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January 2015

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29/12/14 Sunday 28th December Docks paddle.

John and Chris Fay, Julie Brookes, Craig and Phil Edwards.


28/12/14 Major dates for Club events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

14 -22 February 2015

2-6 April 2015

7-17 April 2015

1-4 May 2015

15-17 May  2015

5-7 June 2015

26 June – 6th July 2015

5 July 2015

10-12 July 2015

17 July–2 August 2015

25-27 September 2015

Skiing and Snowboarding trip - France.  Coordinator Fiona Barry

Scottish Easter paddling weekend Based in the Blackwater Hostel – limited places so book early.  Click to book a place.........

Costa Brava paddling trip Sea Kayaking trip on Spain’s Mediterranean Coast.  Coordinator Peter Thomas

Pembroke Weekend (First Bank Holiday)    Coordinator Jenny Brown

Anglesey Weekend 1 (Tyn Rhos Trearddur Bay)    Coordinator Peter Massey

Anglesey Weekend 2 (Pen-y-Bont Farm, 4 Mile Bridge)    Coordinator Keith S

Lofoten Island Sea Kayak trip (Norway)    Coordinator Andrew Garland

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race & Club BBQ Clubs major annual Sea Kayaking Event.  Click for more.........

Anglesey Weekend 3 (Bodfan Farm, Rhosneigr)    Coordinator Jenny Brown

Alpine Paddling Holiday Week 1 Bovec, Slovenia, Week 2 Briancon, France.  Coordinator Keith S

Anglesey Weekend 4 (Outdoor Alternative Rhoscolyn)    Coordinator Peter Massey



28/12/14  “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Steve Bond for his winning photo:

“LCC Santa Dash and Festive paddle to the Albert dock”


Runner up Paul Harwood:

“Karl Tattum demonstrates the new Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)”

Runner up Suzanne Thomas:

“Newbourgh Beach, Anglesey Waterfight with Dave Blake - I lost”

Not found your photograph ? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.

28/12/14 Surfing at Crosby 27th December


After last nights snow, I was not expecting many people to turn up today. Fortunately, new member Zoe was up for a challenge in her sea kayak, Karl was in his Surf boat, Kieran was in his shorts and rash vest, and I was in my Play boat, not having repaired the surf boat from last week. I also had a new ride, the maiden voyage of one of the clubs new Stand Up Paddleboards.
The waves were quite small from the car park, but as the tide got closer to the shore they started to build gradually, turning into some good size. Zoe was showing us all how to surf in a sea kayak, with some good turns and bongo slides, Karl was carving it up all over the place, Kieran fell out of his boat and came to laugh at me on a Paddleboard. Man that thing is wobbly.
I couldn't even stand up. I could surf it back on my knees, but could not get to my feet. I stuck to the still water at the side until Kieran had a go. I think I will need to practice at the docks. Meanwhile I got into my canoe, whilst Kieran surfed the Stand Up Paddleboard sat down with a kayak paddle.
After an hour and a half, the sea was smashing the bricks and it was time to get out and have a cup of tea (3 burgers and 2 x fries for Kieran). I went back into the sea in for a while, and it proved very entertaining for all watching!
What I learned today, is that I can not Stand up and surf, Sea kayaks do look fun, never turn up when its icy wearing shorts and a rash vest, and Karl really screams like a girl.


Paul Harwood              More photos…..


22/12/14 Christmas Paddle - Mince Pies at the Albert Dock and the LCC Santa Dash !


After a welcome pint back at the Marina and a visit to the carvery, I was quietly reflecting on the day when the conversation around the table turned to who should do the write-up.  Despite my best attempts to look disinterested, all eyes somehow ended up on me, so that was that.  It's no Big Deal, I was told, just write whatever you like.  So here goes ...


