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October 2011

October Paddler
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30/09/11 River Lune – Sunday 25th September


6 LCC paddlers met in the services on the M6 before getting on the trail of some white water. Roy was in charge of navigation and subsequently brought us off 2 junctions early and took us on a wild goose chase!! We did indeed end up by a river, the name of which we have no idea! It was pretty but not at all friendly for Kayaks! Roy then realised that he was looking at the wrong river!! We then drove to the correct river at break neck speed, which caused Andy to be car sick, which wasn’t pleasant!!  


Eventually we got on the river. We set off just after a group of very friendly open boaters. We steadily made our way down the river encountering some easy moving water surrounded by open countryside. The river narrowed in parts creating some really nice rocky sections which gave the river an Alpine feel. Eventually we made it to ‘Magnetic Rock.’ Everyone made it down this section safely although Justin decided to get rather close to the rock. His response – hit the rock as hard as you can and hope it moves, it didn’t but he managed to stay upright! We moved onto ‘The Stride’ which required bank inspection. Having watched the open boat group run it successful the lads were keen to give it a go. I decided not to chance it and chatted to the open boaters and shared a drink with them!! Roy ran it first in my little boat and wobbled all over the place before running it with little effort in the Burn. I want a big boat!! All the lads made it down easily and played in the wave at the bottom. We set off again to the get out. Just after we left ‘The Stride’ on a totally flat piece of water, Andy decided to ram my boat with all his might and shoved me in! I was so shocked that I took the first and only very embarrassing swim of the day. It didn’t go down well. After passing through a narrow very scenic rock gorge we eventually got to the get out!!

Another fab day on the river, thanks team!!! Sorry no photos, one of us really needs to buy a water proof camera!

Fiona, Andy, Roy, Chris, Justin and Dom.

25/09/11 Anglesey Weekend No.3 - "Tidal Waters"  23rd - 25th September -

Full Report to follow…….    More pictures……
Frankie Annan

23/09/11 Club Paddles
If you fancy paddling on any of the proposed trips this year then please consider offering to act as a coordinator. You won’t be in charge of the trip; you just select the date(s) and act as a contact point to give information / gather prospective numbers etc. Contact Keith Steer with offers of help or suggested trips.  All coordinators will take a list of names and contact numbers before paddlers get on the water - please contact the coordinator before the trip.



Informal trips arranged by club members are circulated by the club`s Googlegroups email system.


 22/09/11 Falls of Lora - 17th & 18th September

If you watched BBC’s “Country File” recently you’ll have seen a lot of footage shot on the Falls of Lora at Connel, near Oban. The programme also featured aspirant L5 coach Tony Hammock of Sea Freedom who lives just spitting distance away and who uses them as part of his coaching arena and playground. Carole and I met Tony and his team at the Mid West Sea Kayak Symposium earlier this year and arranged to spend a weekend with him for some fun on the falls; they are internationally famous and have long been a testing ground for playboaters. Over recent years Tony has helped turn them into a world class sea kayak playground too. Together with his wife Olga, Tony also runs a superb B&B which has comfortably housed some of the best paddlers from around the planet who are frequently accompanied by various film crews attempting to capture some high adrenalin footage.

As reliable as clockwork for almost 7 hours during the ebb, the Falls of Lora, which are actually tidal overfalls, provide fast moving water, marked eddy lines, massive boils, holes and amazing whirlpools. Around spring tides a number of impressive standing waves also provide surfing fun for those with the skills to get on them.


Thankfully for Carole and me, it was between springs and neaps when we were there so all of these fast moving water features were significantly more manageable than they are at the top of springs. After an intensive session practicing skills during day one it was time to get in there and try it all out for real on day two. Following Tony closely at first we broke through numerous eddy lines and, occasionally in control of our destiny, we tried out all sorts of moving water techniques. The whole weekend was exhilarating and the fantastic weather and scenery just added to the buzz. Needless to say there were one or two swims and rescues but the whole playground is compact and in deep water and therefore relatively safe. Tony took a variety of stills and some video which we viewed each evening. This helped us see where we were going wrong and, as you can imagine, there was plenty of room for improvement.


