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April 2013

April Paddler
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28/03/13 Junior Club Annual Easter Egg Hunt


With the low temperatures we have decided to hold the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the pool session on Tuesday 2nd April at Broadgreen Pool.  Jeanette and Joanne with help from Steve and Mike are running a series of team games at the pool which will lead to the winners having a chance to find the eggs! 


Places are limited but please check to see if spaces are left via the booking page.



Click here for bookings……




28/03/13 March Photo of the Month Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club March Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Dave Blake for his winning photo:

Mike Bell’s ‘Tootega’ on the Mersey.”



Runner up submitted by Jenny Brown:

Eden Epic Cycle”


Runner up Keith S :

“Ladies Canoe polo at Halewood“

Not found your photograph ? – see all the entries for this month………..


27/03/13 British Triathlon Championships in Liverpool 12-13th July

Our club has once again been asked to provide safety cover for the Liverpool Triathlon, the event this year is being run by British Triathlon and has been renamed the “British Triathlon Championships”.  The triathlon takes place on the 12 and 13 of July and organisers are hoping to “attract thousands of competitors” it looks like being a huge event.  Safety crew are needed both on and off the water on both days, please volunteer if you can it’s great fun and the monies donated to the LCC  is of great benefit to all club members.  Follow the link below to express your interest, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Thanks for your continuing support


John Worswick


27/03/13 Club Paddles
If you fancy paddling on any of the proposed trips this year then please consider offering to act as a coordinator. You won’t be in charge of the trip; you just select the date(s) and act as a contact point to give information / gather prospective numbers etc. Contact website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk with offers of help or suggested trips.  All coordinators will take a list of names and contact numbers before paddlers get on the water - please contact the coordinator before the trip.




Informal trips arranged by club members are circulated by the club`s Googlegroups email system.

21/03/13 River Goyt Loop Report

We all started flowing into the car park near the canal for about 10.00am, as the early birds were standing shivering in the cold chatting on the car park. While we all started getting changed and carried our boats down to the canal as some of the drivers drove their cars down to the car park closest to the river. We all got in off the towpath and paddled off.



It took a good 20-25 minutes to reach the tunnel, where we all stopped for a talk about if a long boat comes and turning around quickly etc. Additionally everyone was instructed to get out their head torches, so oncoming craft could see us plus so we could see but it was light enough in there anyway. We all paddled through the tunnel as fast as we could with the intense sound echoing back at everyone.





Out of the tunnel and you can almost see the aqueduct so only about ten minute paddle from there, just about a minutes paddle and a long boat passed so lucky for us we didn't float around talking too long at the other end of the tunnel. When we reached the aqueduct everyone got out and split into 3 groups, a sloppy scramble down to the river and a seal launch some or slide in for beginners. The water level was very low as there hadn't been much rain, some easy ferry gliding for a minute and then we started running the river almost straight away.




The Archimedes screw Hydroelectric plant which has destroyed the traditional get out of this trip…..


We all paddled down until we reached a small play spot for ambitious people, just a bit of fun digging your nose into the water but for some this was just opportunity to warm up your hands as it was freezing cold. After this short stop we ran a bit more of the stony river and stopped by the slalom poles at Manchester Canoe Clubs site for a lunch break or just a break if you forgot your lunch.




Getting back in we all paddled the slalom course and continued on till we reached the old weir which has now been demolished and a bridge has now been built. So everyone got out and walked back to the cars about half a mile down the road. 



Over all the trip was a great experience for beginners as the water level was very low, so the majority of the paddling was rather settled and peaceful with parts of sticky rocks and awkward whitewater sections featuring one major drop being the play spot.



Big thanks to Keith S for organising the trip!


By Sam Preston :)     More Photos here………



Paddlers: Andrew Garland, Theo Gaussen, Laura Bubb, Tony Doyle, Kathryn Wilson, dominic buckley, Ann Hopper, Anthony Rowan, Jon Devonport, Matt Egan, Anthony Egan, Connor Egan, John Allerton, Chris Preston, Sam Preston, Keith S




21/03/13 Ladies Canoe Polo at Liverpool Canoe Club

Last Wednesday LCC held its first ever Ladies Canoe Polo Session. Seven ladies of varying paddling and polo abilities met up at Halewood Pool with coaching from Keith S.

