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March 2016

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29/02/16 Major dates for Club Events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

16th March 2016 at 8pm

Norway and the Lofoten Islands talk” by Andy Garland Click for more information……

24 - 28 March 2016

Easter Bank holiday at the Blackwater Hostel – Scotland  Click here for more info and to book a place…..

2 - 17 April 2016

Nepal White Water Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

9 - 16 April 2016

Croatia Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Andy Garland Trip now full

6 - 8 May 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 1 Tyn Rhos Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey   To book a place…

27 - 30 May 2016

Pembroke Bank Holiday Weekend Click for more…… Coordinator Jenny Brown  To book a place…

10 - 12 June 2016

Anglesey (Juniors) Weekend No 2 Pen-Y-Bont Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  To book a place….

3 July 2016

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race Click for more……

15 – 17 July 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 3 Bodfan Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Jenny Brown   To book a place…

22 July – 7 August 2016

Alpine Summer Holiday Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  

14 August 2016

Liverpool Triathlon – LCC Safety kayakers needed Click for more……

17 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

16 – 18 Sept 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 4 Outdoor Alternative Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey To book a place…



29/02/16 February “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to John Fay for his winning photo:

Julie and John – seal of approval, Great Orme February 2016


Runner up John Fay:

“Robin Emily and seal, Great Orme 2016”


Runner up David Turnbill:

Tees Barrage - Sophie in a slide”

 Not found your photograph? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.
Please send in your entries for next month now - website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk

29/02/16 Mayo has a new paddling blog Can u kayak?......


Many of you will know and will have paddle with club member Maya-ray Cross. (Mayo). She lives for paddle sports and has a blog where she writes about her paddling experiences.  It is well worth a look.


“I've been kayaking for many years now as you may know, and I've been on some pretty awesome adventures. Unfortunately I do pay the price afterwards.
I have a medical condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it affects my joints, the muscles and the tendons around them, which makes my joints dislocate a lot. This causes me a lot of problems when I'm kayaking and was proven on my 3* white water assessment when my shoulder had a little fit, but it held out until the end…..


This is my daughters blog about kayaking with disabilities please have a look. Some of you may have met her on the water and not realised what she goes through.  Angela Cross


Can u kayak?......


29/02/16 Go Kayaking Grand Re-opening Shop Event. Saturday 12th March - Open From 9am - 7pm.


* Exclusive Pyranha Kayaks Factory tour, between 09:30 and 12:00.  ANYONE INTERESTED MUST BOOK ON BEFORE THE DAY, SPACES ARE LIMITED! 

CALL 01928 710 770 or email info@go-kayaking.com


* Guest speaker David Bain 16:30 - Adidas Sickline Silver Medalist 2015.

* Learn to Stand up Paddle Board for free with Red Paddle Co on our on site canal,

* Come & try the new Corelite X Venture Canoes & Kayaks & P&H Custom Sea Kayaks

* Pyranha, Venture, P&H and Red Paddle Co demo fleet available to try.

* Fantastic in store offers, all round good vibes & free food!


Go Kayaking North West, Marina Village, Runcorn, WA7 3DW

01928 710 770


29/02/16 Sea Kayak Skills –CONTACT TOWS


If you take your safety and that of others seriously while paddling on the sea, part of the range of safety equipment you’ll be carrying is at least one method of towing another kayak containing an exhausted or injured paddler or just towing someone who needs help getting out of a challenging situation.


There are many tow systems to choose from but none of them is of any use unless you practice with them regularly. Lots of string and big waves have a habit of making things go very wrong very quickly but Caz Rescue Practice Scotland.jpgpracticing your towing techniques in these conditions will help you minimise the risk of additional problems. As always when getting involved in towing systems, it’s also important to carry an easily deployed river knife so you stand a chance of getting free if things go pear shaped.


The simplest and fastest method of rigging a tow is to use some form of contact tow and the simplest of these is to just get the casualty to take a firm hold of the towing kayak (see picture right).



In this method, it’s important for the towed paddler to get a firm hold of the towing boat as far back as possible and for them to lean over the towing boat so that their bow is kept clear of the arms of the paddler who will be working hard to get both boats into easier water. This timesaving method is useful as a means of getting a casualty out of a fast moving tiderace and works even if they have a flooded cockpit with their deck off after getting them back into their boat. If another method is used involving a towline, it’s likely that the additional rigging time will mean the 2 boats will be swept well down the tiderace and away from the point where the incident took place.