If anyone is interested, he has offered to run a “moving water boot camp” for us, perhaps early next summer and, although we have the Swellies Penryn Mawr and the like on our doorstep, I would have thought that the Falls of Lora might feature on the tick list of many LCC members wanting to hone their skills or learn new ones, especially since the other paddling opportunities while you’re there are also superb and extensive.


Let us know if you’re interested.


Pete & Carole Thomas      More Photos…….


22/0911 Paddler of the Year Awards
Each year the club asks for nominations for our four awards.  This years nominations are outlined below.  It is now time to ask for your votes for each of the four Awards.  You can do this by sending an email to website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk with your vote (please vote even if you do not personally know the nominees.)  Awards are then presented at the clubs AGM on Monday 10th of October.

2011 Nominations for Paddler of the year

Michal Giezgala

Brian Green

Fiona Wrigg

Michal is a natural paddler.  He taught himself to roll in his second session at the docks.  His enthusiasm is never ending and often paddles with an over enthusiastic style.

Brian has been a keen organiser of sea trips within the club.  He paddles most weekends and is keen to help those new to sea kayaking.  He has also made excellent links with other paddlers and organisations (NWSK, Canoe lifeguards and the Marina)

Fiona Wrigg because she has achieved a lot from beginner to very good paddlers in less than a year since joining the club.  She paddle the Ubaye race course (grade 4) in the Alps this year and is a keen river paddler.


2011 Nominations Young Paddler of the year



Declan Richards

Chloe Richards

Jack Gille

Jake Massey

 Regan Bond

Declan has been a keen member of the club for a while now.  He is a strong paddler and has undertaken several trips with the club including Hilbre Island and Loch Lomond.

Chloe has been on several trips with the club including Hilbre Island and Loch Lomond camping weekend.  She holds the record for the "ladder jump" and is fearless.

Since joining in the family tradition, now the third generation of ‘Gille’ to join the club Jack has achieved his first Star certificate and made me so proud of him. After his first experience of canoeing in Trearddur Bay, Anglesey at the club meet, he has now ‘caught’ by the bug of kayaking ! From a nervous, worrier to a competent  canoeist he has gained a lot confidence since joining the club in all aspects of his life.

Jake has been a regular member of the junior club on a Tuesday evenings throughout the summer.  He prefers a longer kayak and is always willing to try different types of boat.

Regan can often be seen paddling his boat at both the docks and the pool.  While it is a playboat he is still able to self rescue by climbing in over the stern.


2011 Nominations Volunteer of the year

Chris Murphy

John Smith

Peter Diamond

Running the pool and developing the LCC clothing range both of which have brought well needed funds into the club.

Keen paddler who has run many Sunday sessions and has introduced links with Dunlop under 14s football team.

Peter has been relentless this year helping unlock the shed and putting kayaks away on the racks. His hard work has made club nights a breeze for the other volunteers.


2011 Nominations Swimmer of the year



Helen Siertsema

Chris Murphy

 Roy McHale & Andy Wrigg

Justin Cooper

Mark Garrod

River Lune, Magnetic rock.  Helen shot the drop above the rock in very low water but capsized and failed to roll taking a very cold swim.

River Lune, in 18 inches of water.  Chris`s excuse was that it was too shallow to roll but deep enough to exit his kayak.

We doubled up and had to rescue the empty canoe.  Roy and Andy were told that it was impossible to capsize in the X position. You guessed it, Roy fell over backwards taking Andy with him.  They then had to perform an unplanned “all in” rescue.

S-Bends, Rubber Raft  My group waited until the rafts had passed and then headed onto the s-bend. Unfortunately, the rafts weren’t as clear as we had hoped and we rounded a corner to find a raft wedged on a rock in the middle of the rapid! The other members of my group expertly avoided this obstacle, I however decided that I would like to see the underside of the raft, which resulted in a short but memorable swim!