The session was a great success introducing some ladies to the sport whilst giving others some essential skills training. Once we were all kitted up we ran through a few basic skills, including dibbling the ball, throwing, catching and shooting.


The last 20 minutes we put all those skills to practice in a game of 4 against 3. Although the game remained friendly throughout it inevitably became quite competitive. I think the final score was 7 – 6, a close game and some real talent showed through.


As well as building up paddling skills and fitness it was clear the ladies had great fun during the session. Everyone seemed keen to have more training sessions and learn more about the game.


 I have about 18 ladies who are keen to get involved in polo, if you would like to join us please let me know. I am not asking for any major commitment at this stage, but I will be organising some ladies training sessions down at the docks. If you would like to improve your paddling ability, learn a new aspect of kayaking and have fun, please get in touch. I will post regular announcements about training sessions, please keep an eye out and get involved.


Ladies involved so far: Lucy Stuart, Kate Mather, Ailsa Williamson, Katie Lancaster, Sara Bergqvist, Sally Orritt, Laura Bubb, Hannah Draper, Emma Whitwham, Olivia Rowe, Sarah Gille, Sophie Steventon, Emma Jones, Sarah Kirwan, Linda Jones, Rebecca Lawson, Cindy Vinette, Helen Jones, Nicola Underhill, Sarah Barber.        More Photos…….


If interested in canoe polo contact Lucy Stuart  lucystuart89@gmail.com   07920554580

17/03/13 Saturday trip from Crosby to Egremont and back to Crosby


The meeting time was 11.30am and everyone was early! Seven paddlers were on the water at noon at Hall Road Crosby, after a quick briefing by ‘sensible’ Brian. The water was as smooth as silk but you couldn’t see West Kirby because of a thick band of cloud and rain. We paddled offshore before turning to head straight for the disused radio tower. The original plan was to stay close together, this lasted about ten minutes. Apparently Crosby had only ever been this calm once before, that was the previous week when Mike arranged Sunday surfing – eh???


There were several ships looming in the distance and as we approached the radio tower at Waterloo, a huge container ship was heading out to sea. We regrouped and sat and waited for it to pass, and another ship was entering the docks with a tug boat in tow at the same time. After much lively discussion about whether to cross at this point or paddle further towards the docks, we went for it – before another ship came in. Safely across the bit of a swell caused by the ships, we were at Perch Rock and Dave and Brian were off – playing in the small surf they could find at New Brighton. We continued towards Egremont slipway, where the plan was to stop for a bit of lunch and a hot drink from the Egremont pub, courtesy of Steve B. We all landed on the small patch of sand only to find the pub was closed – so that’s why Steve promised to buy everyone a drink! A couple of LCC members were there to greet us and everyone chatted whilst eating butties and Dave’s delicious home made chocolate flap jacks.


It started to get a bit cold, so I was glad when we decided to get back on the water. The plan now was to cross over and head up towards the Pier Head, so with no ships in sight, we paddled over and some were lucky enough to see a porpoise. As we reached the other side, the ever changing plan had to be changed again, as the tide had turned, so if we would have paddled up to the Pier Head, we would struggle to make it back to Crosby without ending the trip with a long walk up the beach. So we turned and headed back to Crosby. The wind wasn’t behind us, but with the help of the tide, we were flying back. We landed at just the right time with only a short walk off the beach, just after 3.30pm I think. A great paddle on the Mersey, with good food, good company, a good laugh and amazing sights – thanks for organising Mike.


Nicky, Mike B, Steve B, Brian G, Graham, Dave and Andy  More Photos……



11/03/13 East Greenland Expedition in July 2012 – Liverpool CC Talk at the Marina

Jim Krawiecki, (Jimski), a member of our club gave an informative and awe inspiring talk about his second trip to the East Coast of Greenland to explore the Fjords and inlets of this sparsely inhabited environment.  Jim described the anatomy of an expedition starting with the initial ideas, people and preparations. The story continued with stunning photography and footage from Greenland's icy east coast and concludes with the film 'Gino's Greenland', which was made on the expedition and was shown at the Kendal Mountain Festival in November 2012.  If you missed this talk, look out for our first class programme over the summer.

