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August 2011

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26/07/11 River Mersey Paddle

We had a very memorable day out on the river Mersey today.
All the more memorable for the sighting of three Porpoise off the beach near New Brighton, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
I have been kayaking on the sea locally for many years and have never seen them before, the water quality must be good!!  

Dave Lynch


26/07/11 Club Paddles
If you fancy paddling on any of the proposed trips this year then please consider offering to act as a coordinator. You won’t be in charge of the trip; you just select the date(s) and act as a contact point to give information / gather prospective numbers etc. Contact Keith Steer with offers of help or suggested trips.  All coordinators will take a list of names and contact numbers before paddlers get on the water - please contact the coordinator before the trip.



Informal trips arranged by club members are circulated by the club`s Googlegroups email system.


22nd July to 7th August Club Alpine paddling holiday 2011




Total Kg





























Anthony V








Anthony B




Michael B




David B




Ian B


Turned up late ?





More than forty (41) of us were due to meet up in L’Argentiere La Bessee and were booked onto the campsite at the Whitewater course.  The Minibus and trailer headed out from Liverpool at 7pm on Friday 22nd July driving overnight to arrive 23 hours later. 


We had all spent over an hour loading our gear which all had to be weighed first.  (Last year the trailer was far too heavy and only just made it over the Col du Laurent).  Some had perfected the technique of “supporting” aka lifting their boats and bags while on the scales, others had sneakily given some of their bags to those coming out in cars or vans!


Ian came up with all sorts of excuses for being late but we all know that it was to avoid the weigh in, those that loaded his gear estimate the weight to be 63Kg,


Anyway, the trailer was far lighter that last year and we made good time on our way down through France.





Keith and Emma`s group headed for Paris to spend a day at Euro Disney.

Our problems started the day before though on the approach to Eurotunnel. Engine warning light appeared and after quick assessment realised a split water hose. So the decision was made to do temporary repair to make our train and to sort once in Calais. After a 7 hour delay we finally reached our hotel at 4am. Next day we set off for Eurodisney only to find our repair still hadn’t worked so a detour to another DIY store followed and we finally made it to Mickey in the afternoon. A good afternoon/evening was had by the group before returning to our hotel to rest up before our 10hr drive to meet the posse at the campsite. This also involved a late night drive trying to find the items that had fallen out the back of the van after we left the rear hatch open after a short stop. We finally reached the campsite at approx 11pm and set up the tent...


How I had a woody when I went to see Micky Mouse and his crew at EuroDisney

Luckily the guys forgot to bring my reigns and so I was able to reap havoc at Eurodisney !!! I spent most of my time in the gift shops and the rest of the day stalking Woody and pushing all the young children away so I made sure I could get my time with the characters. I was so happy after getting my picture with my best pal (see picture to the right) and that’s how I got my Woody !!! Myself and the rest of the group thoroughly enjoyed the Light Parade and the fireworks at the end of the day. After a few beers and last minute shopping, we helped a group of French people jump start their car, communicating on hand gestures and pointing then bravely continued are journey back to the hotel. The detour was well worth it and gave us a chance to stay clean and forget about car mechanics.


Mark Garrod    More Photos…..


24/07/11 Middle Durance


The first day kayaking, a Sunday, on the Durance, was brilliant! While some of us tested our steele on the slalom course the rest of us prepared to leave. We started from the campsite at L’Argentiere La Bessee at a leisurely 11OClock.


Although it was still the Durance, it had evidently changed since last year and several eddies were washed over, their defending rocks moved and submerged by this year’s floods. The water level was lower and once we had to pick between two channels divided by a gravel bank, whereas last year on this same section it was possible to ferry glide all the way across!


The gravel banks with their various channels caused some confusion, when John (spelling??) found himself going down a different channel to the rest of his group, while those he was stranded away from found themselves facing a tree across the flow. Thankfully Iain navigated his group successfully around the tree.


Mark and Jim took swims in the early stages of the paddle, no doubt to cool off in the hot July sun. Surprisingly these swims gave them some contentment and helped get them back in the swing of things.


Reaching St Clement provided more opportunities in the form of a slalom course. John capsized below the first wave, and that night enthusiastically relayed his story of falling headfirst side on into a ten foot (query?? two foot, I might have misheard, but this sounds better) stopper he hadn’t previously noticed; that must have been a nasty surprise!