A swim on the lake - Mark Garrod thought it would be a good idea to try John Cook’s little Biscuit on the lake.  He thought it would be a good idea to film his technique !!! he set his camera rolling and attempted his next trick which unfortunately ended with Mark upside down. I sat and waited for Mark to roll up with ease as he normally does but something was wrong… Perhaps an unusually strong current must have swept through the lake or something much worse ! All I can say I had a very broad smile on my face when I saw Marks head appear at the side of the upside down boat. A very unexpected swim had occurred.

Mark quickly stated various reasons/excuses for this swim, swallowed water/felt a bit warm/ boats too small/ Jaws was advancing through the depths etc etc but the fact was Mark Oliver Garrod took his 1st swim in several years on the most tranquil piece of Alpine water/pond known to LCC. Needless to say he very quickly deleted the evidence from his camera but myself and Emma can give anyone who wishes a first hand account.

22/09/11 The Surf is up. Crosby 2011

On arrival at Crosby I looked out to see there was a lone body in a sea kayak bobbing about 300m from shore bobbing up and down and crashing through waves. ....

I watched and thought that’s madness "those waves are horrendous"


Next Keith arrived unstrapped his boat and said come on lets go - dubiously after a small safety chat I followed Keith out.   Within 5 minutes I was upside down flying back to the beach at a rate of knots.  Undeterred,I righted myself and thought what the bloody hell am I doing here.

Keith spurred me on and gave me some advice to hit the waves head on - technique is to crash through the waves blow the water from your nose and wipe your eyes.  Next, bob up and down, turn and catch a wave - this is the fun part.  You then get swept up, lifted and next minute rocketing to the beach while wobbling and balancing.  After 3-4 times it sinks in quickly.


We were in kayaks.  Next Paul arrived in a one man canoe - even more madness pursued - trying to use a j-stroke to force a one man canoe through the surf.  10/10 for perseverance.  Would I do it again - sure - sheer exhilaration - what do you learn?

Balance, how to roll of the sand, your eyes sting from sea water - next time it’s on - Go for it!

John Allerton

17/09/11 Maintenance work at the docks (new racking and mini pontoon)


Following a week or so of planning a few of us have built a second mini pontoon which will be used to access the other side of the main pontoons towards the slipway and our polo goals.  Dave Lynch sourced the materials and directed the build which followed Steve Thomas`s original design.  Chris and Tony had delivered 16 x 30 litre barrels on Thursday evening. 


As well as helping with the pontoon building John and Matt constructed new racking in the shed for our buoyancy aids and spraydecks.  The shed now looks much tidier and there is more room for all our kit.


 We now need more plastic coat hangers to hang our Buoyancy aids and spraydecks.   They need to be robust – the ones from dry cleaning centres are ideal.  If any members have any spare, please leave or hang them in the shed.


Dave Lynch, Chris Fletcher, Tony Bennett, Matt Pegram, John Pegram, Keith S.

16/09/11 Fun on the Sea, ‘Storm Paddling’ & Tierra del Fuego - Anglesey 10 &11 September.


Reading a guidebook recently a little chuckle was raised when we noted that one of the three authors had listed ‘storm paddling’ amongst his pastimes, since then every time we’ve found ourselves in water a bit lumpy we have proclaimed ourselves, rather jokingly, as ‘storm paddlers’.  This weekend however Chris, Will, Tim and I felt like we really were, even if only for a very short time!

With the forecast of yet another weekend of very strong winds the consensus was that surfing was the only safe and sensible option and so we headed for Borthwen Beach at Rhoscolyn where we hoped the south facing aspect would pick up the best of the waves and swell.

On the way we stopped in Holyhead to return a Rockpool GT that Will had been testing out (he was so impressed that he’s now ordered one). We took the opportunity to spend a very interesting hour or so admiring the superb boats and chatting with the very friendly and helpful Mike Webb at his Rockpool Kayaks workshop.


