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July 2014

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28/6/14 Are you getting all the information on club trips and activities – club messaging system
As well as the website the club uses a number of different media to circulate details of club activities to all its members.  You can add (and remove) your own email address to a number of googlegroups in order to receive information and posts from members on events, courses and activities. (You do NOT need a Google account or  Google email) The main group can be accessed here….


28/6/14 Major dates for Club events – for more detail check the online the calendar…….

Sun, 29 June 2014 Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race  Coordinator Keith S  High Tide:  1:14 PM BST   8.6m

11-13 July 2014 Anglesey weekend No3 - Rhosnieger LL64 5XA coordinator Jenny Brown High Tide:  11:37 AM BST   9.1m

25 July – 10 August 2014 Alpine paddling holidayBriancon, France.  coordinator Keith S Click for more information……

26 July – 3 August 2014 River Thames Expedition (Lechlade to Wallingford to Teddington) - Coordinator Carl Leungsangnam email cleungs1@hotmail.com

10 August 2014 Club run Safety Cover for Liverpool Triathlon Club paddlers required to help Click to book a place.........

17-30 August 2014 Sea Kayak Trip - Great Lakes Toronto Canada - Coordinator Frankie Annan  07710269278

19 -21 September 2014 Anglesey weekend No4 Outdoor Alternative LL65 2NQ  Coordinator Frankie Annan  High Tide: 9:34 AM BST   7.8m

10 November 2014 Reel Paddling Film Festival The only UK showing of this film festival. 

19 November 2014 Steve Fisher UK Tour - Liverpool We are hosting the Liverpool presentation of Steve’s UK tour. 


28/6/14 June Photo of the Month Competition



Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Claire Murphy for her winning photo:

“Nieve playing in the tail at Four Mile Bridge



Runner up Paul Harwood:

Harvey paddling solo – Anglesey Junior Club Weekend”


Runner up Jonathan Maddock:

“Helen on the big weir at the Burrs”

Not found your photograph ? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject, 25% Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.


27/6/14 4 Star Open boat training with Ray Goodwin


27/6/14 The Burrs – Wednesday evening paddles


Destination Burrs, date 25.6,14, traffic was heavy for all travelling up to bury but the weather was good. The anticipation at least for three of us on our first mid-week paddle was growing with every mile (time to christen our new shiny boats!)  Eight members turned up which was a nice cosy group size which also meant the three newbies would be well catered for ;  ( We hold our hands up - all the gear and  pretty much no idea describes at least two of us! )


Following the short 200mtr walk  to the weir (according to Keith!),  we launched by the weir for a quick warm up and a short game of throw ball with the clubs newly acquired  football that we found floating alone and  in need of adoption.


Water levels were low but as we set up for the 20ft weir drop, our own personal camera man was ready to capture our decent.   All descents landed with the normal cheesy grins and some cries of joy for newbies accompanied by the odd face of pure concentration at the top.  (It is I that has a face like a melted welly when I’m concentrating, I can either keep my boat straight or smile but not both :).


 We set off down the river stopping off to play at the various Points to learn test and develop skills being shown on route.   Some areas of the river were a tad on the  shallow side resulting in a comical show of head and body rocking in an attempt to try to get our boats to move in little or no water at all, but all succeeded without any rolls or swims, well so far anyway.


The final section provided a little bit of a stronger rolling ledge than any previously encountered up stream.  This resulted in one roll and one very lame swim, pushing luck = soggy body; enough said I think!  Mamba’s rule (their owners do not)!  Anyhow - a great evenings paddling that successfully washed away work and helped to focus on what life’s about, in very pleasant surrounding’s .


Thank you to all for taking care and looking after us newbies – much appreciated - Helen, Neil & Ben.      More photos…..


25/6/14 Introduction day with Stafford and Stone Canoe Slalom Club

John Cook and I have participated in the Stafford and Stone Canoe Club slalom introduction course held at Stone last Saturday.

Having recently swept the first place at the Slalom Kayak competition at Wagon Line, Bradford and being promoted to Division 3 I decided to improve my skills further at the Stone event. Along with John Cook, we took an introduction course to familiarise ourselves with the track where expert coaching is provided along with suitable kayaks to try. The course was very helpful in improving our technique. I also went on to participate in the Sunday race while John decided to cure his Saturday hangover at home (Bless him!).

 The event consisted of novices as well as advanced kayakers. The youngest kayaker was 3 years old! Have a look at the pictures attached.

