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August 2016

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31/07/16 Major dates for Club Events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

14 August 2016

Liverpool Triathlon – LCC Safety kayakers needed Click for more……

17 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

16 – 18 Sept 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 4 Outdoor Alternative Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey To book a place…

28 – 30 Oct 2016

Welsh Open Canoe Symposium – Click for more……

11 – 19th February 2017

LCC Ski and Snowboarding Trip Coordinator Fiona Barry

13 – 17th April 2017

Scottish Easter Paddling Holiday based at Kinlochleven - coordinator Roy McHale. To book a place…


31/07/16 July “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Bob Hamiliton  for his winning photo:

“Moo over for a difficult landing”

Runner up Janet Mannion

Junior club weekend – bathtub challenge”

Runner up Elle Jackson:

“Sea Kayaking on Anglesey

 Not found your photograph? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.
Please send in your entries for next month now - website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk

31/07/16 Alpine holiday to the Ecrin / Durance region of France 2016 (Part 1)

Every thing was all booked and running to time with Dominic and Paula already in France and Mark and Marianne making their way down.  The motorways were clear and gave a good run down to Dover when we began to pick up reports of long delays just outside the port.  Google gave 5 to 19 minutes so we knew it would be close. 4.9 miles out hit the back of the queue.  We should just make it!   Twelve hours later and 1.5 miles further on and we are still making 100-200 meters every half-hour.  It seems the French may be getting their own back for Brexit or the “jungle” with only one person checking passports overnight.  Dover police were not really helping either by keeping everyone stacked up on the A20 and A2 to keep movement in the town free.

Once on the Ferry we began to relax and enjoy the holiday.  The trip down went quickly with loads of space in the Mercedes Minibus but we were due on the campsite at 4:00am so we decided to stop off in a picnic spot on the road over to Gap and get some sleep stretched out under the stars.  (a real shame not everyone left out their sleeping bags!!).  In the morning we drove to the first little French town and enjoyed pain au chocolate and coffee.   It was a novelty arriving on the campsite late morning but we pitched our tents and set up camp and showered, just 16 hours late.



This year’s group included: Keith Steer, Sara Bergqvist, Pete Thomas, Carole Thomas, Fiona Barry, Sarah Gille, Leanne Murray, Helen Siertsema, Graham Devaney, Stuart Conway, Chris Wood, Lucy Stuart, Chris Murphy,  Charlie Murphy,  Oliver Murphy, Claire Murphy, Mark Benson, Aaron Benson and Marianne Benson.


Photographs……….              More information on the trip……..


24/07/16 Day 1 - The Middle Durance (Campsite to the Airfield)

Well it had been a long drive down and now that we had put up all the tents and sorted out the camp there was time for a quick run down the middle Durance.  The minibus was put at the get out (airfield) and Keith and Sara cycled back but took a little longer than needed with an extra hill climb added in for good measure.  Some of us had carried up to the top of the slalom course and made several runs, while the rest waited at the bottom ready for the off.


We paddled as two groups, turning and eddying out as required.  The water was very fast and cold but the mountains and sunny conditions gave a great atmosphere. The size of the waves and width of the water were all new to me but there were numerous small rapids and wave trains to keep everyone on their toes.


Dominic Fahey                                             More Photos…..


25/07/16 Day 2 – (The Lower Guil to St Clements)

This is a wonderful pretty valley below the historic town of Eygliers.  A short drive along a summer track (with danger of falling rocks from the loose conglomerate cliffs above) brings you to the put in at the bridge below the Gille gorge.  We unloaded the boats and spent some time in the ultra clear water practising break ins and outs before setting off in two groups down the river.


A couple of play waves enroute distracted us from our journey and then we were beneath the towering structures of the Eygliers cliffs.   We drifted further down the 7km stretch practising our break ins / outs and on past the usual get out near the N94 bridge.  A km further on brought us to the confluence of the river Durance where the size of the river now quadrupled.  Long sweeping bends and gravel beaches gave rise to some boiling water (funny water) and soon we were at the top of the St Clements Slalom course.   This feature near the raft get on at St Clements has three main features or waves.  The first is an excellent play wave with easy surfing.  The second is often bigger with a steeper section in the middle of the river.  The third is a large hole in middle of the river some 50m above the road bridge.  Most usually paddle this on either shoulder but if you are brave enough can be surfed.   At the get out we all practised our defensive swimming and throw line rescues.  It was clear that most if not all needed this practise as our first throws were often comical to say the least.  We spent an hour in the sun having a picnic or browsing in the canoe and kayak shop on site.