After running out of excuses for not getting on the water we eventually arrived at Borthwen to find plenty of big surf running straight into the normally sheltered bay.  Once we had loosened up with a few rides in we decided to nose out into the maelstrom that was raging outside the bay, at first it was very intimidating, with huge swell and waves randomly curling to break all around. A close watch on position was kept to ensure that the rocks and cliffs upon which the sea was crashing were kept a safe distance from. Gradually though a strange thing started to happen; as hips and shoulders relaxed to match the movement of the sea it seemed as though everything slowed down to a point where instead of battling against the waves and wind, as had been necessary to punch out of the bay, it was now rather like being in a slow motion replay with what felt like lots of time to react with either a light paddle stroke or the touch of a brace as a break washed over the boat. It felt quite surreal. Was this ‘storm paddling’???


Well unfortunately I never got to find out for sure because my ‘Condor Moment’ of calm reverie was quickly broken as I suddenly found myself looking very, very steeply down the face of the biggest wave I’ve ever even been near to. Instantly I was gripped by a mix of whooping elation coupled with the usual blind terror as I dropped down the wave, and with the help of a very firmly planted stern rudder, was sped grinning back into the bay to start all over again . . . Fantastic stuff!


It was getting quite late by the time we got off the water and we raced straight to Pete Baars’ Summit to Sea Kayak Shop in Valley arriving at 7.00pm, only minutes before Marcus Demuth began his presentation on his recent attempt to circumnavigate Tierra del Fuego.

It was a fascinating slideshow during which Marcus explained how he and his paddling partner had been storm bound for over two weeks before eventually having to pay a thousand dollars to be air lifted out by helicopter.  Marcus says he intends to return to the ‘Land of Fire’ again in the near future, and like Justine Curgenven and Barry Shaw who also had to cut short their own circumnavigation attempt last year, he too is wished the best of luck on his endeavours in what is without doubt one of the most wild and remote places on our planet.


With even stronger winds on Sunday we started the day with a walk from the campsite at Outdoor Alternative along to Rhoscolyn Head, watching the huge waves and swell roll into the cliffs below as spumes of spray exploded only to be cast back down on us by the roaring wind.

We arrived at the old coastguard station above the cliffs and were surprised to find that it is now manned at weekends by volunteers from the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI).  NCI watchkeepers provide additional eyes and ears along the coast, keeping a close visual watch, monitoring radio channels and providing a listening watch in poor visibility. 


Around Rhoscolyn, and in many other similar areas, high cliffs and narrow bays can create VHF signal ‘dead spots’ which means that the handheld VHF radios that many of us carry would be rendered useless if it became necessary to make a call for assistance.  In these circumstances it is comforting to know that NCI watchkeepers may be looking out for you.  We were pleased to be told that not only had they observed us venturing out of the bay into the big seas on the previous afternoon, but they were also able to show us their log entry which recorded useful details such as the colour of our boats, our position and the times we were seen.  Given the awful cuts and closures that are currently being forced on HMCG the presence of NCI volunteers may become even more important to the safety of all coastal water users.  The wind in the meantime had got stronger and stronger so we headed over to the Menai Strait, launching from beside the old Mermaid Inn and then back up to Beaumaris in what must have been record time, being surfed along almost continuously for over 11 miles. The usual visit to The Red Boat rounded off the weekend perfectly. J


Brian Green  More photos…….




15/09/11 Synchronise the club calendar with your phone or computer.


Many members create an account with Google using their own email address and then sync the club events with their phone.  Full instructions are available on the web. http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/

Any new events or paddles are automatically added to the calendar on your phone.

Alternatively members can click on the calendar tab / page of the clubs website to view all the events.  There are several views to choose from.









12/09/11 River Tees – High Force to Low Force (Sunday 11th September)


With its two stunning waterfalls, numerous drops and tea coloured water, this section of the River Tees is unmistakable. Ever since I saw a picture of Low Force in Canoe & kayak UK back in February I have wanted to run this drop and at last I would get the chance.


