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Dragon Boat Racing - Since the 1970's racing of the traditional Chinese Dragon Boats has been organised. In general there are about 18-20 paddlers per boat, plus a drummer and a helmsman.

Dragon boat racing is a sport that has existed for centuries. Founded in China, it combines the power, speed and endurance of 12 or 20 people. Manned by paddlers, steerers and a drummer, the exquisite dragon boats surge towards the finish line, accompanied by the thunder of drums and roar of the crowd.
Outside of China, Malaysia was the first country to hold dragon boat races. In 1934, dragon boat racing was first introduced as a sporting activity in Penang.
In 1956, Penang’s first dragon boat race was held to commemorate the Georgetown Municipal Council’s 100th anniversary. 10 years later, the sport was revived as part of Pesta Pulau Pinang (Penang Festival).
In those early years, the races saw only local participation from teams including government departments, associations and commercial establishments. But, the sport gained popularity and in 1979, the first Penang International Dragon Boat Festival took place with 2 teams from overseas, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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