For me, the challenge of the day was to get the better of one of the club's new red Wavehoppers from Perception Kayaks.  This is the most unstable boat that I have ever sat in; getting the spraydeck on while afloat was nigh-on impossible.  After the usual chores of getting a deck and footrests to fit, I found myself nervously afloat in the Marina surrounded by Santa’s on all sides. 


There were some great displays: Pete and Carol's ice white sea-kayaks were decked with real holly from the garden, and Bob & Sue's Capellas were ablaze with lights.  My Santa hat (the minimum required) came from Llandudno last weekend where I'd intended to wear it at the Xmas Dinner.  Just as well that I didn't; it would been far too tacky for such a prestigious occasion :p


I'm not sure where everyone came from, but Jenny's parents are from the Isle Of Wight, and Fernando from Spain provided an international touch to the occasion. 


We apparently numbered 31 in total, no doubt causing concern for at least one of those team-racing canoes that ply the Docks on Sunday mornings.  All I was interested in was keeping my craft topside up.  With some words of encouragement from Keith about which way to 'edge', the boat and I were gradually getting along a bit better.


After a gentle paddle towards the city, we turned left into the Albert Dock.  This, for me, is a forbidding place where people get wet and sea-kayak rescue drills are taught.  Thankfully, there were no such formalities on this occasion so I was able to produce some home-made shortbread (my wife's, not mine!) for anyone that I could raft-up with.  Having accepted biscuits on many occasions from Julie, I was keen to return the favour - but she politely declined!  We were treated to a group singing carols in one corner of the Albert Dock.  They were really very good and added greatly to the Christmas atmosphere.


Once back in Salthouse Dock, we landed on the ramp at the northern end whereupon welcome goodies appeared from all quarters.  Coffee, mince pies, spicy ginger biscuits, gooey fruit cake, and hot mulled wine from a Trangia.  My thanks to all the paddlers who brought offerings especially to Jeanette and Steve on the social events group.


The last time I was on that slip was in one of the Wacker Quackers which used to plunge into the water at that point.  Given the number of cameras that were pointed in our direction, I think we provided quite a "splash".  Passers-by are generally happy to exchange a few words with people who are doing crazy things!


After tidying up, we started the gentle paddle home.  With the wind increasing, I was keen to get a move on and the Wavehopper seemed happy to oblige.  Back at the marina, I thought I would finish off the day with a roll - which ended up as a wet exit.  No matter, I got back on the horse and did two more which it kindly allowed me to come out on top!


Thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation. The boat racks were a hive of activity both before and after the event - a real credit to the aspirations of the club where anyone can turn up, have a go, and feel welcome.


Robin Emley               More photos…



22/12/14 Surfing Crosby Sun 21/12/2014


Today nine paddlers ventured out to find surf at Crosby and sure enough they found it, or rather it found them. The wind was blowing a gale so much that two German Shepherds who were out for their daily walk jumped into my car and sat in the front seats and refused to get out even when nine Kayakers were tugging at their collars they were reluctant to exit into the gales. Excited with the size of todays waves we couldn't wait for the tide to recede from the rocks and all launched from the top to encounter a great trashing by the Crosby surf. Waves were coming from all directions and certainly this was not a time to take our focus from the surf ahead. Paul and Dave were first out of their boats and endured a swim back to shore in the icy water followed by John and Neil who decided it was safer to swim back to shore rather than take the beating whilst sat in their Kayaks.


Only Julian who was strapped onto his sit-on-top survived the Crosby wall of water and enjoyed the biggest surf back to the beach but then fell into six inches of water at the end. My Surf boat performed exceptionally well today and could cope with any beating that Crosby could throw at it. I just wish it was all down to my technical skill and prowess upon the waves but the boat really was taking me for a ride as I flapped my arms screaming up and down the ten foot waves. Dave took a nosedive and a 360 degree spin mid wave as Pal was launched into the air and landed head first, upside down but to recover and do it all again on the next wave. Ben, John and Neil ventured out into the big stuff and surfed, sometimes the right way up, back to shore whilst Becky was seen stood upright at the back of her boat surfing the biggest wave of the day.


