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July 2015

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30/06/15 Major dates for Club events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

5 July 2015

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race & Club BBQ Clubs major annual Sea Kayaking Event.  Click for more.........

10-12 July 2015

Anglesey Weekend 3 (Bodfan Farm, Rhosneigr)    Coordinator Jenny Brown

26 July 2015

Liverpool Triathlon Volunteers for Safety Kayakers and bank team required……

17 July–2 August 2015

Alpine Paddling Holiday Week 1 Bovec, Slovenia, Week 2 Briancon, France.  Coordinator Keith S

25-27 September 2015

Anglesey Weekend 4 (Outdoor Alternative Rhoscolyn)    Coordinator Peter Massey

21 October 2015

Club AGM and Paddler of the Year Awards More information…….

11 November 2015

2015 "Reel Paddling Film Festival" Hosted by Liverpool Canoe Club Click for more information…….

13-20 February 2016

Skiing and Snowboarding trip - France.  Coordinator Pete Thomas

Nominations for Paddler of the Year are welcome now…  Please send your nominations with brief reason to website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk


30/06/15 Secret 7 & Bertha Go Bridge Watching, Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st June 2015


Saturday - Lune Aqueduct to Greaves Farm Campsite, Cabus Nook (16km)

The group of 7 met at a car park on Caton Road, with high hopes that the threatening rain would hold off.  Unfortunately, the clouds had other plans and we experienced everything from sunshine, fine drizzle to torrential rain over the 2+ hours spent stowing cargo, transporting kit, boats and cars.  An honourable mention must go to Jimmy for his tireless and invaluable assistance, in helping us get organised before he left us to enjoy our first Ladies’ Group canoe camp adventure.


Our craft consisted of 3 sea kayaks, 2 open boats and an independently minded, slowly deflating, inflatable canoe by the name of Bertha.  Bertha might have been lopsided, more a fan of a circular than direct route and resembled a Disney shark, but she was plucky.  Captained by Alex then Lai she was our trip mascot. 


After lunch, we made a start, perhaps feeling a little rained on, weary and apprehensive as to what lay in store, our spirits were soon lifted as we took the second bend in the canal and were treated to a beautiful display of wild flowers and grasses along the canal banks.  Foxgloves, Poppies, Water Lillies, Yellow Flag, Hogweed, Water Forget-Me-Nots, White and Red Clover were amongst the colourful spectacle.  The earlier rain and drizzle had added sparkle to the landscape.  Along with Herons, a Kingfisher, Moorhens, families with goslings, ducklings and cygnets, we were never short of a rich variety of flora, fauna and wildlife during our trip. 


Our journey from Lune Aqueduct to Cabus Nook, took us through beautiful Lancaster, where the Cathedral bells tolled in our honour, Wild Garlic scented woodland, views of mist topped hills, dairy and arable farmland, with a pit stop at Galgate Marina.  We were spoilt with a full rainbow to celebrate our arrival at the campsite, which rather than the expected “1 toilet and 1 tap affair” offered the much appreciated treats of a campsite kitchen, picnic table and electric kettle.  We set up camp just before sunset, then feasted like Queens on sausage and veggie pasta, cake and chocolate.  We slept like happy and weary logs, event the foolhardy person who bivvied (highly recommend if anyone interested)………………..


Sunday -  Greaves Farm Campsite, Cabus Nook Hand & Dagger Pub, Salwick (20km)

After an excellent breakfast, we were paddling by 10.30am, waved off by a couple of campers. We journeyed through Garstang, crossed the Wyre Aqueduct, passed the ruins of Greenhalgh Castle, through Bilsborrow and continued to Salwick.  Today, the weather was on our side, with only the occasional change in wind direction to interrupt our steady pace. During the later stages of Saturday, Irene Jackson had introduced the group to  “Bridge Watch”, an activity which depending upon the number of bridges passed or remaining, and how pooped or energetic you’re feeling will produce a cheer or a groan.


The weekend was a fabulous experience, we all came away a little sunburnt, muddy and weary but with a feeling of having accomplished and experienced something special.  I think we are all agreed that the beautiful scenery, wildlife, enchanting route and excellent company must be repeated.


