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March 2014

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28/02/14 Are you getting all the information on club trips and activities – club messaging system
As well as the website the club uses a number of different media to circulate details of club activities to all its members.  You can add (and remove) your own email address to a number of googlegroups in order to receive information and posts from members on events, courses and activities. (You do NOT need a Google account or  Google email) The main group can be accessed here….


28/02/14 Major dates for Club events – for more detail check the online the calendar…….

Easter Bank Holiday 17th April to 21st April 2014 Scottish Easter Paddling holiday. Click to book a place.........

9 -11  May 2014 Bala Canoe Training Weekend - Traditionally our coaches help run this

16 -18  May 2014 2014 Anglesey Weekend No1 Tyn Rhos Campsite at Trearddur LL652AX  Coordinator Peter Massey High Tide:   1:36 PM BST  9.2m

22 -26 May 2014 Pembroke 2nd May Bank Holiday Weekend - Coordinator Jenny Brown

13 -15 June 2014 Anglesey Weekend No2 (Junior Club Camping weekend based at 4 Mile Bridge) Pen-Y-Bont Farm LL65 3EY Coordinator Keith S    High Tide: 1:00 PM BST  9.2m

Sun, 29 June 2014 Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race  Coordinator Keith S  High Tide:  1:14 PM BST   8.6m

11-13 July 2014 Anglesey weekend No3 - Rhosnieger LL64 5XA coordinator Jenny Brown High Tide:  11:37 AM BST   9.1m

25 July – 10 August 2014 Alpine paddling holidayBriancon, France.  coordinator Keith S Click for more information……

19 -21 September 2014 Anglesey weekend No4 Outdoor Alternative LL65 2NQ  Coordinator Frankie Annan  High Tide: 9:34 AM BST   7.8m


28/02/14 February Photo of the Month Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Karl Tattum for his winning photo:

“The Mega Neutron blasting its way out through the Crosby surf”



Runner up Keith S:

“Kieran Fahey in the canal tunnel - Romiley”


Runner up Keith S :

“Kieran Allerton playing on the river Goyt”

Not found your photograph ? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject, 25% Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.

24/02/14  White water safety and rescue course

With no hockey game this weekend I was at a bit of a loss to what to do with myself.   I then noticed a club email stating a space had become free for a white water safety and rescue course run by Andy Grimes of fluid combinations.  I had done the same course about 2 years ago, however, at the time paddling on white water was new to me never mind getting involved in rescues.  I did find it useful then as it familiarised me with rescue techniques and not to mention safe ways of swimming and my I've done a lot of that.  With that I thought you can never do to much of that type of stuff and swiftly snapped up the last place.


It was a 2 day course which day 1 was spent above the chipper on the Tryweryn in Bala and day two at JJ's in Llangollen.  A group of 6 in total consisting of myself, Sophie Stevenson, Peter Diamond, Jack Andrews, Tom Gornall and Jonathan Walker.  The course had great structure and its core emphasis on sticking to the basics and encouraging the safest and easiest options available.


We all practiced self rescues with different swimming techniques, throw lines (lots of them) reach rescues, wading techniques, theory on boat and equipment recovery, live baiting, pulley systems, pinning and foot entrapments to name but a few...   I found the course highly informative and invaluable in my quest for safe paddling.    As I hope never to encounter any of the more serious scenarios, at least now I am more familiar with techniques in how to help deal with such situations should they occur?  Personally I have always had an issue with throw lines and the weekend has given me more confidence in using them both effectively and safely. However it's something as with everything that needs to be practiced.


Anyway I would highly recommend taking up the course as a one off or as a refresher or even if you are new to paddling participating in some form of a taster session.   Swimming is inevitable and so if you are aware and practiced in the safest way's to do it then yourself and the people your are with are less likely to come a cropper.   Although cold it was a really good weekend and a great bunch of people.

Thanks everyone and special thanks to Andy G for a great weekend and to Richard Quinn for organising the course.


Sarah Gille   More Photos……..



16/02/14  “At Sea with the Michelin Man” SURFING CROSBY 16th Feb


We met at 0800hrs to a sunny Crosby beach and what looked like a fair walk to the waters edge. Karl Winrow had is Pyranha Fusion, Dave Blake brought his Sea Kayak and Paul, Steve and I had a selection of Surf boats to use. Dave was so excited to get on the water that he had forgot to dress himself correctly and scampered off without his buoyancy aid. We quickly followed him but he refused our shouts of assistance and insisted that he was getting on the water.