Anthony also managed a sneaky swim, sneaky only in that no one else other than himself seemed to know about it! Anthony, that could have been today’s best kept secret!


All in all a good day’s paddling to reintroduce us to the speed and volume of Alpine kayaking, providing a good warm up and an opportunity to practice our skills, including rescues! Anthony (Dad) even got to use his throw rope!

Michael Brockway    More Photos…..


25/07/11 Upper Durance

After yesterdays swim I was a little nervous about today’s adventure but with my safety crew of Team Brockway. I set off shaky but determined to enjoy it. The Upper Durance was a different type of paddle than yesterday’s, being shallower, faster and rocky with lots of obstacles to try to avoid. Jim S took a nasty tumble on a tight bend resulting in a bouncy swim, safely recovered from his team mates of that day. I was taking lots of helpful advice from Anthony and practiced my ferry gliding, eddying in and out as my confidence grew I started to really enjoy this section of the river. Billy from Team Ireland took it all in his stride. I’m now looking forward to the next paddles, but I will still be clinging to the shirt tails of my mentors.  

Mark Moore    More Photos…..



25/07/11 The Gyronde

Second river of the day and a more serious challenge at Grade 3 plus, 21 paddlers met at the put in, Les Vaudois Camp site, We split into 5 groups, each group lining up on the bank, in turn, to launch together into this fast flowing, narrow, boulder strewn river. Keith`s group went first followed by Helens, mine, Marks then Ian`s as the rearguard.


My group consisted of Jim, Billy and Steve, we lined up, launched and picked the best route through the numerous rock hazards making the occasion eddy that was just big enough for the group to fit in. We had the occasional boat broached on a rock but all credit to Jim and Billy, they sorted themselves out and slid gracefully back into the flow. In what seemed no time we were ushered into to an eddy at the top of the dangerous weir. Once all groups had portaged the weir it was off again, navigating the boulders and twist and turns of the river. As the river eased we entered the River Durance and eventually arrived at the Slalom section adjacent to the camp site. This was the time to play, making eddies or not, rolling or the odd swim and those that wanted repeating the experience for further practice with most of the others watching on with cameras and throw lines should there be something embarrassing to capture, alas there was nothing worth reporting.


Over our evening meal it did come to light that Helen had popped her deck above the weir and paddled with most of the river in her boat, their was a dispute as to whether this was a swim but I will leave it up to the reader and you can quiz Helen.

Anthony Brockway    More Photos…..


26/07/11 The Lower Guil

This was my first time on this river in France, filled both with a little anxiety at what was ahead of us and excitement at trying something new.  And what a river to do! For me easily the best river so far, not for difficulty rating but for the views, which with each twist and turn of the river offered to the paddler more and more.


Around 26 of us turned up to try out the Lower Guil from first to ‘several’ time. As we split up into smaller groups to run the river we enjoyed an easy paddle down, with views that were just ………….? (well you would just have to come and see for yourself).


Have a look at the photos for today, and seriously think about coming out next year just for this river alone.

Daz Hale    More Photos…..



26/07/11 The Lower Durance
After a mixed session of great ferry gliding, wave playing and a few capsizes we got out for a midday break and rest at the café at St Clement. Seeing the same 2 dogs stalking the few fish in the swimming pool brought back memories of the year before. Following a pair of paddle boarders (a first sight for many of the kayakers on the bank) we set off on the second part of our journey down the Lower Durance in four groups. Travelling down, the river soon became more rapid flowing and the waves began to grow as we got closer to the highlight of this section……. The Rab wave. Although not as high as last year, the wave trains provided great fun to bounce over whilst meandering through the mountains.


As we approached the “Rab Wave”, apprehension of those in our group new to this section grew and we eddie’d in a few hundred meters upstream of the first group. Watching Keith S go over first, paddlers were glued to watching his line and waiting for his signal. A second paddler successfully conquered the wave before a few took a swim, which along with jostling with the rafts who occupied our line caused a backlog upstream. The extra wait just increased nerves as paddlers thought more and more about their route rather just getting on with it. Setting off, keeping far left was advised and a gentle float to the crest before powering through enabled success. With everybody finally over the wave, we meandered down to our get out point in Embrun.  

Neil Moult    More Photos…..