Sara Bergqvist                                             More Photos…..


26/07/16 Day 3 - The Briancon Gorge

We arrived at the car park to find a difficult minibus manoeuvre to get around a car parked considerately in the centre, so the trailer was quickly unhitched and everyone gave a hand to move the trailer into a better position.


After a short briefing of the river to come, those who where keen where swiftly ready to head down the first section.  A rocky garden which was a relatively a straight run, with some rocks to manoeuvre and follow the waters flow down to the bottom.  Everyone got down safely and where all well warmed up for the next section.  This began with a wooden shoot. Unfortunately the water level was low and it was quite difficult to get onto the wooden ramp which ended in a bit of a ski jump.  Once on the slide a bit of speed was needed to run down the slide otherwise it was a bit of a rocky landing. As I found out!!


We should have taken the hint at the level at the slide because the next section was a horrid rocky scramble, many moons away from kayaking. However we mustered through.


There was on section in which there was a small drop with an angled wave at the bottom. I had performed a slow motion brace to right myself (zoom in to worried face on picture below) unfortunately Leanne was not so lucky- despite banging for a rescue in the pool below spectators where busy taking photos to react to the imminent swim!

Later we moved into the last section where more water had gathered from the three hydro-scheme pipes which flushed jets of water back into the river.  We passed over the Briancon weir with ease and soon met up with the rest of the gang, ready for the next section.


Sarah Gille                                             More Photos…..


26/07/16 Day 3 – The Upper Durance

After a quick blast of the Briancon gorge for some, the group reformed to descend the Prelles section of the Upper Durance. We set off in two groups being led by myself or Graham. The water was slightly higher than we’re used to in this section, but this was no challenge for the group who powered over the top of the fantastic wave trains.


Just before the bridge we eddied out to discuss the following section and agreed to an eddy-hopping competition. Here the group pushed themselves to pick their own eddies along either side of the bank, as well as behind boulders in the middle of the river. They worked hard to practice their breaking in and out, showing great skill and commitment. There was a bit of excitement in one eddy as a few members of the group spotted a frog on the bank. As usual there were stinky sections of the river as we passed through the refuge site and the sewage works, but this didn’t take anything away from a fantastic section of river. 


Lucy Stuart                                             More Photos…..


21/07/16 Anglesey weekend – Sunday Rhosneigr to Rhoscolyn & Return

Trip report to follow……

Those of us not on the Tryweryn also had a great weekend on Anglesey. Thanks to Pete Thomas, Brian Green, Mike Alter, Steve Bond and others. Most pictures taken just before the sea mist came in!

Photos by Jonathon Maddock.    Click for more photos…….

21/07/16 Anglesey weekend. Four Mile Bridge Beercooler Challenge

Seventeen paddlers arrived around 11am to a calm Four Mile Bridge.  The kids were instantly walking through the tunnel and swimming and seeing how many people you can get on a paddleboard.

I'd brought Ruby, my four year old daughter with me and she wanted to copy the big kids. So we canoed through the bridge but she wanted to do it on her own. I put her in the Beercooler and swam behind her and held her in the small wave whilst she surfed it. But that wasn't enough. So we bodyboarded through the tunnel and she loved it.

The kids were having fun on Ben's paddle board and the adults had some rolling practice in the calm waters. Karl showed everyone how to exit a boat with speed and we were all impressed!

The competition

 Fourteen paddlers lined up. Beach start, select a paddle and get in the boat and paddle round the buoys.

The tiny toddler canoe paddle gave no added seconds. The full size canoe paddle added ten seconds and the kayak paddle added twenty seconds.

We all lined up and it was clear the adults have no balance. The kids have a lot more. Seven year old Aaron did an amazing job paddling the small boat around the course.

Dom and Karl showed us how unbalanced they were, and Jim embarrassed Niamh and Imogen with his total lack of coordination.

The winner was Ewan and we presented him with the trophy that we had whittled over breakfast whilst having a tandoori.

Paul Harwood   More photos…….