Another form of contact tow utilises a short piece of bungee line attached to the deckline of the towing boat near the cockpit which is then looped over the toggle of the boat that needs towing. In the following video you’ll see that the method is used to tow an empty boat back to a swimmer. The method can just as easily be used to tow a boat, complete with paddler, a short distance into an eddy or into easier water.


Video 1 – Basic toggle tow


Many of us have some sort of quick-release contact tow system rigged on our boats and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. The quick-release element ensures that the rescuer can get out of the system should the casualty capsize while being towed or should both boats be swept onto rocks etc.


The contact tow system depicted in the following video is a well-designed product although many of us have made our own versions for much less money.


Video 2  - Adjustable quick release contact tow



If you do make your own contact towline be sure not to use those cheap and nasty karabiners that have a “hooked” end (illustrated on the left) as these have sharp edges that frequently snag just at the wrong moment just when you need to free them.



It’s much better to use a specialised snap shackle (illustrated on the right) that’s commonly used in the sailing world.  As long as there’s no unusually high loading in the system, these will allow you to release from the contact tow quickly and easily and the shackles are also snag free.


The following video summarises many of the above points and illustrates some good techniques related to contact tows.


Video 3  - Good summary of various contact tow techniques



Next month we’ll continue to look at towing systems such as body or boat mounted alternatives.

Article written by Pete Thomas



22/02/16 LCC Ski trip 2016, Val Thorens

Yet another successful Liverpool Canoe Club ski holiday is behind us and, from my perspective, it certainly had some of the best skiing I’ve enjoyed in years.


Based at Val Thorens, France, which is part of the largest collection of linked ski resorts in the world, our 8 strong LCC team was blessed with superb snow conditions with a fresh dump being delivered to our slopes just prior to our arrival. More than 50% of our skiing was done under wide blue skies with bright sunshine illuminating the vast and high snowy mountainsides. The couple of days we had with more challenging conditions made for interesting skiing and navigation for those willing to push themselves just that bit further and higher.


Two teams formed between those with more skiing experience and those who, up until the holiday, had never been outside of the ChillFactorE www.chillfactore.com/ . The more experienced of us bought a full area pass giving us access to the massive Trois Vallées area (now 4 valleys+) http://www.les3vallees.com/ while the “beginners” signed up for ski school within the extensive Val Thorens area. Both teams met up frequently to exchange experiences and to encourage the less experienced to venture further afield. It was a winning formula and we each had lots of fun throughout the week.


With 600km of pistes to choose from, the fast team left early one sunny morning to tick off as many runs as possible across the entire complex. Just for fun I recorded our runs on my Strava account https://www.strava.com/ and it showed a maximum speed of 50.6 mph. Although we visited the main ski areas in each of the 3 valleys, it’s no wonder we were knackered well before we ticked off anywhere near the whole area. Maybe next time!


Meanwhile, Sarah Gille was getting better and better at controlling her skis in ski school while Jordan and Sharon Woods were carving up the slopes on their snowboards. Jordan in particular was progressively hiked up into more advanced snowboard classes and even managed to burn one of them off completely when, after recovering from a wipe-out, he discovered that the rest of his class was nowhere to be found!! Considering that each of them hadn’t experienced real snow until this holiday, it’s pretty obvious that they’re soon going to turn into skilful skiers and boarders. To celebrate a successful week in ski school, the three of them signed up for a very long, steep and necky toboggan ride which, to my eyes, looked a lot more difficult than some of the black runs we had skied!!


All in all, it was a fantastic holiday and each of us has already signed up to next year’s trip. If you’re interested just get in touch with fionabarry5@yahoo.co.uk to confirm your interest (next year might seem a long way off but you’ll be surprised at how quickly these trips fill up).



Half-tem skiing means long queues – this is nonsense as long as you ski in a vast area such as the 3 Valleys, Port du Soleil or Alpe d'Huez. Last year and this year we hardy saw any significant ski tow queues.

Half-tem is expensive  – again, as long as you go to a big area with a group of keen mates, you’re going to get good value out of the whole holiday. I would much rather go on this kind of trip in preference to a limited low resort with patchy snow conditions.



EasyJet Liverpool/Grenoble Return - £397 each (could be cheaper if booked early)

Self-catering accommodation with ski pass - £404 each (we ate in 3 nights and went to our favourite restaurant for the remainder)

Minibus Transfer Grenoble/Val Thorens/Grenoble - £79 each

Ski / snowboard hire – approx £86 each for 5 people

Ski school - £110 each for 3 people


I look forward to skiing with you next year.