Keith Steer, Steve Bond, Dominic Buckley, Michal Giezgala, Jim Slater, Mark Moore, Helen Siertsema, Anthony Vacarro, John Pegram, Anthony Brockway, Michael Brockway, David Brockway, Ian Bell, Sara Bergqvist, John Cooke, Sue Cooke, Ben Cooke, Darren Hale, Clare Hale, Kirk Williams, Gerry , Williams, Karen, Seamus O'Mahony, Billy O'Mahony, Paul Heffernan, Mark Benson, Emily Benson, Holly Benson, Keith Scott, Emma Lowe, Mark Garrod, Neil Moult, Justin Cooper, Chris Murphy, Roy McHale, Dave McLoughlin, Fiona Wrigg, Andy Wrigg, Anne Roberts, Evan Roberts, Noel O`Flynn


22/07/11 3rd session of moving water course – River Dee (Chain Bridge to Llangollen)

Wednesday 20th July saw the third and final evening of ‘intro to white water course’ taking place at Llangollen, River Dee. If the first evening of the course on Chester weir could be considered as the intro then this night was the betrothal. As the kids say, ‘totally awesome’.

We set off from Chainbridge Hotel and watched the club paddlers launching down a steep wooded bank to bounce off a rock into the flow. This was the first of many surprising things to come.  Stuart H was the instructor for the course, assisted by Fred. His patience in explaining to me what an eddy was and how to break in/out, had to be admired. My other course participants where Sarah, Grant and Phil. All I felt, showed much more confidence and flair at dealing with this moving water stuff.


We paddled downstream and soon got out, to view the Serpent’s Tail. At this point I thought a portage was in order and was gathering strength for it. However, the section was on offer and Sarah quickly piped up that she wanted to be first. Somehow I heard my voice saying that I wanted to be second. We all took the opportunity with varying outcomes. Courage instilled by Stuart’s unwavering confidence and the tapping of his helmet, saying ‘touch wood’.  I wrestled the Serpent’s Tail until I bounced out of the final fall, rapidly in the direction of the rock, so decided my coping strategy was a swim. Big thanks to the owner of the voice that shouted, ‘Swim, Swim HARDER!’  as I was quite disorientated by my first white water dunk. Seriously though, I wouldn’t have entertained this water if it hadn’t been for the support of the other club paddlers ready with throw lines and waiting downstream ready to help swimmers and retrieve boats. Your efforts and skill are much appreciated.


After learning how to swim over a fall, and what it feels like to bounce your backside off a rock, with and without kayak, we were thoroughly prepared for the Town Falls section of the river. The banter ceased as we focused on what would be an ‘unseen challenge’ to us. Stuart described it as a series of drops and ledges and I was recalling the many times I had watched its hypnotic magnificence from the bridge. We novices split into 2 pairs, and Sarah and I followed Stuart, to be the lead group. Apparently, I managed to follow Stuart’s expertly chosen line down the drops. I remember coming over the last ledge and looking straight down into a green pit, surrounded by white water, wondering what this was going to feel like and do to me. Somehow, I got through, and my first ever brace ‘used in anger’ stopped a swim at the very end. Sarah and Phil showed amazing resilience as they swam the white water and Grant’s youthful smile depicted satisfied success with a clear run.


The evening was rounded off with a return paddle along the feeder canal, which took us back to the Chain bridge Hotel. Even this had a surreal feel, as the dark descended and the flitting bats scooted overhead. This paddle has to be one of the best and I’m sure the other course members would agree. After hearing that the sections are grade 3 and 4 respectively, we were even more proud of ourselves. Hopefully, Stuart is leading more instructed trips in the future and I’m sure to book on.   Jude Jones  More Photos….

19/07/11 Anglesey Weekend No.2
 “The Endless Summer” 15-17 July 2011

We were staying at the Anglesey Outdoors campsite / centre near the Valley of the Rocks Campsite just outside Holyhead.  We arrived to find that a Wedding party was booked in along with a school group.  This was very much to Helen’s liking, especially with the Karaoke kicking off at around 10.00pm    More information…..


Saturday Surfing at Rhosneigr


On the way to Anglesey on Saturday morning the weather was so bad I thought about turning around and going home.  I then realised I was a hard core, on the edge death defying  kayaker so I turned up the heater in the car, opened a big bag of jelly babies and decided to man this out, so we carried on into the driving rain. On arriving on the Island I couldn’t believe it, the clouds broke to reveal blue skies.  My foot was then put to the floor and we arrived at the campsite in no time at all.


