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Arnside Bore and Viaduct

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Arnside ViaductThe bore runs about 1.5 to 2 hours before high tide depending on the height of the tide (the bigger the tide the earlier the bore arrives).

The standing wave usually happens with large tides 9metres + by Liverpool tide tables and these are the the lunchtime tides.

ARNSIDE       GR 455 787
Arnside is not a surf beach but on spring tides a bore sometimes forms on the incoming tide while waves, holes and whirlpools give potential for playing as the flood rushes through the arches or the railway viaduct. Both these features are usually accessed from the promenade on the seafront of the village. It is best to avoid the car park which can often flood in the high tides which are necessary. Tides of over 9.7m at Cavendish Dock in Barrow are needed before it is worth a visit and even then the features are not consistent and sometimes do not appear at all. They seem to be affected by the wind strength and direction, moving sand bars and the volume of water comining down the river Kent. The best chances of catching a bore are to set off from Arnside at least 2 and half hours before high tide and paddle south west towards Blackstone Point where the wave may be found and caught for a surf of about 1.5 km back to the village. The viaduct is just north of the village and contains some fifty small arches giving constantly changing waves, boils and whirlpools. Nothing can be relied on here except the power of the water rushing through the viaduct. This is not a place for beginners

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