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Workington Weir

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NAME OF RIVER: River Derwent. Just the playspot at Workington is described here.

WHERE IS IT?: Lake District. Just above Workington.

PUT-INS/ TAKE-OUTS: Map. About 2 miles upstream from Workington town centre. Park right by the weir. I could give you directions but it's alot easier to look on the map. There is a large sloping weir. The play weir is 50m below.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The legendary Workington weir! I'd heard many rumours, but finally got to paddle it. It's not Hurley though. But it is worth a trip. Even if Workington is miles from anywhere.

At the level we were there (just above 4 which was the top of the gauge at the weir) there were four distinct sections to the weir, split by concrete groynes. The feature nearest the bank was a 1m high wave which you could surf all day.

The middle two features were closed stoppers, which could hold you upside down, but are easy to exit via the ends, or throw some ends and you'll flush out.

The furthest feature on the other side of the river was a shallow hole. In slightly higher levels, the groynes wash out to form a river wide feature (allegedly).

Pictures of the Weir

Mike (Jan 2004)...'Workington weir represents a local play spot for West Cumbrian paddlers. The existing guide describes the bottom weir which is excellent, however there are two other weirs. Admittedly not as good to play in, but they do offer something different and can make it exciting for those not able to play in the larger waves, especially those new to the sport.'


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