After a bit of confusion in reception about bookings it was off to see who else had arrived.  The sea kayakers were out in force, all sitting by their tents tinkering with their kit just like a pit crew at a F1 race. I think we have brought the wrong boats I said to Ivan just as Jenny and Chris came over and said they were off to Rhosneigr for the surf.  So off we went.


After sitting by the lifeboat station for 15 minutes wondering where they were it dawned on me we were sitting in Trearddur and not Rhosneigr.  So foot down again and off to the right beach this time.


In Rhosneigr Jenny and Chris decided to do some windsurfing while me an Ivan headed for the rolling waves. Now if there is one thing I love its being in the surf ,being smashed in the face by a wall of water, being carried on top of a wave racing towards the beach.  I even love being thrown out of my kayak and struggling back to the beach, Fantastic.


After 3 hours of fighting the waves and watching Jenny and Chris whizzing past on their boards we decided to make our way back to the car.  Just as we got to the exit point we bumped into Keith, Tony and a couple of others who had waited for the sea to calm down before they decided to get their boats wet.  We left them to struggle with the 1 foot swell and got ready for our next challenge of the day - 4 MILE BRIDGE.


Fantastic weekend thanks to everyone for their company  Mark Moore

After travelling through some bad weather on our way to Anglesey Keith, Brian and me were surprised at how good the weather was on Anglesey

So off to Rhosneiger for me and Keith to catch up with Sally, James and Friend, Mark and Ivan who where already on the water along with Chris and Jenny (sail boarding).  This was my first go at surfing so lots of roll practise and a few swims to start with.  After a while I managed to get the hang of it and realised what i`d been missing out on .  Surfing is great.  Anthony

Saturday - The Straits


Report to follow……John W  More Photos…….

Saturday Four Mile Bridge


Four Mile Bridge is the perfect place to start paddling on moving water. James and I had had our first go here last year, and today we brought Danny too, to give it a go. The afternoon was beautifully calm and amazingly sunny, given the weather forecast. We put in on the Inland Sea and bobbed about for a while, enjoying the sheltered conditions.


James was lounging on the grassy verge, but joined us after a short while. I got to go under the bridge first, I remembered it being a bit like a fair ground ride the year before, all anticipation and then – it’s over! Dan came second and James followed bringing us all onto the moving water. Danny was clearly pleased with himself as he came through and as the boat turned to me he had an enormous grin on his face. He was quite safe, but hadn’t realized he was now travelling at quite a pace backwards away from the group! He soon paddled back to us. James and Dan then played around breaking in and generally getting the feel of the water.


An excellent paddle that could have been longer but hunger got the better of us, went for ice cream, before the BBQ, well we were on holiday! …… Sally O  More Photos…….


Sunday Surfing at Porth Dafarch

A windy start on Sunday saw the Liverpool CC surfing to burn off the previous nights BBQ indulgences. Although Porth Dafarch was a little tight for space - especially for sea kayaker Brian, who was spotted trying to take out some of the smaller boats - the waves were promising.


The sheltered spot made for a gentle mornings paddle, while John and T-Rex prowled the cliff tops.  There was a perfect set for everyone, providing radical rides followed by the inevitable dunking.  Keith and John were pulling off wave wheels with Keith putting on a brave face about the length of his......boat!


Typical British endless summer left the club huddled in the entrance to the gents trying to avoid the torrential rain before heading for home. Jenny  More Photos…….


John W, Sally O, James O, Anthony V, John Y, Brian G, Keith S, Jenny B, Chris, John M, Dominic B, Helen S, Judith, Ivan, Mark M, Pete T, Carole T, Kirk W, and Frankie


18/07/11 LCC Gets “BLOWN AWAY”.  Positive feedback from the two authors on Simon`s latest podcast.


Listen to Simon Willis and Jim Krawiecki describe how they were both “BLOWN AWAY” by how well we treated them at our Monday night talks.


Listen to it here…. Or via Simons homepage http://web.mac.com/simon.willis/SeaKayakRoutes/Podcasts/Podcasts.html




18/07/11 Wednesday night paddling - Moving water course – The Burrs  13th July 2011

A whole gang of us met at the Burrs centre to find the mighty Irwell was not so mighty.  We were going to paddle up to the top of the site via the canal but as this was overgrown we chose to carry our kayaks instead.  The 10 foot weir was expertly navigated by us all (those on the course and the two groups of paddlers who attended as part of the Wednesday night sessions.  We then played at each of the three or four drops / rapids and practised breaking in and out. 