A special thank you to Rosie, for not only her time and trip organisation expertise, but also for kindly and patiently teaching us clever techniques for everything from loading our kit into the boats, to making a supersonic fast cuppa to efficiently dissembling camp.


Paddlers: Rosie, Jo, Lai, Janet, Irene and Alex  More Photos…….


30/06/15 More photographs of the Liverpool International Polo Competition over the River Festival Weekend


More photographs of the Liverpool International Canoe Polo Competition over the River Festival Weekend have been added to our pages from Amy Little  More Photos…….



29/06/15 Paddling in Val Sesia (Italy)


Val Sesia is a region of Italy near to the French border and the area LCC go on for their annual whitewater pilgrimage. The region is renowned for its good salami, wine and pizza... Ohh and kayaking.

During the May half term our small team of paddlers from across the UK made the trip to try our luck on some of Italy's beautiful creeks and gorges. Myself, Roy Mchale and Jack Andrews were representing LCC with friends from Birmingham and South Wales. The rivers in Italy are pretty hard to describe, they're steep, shallow and awesome!


After 24 hours in the car we finally arrived at the campsite, which was very clean and friendly. A haven for kayakers from all over Europe.

As a group we paddled grades 4 and 5 all week. We all had a great time and would recommend the area to anyone who's after some good quality whitewater that can at times be very challenging.



Joe Sheppard  More Photos…..



28/06/15 June “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to John Maddock for his winning photo:

“Paul Harwood`s bottom turn in his single bladed surf kayak”


Runner up Bob Hamiliton:

“Just an Atmospheric Photo”


Runner up  John Maddock:

“Dominic Fahey at Rhosneigr May 2015”

Runner up  Peter Thomas:

“Caz in front of the Liver Building River Mersey”



Not found your photograph ? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.
Send in your entries for July now.  website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk

28/06/15 Go-Kayaking demo evening - Liverpool Marina Thursday 17th September

Pop this date in your diaries now – great opportunity to try out a variety of the latest boats.

There will be plenty of new kayaks, Canoes and SOT to try.  There will also be a selection of top paddles to compare and to try.  If you want to try a particular boat in the range please contact Andy at the Go Kayaking shop to see if they can bring that model and size along.  The session will include an opportunity to purchase some soft goods on the night from their van.   http://www.go-kayaking.com/ 
Why not like their facebook page now to be kept up to date or subscribe to their emailed newsletter….

Go kayaking sponsor our Hilbre Sea Kayak race and offer members 15% discount on all non-sale items in their shop in Runcorn.

27/06/15 Karl Tattum speaking on Sean Styles show BBC Merseyside “Turning The Tide” 19th June 2015

             Karl Tattum speaking on Sean Styles show BBC Merseyside Turning The Tide 19th June 2015  MP3....


27/06/15 Can’t wait for one of our introductory courses or pool sessions then try Go Kayaking North West taster sessions – Every Saturday at the canal next to their shop,


22/06/15 Junior Club Anglesey Weekend Pen-Y-Bont Farm

The weekend was based right next to 4 mile bridge and the inland sea at the idyllic Pen-y-Bont campsite.  Although it only accepts families and has limited numbers of showers and toilets it is always well maintained and has bathroom facilities that would put many homes to shame.  Olwen the owner and her husband are always welcoming and look after us well.

For more information please click here…….  They welcome families and a number of our members keep their caravans on long term plots over the summer for very reasonable rates.

Fortunately we kept to the itinerary which pleased Megan as she had learned it by heart.  Sarah Gille has produced an excellent video of the weekend’s activities.   YouTube………

Being fairly new to the club, both Jamie and I were a little nervous for our first trip away with the club. However everyone was really friendly and helpful and I even got to lead the group back to four mile bridge, which was fun, but not as much fun as going through it in the first place. The trip was really well planned out and in the afternoon we went coasteering. I had never heard of this before but dad and I decided to give it a go, but my brother wimped out. It was very exciting jumping from rocks into the sea and finally climbing back up the rocks on to the cliff top. Although the water was freezing it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again. Everyone worked as a team, which meant that everyone got back safe and sound apart from my dad who grazed his knees because he didn’t listen as per usual.