These were manic monster waves with little time between them to recover and go again but everyone agreed that this was possibly the best time at Crosby we have had since the last time we were there.



Paddlers : - Becky, Julian, Ben, John, Neil, Dom, Dave, Paul and Karl


Karl Tattum     More photos…


16/12/14 Christmas paddle & Christmas lunch – Llandudno (St Georges Hotel)

We intended to offer a number of paddles from Llandudno Beach or surrounding area (depending upon the weather on the day) suitable for all abilities and boat. However, very strong winds and rain meant that we were kept to the Menai Straits and Surfing at West Beach.  Some of us even ventured up onto the Orme for a walk while others headed for the shops.

Christmas Lunch was at the St George's Hotel on the Sea front.  The menu is a little more exclusive than previous years at £23.90 but was 3 courses followed with Tea or Coffee and a Mince Pie.  

We had 45 people at the lunch and it was great to catch up with all.  It is surprising how a few balloons fired across the room can make an occasion….. 

Great day.  More Photos…..


11/12/14 River Lune, White Water Improvers Trip

An organised bunch of LCC paddlers met up at Burton in Kendal services on a cold Sunday morning at 9:30 am.

This white water trip had been organised by Roy McHale as one of the improver trips and it represented a bit of a step up from the Dee last time out. Once all the troops had arrived we set off to our first port of call, the changing area adjacent to the main west coast rail line. This is due to the lack of space at the put in.


Some members displayed parts of their anatomies I would rather not see again. Luckily no trains past us, saving the Sunday morning rail travellers between Scotland and England from this unsavoury sight.


Once all at the put in, all shuttles run and groups ready, we set off. With five groups of paddlers looked after by 10 experienced LCC members. 


The first part of the Lune is quite wide and was fast flowing this time due to the extra water deposited on the hills in the previous 24 hours. “Big and bouncy and straight down the middle” was the best advice. Breaking through the waves with water splashing in your face, and swamping the Kayak is a wonderful feeling on a cold Sunday morning. Everyone thoroughly loved the wave trains as we made our down river.


The first feature of real note is "Magnetic Rock". Going down in groups and looked after by the river leaders everyone who ran this feature had a thrill ride as long they avoided the  afore mentioned "Magnetic Rock". The portage was actually more hassle that running the feature. All came through in one piece, more or less!


The second feature is "The Strid" a grade 3 drop that narrows and can be tricky in lower water because of a rock that sits in the middle of the channel. In these levels though it is a bit easier but it still caught out two of the more experienced paddlers who ended up taking a dip. (upside down to start with is not a good example to set). The rest ran it with style including a couple of people were running it for the first time.


Thanks to all the river leaders Roy, Kirk, Joe, John, Chris, Sam, Keith & Mark.


All in all a great time was had and we all look forward to the next outing.                            John Cooke`s River Lune Video……
Stephen Hitchen


11/12/14 River Dee Paddle

Three paddlers met at 8.30am Sunday morning to travel to Eccleston Ferry and paddle a section of the River Dee. Tony Robinson, Bob Hamilton and john Fay set off in Bobs well heated van on what was a very windy day. Fortunately with it's tree lined banks and the twists and turns on the river we managed to get lots of shelter.

After 2hrs it was time for a break and a suitable spot on the bank was chosen to enjoy a sandwich and a warm drink. The wind was really strong and cold and so the stay was a short one before we turned around for the return journey. 
Fishermen and walkers were also enjoying the attraction of the River Dee as well as boaters and other kayakers. This was a short but really nice trip on a chilly day but well worth the effort. Thanks for the ride.


Bob H    More Photos……..



09/12/14 Divison 4 Tournament – “Liverpool Salthouse”


Liverpool Salthouse travelled down to Cheadle for their first National Division 4 Canoe Polo Competition. The standard was very high and it felt like we were playing in a much higher division. 