18/07/16 July Saturday Surfing


After a foggy arrival and blustery night, early bird surf kayaker Brian Green was out at the crack of dawn, before joining the sea kayakers for the day’s paddle. When the report of clean waves came back to camp 4 little boats (Trevor, Val, Chris & Jenny) headed to the beach after a leisurely breakfast, while the others went north to 4 mile. A clean 1ft, pushing 2ft on the bigger sets, gently rolled ashore without a breath of wind.


After a few hours the waves died back as the tide dropped, but so did the clouds. Out came the sun for a lazy afternoon pottering round the Rhosneigr shops and snoozing in camping chairs back at Bodfan. Keith and Sara rocked up with the BBQ after paddling round Puffin Island. The fog rolled back in for the evening, but the barbie was fired up LCC style. With a pre-Alps Tryweryn team out on the river Sunday, there was another split in the little boaters. Keith, Sarah, Chris & Jenny headed inland while the others enjoyed their breakfast. Another great turn out, 40-ish camping and plenty of day trippers both days.


Jenny Brown               More Photos…….


Puffin Island…..

The River Trywern….

The River Trywern….



18/07/16 July Saturday Rhosneigr trip


Where we going? NEXT she says the 50% sale starts 5 am Saturday, not for me I’ve got a date on Anglesey , my first club paddle. Pete ensured a warm welcome in the dreich from the start for our group of 10 plus 3, or was it 8 and the extra 5 and with a mixed forecast ahead we put in suited and booted at Cable Bay for a return trip to Llanddwyn Island of about 16 miles.


There was a surprising swell to start with for a while then a few had a play in the surf off Aberffraw , Pete said don’t mention Curly’s dunking so I won’t.  The pace was reassuringly nice and relaxed chatting along with the deserted beaches and cliffs to our left and a feint Hebrideanesque view to our right of the Lleyn Peninsula , Paddling or shopping! No brainer!


 Continuing on and looking forward to lunch the rain arrived on cue just as we landed on the sheltered beach just past the old lighthouse , it’s great to view this area I’ve visited many times from a completely different aspect , yes I’m pretty much a novice.


An extended lunch waiting for the tide to turn led to some cloud break and the wind dying, things were starting to warm up for the return leg and what seemed like no time at all we arrived back at Cable Bay about half an hour before the other group. 


A really enjoyable and fulfilling day thanks to everyone in the group namely Pete Thomas, Carole Thomas, Martin McCoy, Jonathon Maddock, Mike Alter, David Rider , Steven Sale , Mark Steward , Vicky Steward, Michael Ripley, Graham Hudson,  Andy Hains and me, Chris Rigby.    More Photos…….


A great group to paddle with and will hopefully get to know better.


Where we going NEXT? , well if NEXT start a kayaking range great, if not over to you Pete!


18/07/16 Anglesey weekend.  Friday night surf

Friday night 6pm saw some fabulous 4 to 5ft waves. The windsurfers were out. The kiteboarders were literally flying and Dave Curly Blake was the only boater out.

It seemed rude not to join him.  Karl and i were in our boats and the kids were on their bodyboards.  Some huge waves were there hitting g us with some force. It was windy and the rides were long. So unlike Crosby.

Off the water for 730pm and a quick trip to the chippy for tea.

Paul Harwood


14/06/16 July Photo of the Month CompetitionClick here to vote for your favourite.    



Junior Weekend at Pen y Bont

Hilbre Race – Le Mans start

Junior Club “Munchies on the water”







The great north swim








Hilbre Race – Kayaks on the beach

Perch Rock Lighthouse






Moo over for a difficult landing

Sea Kayaking on Anglesey


Junior club weekend – bathtub challenge



13/06/16 Liverpool Canoe Club in the Liverpool Echo TONIGHT


The two junior polo teams in action at Dukes Dock on Sunday – Well team to both the teams who won all their games.





10/07/16 Junior Polo Tournament – Dukes Dock

So proud of our junior paddlers today. Just one of the many goals they put in the net.

Liverpool CC Stanley


Liverpool CC Langton

Tom Nevin


Luke Durband

Callum Cook


Issac Keating-Pipe

Aaron Jackson


John Smullen

Max Keating-Pipe


Myles Dorrian

Nieve Mannion


Imogen Mannion

Aleksander Ford


Ollie Murphy

Charlie Murphy



Amazing achievement kids.

Love seeing the more experience paddlers supporting newcomers like that. A true team effort. 