Later that day we flew kites, played football and badminton, while our parents got the barbeque going, it was yummy!


On Sunday the weather was not very good, most of the group went surfing, myself, Jamie and Dad didn’t go in because it looked too rough for us. I’ve since seen the photo’s and wish we’d gone in as it looked great. After lunch on we went kayaking again back on the Inland Sea, before long it was time to come off the water to sadly pack up and go home.


Thanks to everyone who made the trip soooo great.

Rachel and Jamie B.


10:00am short trip on the Cymyran Strait (paddle from the campsite)

I even got to lead the group back to four mile bridge, which was fun, but not as much fun as going through it in the first place.  We found lots of sea weed before turning round and heading back to   bridge.  We ran the rapids again and all survived     More Photos……………

Tom leading the way

Rachel out front

Two Mermaids

11:30am Play in the small wave at 4 mile bridge

At first the water was smooth but soon it got faster and faster.  Played in the fast water and some of us fell in.

Quote of the day went to Megan who after Tony emerged spluttering from his upturned boat “why didn`t your roll?”

  More Photos……………

Rachel paddles through the chute

All the gang

Matt breaks into the flow

3:00pm  Coasteering at Porth Dafarch beach

In the afternoon we went coasteering. I had never heard of this before but dad and I decided to give it a go, but my brother wimped out. It was very exciting jumping from rocks into the sea and finally climbing back up the rocks on to the cliff top. Although the water was freezing it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again. Everyone worked as a team, which meant that everyone got back safe and sound apart from my dad who grazed his knees because he didn’t listen as per usual.

More Photos……………

Megan (aged 8) leads the group

Aaron (aged 6) swims out to the island

Matt (aged 8) swims after the jump

6:00pm Flying kites on the campsite

 On the Saturday night (20th June 2015) after we went coaststeering, which was great fun, we got back to the campsite and did some kite flying. The kite flying was really fun at the start because the wind was absolutely perfect. As it got to 6:30 pm the wind started to die down and so the kites wouldn't fly that well. They just came back down when we throw them up into the air. It was hard work but then again you can't make the weather do what you want.


So instead of 7:00 pm for the BBQ we started it a bit earlier. It was a fun day but very busy and a lot of hard work. Another packed day tomorrow.


Megan (age 9)

7:00pm BBQ

 After our cool kite flying we had a BBQ. It was really nice, me and my dad (Danny) went and bought some corn on the cob from the spar down the road. We put it on the BBQ with Keith's giant mushroom stuffed with cheese (I don't like them). We kept on moving our corn on the cob with the tongs, some of it burnt but it was still gorgeous anyway. When it had finished cooking it on the BBQ we ate it.  It was absolutely splendid. Everyone enjoyed it. While people ate the food ate the food some people played badminton.   It was amazingly fun like everything else we have done and like we will do tomorrow. Can't wait.


Megan (age 9)

9:30pm Mystery Walk  to the big wave

After a Scrumptious feast, we had to go on a magical mystery walk. It was such a long and 'exciting' walk especially as Rhys and I saw a sign that informed us about 'Pete's Burger Bar' and we got so curious about how greasy the burgers would be. The walk was around 1 and a half hours long but it felt like forever as it had a very scenic path. Then we came to a road. The cars were driving wildly and it took a while to cross. When we crossed the road we saw a MASSIVE WAVE! It was 10 times more extreme than Four Mile Bridge. It was such a fascinating wave that we stayed for about 10 minutes. Then we walked back. And they're was a Rainbow!!!!!    Jack Gille   Click here for more information on where the mystery wave is…….