The first game was certainly our hardest due to the lack of training together, however, after a little reflection and team discussion we certainly worked better as a team and bonded well.  As the evening progressed we played better and better and ended up having a couple of very close games.


It was an enjoyable evening and although we lost all our games we certainly feel that the team has a good future ahead.


The team consisted of:

Joe O'Riley

Liam Wong (C)

Will McCormick

George Darwin-Welsby

Michal Giezgala


Our next tournament is on 7th March at Stoke-on-Fenton.

Liam Wong           More Photos……..


09/12/14 Easy Surf

"High tide 9.4m - Wind W at 23mph - Easy Surf" is what was quoted by Karl on Thursday. 

I arrived at Crosby at 1210hrs to find the waves smashing the bricks to pieces. The car park was empty. I was ten minutes late and had to check my emails to make sure that the session had not been cancelled. Karl turned up before I had time to get my phone out of my pocket. Where was everybody? Easy surf on an email usually means a few turn up.
We decided to wait for the sand to appear before getting changed. The bricks were making this grinding noise which means pain on the boat and pain to the body. The car was shaking in the wind, the hailstone momentarily turned into snow giving a reprieve from the noise against the windscreen. All around I see people walking their dogs. Are they mad? Walking in this weather?
Around 1230 the beach started to appear so we got outside and changed. There was only the two of us and the wind was mental. I knew this was going to be a hard slog. I checked the Met office wind speed to find it was blowing up to 46 mph and shuddered. Down to the shore and the waves looked huge enormous gigantic colossal and massive. The only problem was no matter how hard I paddled I was going nowhere. There must have been a small break in the wind and we got out back. I surfed and bongo'd all the way back to the beach to find I had no energy to do it all over again.
A few smaller waves were caught, and strangely after an hour and a half, the sea calmed down and became flat. I think the wind must have blown the waves away!


Karl Tattum      More Photos……



09/12/14 The World Paddle Awards (2014) Ginny Coyles - Great Britain

GINNY COYLES (Great Britain) - Nominee for the 'Lifetime Achievement' Award.

  • Sport: canoe polo (K1), represents: Great Britain

Still paddling today, Ginny Coyles from Liverpool, UK has been nominated for the WPA Lifetime Achievement Award for her 25 year and ongoing service to canoe polo.

Player and Captain, she has frequented the highest place on the podium 4 times in total as World Champion (1996, 2004, 2008, 2010), but also the same number with the European crown (1997, 2001, canoe kayak polo ginny coyles great britain 2014 nominee world paddle awards golden lifetime award nelo noc sportscene 2005, 2009).

Added to this she was part of the entourage that also won silver at 5 Worlds and 2 European Championships, plus European bronze in 2007, also held in Thury-Harcourt, France where the 2014 Worlds were held.

She hasn't been shy of World Games medals either taking gold in 2009 in Kaohsiung and silver in 2013, losing out to Germany, as well as in 2005 in Duisburg. Ginny also won a World Masters Games bronze with her old club the Mutineers in 2009.

From 2008-2010 she did the unthinkable, which is yet to have been matched; keeping the World Championship title in the same 2-year cycle as the World Games and European Championship gold’s.

She has been instrumental through GB women's team golden years going back, Ginny has been involved in some shape or form since she was introduced to the squad 1990, Dave Brown was coach. In 1996, the team won their first World Championship gold.

And in Great Britain, Ginny has won the National League 14 times, she was 11-time National Champion and has been European Club Champion 4 times during her phenomenal athletic career.

Having started paddling in around 1985, Ginny's first ‘real’ polo competition was in 1987 followed by then Australia in 1989. What has been noticeable over the years is Ginny's relentless attitude to training and her continual competing at elite international events over near to 20 years.

Activities and achievements off the water:

  • Passionate media advocate for the sport.
  • British Canoeing Award of Merit for her achievement in canoe polo
  • When Ginny had a few years ‘out’ for injury and so on, she helped with coaching on the women’s squad in Euros years (2001/2003) on a couple of occasions
  • She had planned on retiring in 2010!

