

Video of the wave…..

Extract from BBC Wales – 7th January 2011.
Chris Mills, director of Environment Agency Wales, said: "With the ground already sodden rivers will respond quickly." Forecasts indicate that more unsettled weather is expected on Tuesday evening and will continue until Friday. BBC Wales weather forecaster Derek Brockway said 189.4mm (7.45in) of rain had already fallen since the beginning of the month, more than the February average of 138.7mm (5.46in).

Environment Agency Wales has urged people to be on their guard for flooding in their area. There are three flood warnings in place along the River Dee and there are also three flood alerts in other areas of north Wales. Continue reading the main story……

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