Stafford and Stone has good club facilities, is a short distance from Liverpool and above all a fun place to be.  Any one interested in having a go at slalom and going to future events please contact Michal Giezgala (07742640134). More information about the slalom course can be obtained on the club site:  http://staffordandstonecc.co.uk/ 

Michal Giezgala      More Photos…….


24/6/14 Open Canoe 4 star training with Ray Goodwin

Day 1 Well day one of out our three day 4 star open canoe training with Ray Goodwin has been completed on Bala lake.  Met at 9 and not off the water until 5pm, what a great day in the sunshine with a superb coach.  Day started with bank set up ideas and safe boat movement. Then onto the water for a bit of assessment of our personal paddling. Oo errrr!

 After that, various methods of assisting other boats to paddle into the wind, followed by multiple methods of sailing.   Lunch involved much tarpage, before back onto the water for more sailing, rafting, and the leg killer - polling!  Then rope work and towing before off the water - what a great day!  Roll on day 2!

Day 2
Another glorious day saw us retiring from the lake to look at moving water personal and leadership skills.   Launching at horseshoe falls on the Dee about 10, we ran down towards serpents tail showing different leadership styles and positions - whilst Ruth and I also practices some nifty back paddling into eddies.

 Down at serpents it was time to line the boats down - lower them down the rapid rather than paddle or carry the darn things!  All good, in this technical approach aside from my buddy deciding that rather than wait on the bank to collect my boat as i lowered it down the river, he would jump in - well it was hot.   More leadership and personal paddling saw us getting to Nomads / JJ's / mile end mill at 2.30! Wow, that was a long section and I was very hot and quite hungry. Here we met some fellow lcc members for a nice chat.


Back on, more leadership and personal paddling followed by rescues - superb and a cheeky bit of polling.  After that, home. Tomorrow its a quick morning on Bala lake followed by a nice gentle run down the lower Tryweryn. I believe that we are being honoured as Dillie the dog is joining us.  Another great day!


Day 3  Well the day started with a nice leisurely paddle on Bala because Tryweryn was not opening until 12.  A bit of work on finesse and then off to Tryweryn - to find that it had opened early! The smile on Rays face when we said we were happy to run Chapel falls was a picture, so it was quickly on and off we popped.  The lower T is fantastic in opens, and there was much setting and checking as we paddled along. We also managed to throw in some more polling and a bit of snubbing as well. A top quality coach. Well worth a day with him.   Oh, and I think he has a few spaces left on his expedition to the bloodvine! But book quickly, they go in a few weeks! 


Mike and Ruth


16/6/14 Junior Club Anglesey Weekend – Pen Y Bont Farm
This year we booked the fantastic campsite of Pen Y Bont farm which is on the banks of the Inland Sea and less than 200m from the infamous 4 Mile Bridge tunnel.  The campsite was excellent with some of the cleanest and super modern toilets and showers you could imagine.  Olwen and her husband that run the site were extremely welcoming and could not have been better hosts.  Well worth considering if you are looking for a quiet campsite when on Anglesey.


More information…….

 Saturday morning June 14th – 4 Mile Bridge


On Saturday we went down to the river next to the camp site. We paddled to Four Mile Bridge where there was a small rapid building through the bridge. We all took it in turns to surf the waves as the rapids got bigger as time went on. We crossed the road to the other side of the bridge, then we all paddled through the dark tunnel. I felt really nervous before I went through but I felt pleased with myself after. After that I swam through the bridge and I had the best time ever. Everyone else looked like they enjoyed it as well. To finish off lots of us jumped off the bridge right into the middle of the rapid before and we went back to camp.


Oliver Murphy   More Photos……..


On Saturday we got the boats off the cars and paddled to Four Mile bridge and started to practice going in and out of the rapids. A few people tipped in to the water including my Dad. Eventually we were allowed to go through the tunnel from the other side. I nearly fell in but I did a brace and managed to stay up and I did an 360 in about half a second. Next we swam through the tunnel and once was enough for me!  Finally people jumped of the bridge before we headed back to the campsite for lunch.   Charlie Murphy              More Photos……..


Saturday afternoon June 14th – Coasteering at Porth Dafarch


This weekend was Liverpool Canoe Club`s second Anglesey weekend, as a result we turned out to have a one & half hour Coasteering session at Trearrdur Bay on the Saturday. After lunch anyone who wished to participate simply drove down and strapped on a helmet and BA, and had a quick count of heads to make sure of the number. We followed Keith down on to the sand and over to the west side of the bay to start our rock clambering adventure.


