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Surfers have been taking to the waves in a variety of craft for centuries. The beginnings of board surfing is commonly known to have started in Hawaii. The beginnings of kayak surfing are shrouded in mystery.
Whilst Indians and Eskimos are typically sited as the forbears of canoeing and kayaking, it was the Polynesians that were first recorded to be surfing their war canoes in Captain Cook’s log.
Kayak Surfing as we now know it started to take shape with the advent of fibre glass canoes in the late 60s and has continued to progress alongside improvements in design and manufacture.
When out in the surf, a surfer will be looking to perform the most radical and functional ride in the most critical section of the wave.
The ride can be broken down into three sections; getting started or the take-off, the finish - end manoeuvre, and the bit in between - the ride. Other important aspects of surfing are the paddle out and the inevitable wipe-outs. Lets now take a look at these in turn.

 A Typical Surf Kayak 

 A Typical Surf Ski