To watch one of the videos from the presentation click the link opposite…….





11/03/13 North West and Central League Division 2 Final results.


Our last NW&C div 2 comp was one of my favourites so far, we played 3, won 2, and lost 1 in a close match. Good to see big improvements from those who played compared to early on in the winter season. Team - Coach KS Paddler, players me, Anthony Kingdon, Josh Cook, Lucy Stuart, and Lloyd Nicholls. Well done team  Darren Bohanna




Banff07/03/13 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour - Liverpool

Banff UK

Saturday, 16 March 2013 at 19:00

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Quite a few of us went to the Banff mountain film festival last year, which was really good, and it's happening again at the Plaza cinema in Crosby on Saturday 16th March:


If anyone hasn't got a ticket yet and is still thinking of going, you can get £2 off using the link below

http://liverpoolbanff.eventbrite.com/# and the promo code BanffLiverpool (case sensitive).

Hope to see some of you there!


The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour returns to the Plaza Cinema in Liverpool with an all new collection of adventure packed films.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival showcases diverse and extraordinary films from the world’s most talented adventure filmmakers and is seen by more than 200,000 people on its annual World Tour. Through the films you will visit remote cultures and amazing wild places and see incredible footage of adrenalin- packed action sports.


05/03/13 The Paddler Ezine

International digital magazine for recreational paddlers. The Paddler magazine is a monthly publication with features written by some of the best and most experienced paddlers on earth, paddling every type of craft and we have some fantastic stories to tell.

Every paddler has a story to tell and each issue is packed with superb expeditions combined with the best of design, photography and layout. We feature all the many different aspects of paddling from extreme white water to gentle open canoeing and everything in between. If you can paddle it – The Paddler features it!

You will also learn the very latest techniques of paddling plus reviews of the best gear and boats on the market.  Click here to view the Magazines for free online……


05/03/13 Hilbre paddle then meal in boathouse pub


So nearly everyone turned up on time… Whilst getting ready, Ade offered a few suggestions about trying some rolling practice and paddling around Hilbre, but all suggestions were met with complete silence as everyone looked busy, apart from Mike – who would have liked to paddle twice round Hilbre he was that enthusiastic!  Seven of us launched from the usual slip at West Kirby and headed off for Little Eye. The sea was calm, but there was a bit of a nip in the air as we headed into the wind. We re-grouped at a buoy a little way off Little Eye, as there seemed to be too many birds on the island. So we turned and headed back past the slip way and on towards Thurstaston.


With the cold wind behind us, the sun came out and it quickly warmed up, there were clouds in the sky but the sun remained out for most of the paddle. We gently plodded along, talking and allowing the flow to take us along the beautiful coastline at an easy pace. Before we reached the sand bank, just past Thurstatston (I think) we stopped for a cuppa, while Ade explained the next leg of the journey and how in parts it would become narrow and we would probably be paddling in single file (no mention of mud yet).


So we set off again through the reeds and in between the boats and buoys, and straight past a lovely looking pub with an outdoor balcony overlooking the water. Don wasn’t amused at this I don’t think, as he clearly thought this would be the best place to stop! It now appeared as if we were almost paddling along a canal, which was about ten feet wide, it didn’t feel like we were on the sea at all. I don’t know when it all changed – but it did. With Don leading, me behind, closely followed by Mike, and the others – I am assuming weren’t far behind but I couldn’t see or hear any of them, we entered the GUTTER!!! It soon became so narrow that you couldn’t get your paddle in the water – well actually, there wasn’t enough water anyway – just mud which our boats were sliding along on. The only option was to use your paddle against the mud and grass and twigs which were head height, or hold it above your head, which was making this quite hard work. And the GUTTER wasn’t getting any wider – only narrower. At some points your boat barely scraped through both sides and at one point there was a car tyre stuck in the gutter which everyone had to shunt themselves over and past.


Mike had disappeared from behind me, he’d decided to get out and walk – good idea I think. Just when I thought I may just give up and sit in the mud and twigs and straw that had now covered my boat, I saw Caz standing on the grass – we had reached the car park to the Boat House Pub – thank God for that!! Don clambered out through the slippery mud and pulled his once ice white boat out onto the grass – it looked like he had been ‘off-roading’. He then got me out and the others so efficiently that there were no hilarious falls into the mud. All of our boats were out and onto the grass by the car park where Pete and Caz were waiting to ferry us back for our cars, and they looked a right sight!!