Four of us made an early start and two hours and four counties later we arrived at the get out. We checked it out whilst getting directions from a friendly farmer (no really!), and set off for Low Force itself. After crossing a field you exit a wood and into a stunning looking natural amphitheatre with Low Force and above it Horse Shoe falls at it centre. Low Force is 12 ft drop into a deep pool and we viewed it with excitement and not a small amount of trepidation. Back in the car we headed up to the High Force Hotel and parked up. We paid £3.00 each to access the river and a further £1.50 to view the main attraction, High Force. This 71ft waterfall has two shelves and is absolutely unrunnable (thank God) but makes for an amazing sight. Back to the car and down to business.

We accessed the river down another path and soon came across a number of small drops, viewing each with suspicion until we were all through them and realized that they were quite friendly. This section of the river is mostly grade 3 with the two or three rapids including Salmons Leap and Low Force itself raising it to a 4. All the big stuff can be portaged very easily or run again and again, as all along the bank river right is the Pennine Way footpath.

After a few more drops we came to Salmons leap (or Dog Leg or S-bends).   Three of us ran it with no major alarms, but unfortunately Andy managed to hit the prominent rock, river centre of the last shoot and took a roll. He wasn’t alone on this top section as Roy and Keith rolled elsewhere, which meant we were proceeding with caution at this point. These were not going to be last rolls of the day!


After running a few more fun drops we eventually came to Horseshoe Falls and Low Force and got out to inspect. I had read about Horseshoe Falls holding swimmers in the stopper and we were about to see first hand exactly what that looked like. A paddler from another group got it slightly wrong and found himself surfing the hole. After a few minutes of fighting it he eventually grabbed his spraydeck and the boat drifted off down Low Force. His adventure wasn’t over though as he stayed in the stopper for another couple of minutes as we threw line after line trying to get him out. Finally we rescued him but he did take a bit of a beating.

Not surprisingly after witnessing this and taking in to consideration the proximity to Low Force, we decided to portage Horseshoe. All except Keith, who had already run it on the far side away from the stopper. Low Force next and we didn’t do ourselves any favours by watching another two groups run it with limited success. I counted at least 5 swims from 7 attempts with all the swimmers being pushed into the rock wall on river right.


Keith went first gritting his teeth and launching over. He landed and then capsized in the boil but rolled up successfully. Yeeha! Next Roy did exactly the same. Yes… 2 for 2 so far, this was going well! Next up Andy absolutely nailed it without so much as a wobble never mind a roll and finally it was my turn. With a shout of “Geronimo!” I exited the lip and torpedoed the water. I was flipped upside down and started drifting towards the wall. After a failed attempt at a roll I pulled my deck and bobbed up and down in the boil against the rock face. I had hold of my boat but my paddle was just out of reach. Someone shouted for me to let go of the boat and go after the paddle but as soon as I let go… whoosh, I was sucked under. Things had taken a turn for the worse and try as I might I could not get to the surface. I remember nonsensical thoughts going through my mind at this stage like “why are my shoes so heavy” and “Has my buoyancy aid popped?” After what seemed like an age (but was probably only 5 seconds) I resurfaced and swam like the clappers for the bank. I climbed out and after getting my breath back, I did the only thing that I could in the circumstances and ran it again. This time I was more successful, rolling up but with a big grin on my face and a punch in the air. (It’s that kind of drop!)


Roy and Keith both ran it again rolling their way out of trouble but Andy declined the invitation to reprise his drop saying something along the lines of “how can you improve on perfection!” Down river from Low Force the fun isn’t over and perhaps we relaxed too soon as first Roy, Keith and myself rolled on the same drop with Andy rolling on the very next one.


Eventually the drops become less frequent and finally the River widens into a grade 2 section with a few bouncy waves trains. Not quite the Alps but with a little more water this could be a lot of fun! At the get out Roy ran (yes ran!) the 3 miles back up to the car while the rest of us sheltered out of the rain and reflected on the paddle. This really is a classic River with enough to keep everyone happy. We will be back in numbers I’m sure.


Chris M, Keith Scott, Roy Mc, and Andy W      More photos…..



12/09/11 Liverpool Canoe Club purchase fleet of polo kayaks


Our fleet of new polo boats have arrived from the Pyranha factory to NW Kayaks in Runcorn.  Foam bumpers need to be attached and then they will be available for members to try.  We now have a Youth team (under 16s) and two senior teams who are competing in the national leagues this year.  Playing fun polo is an excellent way to improve your kayak handling, anyone can play. 

