Volume 16 Issue 1

January 2016

January Paddler
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 25/12/15 Boxing Day paddle – 10:00am at the Marina


A small number of club members are meeting at the Marina on Boxing Day - competent paddlers only.  If you fancy "paddling off" that Christmas Pud! please come and join us.  


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.


Julie (Brookes)



24/12/15 Major dates for Club events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

13-20 February 2016

Skiing and Snowboarding trip - France.  Coordinator Pete Thomas

24 - 28 April 2016

Easter Bank holiday at the Blackwater Hostel – Scotland  Click here for more info and to book a place…..

2 - 17 April 2016

Nepal White Water Trip Coordinator Keith Steer

9 - 16 April 2016

Croatia Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Andy Garland

3 July 2016

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race Click for more……

22 July – 7 August 2016

Alpine Summer Holiday Coordinator Keith Steer

17 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Keith Steer


24/12/15 January “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Mike Alter for his winning photo:

“Open Boats on the River Lochy with the North Face of Ben Nevis in the background”


Runner up Kristiaan Daout:

“Alex and Robbie on the Seavoice training course”


Runner up Jimi Wrong:

“Gentle Paddle for newbie’s - Elaine Boyle on Loch Leven

 Not found your photograph? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.
Please send in your entries for next month now - website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk


24/12/15 Christmas Rolling Competition – Round 3

Monday night saw the third round of the rolling competition.  Leaders on the night were Jimmy Wright, Ciaran Fahey, Jack Smee and Joe Sheppard.  Do you want to have a go and can you do better?   Next round is on Monday 4th January when Kingsway pool reopens. – click here to book…..



20/12/15 Bag roll emptying an open canoe

Jaakko Makikyla posted a video on my timeline demonstrating this. So on the last day of the 5* Training we were trying all sorts of self rescue and so it was time to experiment. The bag was fastened tightly against the canoe and a tape attached to the other side. Feet were against the canoe to give purchase and the guys worked out a slow roll was best (to my surprise). Thanks Jaakko.



Please note that no Ray got wet during the taking of these photos.


20/12/15 Christmas Rolling Competition – Round 2

Tuesday night saw the second round of the rolling competition at the Junior Pool at Broadgreen.  Leader on the night was Ollie Murphy.  Do you want to have a go and can you do better?   Next round is on Monday 4th January when Kingsway pool reopens. – click here to book…..



20/12/15 The Canoe Show 5

This edition of The Canoe Show comes from the ICF Canoe Slalom World Championships in Lee Valley. There's coverage of the racing and British medals, as well as a look at Olympic legacy and the MacGregor exhibition. There's a profile of Britain's Paracanoe squad, a piece on custom printed paddle gear with Peak and a canoe trail that's right next to the White Water Centre. Oh and Helen takes a run down the Worlds course - her first time on the water at Lee Valley, eleven years on from winning her Olympic medal in athens!


Click here to watch the 25min TV programme….


20/12/15 Liverpool Docks Christmas paddle

A massive thanks to Julie Brookes for arranging a fantastic Xmas paddle Sunday morning.


About 30 LCC paddlers met at 10am on a lovely mild and bright Sunday morning and were soon on the water with both paddler and boat adorned with Christmas decor. A headcount was completed before the group casually made their way towards the Salthouse Dock and the slipway at its southern end.

Salthouse Dock
Designed by Thomas Steers, it was completed after his death by Henry Berry, opening in 1753. As is indicative of its name, the dock was an important transit terminal for the salt industry.

Salthouse Dock 1897



One by one the group arrived at the slipway and hauled their craft up onto dry land. It wasn't long before containers were opened and mince pies, cakes and jelly sweets were shared. Visitors to Liverpool were obviously fascinated at the sight in front of them and several pointed cameras at the crowd of red and white clad paddlers which had gathered. A young four year old boy stood on the dock wall and judged the best dressed kayak and canoe and then the group even gave some entertainment in the form of a sing-a-long of "We wish you a merry Christmas" accompanied by ukulele.