9:00am    Drive to the beach and out into the massive waves, then surf for a while

On Sunday the 21st at 9 am we got ready to drive down the road to the beach, Porth Dafarch. It was windy but still quite warm. When I saw the waves I felt scared but I knew it was safe. When everybody got their boats down to the water edge we got on the water and started to paddle out through the big surf into the gigantic swell. We were just bobbing up and down. It was hard work. I really didn't like it when we were coming back, the waves were pushing me. When we got back we went and played on the little waves near the beach. I played on them for a bit and then I went for a little swim. I ended up getting back by a big wave pushing me back to shore. When I did that a couple of times I got back into my boat and did it again 3 times but each time I capsized (It was cold.) Then we went back to the camp site Pen-y-Bont for lunch then went to 4 mile bridge again.

I enjoyed the whole weekend and can't wait for the next junior weekend in Anglesey.  By Megan (age 9)           More Photos……………

Matt on the crest of a wave

Sarah uses a stern rudder

Megan and Matt on the same wave

12:30pm  Play at 4 mile bridge again in the white water

After lunch on we went kayaking again back on the Inland Sea. There was another group there from Conway Canoe Club.  They were mostly swimming and jumping in but we went through the hole again and played in the rough water.  I fell in 3 times but loved it.  Matt Richards (Aged 8)   More Photos……………

Jamie leads us to 4 mile bridge

Matt paddles through the bridge

Tom in the white water


I Didn't quite know what to expect as this was the first camping weekend we had been on with LCC and only knew a few of the people camping .


On the Saturday we paddled down to four mile bridge and went under  the bridge with the tide , we also floated under the bridge with Ben holding onto his dad for his dear life !  After lunch we went coasteering at Port Dafarth , Aaron came along but Callum and Ben were too tired from the early  morning start ,  Aaron loved jumping into the water and climbing on the rocks all done with safety in mind .

On Sunday morning after recovering from Keith's mystery walk we went paddling in the sea again at Port Dafarth were we enjoyed some surfing and Aaron gained some experience paddling on the sea.


After lunch we packed away our tent and kit and travelled home with ABC (Aaron, Ben and Callum) sleeping all the way !

Thanks for a fantastic and safe weekend to all who helped out.


Thanks Norman, Jacqui and ABC.

 Attendees; Megan, Tony, Rhys, Colin, Nathan, Mark, Tom, Matt, Emma, Sarah, Jack, Alan, Rachel, Jamie, Julie, Norman, Jacqui, Callum, Ben, Aaron, Eleanor, Steve, Keith

22/06/15 This article is all about the traditional skills of canoe poling.

canoe poling dave rossetterPoling

The act of using a pole to propel the canoe. Generally poling is moving upstream. We also use the pole to descend down shallow sections of river – known as snubbing. This article will look at poling.

Trim - Moving upstream trim slightly towards the stern. Moving downstream Trim towards the bow.


The choice of materials for the pole really falls into three choices in the UK:

  • Carbon
  • Kevlar
  • Aluminium

My favoured choice is the aluminium ones. This is due to them not only being the cheapest but for giving the best performance in terms of:

  • Ease of end sinking
  • Overall stiffness
  • Durability

When to pole
Poling in the UK often only gets covered when paddlers are going through the Star Awards. However, I believe that the pole can be used to add so much more to the options of paddlers looking to journey when the conditions are not favourable for the paddle i.e. moving upwind close to the shore, moving against flow or just when it’s too shallow for the paddle. It can also give you a change of position in the canoe so when your knees are sore it’s time to stand!

Using the Pole
First option, which often gets overlooked is to use just half a pole. This gives you the ability to stay in your ideal position having considered your trim. (Figure 2)

Getting the canoe moving you need to ensure that the pole is placed behind you in contact with the ground. Short stabs then to propel forward.

When using the half-pole ensure that the closed end contacts the ground and not the open end.