Skiers/SnowboardersSarah Gille, Fiona Barry, Keith Steer, Ian Bell, Sharon Woods, Jordan Woods, Carole Thomas, Pete Thomas


22/02/16 Ski trip 2016 Movie, Val Thorens by Sarah Gille


15/02/16 February Photo of the Month Competition – Please vote for your favourite Click for More.    


A January float in the rain on Ullswater  Photo submitted by Vikki Palmer

Karl Winrow under a waterfall Great Orme 2016 – Photo by John Fay

Great Orme Thurs 11 February 2016.  Julie in the yellow Flex 11 and John Fay in the orange Scorpio Mk2  - Photo John Fay

Karl Tattum paddles out into the surf at Crosby 2016 - Photo Paul Harwood

Llangollen Canal 2016 - Photo Christine Fay

Sophie's New Years Day microadventure on the River Weaver - Photo submitted by Vikki Palmer


Tees Barrage - Sophie in a slide - Photo David Turnbill

Robin Emily Great Orme 2016 – Photo by John Fay




15/02/16 Ski trip 2016, Val Thorens (the highest Alpine Ski resort in Europe)

Afficher l'image d'origine


Liverpool Canoe Club annual skiing trip is enjoying great snow conditions (2.5m at the top of the runs)  We are in Val Thorens with ski in / ski out accommodation.  Full story and videos to follow…..


Reported by Pete Thomas



14/02/16 River Dee from Farndon to Sandy Lane (Chester) 13/02/16

This seemed like a very good idea, to have a paddle from Fardon down the river Dee to Sandy Lane. Which was 12km in total.

It was an easy river trip suitable for all boats. 4 paddlers John Fay Natalie Glover, Phil Edwards and Julie Brookes met at Sandy Lane then headed off to Farndon leaving a care ready to shuttle drivers back at the end.


We parked at farndon and got on the water at 10.05am. Phil seemed a little unsteady at first stating he didn't like it but he soon got back into the swing of things. It seemed like a good idea at the time!!

High tide was at 15.30 at Chester so the water was helping us along in the right direction. There were some beautiful sights along the way and we were all very chatty and enjoying the cruise. The temperature dropped and we was all feeling the cold. John asked who's idea it was to do this paddle today to which we all replied that it was his idea.


We stopped for lunch on the banking and sat on a big tree log. We had such a laugh as it was so slippery with mud we all almost ended up sliding back in the water. We got back into our boats and then continued the paddle to Sandy Lane.


We arrived at our start point early so we all decided to carry on into Chester to the weir. Once there we got out again and stretched our legs. The water began rising onto the footpath were we was standing. Phil noticed this and thought it was just him seeing things. But he wasn't. It was actually rising. Onto the second step we went lifting the boats as well which were almost floating by now.

Warm drinks in hand we got ourselves geared up again to paddle back to Sandy Lane. Getting back in the boats was easy enough due to the high tide and the amount of water on the footpath. Julie and John went for a little paddle over the weir followed by Natalie, Phil had the sense to stay well clear.


On the way back to Sandy lane we chatted and soon arrived back at the car park. There we got out and left Natalie with the kayaks while we went to pick up the cars from Farndon. Boats loaded on the cars we chatted about how we all enjoyed the paddle and then parted ways to set off for home.


Report by Natalie Glover   More Photos……..


14/02/16 River Irwell (grade I/II) at Burrs Country Park

A quick run down the river Irwell (grade I/II) at Burrs Country Park on a very chilly morning in February with some of the guys from Liverpool Canoe Club.  Click to play video….

Thanks for those who turned out at Irwell - I'm going to post a few of these weekends to get Kieron out up till March - then head back down to the Dee. (France Training)

After a muddy start paddling up the canal - all made the weir with a blast of cold water. thanks for turning up - good surfing Craig - Rob Aaaron and Andy.
John Kieron Allerton


Paddlers: John Allerton, Robbie and Aaron Smith, Kieron Allerton, Craig E and Andy.



12/02/16 Slipway Inn - Appley Bridge Lock 10/02/16

 What a lovely day we chose to paddle the Leeds - Liverpool canal. The sun was out and the sky was blue and that put everyone in good spirits.  We met at the Slipway Inn at Burscough at 10.30am and set off towards Appley Bridge. We soon came to the Burscough Wharf where we've stopped many times before. In fact the last time Natalie and John paddled there  a very nice lady working in the fender unit made us coffee and gave us apple turnovers. Umm


After gliding under a couple of low bridges and an hour and half later we came to Parbold. Again we've stopped here on numerous occasions but this time we had to press on a further half hour or so much to the disappointment of Chris Fay who usually enjoys a coffee from the cafe next to the canal. Maybe on the way back Chris?