With winds of over 20mph and an incoming tide we welcomed the mornings surf and soon we were carving and planning upon the waves. Unusually Paul had brought his Surf boat instead of the silly Canoe things that he normally paddles as the previous weeks surf had caused his hands to blister and after bandaging them he wobbled off into the surf - into the water and walked back into shore. I decided to paddle my Carbon Fibre Surf boat first which was frighteningly fast with awesome acceleration but I managed to stay upright for a good hour or so. Then as the waves began to touch the shoreline, which is brick and rocks, I decided to paddle my plastic Pyranha S6F play thing which was like being sat in an empty bath tub compared to the Surf boat. Well empty until I hit the first wave then with a crash of water the bath was full and I was walking it back to shore. 


We all caught monster waves at some point during the morning but Mr Blake, minus BA, took a wet exit to realise that he hadn't zipped his dry suit at the waist and described the shock and pain as things disappeared followed by a slow diver like walk back up the beach with his suit full of water looking like the Michelin Man.


"He's Ok" said Paul "It must be shallow over there if Dave can stand up". Being over six foot tall Paul has a tendency to bully us smaller guys but immediately as he said this a freak wave came and washed Paul sideways then upside down back to the beach.

"Don't worry mate its only shallow over there" We shouted.


After three hours of paddling the water soon crashed upon the Crosby shoreline and we re-gathered our thoughts and reviewed the mornings fun with coffee and cakes supplied from the back of Dave's van.


Karl Tattum

16/02/14  Safety kayakers required to act as part of a safety team for summer swim events


We're recruiting...   Although the summer seems a long way off, we have just started recruiting water safety teams for our 2014 events.

So if you'd like to join us as a safety kayaker, boat crew, lifeguard/bank based rescuer or rescue diver at one of our events this season, we'd like to hear from you!  Ideally you will hold the SESA (Swim Event Safety Award)….
Summer 2013 Highlights
The full list of events we're currently recruiting for can be found on our website here. Simply find the event you want to register for, click the button and you'll be taken through to our (snazzy new) online registration system.

Registration opened yesterday afternoon, which we announced via our Facebook page, and in just over 24hrs we've received hundreds of event registrations from people wishing to join our team(s) this Summer. 
View the full list of 2014 events here….

Please reserve the date for our Liverpool Triathlon…. (Sunday 10th August 2014) which is not on the list as the club provides about 30 safety kayakers each year and receives a large donation to help support club funds and activities.  This is your chance to put a little something back into the club. (There may also be a swim on Saturday PM 9th August 2014)
We also support Warrington Dolphins with their swim in the Albert Dock
(Saturday 2nd August 2014 8:00am to 11pm) A club coordinator is needed please.

One thing you'll notice which is slightly different this year is that for some events we are inviting you to 'Register your Interest' in attending. This is largely due to the fact that the exact staffing details haven't yet been finalised with the organiser. If you register your interest in one of these events we'll be back in touch with you nearer the time to discuss the details.

As always, if you have any questions or queries please do get in touch, otherwise we look forward to seeing you out on the water at some point this Summer!

Warm regards

Swim Safety Team


09/02/14  Crazy weather at Crosby

We arrived at Crosby at 7am to find waves as far as the eyes could see. The wind was blowing at 40 plus mph and it was freezing. We spent 20 minutes deciding whether to jib it and go for a breakfast, but if we left we knew we'd regret it so on to the water we went.


Karl was in his Mega Neutron UD (Upside down) and spent much of his time getting to know his rails. I just wish he'd learn to roll. Steve was in his playboat getting played by the waves. Backward loops, sub aquatic ejections and walks to the beach were all in his repertoire. I was in my C1 and was having a ball. 


It was really tough out there, and the blisters on every finger prove it. As always Karl and Steve were lurking, waiting to rugby tackle me as soon as I landed. 


Paul Harwood


09/02/14  National Division 4 End of Season Report. Liverpool Canoe Club Coburg Polo Team


Great end to the season for Liverpool Canoe Club Canoe Polo Coburg Team. After a dubious start from a newly formed team earlier in the season it is evident that progress has been made.  We began the season with a new team and took the first couple of tournaments to find out feet.


We arrived to the third tournament without any high expectations.  However, we proved ourselves wrong with our first draw of the season against our rival club FOA and a very close defeat to our Liverpool Canoe Club Salthouse (B) Team, which was a massive result for us.


Finally we arrived at our final tournament with fixtures which looked to be our hardest.  However, it was by far our best tournament of the season.  We had an unfortunate draw with Manchester Wildcatz, we looked the much stronger side and should have got our first win of the tournament. We also put up a great battle against the newly formed side, Mersey Canoe Club.  This team was  unbeaten this season.  After going ahead 1-0 in the first half we unfortunately ended up loosing 4-1 after some very strong defending. This result shows the improvement made as our fellow club mates Liverpool Canoe Club Salthouse, got beat 9-0.


Although we didn't finish top of the league, I feel that if there was a trophy for “most improved team” we would definitely be top of the list.  This season has only brought positives to the team in terms of development and next year we aim to return with a great start and an even better finish.