Janet Carver-Wells   


A big thank you to Liverpool Canoe Club for hosting the 5th annual ATC canoe polo competition. The club provided all of the paddling equipment and set up the pitch. For the second year running, the competition took place at Dukes Dock outside the Echo Arena.


This is the first year that teams outside of the ATC took part. LCC entered a youth team into each of the two x six team leagues. Both LCC teams won all of their games but couldn't compete for the official ATC trophy, instead they competed for local pride in a close 2-1 play off game against each other.


Prescot beat Ormskirk in the final to become the first squadron to win the competition more than once. Speke overcame Neston in the bronze medal play off. Woodvale and Woolton entered the competition for the first time. Last years winners Maghull finished on equal points with Ormskirk and Speke but missed out on the medal play offs on goal difference. Hoylake, Northwich, and a scratch team in place of the absent Runcorn made up the rest of the league. The safety team were kept busy on the water with rescue practice and the change overs were the most efficient yet due to the kit staff who were very organised and kept the day flowing.


The weather misbehaved with a bit of drizzle and wind but we were able to set up a few tents on the grass near the pitch to take shelter. Regardless of the indifferent weather the event seemed to be a success and the ATC look to continue with their partnership with LCC for a sixth event next year. 


Thanks,   Darren Bohanna (Fg Off RAF VR(T) Wing Paddlesports Officer)

More Photos……..


10/07/16 Rolling, rolling, rolling. Get those "kayaks" rolling


After numerous requests for rolling sessions based at the Marina we quickly enrolled the help of various members to guide and support a group attempting their first roll, or those wanting to improve their existing roll.


On Saturday 2nd July at 10am a group of around 18 paddlers met on the beach area and introduced themselves and gave a brief explanation of why they were there and what they hoped they would get out of our sessions.


After the introduction our paddlers split into small groups. Those who could already roll paired up to support each other whilst others were teamed up with our coaches and helpers. Soon the water was a hive of activity. For two hours paddlers could be seen helping each other, sharing knowledge and taking in new advice from our coaches.


Session one wasn't without its disasters.  Martin Greer split and lost the tip of his paddle, Bob Hamilton's paddle float was burst and Robin Emley, who thought his dive mask could float, was traumatised when it sank gracefully to the bottom of the docks. Yes there were losses but there were also great gains. For many of our paddlers they had moved on from the warm water of the pools and had been attempting to roll in the "real" water of the docks with their full kit on. Our less experienced paddlers had laid the basis for rolling and our helpers gained experience of supporting students whilst getting invaluable advice and instruction from our coaches on how to help or overcome problems. It was a great session.

The weather for our second session was terrible. It was raining hard and we knew some would be put off attending. Dr Dom Buckley was first to arrive and was found waiting patiently on the beach. Colin and Kieran who could normally can be found having a chat and something to eat whilst sat in the boot of Colin's Qashqai spent extra long time putting off gearing up for this session. Soon Bob rolled up with a very pensive looking Sue. The docks water was not inviting to Sue despite reassurances from us that it was clear and clean. Both Phil Edwards and Ian Colwyn turned up late mumbling that their beds had kept them for far longer than they should.


Anyway, despite the weather 17 people turned up and after a review of last weeks session were ready to go again. Alex constructed a tarpaulin shelter for Chris Fay who was making warm drinks throughout the morning for our group. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and bovril was available along with cakes and biscuits for our rollers. Also running this morning was Karl Leungsangnam's introductory course and it was nice to invite them for refreshments too. It was a good social gathering on the beach and a great atmosphere this morning.


On this session it was great to see Dave Reynolds who could cast his very experience eye over the proceedings and offer welcome advice and solutions to some of the difficulties being encountered. Rolling aids were offered and used under Dave's direction giving our potential rollers even more confidence.


By the end of the session we were thrilled to see all the intense work from the previous week pay off. Five paddlers from our non-rolling group managed to roll. Alex, Arran, Martin and Norman all completed their first rolls along with Dom Fahey who was thrilled to get his roll back. Sue Hamilton also rolled in the docks water with Bob encouraging her.

Our other paddlers had laid down the basic foundation blocks for a successful roll and we are convinced they will soon crack the roll themselves.


Well done to everyone and thanks to everyone who participated and helped on these sessions.  ROLL on next week.



Report by John Fay   More Photos……..