It was the disused lock we came to first overgrown with vegetation. This was our location for lunch but we had to paddle to the working lock first for a photo shoot. That done we hauled the kayaks and canoe onto the ledge of the overflow channel and stepped up onto the grassy bank. Julie was convinced she hadn't been to this section of the canal before and it was only after photo evidence was produced did she admit defeat declaring "Well I never".


The return trip was a just as enjoyable with plenty of time for chit-chat along the way. Natalie jumped out at the Parbold cafe and Chris did get her coffee although it and the accompanying hot chocolate and tea seemed to take a lifetime to prepare. Once back at The Slipway it was a quick bye for now as the group were attending Keith's film presentation that evening at the Marina. For Julie, Chris, Natalie and John it was a another fun day of paddling and of watching others paddle.


Report by John Fay   More Photos…….


12/02/16 Alternative Film Festival Play list
If you missed the film night at the Marina or would like to see the full versions of the films most are available on the web – just click the links below:

12/02/16 Anyone out in the sea this Thursday?

This was the email Karl Winrow sent out to which four other LCC members replied and a plan hatched to paddle around the Great Orme. And so it was that John Fay, Robin Emley, Bob Hamilton, Karl Winrow and Julie Brooke's met at the West shore at a little after 10am that morning to paddle the Orme.


Five kayaks were unloaded onto the beach one of which was Karl's brand new yellow and white Northshore Ocean composite out for its maiden voyage. Julie had decided to use her Flex instead of her usual choice of weapon the Eskey. The original plan was to paddle both ways returning to the west shore but due to the heavy traffic when travelling down we were later than planned getting on the water. So it was decided we would take a car around to the promenade at Llandudno just in case it turned into a one way trip.


The little group had layered up for this trip as it was February but all remarked on how hot they were. The tide was a big one and the water a little rougher than expected but the group made excellent progress. The Orme rose very impressively out of the sea and the group could see the castle high on its summit. The kayaks looked tiny against the rock. Although the caves had been filled with the high water the group still enjoyed exploring the many inlets and even enjoyed a shower under a small waterfall. 


Around the headland the group paddled engaging at one point in conversation with a couple of walkers just before the final turn which revealed the sight of the pier. Heading straight for the beach Robin was the first to land....then disappeared. The rest of the group hauled their kayaks up with Karl being extra careful not to mark the new Ocean. Here was the venue for lunch and whilst others enjoyed sandwiches and Julie's sausage rolls and honey cake the missing Robin now appeared with fish and chips and a hot drink. Passersby showed great interest in the group and the colourful kayaks attracted the interest of some small children who were encouraged to have a sit in them by Julie ever ready to recruit new members. Who knows this may be the spark that produces a world champion of the future!


After lunch the group unanimously decided not to make the return trip deciding in favour exploring the little Orme. And what a good decision this proved to be as just around the headland in a small cove the group were surrounded by about fourteen seals. The very inquisitive creatures tried nibbling the kayak toggles, one nibbled at Robin's paddle and another even popped up between the two kayaks of John and Julie for a photo shoot. From high above on the rock spectators stood, some with binoculars, enjoying the spectacle below them.


After a while it was time to go and the group reluctantly headed back. A further conversation back at the beach with two gentlemen ended with an offer of club discount when staying at their newly opened B&B. With room to park cars and space to store kayaks this could make a nice break for our members.


Anglesey House

21 Church Walks 

LL30 2HG 


What a great day in great company. 

Thanks to Karl for your email "Anyone out in the sea this Thursday?" 


Report by John Fay                        More Photos….


08/02/16 Alternative Film Festival at the Marina – Wednesday 10th February from 7:45pm Free to club members......


Many thanks for all your excellent suggestions for the film evening this Wednesday.  I have spent nearly 3 days selecting, downloading and compiling a wide selection of films and think we now have a great selection.  If you fancy a laid back evening then please drop in to the Marina to listen to the introductions, watch some great short films and find out more about paddle sport and your club.  You do not have to stay for the full 2 and a half hours, please feel free to come and go as you please.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.  Please try to book if you can so that we have enough seats.  Click to book a seat for free…….



The play list includes:

·        Liverpool Canoe Club Alaska Sea Kayak Expedition 2012 "Hey Bear"

  • The Gnarlz
  • Flatwater Playboating Fundamentals Step by Step
  • Girls Go Round: CORSICA
  • Penrhyn Mawr
  • LCC visit Pembroke - John Pegram
  • Liverpool Canoe Club Scottish Whitewater Trip Highlights 2014 - Joe Sheppard
  • Sea Kayak Around Ireland
  • Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards winners 3rd - Super substantial, 2nd - Serrasolses Brothers, 1st - High Atlas Running
  • LCC Surf Kayak - Brian Green
  • Omelette under a Canoe - Clive Palmer
  • SURF SNOWDONIA - Best surfing wavepool ever ?