To use the whole pole it can be as simple as using the pole as a kayak paddle. Takes a bit of time to get the boat moving however, it can be very effective. (Figure 3)

canoe poling dave rossetter

canoe poling dave rossetter

Figure 2

Figure 3


Two choices for stance when standing
Feet parallel which gives you the best position in terms of stability and the ability to use both sides of the canoe. Ensure that the feet are at least hip width. You may find though that you want to get them as wide as possible. This width really ensures that you can control the stability of the canoe as well as giving you a wide base for balance. (Figure 4)

The squared off stance allows you to steer more through your feet and control the angle and tilt of the canoe prior to pushing off the ground.  Second position is having the feet off-set. This gives you the ability to apply more power on the on-side, however, some paddlers feel less stable, which makes it harder to use both sides of the canoe. The off-set position allows you to apply weight forward and back as required to change the trim.

While having your feet off-set you can choose how in-line and close to the side they are. The more in-line and closer to the side there is more chance of you being off balance. However, as everything is in line then the potential for delivering more power is there. As with many things it is all about a compromise. (Figure 5)


canoe poling dave rossetter

canoe poling dave rossetter

Figure 4

Figure 5

Whatever stance you choose it is important to keep the knees soft/bent to allow you to absorb your movement and stay in balance. Keeping the knees soft allows you to change your height, which in turn adds pressure to your pole which in turns provides momentum without just using your arms.

canoe poling dave rossetterHolding the pole
To get the best out of your poling and allow you to deliver the most amount of power then having a hand position that allows you to get the front hand outside the gunnel is important.

Front hand should be palm up with the pole on top of the hand. This ensures that the hand can get outside the canoe and provides the best position for delivering power. The lower hand should be palm down. This will give you support when you feel off balance as you can push off the pole.

The hands tend to be either side of the joint on a normal 12-foot pole. They are roughly shoulder width apart. (Figure 6)

Pole placement
When pushing off the ground you need to ensure that the pole is behind the feet with an angle of about 45 degrees. This will give the optimum position for contact with the ground and forward propulsion. Too low an angle and far back will result in stooping and being off balance whilst too close to your feet gives very little forward power.

Top Tip:
The direction of where the top of the pole is facing before you apply power to it is where you are heading. This control of angle will see you moving under control.

Gaining momentum
As previously mentioned, the first job is to sort out your angle then provide the power. This can be done by pressing down with the back hand and back with the top or front hand. Combining this with a slight bending of the knees moves the canoe.
Short stabs allows you to keep the pole in contact with the ground for longer which prevents the canoe going off course or having to do too much steering. Often polers provide too much power and walk up the pole which means once you have used that power you need to control/correct it. This leads to the environment taking over be it wind or current.

Using these short stabs means that your hands don’t need to move along the pole, which will help with gaining speed.
There will be a time when ‘walking’ up the pole with the hands will be appropriate – such as going up ledges. However, for the most part, I find that my hands stay fairly static on the pole.

Time to practice
The next time you are out on flat sheltered water then have a shot.

  • Practice using the half-pole in close to shore and push yourself along
  • Stand up and use it as a kayak paddle
  • Stand up and push off the ground and experiment with controlling angle before moving

dave rossetter coachingThen move onto either same skills moving upwind or:

  • On a short section of easy moving water, try using the half-pole to ascend against the moving water
  • On that same section stand and use the pole.

Then as your skill and confidence increases you can push the environment. Your last challenge is to use the knowledge gained moving against the flow is to try and snub down river. This is all about control/trim and controlling your angle by keeping the speed down.

Good luck and don’t leave home without your POLE!

Happy paddling and hope to see you on the water.

By Dave Rossetter

Dave is the full time paddlesport instructor at Glenmore Lodge – Scotland’s National Outdoor Training Centre. He has been involved in the development of the new awards and provides expert advice throughout the industry on all things to do with coaching, safety, leadership and personal paddling. He is passionate about all things paddling and specialises in white water kayak and open canoe where he will most often be found.

16/06/15 Open Boat Beginners Course with Rosie Diver

 Having paddled nothing but a Sea kayak I felt that it was about time to taste something different.


Some photos on YouTube   https://youtu.be/6es8mXsf4O4


Rosie Diver set up a basic course that was run over two sessions at the dock.

There were 12 participants, all eager to learn and have some fun. Mike ably assisted Rosie and kept us all out of trouble

The club boats and paddles were used and due to the numbers even the  Aluminium “Grumman’s were put into service. I had never seen them on the water before, but they seemed to handle very nicely.