For most it was our first time Coasteering, jumping off four or five metre rocks in to the ocean. As such a wide range of ages were doing this with us, it was well planned out and not to difficult. This was by far one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life and I hope to do repeat this on the next Anglesey Weekend.

Jake Massey       More Photos……..


Saturday afternoon June 14th – Football Match

When we went to Anglesey some genius (me) came up with an idea that we could play a Liverpool Canoe Club England versus Wales game of football in honour of the World cup 2014! And that's what we did!

I organised the teams, which was quite a challenge as people kept on nagging me, but in the end it was sorted. All except Keith who kept on insisting that he would play for Italy!  Anyway it was time for the match; Kayaks for goal posts and special audience seats. The atmosphere was perfect. Everyone went mad at first and then people just started playing with no sense of organisation....

So throw away the rule book because we just gone on with it! Everyone was having a ball  scoring goals, falling over, running around.  I was particularly impressed by the football skills from Charlie! At the end with a traditional blow of the whistle the 60 minute club game was over -And it was time for A FEAST!

Jack Gille    More Photos……..


Sunday morning June 15th – 4 Mile Bridge Bedtime Paddlers


Whilst having breakfast on Sunday morning Paul Harwood challenged us to paddle his inflatable double bed through the tunnel at Four Mile Bridge.


After a few runs through we decided to see how many paddlers we could fit on it. After a couple of epic fails we managed to get seven of us to stay on till the end. Then Paul and my Dad got on and it sank.



Bradley Tattum.Brandon and Keenan Tattum  More Photos……..


Sunday afternoon June 15th – Rock hoping at Porth Dafarch

On Sunday we went to Porth Dafarch to paddle around the cliffs and rocks.  We carried down onto the sandy beach and launched at high tide.  The waves were breaking on some of the rocks and we paddle through some very narrow gaps.   All too soon it was time to return to the beach.

Will Rickards


Sophie and Keith paddled on around the corner towards Penrhyn Mawr taking the last of the flood.  At Penrhyn Mawr two large sea lions were sunning themselves in the warm afternoon sun.  One slid cautiously into the water while the second just looked at us and yawned and stretch before going back to sleep.


We worked our way along the coast going in every inlet and cave along the way.  The folded metamorphic rock formations were incredible.  One cave went in for ages and was enormous.  Watching out for the many fishermen, we paddled back round the corner to Porth Dafarch and the cars.  More Photos……..



Sam Godsell, Jenny Godsell, Sam Strachan , MARIE YOUNG, Sarah & Jack Gille, Chris Murphy, Claire Murphy, Ollie, Murphy, Charlie, Murphy, Peter Massey, Jake Massey, John & Keiron Allerton, Frankie Annan, Sam Presto, dom buckley, Keith S, Paul, Harwood, Harvey, Harwood, Rhys legge, TONY BENNETT, karl Tattum, Keenan Tattum, Bradley Tattum, Stephen Bond, Jeannette Bond, Regan Bond, Will Rickards, Elle Rickards

16/6/14 Liverpool International Canoe Polo Competition

The Liverpool Canoe Club Mersey team had a different kind of success at the Merseyside canoe polo international this weekend. We entered into class 2 which was a very high standard. In terms of results we only managed 1 win and 1 draw with a few narrow defeats and a couple of hammerings. The positives were that Peter Stone, Scott Gibson, and Cheshire Landscaper (Tom) were able to experience playing at that level for the first time and Jay Hennessey was able to get a few more games under his belt after only playing in only 1 competition in the last 8 years. The other players were me, Stephen Hennessy, and Mark Mayfield who played for different teams in the same competition last year.


 We won National Division 4 at a canter this year but this was more realistic preparation for this coming National Division 3 season as the league consisted of National Division 2 and Division 3 teams. It was the first time some of the players had played together and the new players put in a good shift while adapting to the quicker pace, tactics, and the physicality of the opposition. Hopefully this wake up call will result in seeing faces down at Tuesday training, working on tactics and skills as we now know that we can't just wing it at this level. It was a good weekend for getting to know each other, learning our strengths and limitations, enjoying the sunshine, and seeing our other teams pick up trophies in classes 3 and 4.

Congratulations to Liverpool Canoe Club Trafalgar for winning the Division 3 competition.  Liverpool Canoe Club ATC came 3rd in Division 4.

Darren Bohanna   More Photos……


Liverpool Canoe Club ATC 3rd Place Div 4

Josh Cook tackling a player for the ball

Liverpool Canoe Club Trafalgar 1st Place Div 3



10/6/14 Icy East Greenland talk by Jim Krawiecki last night at the Marina.