10/07/16 Ladies Development Sessions

Thank you for attending the LCC ladies paddling sessions the last two weekends. It was great to see so many of you on the water and in such a variety of boats! We had white water, sea kayaks, open boats and even a polo boat. The first week was fairly challenging
with the wind but everyone did so well to get to the Albert Dock. Yesterday was much more pleasant, despite the rain, and we were even able to explore some new territory past the Albert Dock. As well as discovering the effects of anti-vandal paint (the hard way).

There was a mixture of abilities but you are all more than competent to paddle down to the docks. I would like to remind you all that you would be more than capable to attend the general club sessions, which take place every Thursday evening and Sunday morning. You will find a wide range of paddlers out on the water, all willing to lend a hand or some advice if needed.

Me, Sarah and Leanne really enjoyed the ladies sessions and we will try to organise some more in the next few months.

Hope to see you out on the water soon,

Lucy Stuart


8/07/16 Introductory course


Once again we had six paddlers signed up and ready to do their Introductory course at the docks. This was completed in 3 x 2hr sessions on Tuesday evenings. The docks was certainly busy over those weeks as Keith had a polo group going and the juniors were also doing their weekly session.

After a discussion about choosing kit, boats and paddles etc our six paddlers next had to get into their chosen craft from our small pontoon. This successful executed the group headed to the beach area where for the next 2hrs Colin, Phil, Kieran and I went through a variety of basic paddle strokes with some fun exercises thrown in.


Week two involved a trip. And so the group headed down towards the Albert Dock stopping at various locations to recap and build on the skills learned so far. New strokes were also introduced as the group made steady progress towards the Salthouse dock.


After a tour of the Albert Dock we headed for Dukes dock where our group got a great view of the Liverpool Eye. It was here that the slope where our members regularly slide down was pointed out. Immediately Heather expressed her desire to have a go. So up she went and with a little help was soon sliding down towards the water and completing a graceful entry.

After watching Heather's feat it was Tony (Heather's Dad) who next completed the same manoeuvre followed by Mike Fowler. Without spray decks on each had to make a wobbly trip across to the slip to empty boats before continuing with the session.


It was soon week 3 and time for a fun session. The group of paddlers tried their hands at a variety of craft including open boats, sea kayak, sit on top (provided kindly by Karen), stand up paddle boards and even the dreaded wave-hopper.


Week three of an Introductory course usually includes the "optional capsize" which gets our new paddlers the full LCC 1 Star Award. And usually our participants are a little reluctant to complete this. This group, however, with a little encouragement from Phil Edwards seemed ever so keen to get wet very early in the session.


As with our previous Intro group course we just had to see how many people we could get in a canoe. The last group we managed seven. Could we better this? Well yes we could. Nine people floated in the open boat before lack of stability defeated our team and everyone went for another swim.

Congratulations to:-


Tony Dunne

Heather Dunne

Sue Moran

Christine White

Peter Moore

Kerry Robinson

Sarah Horton


All passed their 1 Star Award.


Report by John Fay      More Photos……..


8/07/16 My thoughts on rolling a kayak, by Robin Emley, June 2016

To gain useful support from the paddle, the "active blade" must be:

- out to the side,

- near the surface of the water, and

- flat to the surface.


By "active blade", I mean the one that will be supporting your weight as you complete the roll.  For the purposes of this sheet, the active blade is the one at the front of the boat. 


If any of the above aspects is not respected, a roll attempt is much less likely to succeed.  Getting the blade "up" to the water's surface is much easier when the paddle is aligned along the side of the boat.  By adopting the standard "setup" position before starting the roll, the front blade of the paddle will then be in a good position for starting the main part of the manoeuvre.


The simplest technique is the "brace" or "C-to-C" roll.  Having reached the standard setup position underwater, the paddle is slowly moved around to the 90-degree point while keeping the outboard blade at or above the surface of the water.  Then, whenever you feel ready, a decisive twist of the hips and knees should see the boat plus occupant being righted.  If the outboard blade of the paddle has been positioned correctly, it should drop very little in the water.  Try not to think about pulling the paddle down; instead, think about rolling yourself and the boat towards and under the paddle. 


The "hip-flick" part of the brace roll can be usefully practiced on the side of the pool.  Getting a colleague to move your paddle into the right place and then tapping the boat can be helpful too.  Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to extend their arms sufficiently above the water to prevent the inboard blade of the paddle from fouling the hull of the boat.  This invariably causes the outer blade to drop below the surface which is counter-productive.