The first session was run with quite a strong wind evident, so we kept out of harm’s way in the Lee of the Dock walls. There was a lot more to be learned than I had imagined, but with the skill of our tutors being put to good use, I felt that we had all come through without any major problems.

Above all it was great fun.

Apart from the basic strokes, we all had to change places (and boats) in deep water and this proved “Interesting” but there were no swimmers.


 Rosie had her “Poles” out and I thought she was after some Punting. In fact she had us paddling with them and it was, to me, amazing how effective just a small round Aluminium tube could be.


The end of the first session had us cross an open area---------open to the strong wind that is.

I felt that Mike was a bit anxious at this point as he shouted to not go near any of the moored craft. Despite his fears the crossing went quite well.


The second session had a weather forecast of lighter wind and rain. Fortunately the rain failed to appear and the wind was indeed light.

This gave us the opportunity to gain “Even more skills??” before proceeding down to the Liverpool Wheel.

After a breather, we returned to our start point and all practiced capsizes and recovering boats to the shore.

The correct method of emptying the boats was shown and then as we were all wet and getting cold, the boats were returned to the racks, bodies showered and some refreshment taken at the Marina Bar.

Bob Hamiliton

As usual Rosie Diver's coaching was of the highest standard.  She has such an easy going manner and inspires confidence.  The course is extremely thorough and covers every aspect to enable competent participation in river/lake/canal trips.  I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to develop open canoe skills.  Julie Brookes

08/06/15 A weekend of tea and bacon sandwiches (Liverpool International Canoe Polo tournament at Dukes Dock 6-7th June)

Liverpool Canoe Club Open team

Both teams met on Saturday morning for two days of Canoe polo at Dukes Dock in Liverpool city centre. A strong wind made play difficult all day however both teams did well with the ladies playing 4 games and the open team playing 3 games. The food tent kept everybody happy with hot drinks and bacon sandwiches, food well known too all athletes at the top of their game. Whilst off the water the Mersey river festival provided entertainment with the northern boat show, an air show to name a few of the activities going on.

 Sunday brought a much nicer day in the terms of weather with less wind and more sunshine keeping those on and off the water much warmer. The ladies team gained some support for from a couple of open players as they were a few players short. They did well with an overall position of 8th in their division. The open team in the division above also had a good day, only slightly tarnished with a yellow card and sending off for one of their players. Some fun and challenging games gave them an overall position of 6th in the league but won their final game against VKC to give them 5th overall. Some of the players stayed watch an exciting final of the top division between FOA and Dragon, with celebratory, tea cake and Ice creams to finish off a great 2 days.

Theo Gaussen         More Photos…….

Liverpool Canoe Club Ladies

I played in the Liverpool Ladies at the competition this weekend. Leanne, Sophie, Sarah, Laura and I played together on Sat and even won a game. Laura couldn't make it on Sunday so we got a bit more macho with the addition of Tom, Mike and Miguel from the men's team, thanks guys! Sadly, the testosterone boost didn't stop us from achieving a lowish 8th place in the lowest division but, hey, that certainly leaves plenty of scope for improvement. Personally, I've learnt that its high time I learnt to roll when I need to, and that when you're slow and have the turning circle of an oil tanker you shouldn't try to chase the ball around like a lost puppy.


I had a great time: thanks for the organising, Keith, and to all of the Tuesday Halewood and Friday Docks polo players who attempted to teach me some rules and a bit of strategy over the past month. Thanks as well to the murder ball winter season regulars - Karl, Paul, Norman, Callum and Julian - who taught me all my bad habits in the first place.

cheers,  Becka     More Photos…….

03/06/15 Italy 2015: Good Times & My Crap Lines

Very quick edit of our trip to Val Sesia in Italy this year.

Good times, and some not very good lines from myself, but we all had a boss time...enjoy.

YouTube video…..