Before the group headed off to Greenland Jim started off looking at a warm up trip in Knoydart, Scotland.  He then compared his trip in 2012, which was relatively ice free with last summer’s trip of 2013 where there was considerably more ice in the Fjords.

“As our flight from Reykjavik to Kulusuk reached the East Greenland coast, we began to get an impression as to how much ice there really was. Just before landing we caught a glimpse of the local harbour. It looked pretty blocked up!”

Jim was helping Martin Rickard`s of
Sea Kayak Adventures… run his annual trip from Ammassalik.  Martin runs trips every summer with the cost of approximately £2000 flying from Iceland.


Considered by many as the birthplace of the Inuit qajaq, Greenland’s coastal waters offer a sea kayaker some of the finest paddling, probably anywhere in the world. Whether gliding over mirror-like fjords at sunset or battling through moving pack ice in stormy tidal passages, time spent traversing the coastline will not be easily forgotten. The wildlife, miles of unpopulated wilderness shoreline, the calving glaciers and icebergs as well as stunning light conditions make for a rich and varied experience.

Read more about the trip around Ammassalik Island on Jims Blog……..                                                     More talks and events……


10/6/14 ATC Canoe Polo tournament held at Liverpool Marina

On Sunday 8th June 12 local ATC groups took part in the annual canoe polo tournament at Liverpool Marina. The weather turned out to be very sunny and the groups all enjoyed watching the teams play. Prescot put up a small marquee and Liverpool Canoe Club provided much of the equipment and boats. Many thanks to all those that helped to referee, organise teams or to generally help out.


The Final was held between Prescot A and Ormskirk with Prescot A the eventual winners by 4 goals to 3.Canoe Polo


More photos…….




Prescot A 4 v 0 Maghull

Ormskirk 1 v 2 Neston

Prescot B 2 v 0 Bootle

Wavertree 0 v 1 Maghull B

Hoylake 1 v 1 Northwich

Ladies 4 v 0 Scratch

Prescot A 3 v 1 Ormskirk

Neston 1 v 1 Maghull A

Prescot B 1 v 0 Wavertree

Bootle 0 v 3 Maghull B

Hoylake 2 v 0 Scratch

Ladies 3 v 0 Northwich

Prescot A 1 v 1 Neston

Ormskirk 3 v 0 Maghull A

Prescot B 0 v 3 Maghull B

Bootle 0 v 2 Wavertree

Hoylake 1 v 1 Ladies

Scratch 1 v 1 Northwich



Maghull A 2 v 2 Maghull B.

(Maghull B win 2-1 on penalties)

Ormskirk 3 v 1 Ladies



Prescot A 4 v 0 Maghull B

Ormskirk 3 v 0 Neston

3rd Neston 2 v 0 Maghull B



Prescot A 4 v 3 Ormskirk


6/6/14 Wednesday evening paddles – Chester Weir 5th June


6 paddlers met at “the Groves” in front of Hickory's Smokehouse and Restaurant right next to the weir.  Andy had forgotten his Buoyancy Aid but was able to borrow Keith’s. Kieron was paddling his little Jackson 1.5 fun.  After a short warm up above the weir we joined another group and paddled down the fish steps on the left of the large diagonal weir.   We all made several runs of the steps.  We played a little in the small stopper at the bottom.  The tail also gave us practise at breaking in and out.


At the bottom of the weir are some access steps up to a red lifebelt.  It was a short carry from here back to the top of the weir and across to cars.  A great evening paddle.

Next week we are at New Brighton – Perch rock for either some surf or playing in the overfalls.


More details of Wednesday evening paddles…..


More photos……..




4/6/14 Paddle kit car boot sale at Go Kayaking NW

kitsaleWe are opening our shop for one Sunday only on the 6th July 2014 for a 'Kit-Car-Boot' Sale!!
You get to bring down your old unwanted kit and sell it to those who DO want it!
This is a free event and anyone one can attend but if you are wanting to sell any items on the day we will need you to register in advance by following the link below as we only have a limited amount of space! REMEMBER this is a FREE Event!
The Event is
located at Go Kayaking North West and will run from 10am to 4pm on Sunday the 6th July 2014.