If you use a kayak with a bumper on the back please do not seal launch as this will quickly rip the bumper and tape off.

If you want to find out more about polo or sign-up for polo group emails and information Click here…….

11/09/11 Surfing at Crosby / Sunday 11th Sept


Today six LCC paddlers attempted to join the surf at Crosby. The day started well with Paul Harwood and his son Harvey being the first to arrive with their Sevylor Cobra inflatable canoe thing which was thoroughly inspected by Daz Hale and myself (Karl) and advice given as to the best way to paddle two-up in the surf. This was ignored as Paul insisted that Harvey (age six) paddled at the front and be responsible for steering and control of which he did a fantastic job as he was launched into the air over each wave to land in the perfect seated position to carry on paddling and maintain control. A lot of screaming from Paul soon stopped them from going out too far.


Daz Hale was next into his boat and for twenty minutes he practised his forward lean ,edging, bracing and support strokes before carrying his boat down to the water and after a couple of attempts to get in he successfully managed to get out to the incoming waves. Daz's technique of closing his eyes and screaming on the way in are not to be seen in any text book but are effective in getting him back to shore although he did panic once when he opened his eyes to be confronted by a dead seagull next to his boat and ran up the beach leaving his kit behind.


Another Paul joined us in his shiny new green Pyranha Molan I think it was and I knew he was a great paddler the moment he hit the first wave sideways without his deck on rolled a 360 and then continued to walk back up the beach in six inches of water upside down on his hands. Fearless and determined he continued to paddle through the rough waves to the surf and had some fantastic runs during the morning. He finished his day by "losing" his drain plug after an empty in the surf but surprisingly "found" it in his pocket when back at the car.


Chris Franks arrived with a choice of two boats, a Nigel Dennis sea kayak and a Draggo Rossi surf boat. As the tide was getting closer to the rocks and steps at high tide Chris decided to paddle the surf kayak. We all were dumped onto shore or tipped at some stage as the surf became more intense and contenders for swimmer of the year were surely to be seen. If you haven’t voted yet then everybody who paddles with Paul Harwood will tell you that your vote won’t be wasted on him.


A great morning was had..........we may be surfing again on Tues 13th...........check your e-mails.


Karl.   More Photos…..


11/09/11 LCC Extended sea trip 5th-9th September – Anglesey Circumnavigation by car and extreme camping


C:\Documents and Settings\Francesca Annan\My Documents\My Pictures\climbing\sea kayak 2011\Anglesey Sept 11\P9060104.JPGMonday morning; its’ wet and windy, with the forecast not looking good. So over coffee at the Llanberis services a plan to pitch tents at Outdoor Alternative and perhaps start paddling Tuesday was made. Tents up with lots of careful consideration of wind and shelter, van parked with some banter about who had picked the best spot Ian and Frankie or Dave and Chris, we settled down to the serious business of elevenses and general discussion about just how windy it was going to get. (58mph on the weather report) A walk across the beach to the headland to have a peek at the sea state confirmed our worst fears, big waves and plenty of swell by Rhoscolyn beacon sent us scampering back to the campsite for a spot of lunch before Ian and Dave went for a play in the surf.


That was the cue for the rain to start. Another tea and coffee break under the tarp sheltered by Dave’s van passed some time with stories of trips from days gone by. With the rain steadily falling and the cooking shelter between the tents proving very effective dinner was a pleasant affair before heading into the tent for the night.