To find out more and to vote for her…………


09/12/14 Christmas paddling with the club


Please check our calendar carefully over the Christmas period as several of our sessions are not on because of key holiday dates (Christmas Day etc).  Tuesday Junior Pool, Saturday Morning Juniors and Thursday Pool sessions are all affected.  If it is not on the calendar the session is NOT on.  However, experienced members are welcome to organise their own sessions either at the docks or elsewhere and the club will support this.  If you want to organise a paddle please just check the guidelines carefully.  Send an email to website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk to have it placed on the club calendar.










Christmas paddling with Liverpool Canoe Club (other paddles may be added to this list)


Sat 13 Dec 2014


All day


All day

Sun 14 Dec 2014


All day


10:00 – 12:30

This recurring event is part of a series.

Mon 15 Dec 2014


20:45 – 22:00

  This recurring event is part of a series.

Tue 16 Dec 2014


18:45 – 22:15

This recurring event is part of a series.


19:00 – 20:00

This recurring event is part of a series.


20:00 – 21:00

This recurring event is part of a series.

Thu 18 Dec 2014


18:30 – 20:30

This recurring event is part of a series.


20:45 – 22:00

This recurring event is part of a series.

Sun 21 Dec 2014


10:00 – 12:30

This recurring event is part of a series.


10:00 – 13:00

Mon 22 Dec 2014


20:45 – 22:00

  This recurring event is part of a series.

Tue 23 Dec 2014


18:45 – 22:15

This recurring event is part of a series.

Sun 28 Dec 2014


10:00 – 12:30

This recurring event is part of a series.

Tue 30 Dec 2014


18:45 – 22:15

This recurring event is part of a series.

Sat 3 Jan 2015


10:30 – 12:30

This recurring event is part of a series.



30/11/14  The Tees Barrage Saturday 29 November.

Myself, Sarah and Sam met at the pool at 8 o'clock for the trip up to Middlesbrough.  Nick and Lee arrived and took all the boats in the van, Tony and Graham were going straight from Liverpool and Sophie and Andy from Chester. Jenny and Chris had arranged to meet there as well and Stuart and Kurt were already up there.


Once we all arrived we joined up to paddle, minus Andy who could not make it.  We were soon on the water and Sam was in his new boat trying it out. We paddled down to the beginning of the course and set off on a sighting lap so the people that hadn't been before could see what was there. 


The course was running at a good level with some good features to contend with and once on the bottom drop (acid drop) Sarah was trying to play when her paddle was wrenched out of her hands resulting in her shoulder popping out.  With Sarah and gear recovered to the bank it was obvious her day was finished. After Doctor Stuart had pushed and prodded; Sarah's shoulder jumped back in, (some of this may be on film) and Sarah went to get changed.


The rest of us completed some more laps with a few swims and a lot of near swims before James arrived unexpectedly.


A couple more laps with Sarah taking pictures and it was then time to stop for lunch. A quick break and back on as the temperature had dropped and people were feeling tired and cold. On what was to be the last lap about four or five boats, (not all LCC) came over Acid drop with nobody in them and then the unthinkable happened.  Sam`s boat appeared with no paddler in it? A couple of minuets later Sam came walking round the corner but had no excuse as this time too many had witnessed his wet-exit. 


All in all everyone enjoyed it (except for Sarah) and we will be going back in the new year when hopefully we are going to try some of the other White Water courses around the country as well so keep your eye on the calendar. 


Everyone hopes Sarah will mend quickly so she can get back out on the water.




Sarah, Sam, Nick, Lee, Jenny, Chris, Graham, Tony, Sophie, Stuart, Kurt, James and myself John Cooke.

 YouTube Video of the day…



28/11/14 December 2014 Newsletter Published 
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26/10/14 Are you getting all the information on club trips and activities – club messaging system
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