(Go Kayaking NW, Marina Village, Preston Brook, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 3DW – 01928 710770)

4/6/14 Junior Paddle (Tuesday evenings) by jack Gille


This session was an excellent experience and it will be remembered for a long time. We were all splashing about and having a time of our lives. When Chris took us all round the corner and shouted "come round here we have a surprise!" And many of us junior experienced paddlers suggested 'cake' but it wasn't Cake that we found it was some inflatable animals. Which was a good surprise as we all jumped out of our Kayaks and went CRAZY! It was GREAT. Then we splashed about and soaked each other. When we heard Steve Bond asked us to get back in our boats.  We all groaned and then someone else suggested that we could Swim back to the pontoon. So that's what we all did, however I had a cramp which somehow everyone thought was comical. Anyway as a summary of the Night it was an splendid time and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Wonderful Session to all of you wannabe kayakers out there.


Jack Gille   NB Junior club is on Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday Mornings 10:15-12:15

1/6/14 Tees Barrage International White Water Course – Saturday 31st May 2014

15 paddlers met at Kingsway pool for what promised to be a nice day, after swapping a few boats onto different cars we were off on the two hour journey.  When we approached the centre the water level looked really low and not moving in the channel and for a minute my heart sank. Everything was okay though as they were just late switching the pumps on that feed the white water course.


Jenny and Chris joined us at the centre bringing the total to 17.

We were changed and on the warm up lake and on our way by 1030am.  Straight on to the course for a quick sighting lap and a go on the “lazyboy” conveyer back to the top. 

Smaller groups formed and some just ran the course, others eddy hopped and some played on all the features, some swam !!!


 Just before we were going to have lunch the short course was opened for an hour, so lunch had to wait. This is only 95 metres long but 14 cubic metres a second are directed down the chute and the bottom slide is pretty meaty to say the least.


We had a break for lunch on the grass in the sunshine but all too soon it was time to get back on.   Again some ran the course, most played on different features and took time to appreciate what the course has to offer. The last task was the race around the course and this should have been an easy job for Michal  or “the Shark” as he is now known.  However the eventual winner was Lee Doyle, so congrats to Lee.


All in all it was a great day out, paddling in the sunshine with great facilities, great company and thanks to everyone for turning out.



Jenny and Chris, Adam, Gary, Sarah, Richard, Pete, John A, Paul pugwash Harwood in a daft boat, Kieran, Michal, Joe, Keith, Sara, Nick, Lee and myself John Cooke

Watch Sarah`s YouTube Video…….                      More Photos……                           John Allerton YouTube Video…….


29/5/14 Division 4 Slalom at Wagon Lane, Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club

Last weekend saw a slalom competition at Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club, Wagon Lane,. This was Michal`s first real competition – the club held a mini flat water slalom during the Olympic games of 2012.  Michal won the Division 4 competition and was promoted to Division 3.

Why not have a go yourselves at the next event, more information on the Canoe Slalom website http://www.canoeslalom.co.uk/

River Aire, Bingley, West Yorkshire (by Bradford and Bingley Rugby Ground, Wagon Lane). Permanent training gates, floodlights and changing rooms. Main Club Session: Thursday Evening 6.30 - 8pm. See website http://www.bradbingcc.co.uk for more info or contact bradbingcanoe@gmx.com or Anne Howarth 01756 791648 (updated 13/7/12)

Wagon Lane slalom site is located on the River Aire in Bingley, West Yorkshire, and is home to Bradford and Bingley Canoe Club. The site is part of the Bradford and Bingley Sports Club complex.

An easy grade 2 river, the course is ideal for beginners and Division 3 paddlers who will find enough challenge and interest to test their skills. The course offers opportunities to try all the standard moves and to demonstrate sprinting prowess on the deeper, slower, sections.

A natural river in an area prone to rapid rises in water level, the water can vary by as much as four feet within a period of days and change from a rocky, boulder- strewn river to a full-on surfers' paradise.

The course begins with a flat, shallow 20m wide clear water stretch before dropping down shallow rapids to the Nibbler - a smaller version of the infamous Muncher at Nottingham. A 20m run then follows taking upstreams in safe eddies left and right on the way down to the "S" rock. As the name suggests, movement around the rock usually takes the form of an S move from either direction. The river then deepens and slows, allowing competitors to show their sprinting skills, and sweeps between downstream gates before passing the club boat store and steps. The final section is on steady and safe water before a final sprint to the line approximately 200m below the start gate.

The annual slalom in May is always well attended and attracts a loyal band who appreciate camping by the river, a good social weekend and the chance to visit some of the attractions in the Aire valley and Dales National Park.

 Michal Giezgala 

More photos………

28/05/14 June 2014 Newsletter Published
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