The above difficulty can be avoided by the "screw roll".  With this technique, rotation of the boat commences shortly after the paddle starts to sweep around to the side.  A frequently encountered difficulty is that the active blade immediately dives under the water.  With everything happening at once, this problem can be hard to fix.  (the LCC preferred method to teach / learn is the Screw roll – see the video above from about 5 mins in!)


With the "Pawlatta" variant of the screw roll, the grip on the paddle is changed so that there is more leverage on the outboard side, and nothing to catch on the inboard side.  Because of the extended paddle length, this variant of the screw roll should be executed much more slowly.   A significant disadvantage of the Pawlata roll is that the paddle has to be re-centered immediately after the manoeuvre has been completed.  In rough water, this delay could easily result in another ducking.


In his excellent book, "The Bombproof Roll", Paul Dutky sets out his "advanced brace roll" which is an interesting blend of the above techniques.  With this roll, which works well for me, the first part is to skim the active blade around the surface of the water until the 90-degree point is reached.  During this phase, which lasts a surprising long time, no attempt is made to roll the boat. 


With one's lower body relaxed, the boat gently drifts out of the way of the inboard blade.  When the paddle reaches the 90-degree point, the boat, body and paddle are all in a line across the water's surface.  At this stage, while there is maximum support, the boat is hip-flicked around towards the paddle.  As the boat plus occupant return to top-side, the active blade of the surface-skimming paddle will be fairly close to the rear of the boat.  A short reverse sweep with either face of the active blade should finish the job nicely.  As a right-handed paddler, I generally use the 'power' face for this purpose when surfacing on the RH side, and the 'reverse' face on the LH side. 


With all of these variants, your head should come up last, not first.  This can be encouraged by watching the active blade throughout the entire manoeuvre.  If a roll doesn't work first time, make sure that you grab a breath of air.  Then take your time, focus the mind, and have another go ...


Common difficulties noticed at today's rolling session (2/7/16), and how to fix them:


- not getting into the correct setup position on the surface before commencing the roll;    (lean forward, over to one side, and push the paddle down into the water)

- not getting in the correct setup position underwater before starting the sweep phase;    (lean forward, over to one side, and push the paddle up into the air)

- not sweeping the active blade around at the surface level of the water;    (with a slight climbing angle, the front blade should hug the surface, not dive)

- pushing the rear blade high into the air which causes the active blade of the paddle to dive;     (keep the rear blade low so that the paddle remains as horizontal as possible)

- pushing the rear blade forward & out; instead, you must sweep the active blade around & back;     (it's the front blade which will get you up, not the rear one)

- head coming up first, rather than last; always watch the active blade to avoid this tendency.    (it's all in the mind: think "boat, body, head")


Robin Emley


4/07/16 LCC helps 100 cubs get on the water

The Cub Scout organisation is 100 years old this year! To help celebrate this fact, Wallasey district scouts had organised an event to get 100 cubs on the water in one session - power boating, sailing, rowing, bell boats and canoeing.


There were several LCC members involved, helping with the canoeing and bell boat sessions to ensure all the cubs had an absolutely fabulous time. It was great to see so many kids achieving personal goals, working together and just having fun.


Mike Alter

4/07/16 Hilbre Race 2016!

The Hilbre Race was very fun and exciting. Although it was also very tiring and wavy which made it hard to paddle. But I still think it is an achievement that everyone who took part in, should be proud of themselves. In my imagination I thought it would be quite easy and less challenging but fortunately I was wrong. It was very challenging and one of the best experiences of my life that I was not expecting.

When I look back at it I think I have done an amazing thing that I should be proud of and cherish it in my mind. The prizes were kayaking related - the children, such as me, got a floatable yak toy (yak is a kayaking gear make). All of the contestants were very friendly and encouraging. Steve, the Tuesday kids paddle instructor, was very nice because on the way back when I was struggling he gave me sweets. And I'm sure that any kid would love a sweet on the way wouldn't they? But what I was not proud of was that I was the only girl on the kids paddle. It was me, my friend Mathew Ennis, Luke and 2 other boys. COME ON GIRLS! I hope to see more girls there next year.

Imogen Mannion,

Age 10 ¾                            More Photographs……………….

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