Sleep proved to be elusive but the tents (and van) resisted the gale force 9 gusts and the heavy down pours. Four tired campers met over breakfast to make plans. The straits or the straits were the options for Ian and me, Dave and Chris offered to hang about and then ferry Ian back to his car before heading home. Arriving at Moel y Don the water looked good so we launched the boats and paddled into the filming of a Welsh tourist board advert. Something tells me that we will be on the cutting room floor. With the wind behind us we flew under the bridges and didn't stop to play as a nasty squall passed over us. The get out at gallows point arrived quickly and happily Ian found the channel that allowed us to avoid walking through too much mud. Sitting with the boats (after saying bye to Dave and Chris who were heading back home after dropping Ian at the car) the wind picked up enough for me to seriously wonder if C:\Documents and Settings\Francesca Annan\My Documents\My Pictures\climbing\sea kayak 2011\Anglesey Sept 11\P9060094.JPGthe tents would still be standing and the only circumnavigation of Anglesey would be done in the car!


Taking the Coastal route back to Rhoscolyn a quick shop stop at summit to sea and we came away with hope of an improving forecast with the wind hopefully dropping for a couple of days. Without Dave’s van, table and chairs we headed across the beach to the White Eagle to pass the evening before settling down for a less windy night (we hoped) and some sleep.


Wednesday morning dawned windy and damp but with a glimmer of hope of a paddle we headed to Penmon point and looked at Puffin Island, watched a porpoise play in the swell supported the local economy in the cafe and concluded it was too windy. Off to Benllech and we got on the water, paddling as far as Moelfre before deciding that heading for Dulas in the wind was foolish. Hugging the coast back to Benllech the wind wasn't too bad, but typically the weather forecast was absolutely spot on and as we got to the car the heavy downpour began. After taking shelter in the campsite washing up area for a couple of hours we dived into our tents as the rain eased slightly. Tomorrow was not looking hopeful.


Thursday arrived not as wet but just as windy, after 3 nights of very wet and windy camping we decided to call it a day, and completed our trip with a quick visit to Surf-Lines followed by lunch at Pete’s Eats.

Here's hoping for much better weather for Anglesey 3!

Thanks to Ian Bell, Dave Lynch, Chris Fletcher for the company, we made it round Anglesey pretty much, in the car!





11/09/11 New sliding gate to give access to launching pontoons.
Liverpool Marina have installed a new sliding gate to the top of the ramp leading down to the pontoons.  This has a beam to allow automatically open it on the way up.  This new gate will greatly help when carrying boats onto the pontoons but please do not block them while waiting to get on. 

Your normal swipe card opens the gate as usual but please remember to put your name on the white board (and cross it off again).  Swipe cards can be ordered online and are posted to your home address Click here for more……..

04/09/11 Hilbre Island Race Reccie, 3rd September 2011

Twelve club members in 11 kayaks turned up on a warm rainy day to see which was the fastest route for the forthcoming Hilbre Island Race, and check out water levels as the tide is the same for race day. I have already got my name on this trophy. Long boat, short race?!
The sea was calm, the wind stopped at 1.30pm and the seals were in abundance. Today though i was questioning the Hilbre Island Gurus as to which way was fastest. Out to the channel, or direct across the shallower water. Pete said to go where the tide wasn't. I still don't know what he meant. I am just going to paddle like crazy and hope I don't burn out. I should be OK as I am the reigning River Wyre Sea Tour Champion after all!
Towards the island the sea started to swell, so there was hope of some good waves on the north side of the island. There was. I raced out into the surf. No one was going to stand in my way. That included poor Carole She was in my path so I rode straight over her back deck and pushed her in. Oh no, she was half out of the water and I thought she would roll back up, but I could only watch as she bailed. Fortunately Super Paddler Dan came to the rescue so feeling a little guilty I hung about to watch
Carole climb back in. Not that guilty though. Karl and I did some practice rolls on the way back to the beach.
After a quick cuppa on the beach, Keith thought he would get me back for pushing Carole in. But, as he is as weak as a lamb He didn't manage to push me over! The way back was calm and without incident. At the end by the slipway everybody practiced their rolls, Chris showing us how to hand roll, and Super Dan showing us how to one hand roll. Karl showed us how to capsize in six inches of water. He's the Best!
Paul Harwood  
More Photos…..

Hilbre Island

My first day Kayaking to Hilbre Island, I was really exited about doing this trip has I'd herd so much about it.

It was everything I was expecting and more, it was great. Seals were popping their heads up just next to us and following the group all the way.