But Ade wasn’t out with the rest of us – he had decided to finish the leg. I think he just wanted to avoid the abuse we (Pete mainly) received from a charming bird watcher. Apparently we were trespassing and we were going to be reported to the RSPB and the lovely man took pictures of Pete’s car with his ten foot zoom lens which was obviously an extension of his *****.


Shuttle faff done, boats loaded and muddy gear off, we sat down to a gorgeous meal in the pub. Ade promised never to run that trip again and trouble causer Pete promised to keep his mouth shut in future……………………….


Paddlers; Ade, Avril, (????), Mike, Don, Steve and Nicky             More Photos…….


05/03/13 LCC- go cycling 3/3/13

It was an early start with frost on the windscreen and a mist spilling over the banks of the Mersey. 6 hardy cyclists (Chris Murphy, Justin Cooper, John Pegram, Anthony Vaccaro, Chris Thompson & Jenny Brown) gather in Crank at 6am to load up for a convoy to the Eden Epic. Penrith was busy with hundreds folk dressed in lycra and Justin thought he better treat himself to some more (you can never have too much lycra obviously).


We suited up and lined up for the start. Powering off in doubles we hit the local ‘undulations’ (killer hills in my eyes)…. and they definitely hit back. With snow on the mountains and quite roads ahead we pushed on to the 34 mile feed stop and re-grouped. From there, a long drawn out slog took us over the moorland and back to a monster hill – which separated the hill whippets from the rest of the pack - before arriving back in Penrith. Warm showers and a jacket potato awaited – much needed after a tough 60 miles! To ensure the excitement didn’t end there, Chris taught us how to drive a car on diesel fumes; apparently his car can produce its own fuel once there are zero miles left in the tank! A debrief in the pub was well deserved after a great day out.


Thanks for setting the Challenge Chris and Justin and Well Done team Peloton LCC    More photos………


03/03/13  Googlegroup Emails and Messaging System
The Club uses the Google Groups Email Messaging System as the main communication method for its members.


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03/03/13  Three top Sea Kayaking talks at the club coming up in the next 3 months
We are pround to announce that we have an exciting line up of talks over the next three months.  If you do not want to miss out reserve your place now as seats are limitied.

11th March 2013
East Greenland in July 2012 Jim Krawiecki

The presentation on his latest East Greenland Expedition will include photos, anecdotes and short films that document the expedition from start to finish. Jim describes the anatomy of an expedition starting with the initial ideas, people and preparations.


15th April 2013 (8th is Easter)
Safety in a Sea Kayak and Adventure Swimming. Matt Giblin
(This talk will be followed by a practical session at the docks the following Sunday where Matt will run aspects of the talk on the water)

Matt will talk about aspects of his latest DVDs on Sea Kayak Safety and also about the round Angelsey Adventure Swim.

(This talk will be followed by a practical session at the docks the following Sunday where Matt will run aspects of the talk on the water)


13th May 2013
Greenland or Bust Presentation. Mark and Helen Tozer

Mark originates from the UK but has made Arcata home with his wife Helen. Mark has participated in and lead a number of overseas expeditions to such places as Alaska, Baja, Norway, Greenland, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya and Ecuador as well as completing a doctorate (PhD) in expedition leadership. He has contributed to numerous symposium and events around the world, as well as written articles for publications such as Ocean Paddler and Canoe Focus.

Helen specialises in traditional paddling skills using traditional equipment. Her passion for the history of kayaking has led her to study ancient techniques and practices, and she enjoys paddling her skin-on-frame kayak off the Northern California coastline where she lives.


03/03/13 Manchester Canoes opens on Saturday 2nd March
It was good to see so many of our members there on the new local shops first day.  There were plenty of staff on hand to give advice and the shop has a great range of boats and paddles etc.  Hopefully their range of clothing and bits and pieces will expand over the next few months.




Manchester Canoes
Unit 14-15
Rufford Court




01/03/13 March 2013 Newsletter Published
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