I would like to thank all of the LCC Salthouse (C) Team for their commitment, determination and desire to improve...


Liam Wong

Tony Feeney

Steven Rose

Joey O'Riley


Michal Giezgala

Michael O'Rouke

Sam Preston


Ellie Bailey

Rachel Doherty

Harri Davies


The team is still looking for paddlers that would like to get involved with canoe polo. We also aim to train throughout the summer to strengthen our team even more. Please get down to training sessions or contact the club canoe polo representative for more information. 


Well Done.


Liam Wong

LCC Coburg Team Captain



09/02/14  River Irwell over 40's bingo Meet


Liverpool Canoe Club over 40`s outing 8th February.   Irwell “shuffle-tastic” – watch John Allenton’s short video here!




06/02/14  The Wait is over.


Finally it had arrived after a six week wait and I couldn't miss the opportunity to try it in the surf at Crosby as Paul had promised an easy tide, slight wind and a calm environment to get to know the new surf boat - a Mega Neutron rv.

We met just after 0830 to a closed car park as high winds and tide were expected today but meeting the tide early would ensure our safety from the rocks of Crosby beach. Paul insisted that this would be the best time to first paddle this kayak and helped to unpack the boat from its bubble wrap and then spent thirty minutes setting the fins into their "correct position". As if that mattered. I would be happy if the thing stays upright whilst on the water.


Sam, Brian and Steve arrived shortly after and soon we were walking our boats down to the shoreline. Brian was first on the water in his 'Mega Bullitt' and straight into the action of flipping, sliding and jumping from wave to wave. Paul soon followed and each time he surfed past my wobbly new boat he would shout "can it do this Karl?" or "I bet you cant make it do this and this and this?" as he surfed and turned from wave to wave. I was happy to still be upright and decided to start with some easy surf to get used to the new machine. Sam was chasing his boat back to the beach.


Now those cyclists amongst us know that if you can ride one bike, you can ride them all. (And never forget how to apparently).

Motorists believe that if you can drive one car then you can drive them all and with this confidence in my kayak skills I paddled towards my first wave. Forcing myself late upon the wave I was catapulted towards the beach frozen in position and terrified as I had never felt speed like this before in a kayak. On my second wave I tried my first turn and was flung over the back of it and dumped into the drink. After the swim to shore numerous times I realised that it was just like using a 'left hand drive unicycle' and that the journey would begin again of learning how to paddle.


Steve spent his time whooping and hollering up and down the waves looking for his boat. Paul kept testing his new dry cag and trousers by submersing it in water. Sam chased his boat back to shore again.

Soon it was time to exit the beach as the water touched the rocky shore and armed with a list of things to change and skills to re-learn we walked back to our vehicles and the comfort of Pauls Earl Grey tea.


Karl.   More Photos…..

02/02/14  “The River Goyt Loop”

The fifth improvers’ white water trip this winter was to Manchester and mighty river Goyt.

 Today was my first river trip today and it began with all of us getting together in Romiley. As today was my first river trip, I was obviously nervous. We all started on the canal and were left hanging around for 20 minutes as Keith forgot his helmet and had to fetch if from the car at the end.  This proved ideal as I had a chance to get used to my boat which I borrowed from the pool.

We then got started and paddled down the canal. When we reached the tunnel I realised that I hadn't brought a head torch and had just a little light attached to my life jacket, which didn't really help anyway. I thought since I could see the end of the tunnel it would be quite short; I was wrong. My group went through the tunnel first and due to not having a light I could barely see where I was going and kept hitting the wall.  However it was still fun paddling in the dark.

Shortly after exiting the tunnel we paddled over the aqueduct which carried the canal over the river.  It was a long way down and behind and slightly above us was a railway viaduct.  We got out of the canal and took the boats down a very steep slope to the river.   The first thing we did was all try ti paddle upstream towards the viaduct. This enabled us to get used to the moving water and enabled us to feel its effect on the kayak.

Then we started going down the white water section of the river.  This consisted of 4 or 5 separate rapids with the Manchester slalom site and club house in the middle where we had a spot of lunch.  Just after this I paddled down the exit rapid but unfortunately I fell in.  The freezing water went in my eyes but instantly I rolled up, proving that all the practice in the pool had paid off. After that I was ecstatic that I rolled in white water; it felt amazing.

Then we were coming to the end of the trip where we going to get off at the new constructed, green footbridge over the river.  I went over the remains of the weir under the bridge and fell in again.  However this time, when I went to roll, I realised that half my paddle was missing, it had snapped in half.   I have no idea how and I ended up swimming with my boat the shore. Even though I ended up soaking wet I definitely had a great day and I can't wait for my next river trip.

Ciaran Fahey    More Photos…….                                            More information about the route………..



01/02/14 January 2014 Newsletter Published
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