The weather was relatively kind to us, showers and little wind.  As we went around the back of the island the tide and swell picked up and we were able to ride the waves, A great day.


Dave Kew, Karl T, Peter T, Carole T John W, Steven B, Jeanette B, Reagan B, Paul H, Keith S, Chris F, Danny B  More Photos…..

Liverpool Canoe Club has been awarded the Club Mark and Top Club Award by Canoe England.

Can I be the first to congratulate Liverpool Canoe Club on achieving Canoe England Top Club Award.


The file has been assessed and we are very impressed with the quality of the club and the fantastic way that you have presented the information.


Would it be possible for me to share your file with my colleagues as an example of great practice?


Well done


Gareth Field

Senior Development Officer, Team North
Canoe England


Clubmark is Sport England‘s quality accreditation that demonstrates to sporting partners, local authorities, schools and parents, that a club meets the minimum operating standards to ensure clubs serve young people well, by offering a quality experience in a welcoming environment. 


Top Club follows the same framework of criteria and standards as Clubmark but allows a club to provide evidence that they have systems and procedures in place to demonstrate they operate above the minimum operating standards. This type of club is offering more to Paddlesport, its members and the community.
This award is aimed at a club that demonstrates they have:  

·         Development of coaching and training opportunities through a wide range of activities

·         Development of coaches and volunteers as a high priority

·         A policy to allow young people to be involved in decision making

·         Good lines of communication at all levels

·         Strong links with schools and other clubs

·         A detailed Action Plan that covers at least a 2 year period


02/09/11 Liverpool Canoe Club Skiing trip during February half-term

Ski trip Friday night 10th February to Sunday 19th February (7 nights with 6 or 7 days skiing)

We are organising a club ski trip during the February half-term and have dto follow the successful formula of the Alps trip using a minibus for transport and Gite to cut the cost of accommodation.

We intend to take a minibus and drive out overnight staying in a Gîte on the edge of Chamonix. The cost for all transport, accommodation and breakfast is likely to be between £250- £330 (Max). Chamonix has 4 main ski resorts offering a variety of skiing from beginner to advanced. You will need to pay for lift passes and ski hire (and lessons if required) along with either self-catering in chalet or meals out.

The remaining places are in rooms of 4 with two bunk beds. (See picture)


The Gîte is La Tapia http://www.latapia.com/ and is on the free bus route which links the resorts in the valley. The town centre is 5 minutes walk away.

5 of the 14 places have already been taken. If you would like a place (you do not need to be a skier! as there is plenty to do in resort) please contact me asap. I will require a £100 deposit to secure you place.

More information from

Keith S




01/09/11 Liverpool Canoe Club are running their first Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race
Places are limited for this first event and only open to club members or experienced locals with their own third party liability (ie BCU membership).  Why not sign-up for it now!

Saturday 1st October 2011
Hilbre Island is the largest of a group of three islands at the mouth of the estuary of the River Dee, and lies about 1.6 km from Red Rocks, the nearest part of the mainland of the Wirral Peninsula.

The main Hilbre Island Race goes clockwise around all three islands while a shorter race for General Purpose and touring boats goes clockwise around the Little Eye.

Conditions can be very rough on the northern end of Hilbre and anyone entering the race needs to be sure that they can cope with the conditions on the day.

You will need to pre-enter online and bring with you on the day a completed registration form.

More information click http://www.liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk/hilbre/

Liverpool Marina
We enjoy an excellent arrangement with the Marina using it as our base.  Club members can use their swipe card to get 10% off all meals and drinks.  The Marina Conference Suit is an ideal location for parties and weddings.  The club is again holding its Christmas Social there again this year on Wednesday 21st December.  Click for more information and to book…….

If you would like to just drop in for a meal, business lunch or meeting it is an ideal setting with good food and facilities.  Indeed if you would like to consider it for a wedding or celebration then the
Marina will offer preferential rates if you mention that you are with Liverpool Canoe Club.  More information at http://www.liverpoolmarina.com/  Use the voucher below to get 2-4-1 on selected main meals before 7pm.

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