On the last drop by the centre Stuart had us sitting sideways in the small stopper.


With a little more water this section of the river is excellent fun….  Many thanks to Fred and Stu for coaching…


More photos……….



More information about the Burrs centre and river……




18/7/11 Monday Night Talks  We have Nick Cunliffe and Ray Goodwin giving talks at the club for free this summer.  Click the links below to reserve your seat(s) now before they are all gone…….
8th August 2011
Open Canoeing - Ray Goodwin Ray will have copies of his new book on Open Canoeing available for sale after the presentation. If requested he will gladly sign them for you)

19th September 2011 (3rd Monday)
Sea Kayaking - Nick Cunliffe (www.kayakessentials.co.uk)  Local Wirral man now working in North Wales.

18/07/11 Neree – French Sea Kayaking Site - Friend of Dave Lynch
This is a Mediterranean based site for all aspects associated with sea kayaking.  There are some good video, trip and gear reports.
Nérée Kayak De Mer En Provence (English translation of French site - Friend of Dave Lynch)
Original site in French...... (in French with videos)

14/07/11 Second Coastguard Consultation – Closure of some Coastguard Stations
Ministers have today announced revised proposals. The main changes are:


           We are retaining more Coordination Centres and operating all of them 24/7. This will help overcome the perceived risks of diluting local knowledge, maintain 24-hour connectivity with other local rescue providers and our own Coastguard volunteers, reduce the need for incident handovers, and allow us to upgrade IT systems at a more measured pace and provide more opportunities for robust and rigorous user testing.


           The MOC will be supported by one 24-hour sub-centre at Dover with 28 operational Coastguards and eight further 24 hour sub centres with 23 staff each based at Aberdeen, Shetland, Stornoway, Belfast, Holyhead, Milford Haven, Falmouth and Humber. The London coordination centre will continue to be co-located with the Port of London Authority. Dover will be equipped to serve as the standby MOC, taking advantage of its slightly higher manpower complement: it will be manned up to MOC levels only when required.


           The stations now proposed for closure are Yarmouth, Thames, Solent, Portland, Brixham, Swansea, Liverpool, Forth and Clyde.

This consultation will last for 12 weeks (closing on 6 October, 2011) and will be subject to the Code of Practice on Consultation. You can find the consultation document on the front page of our website www.dft.gov.uk/mca. As with last time there is a response form for you to fill in with a return address, and we look forward to hearing from you.


14/07/11 Wednesday night paddling - Moving water course – Chester Weir 6th July 2011

First of all, many thanks to Stu H and Fred H for running some whitewater coaching on a warm and wet Wednesday evening for those people in need.  I couldn't list everyone that was there if I tried so apologies for the lack of attendees list.


After Stu H left his spraydeck at home Justin and I were late having picked up a spare, but Keith S kindly allowed Stu onto the water with his kit to start coaching and waited for us to arrive.  By the time Justin and I were on the water we landed in the middle of a couple of groups under coaching on the steps at Chester Weir with a good flow of water allowing those of us that wanted to to have a bit of a play, just enough water to cause some problems it seems...  Stu H's group had a few swims in the top pool and plenty of people took a few rolls after getting caught out with surfing practice.  Justin, John and I took it upon ourselves to move half way down the weir where there are a few rocks and run the river centre line for a bit of added excitement.  Less technical, more hilarious!


We rejoined the action as most of the group headed off the water and Fred's class took one last run of all of the drops.  We collated at the bottom of the last drop and spent a while teaching Grant to catch the front of his boat in the flow and stand it upright in the water.  Fred H naturally spent a while demonstrating some playing techniques for us and got a bit cocky (his own words...) resulting in a swim...!  Luckily the water was fairly warm but we decided to call an end to the session and headed into the pub for some excellent burgers!  Did I mention thought that Fred swam?


All in all a successful trip, with some good banter and fantastic food and drink at the pub before we headed home.  Fred dried off alright and his ordeal doesn’t seem to have put him off kayaking yet! Winking smile


Anthony K  More Photos…….

12/07/11 Whitewater Rescue and Safety Day – River Tryweryn 10th July 2011

A dozen of us stayed at the Tryweryn for day two of the weekend - The whitewater safety day. We met at the top car park and got on with the session straight away, starting with basic throwline practice. It was good to be using my shiny new Palm Bullet throwline for the first time. I was paired up with Dom, who threw his line in textbook style straight into my arms. I took aim and launched my Bullet - bang on target, but Dom ducked out of the way as 15m of line, still in its bag, flew past him. Durr! Next time I'll remember to hold onto the other end!