 Jack Andrews









01/06/15 ATC Canoe Polo Championships hosted by LCC at Dukes Dock - Saturday 23 May

We hosted this tournament again this year but this time we held it in Dukes Dock by the Wheel of Liverpool during the 3 Queens weekend, one of the busiest of the year.  The event generated much interest in the club and we had our flag next to the control / changing tent.  We have plans to use the area more in the future as it is ideal for this kind of informal event.

There were 16 teams of local cadets, most of whom are members of LCC or paddle with affiliated sections.  They competed in blocks of 4 in three divisions.  The event was run by the ATC leaders most of whom play for LCC polo sides during the season.


Congratulations go to Maghull who were eventual winners.


Division 1 / 2 standings

Division 3 standings

Maghull A


Prescot A




Speke A


Woodvale A


Northwich A


Prescot B






Northwich B


Maghull B


Maghull C


Ellesmere P




01/06/15 River Mersey Paddle - Sunday 31 May

We had a LOVELY day on the Mersey yesterday. The forecast was dreadful but in Stockport we had no rain all day - although one or two of us did get a bit wet! - and even sat outside in the beer Garden re-hydrating at the end.


When we think of the Mersey it's all too easy to think of the Liverpool end and not the Stockport end which is almost rural and twisty and tree-lined all the way down. There was plenty of wildlife from Kingfishers to Herons, loads of goslings including one very new one and ducklings. 


It's a lovely paddle as an introduction to moving water and thoroughly well done to our novices who learned how to read the river and ride the waves and shoot weirs.


The next open boat paddle we will try not to have quite so much wind! My word it was windy in parts!



If you want to know what it's all about:  http://www.canoe-england.org.uk/media/pdf/ea%20merseyguidedraft.pdf

01/06/15 Surf-a-thon weekender

The weekends event saw over thirty paddlers attend the Surf marathon over three days with Kayaks, Canoes, Surfboards and Bodyboards all entering the water. Friday evening was blessed with sunshine and rolling waves as the evening challenged the skills of all on the water. John spent the evening perfecting the 'Bongo slide' whilst screaming as he bounced sideways "Bongooo" followed by an almighty splash as he was dumped into the Surf.


Saturdays early start saw John , Keenan, Colin and Myself meeting at 0700hrs again joined by Surf and sunshine. Taking the ever preferred in-tide we enjoyed an easy warm up until the waves got bigger and bigger and challenged our skills upon the waves. Keenan, with his new Surfboard, demonstrated his new found skills as he rode past the mornings Kayakers at break neck speed whilst screaming all the way. Only as the water met the brickwork at Crosby where we forced to leave the water awaiting the following days final event.


We knew Sundays event would be a challenge to all as Paul had ensured that the most difficult conditions would challenge even the best but still we saw Ten paddlers, who obviously had not seen the weather report, try to enter the water. During the Pre-brief Paul and I demonstrated techniques and safety routines whilst Gary and Ste took 'Selfies ' to send to their friends and family of their day out at the beach. Along the beach the mornings weather had blown foam upon the shore as paddlers struggled to get out through the waves. Quite sadistically Paul enjoyed the look of fear upon everyone's face as they entered the water to be met by dumping waves upon the shore. Harvey and Keenan thought it would be an even greater challenge if they had to dodge Flying Jellyfish too. Dave Blake demonstrated the wet exit numerous times whilst upon/in the water as he felt we could all benefit from his expertise. My time was filled with emptying boats, paddler rescues, gear recovery and dragging kayaks through the breaking waves out to the surf zone. Eventually we were all on the water fighting against 35mph winds, dumping surf and the threat of Paul who amused himself by tipping paddlers from their boats.

The weekend concluded with award winners John and Keenan sharing chips with the local birds.


Surf a thon award winners:- 


Keenan Tattum - Weekends Surfboard champion.


John Hornet - Bongo slide champion.


Paul Harwood - Event Organiser who set the worst conditions possible for a surf event.


Harvey Harwood - Jellyfish welfare


Thanks to Paul and Dom who achieved to manufacture the weekends award in record time and to all who attended and supported our event.

Karl Tattum      More Photos……



31/05/15 June 2015 Newsletter Published 
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