A quick paddle back, boats put away and then a drink at the Marina concluded a very successful Xmas paddle 


These events are a great opportunity to meet other club members and to catch up with friends both old and new. We can't wait for the next one.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.


Report by John Fay.        More photographs………….


18/12/15 Christmas Rolling Competition – Round 1


Last night saw the first round of the rolling competition.  Current leaders are Joe Sheppard, Jack Smee, Geoff Birch and Phil Richardson.  Do you want to have a go and can you do better?   Next round is on Monday at the pool – click here to book…..



15/12/15 Christmas Rolling Competition


Each Christmas we hold a rolling competition with club members trying to complete as many rolls as they can in 30 seconds.  There are different categories (Fastest X Rescue, Paddle rolls and hand rolls in 30 seconds).  It is very informal – Just see Dave Reynolds or Dominic Fahey at the pool (Thursday 17th and Monday 21st December 2016) and they will record your attempt.  You are allowed as many goes as you like.


Please note that if a pool session does not appear on the calendar or booking page then it is not available as the pools have early closing of over Christmas.  Halewood Canoe Polo continues though so if you fancy developing your paddling skills just book on and come along – everything you need is at the pool.

To book a pool session click here……..


14/12/15 River Tees in the Snow


 Today's paddle in the snow on the River Tees


Liverpool canoe club https://vimeo.com/148813338


John Cooke



13/12/15 Christmas Paddle and Meal


Once again, an enjoyable day in great company topped off with a very nice meal indeed!

Thanks a bunch to Brian Green for doing the organisation – could be a job for life, he’s so good at it.

Merry Chrimbo to one and all.    Pete n Caz


A big thank you to Brian Green for organising another Club Xmas paddle and meal.


18 kayakers met at the Beacons car park at 09.30 and after a briefing on the sheltered car park set off down the estuary heading towards Conway castle.

Due to the flow of the tide care was taken when approaching the moored boats, pontoons and buoys which seemed to be heading towards us at great speed.

Under the bridge and past the castle the group continued until sighting a upturned river kayak in the water. Concerned about the absence of a paddler it was decided to radio the coastguard with a description of the kayak and its gps coordinates. Whilst this was being done a second wave sport kayak was found. This too was called in before we continued with our journey.


After another half hour a suitable spot on the bank was found where the group could take a rest and eat lunch. John Worswick had a nice treat in the form of a litre bottle of sherry and a tub of mince pies which were shared between the group.


Rested and refuelled it was time to head back. The group paddled together passing the rescued kayaks lying on the bank waiting for their owners to claim them. Soon the group were back on the sandy beach and after loading boats on cars the group headed for Llandudno and the St. Georges Hotel which for the second year was hosting the clubs Xmas meal.


The three course meal followed by coffee/tea and mince pies didn't disappoint. Just as the year before both meal and service was excellent and enjoyed in the great company of friends old and new.


Merry Christmas  John & Chris Fay


Photos of the Christmas Paddle……..


Photos of Christmas social at St Georges Hotel…..




11/12/15 Manchester Canoes Clearance Event this weekend




09/12/15 Ladies Canoe Polo

Great performances from the ladies team last night. I get the feeling that it was the most important moment for ladies polo in the club. 3 great additions with Becka Lawson, Vicki, and Maya, along with the ever dependable Leanne Coolrod and Sophie Steventon, also helped out by the ever so feminine Scott Gibson.


These are good times; imagine if we could get them at a tournament with Olivia Rowe, Kate Mather, Sarah Gille, Katie Holland , and Laura Watkin, we could be a real force. The futures bright too with developing players introduced to the team this year Steph Truman, Sarah Ross, Indi Macintosh.


Want to find out more about playing canoe polo with the club go to LCC Canoe Polo…….


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