Then it was time to practice the proper technique of "swimming" in whitewater and how to get into an eddy using various methods including corkscrew swimming. After this, we used our throwline skills to rescue others who were swimming or being swept down the rapid. This was easier said than done. Timing was everything as it was so easy to throw the line either too soon or too late. Through lots of practice we started to improve.

After a quick bite to eat, we moved on to rescuing paddles lodged in rocks and then rescuing boats floating downstream. Keith fed empty boats into the main current so that those of us in boats could bump them into the eddy before they reached the Chipper. During the session, some made easy work of it. I couldn't get the hang of it, but thanks to the session I know how I can improve.

Midges had been with us all day, only vanishing during the occasional heavy downpour of rain. By the time we'd finished rescuing boats, the midges had come out in big numbers and swarmed around us. In spite of this, we all stayed focussed on the session, learning about rescuing a victim trapped underwater using two lines joined together and held by rescuers on either side of a river. 

While a TV crew was filming an episode of Hollyoaks further downstream, the real drama played out above the Chipper, where, in the final scenario of the day, we had to rescue Keith, who played a swimmer trapped underwater in the middle of the river. We quickly split into two teams and got either side of the river. The adrenaline kicked in and the team on the opposite bank threw their throwlines towards us with great urgency. A starburst of lines came from the bank - some going upstream, some downstream and even one vertically into the trees above. The seconds ticked by, but eventually we had a line across the river and we were in business. The throwlines were connected and we were then able to drag them under the casualty and rescue him.

Everybody had a great time and thanks to Keith's knowledge and ability to explain so clearly and patiently, we were able to learn and practice in an enjoyable and safe environment. Many thanks to Keith for running the session and to Helen for coordinating the weekend.  John Maddocks  More Photos…..

12/07/11 Kirks Weekend - River Tryweryn 9th July 2011

The midgies were sharpening their biting apparatus and eyeing up the two legged snacks that were arriving in the lower car park on Saturday morning.   The warm sunshine and the sight of white bare legs and semi- covered buttocks sent the little blighters into a frenzy so it was a quick a change, car shuttle and onto the water as speedily as possible.  There were quite a few of us so we split into two groups and headed on down. 


The sun was bouncing off the rapids but gangs of belligerent midgies were waiting for us in the eddies, and lurking in vast numbers under the foliage. Insect life aside, everyone had a very enjoyable paddle down to Bala Mill Falls.  At this point a couple of folk decided to portage and Kirk, a veteran of Bala Mill Falls, gave out advice on how to run the line.  John and Fiona made their Bala Mill debut and ran it successfully though they did take the harder left side of the drop which takes you into that awkward hole.  Now Kirk the guru bobbed down but was unfortunately stymied by that naughty rock on the far right. What was that line again Kirk? ;-)


After lunch we all headed up to do the top section and another debut for Fiona.  Everyone had loads of fun practising breaking in and out and Fiona was paddling well.  Ski Jump,  Fedw Goch Fall (Miss Davies’ Bridge) were blasted through and John M finally banished his Fingers bogey, though it did claim a couple more bods over the weekend. 


We headed on back down the lower section and onto Bala Mill for the second visit of the day where Andy and Helen took the reverse paddle line over the drop.  Sara, Keith, Mark, Mikhal pulled some freestyle moves on the way back to the get out, and Helen and John attempted to. Helen’s attempts were particularly woeful. That evening most stayed at Kirks house in Llandderfel, a few miles from Bala.  That evening we ate out at the Bryntirion Inn and restaurant.

Paddlers were Keith S, Sara B, Mark G, Danny B, Kirk W, Dom B, John M, Anthony V, Andy W, Fiona W, Sarah G, Roy Mc, Chris M, Helen S

Helen Siertsema  More Photos…….

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11/07/11 Come and Try it session last Friday 8th July 2001
21 young people from Dunlop Junior Football Club" under 14s came down to do a follow-up come and try it canoeing session.  The youngsters made a donation of £36 and had a great time. 


Most played polo on our pitch and paddled a variety of craft.  Many thanks to John and Dan Smith, Peter Diamond and others from our club for helping out.


More photos……


08/07/11 Christmas Meal and Club Social – early notice Wednesday 21st December 2011

Following last years very successful Christmas social at the Marina we have booked the main function room for the last Wednesday before Christmas (21st December 2011).  Places are limited but we have negotiated an even cheaper price of £17.95 each for the 3 course meal which includes a glass of wine provided you book early before September.  Click here for more information and to reserve your place now…..

06/07/11 River Tryweryn paddle Sunday 3rd July 2011

On Sunday 3rd July 6 Liverpool CC paddlers headed for Wales to paddle the Tryweryn.  The weather was fantastic.  We decided to start below the cafe and run the lower section to warm up and build our confidence.  The paddle went fairly smoothly.  There were a couple of rolls on the big drops at the start but generally everyone got down with grace and style. 


That was until we all decided to get into an eddy that was far too small to hold us all.  Roy tried to eddy in, Helen eddied out. This led to Roy being pushed into some overhanging trees and getting poked straight in the eye by a twig. As a result this unfortunately led to a swim! Roy was early discussing with Andy how much he loved his paddle and how he would hate to lose it. During his swim, you guessed it, his paddle completely disappeared!!  To add insult to injury Roy was then bitten on the face by a giant horse fly! 


After some frantic searching Mark happened to spy a bright yellow beam glowing under the water. Roy had to dive under the water and wrestle with the paddle but eventually it came free and we were off again.  After a break in the café 5 of the paddlers ran the upper Tryweryn with Fiona running alongside taking notes for next weekend.  All paddlers ran the upper section impressively and with confidence.   In fact they made it look easy!

A good day was had by all in the sunshine!

Fiona, Andy, Roy, Mark, Helen and Michal


04/07/11 Hilbre Island Sunday 3rd July 2011

On Saturday 2nd July 21 paddlers in 20 boats took the short journey to Hilbre Island at West Kirby. Everybody seemed keen to start as people and boats were ready at the slipway well before the meet time even considering the lack of parking places and the busy area due to West Kirby sailing clubs weekend regatta. We waited and waited for the water to arrive but everybody was calm after being reassured by Ian Bell. Well everybody apart from Tony  who asked more than 50 times "when is the water coming in Karl ? "


As soon as the water arrived we were away. 21 paddlers including a  mix of Sea Kayaks , Tourers, GP kayaks and a K2 with Paul Harwood and his 6 year old son Harvey , although I am not too sure if we should count Paul as a paddler because with his feet up and arms behind his head he made young Harvey do all the work.


A small group of seals began to follow us and got quite close to some of our boats. As we got closer to the island we met Len Hartley who was anchored just off Hilbre in his yacht out fishing for the weekend. Then the group split into two as some went around the island and others to the beach to start cooking our lunch which consisted of 50 sausages and 4 bread rolls. (Thanks to Harvey for sharing his sausages with the group). Of course with so many sausages Steve could share the left overs with the local seals .......................................and the small family over the rocks.

Len Hartley arrived to join us for lunch in his tender which has a weight restriction of ONE can of beer per trip apparently and then told us of his forthcoming Pirate day at Crosby Marine Lake on Saturday 9th July (all LCC members are invited to a come and try it, watersports session ).


The return journey saw a couple of paddlers practising their 'being towed techniques' and we all arrived back with just enough water to step onto the hard slipway.

Another great LCC trip. Thanks to the 21 paddlers and the good team work to ensure a successful paddle.


Karl T  More Photos……….


02/07/11 The Long and Winding Road!! – River Alt Wednesday 29th June

6 LCC members met by the side of the road in Maghull (Switch Island).  The plan was to paddle down the River Alt to Formby.  Despite warnings from the friendly local fire brigade and a difficult get in trying to avoid the nettles and brambles we hit the water.  Keith assured us we would be off the water by 9pm.  The River Alt is a slow (if at all!!!) moving river/stream that runs down to Formby and then on to Hightown and the sea. 

Most of the trip saw the boys paddling in Fiona’s wake as she powered downstream.  The trip was a mix of nice gentle paddling and trudging through thick weeds due to the low water levels!!  We saw lots of interesting wild life, a couple of north face “scallies” and quite a few golf/shopping trolleys!  The river seemed to go on endlessly (Phil reckoned about 7.5 miles after searching on Google maps later) and just as the light started to fade Fiona laid eyes on our get out from her position of chief scout.          (9.37PM!!)

Good company and great weather made it a nice Wednesday evening trip.

Andy, Fiona, Keith, Jim, Paul and Phil   More photos…….     More information……


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