06/02/16 Major dates for Club Events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

10th February 2016 at 8pm

“Alternative Film Festival” by Keith Steer Click for more information……

13-20 February 2016

Skiing and Snowboarding trip - France.  Coordinator Pete Thomas  Trip now full

16th March 2016 at 8pm

Norway and the Lofoten Islands” by Andy Garland Click for more information……

24 - 28 March 2016

Easter Bank holiday at the Blackwater Hostel – Scotland  Click here for more info and to book a place…..

2 - 17 April 2016

Nepal White Water Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

9 - 16 April 2016

Croatia Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Andy Garland Trip now full

6 - 8 May 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 1 Tyn Rhos Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey   To book a place…

27 - 30 May 2016

Pembroke Bank Holiday Weekend Click for more…… Coordinator Jenny Brown  To book a place…

10 - 12 June 2016

Anglesey (Juniors) Weekend No 2 Pen-Y-Bont Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  To book a place….

3 July 2016

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race Click for more……

15 – 17 July 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 3 Bodfan Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Jenny Brown   To book a place…

22 July – 7 August 2016

Alpine Summer Holiday Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  

14 August 2016

Liverpool Triathlon – LCC Safety kayakers needed Click for more……

17 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

16 – 18 Sept 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 4 Outdoor Alternative Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey To book a place…

01/2/16 River Dee Improvers Trip 31/01/16

This was my first river trip in over two years and I was urged to do it by our new member Ryan Droughton who said he wanted an adrenalin rush. He only got in a kayak at the beginning of January and has attended about four docks sessions. Eddy's, eddy lines, breaking in and out was another language to him but he was confident and Keith said that's all that matters.


So a group of 38+ paddlers met at the Festival car park in Llangollen and ferried boats up the river to Carrog (Formerly referred to as Llansanffraid-Glyn Dyfrdwy) as a point of interest.


Split into our groups with leaders and assistants we were soon launching and heading under the arches of the nearby bridge.


The river was high and moving quite fast so Ian Bell suggested that our group was to take its time practicing breaking in an out of eddy's otherwise the trip would be over very quickly.


It wasn't long before the first swimmer was spotted. It was Phil Edwards who had experienced an early swim caught out by the eddy line. Phil also was on his first river trip.

As we passed the group I waved to Phil as Roy Mchale rescued his kayak certain that at some point soon the same fate awaited me. Sure enough, as I followed Sarah and John Cooke to go into an eddy I realised that they had actually gone to play in a wave and found myself upside down. An attempt to roll was made but failed and a wet exit and rescue deployed.


Boat emptied and we were off again. Soon the other groups were spotted on the left banking and it was obvious that this was the location for lunch. Half way through the trip and the swim score was Phil and John one....Ryan nil. Pete Thomas suggested that if the new boy had not been in the river by the finish we would either throw him in or make him walk home.


Packed lunches eaten and we were off again. The second section of the trip was a little livelier than the first. Some Rapids were now big and bouncy but it wasn't these that caught Ryan out. Approaching some rough water Ryan turned to Robbie Smith and was asking him to film his progress on his GoPro when a wave hit and he too was over. Ryan was thankful we had done some wet exit practice at the docks on the Friday.


Our group now decided to practice some rolling. I went first followed by Sarah and John Cooke. Pete was next but unfortunately didn't succeed. A great opportunity to practice a heel hook rescue resulted in Pete soon being safe on the bank if not some what desperate to get back onto the river before his better half (carol) went past.


Before the end of the trip I took another tumble but this time rolled up. Phil however had swam a further three times making him the winner. Craig Ellingham and Dom Fahey had also taken a dunking but what a great trip.


The Horseshoe Falls marked the end of our Improvers trip but the group of leaders and assistants were continuing through the Serpents Tail and onto Town Falls. So before we paddled the 1km stretch of the canal that would take us back to the Festival car park we couldn't resist taking a peek of the action from the safe bank.


The water had washed the gorge out and where one could usually stand was now covered by raging water. Soon the group approached and one by one tackled the huge Rapids. The little group of spectators watched in awe as the little boats and paddlers were bounced and thrown about by the river. But eventually all were through safe and sound.


Back at the car park whilst eating sausage rolls, cakes and snicker bars washed down with Pepsi we all swapped our tails of an amazing day. Me personally though I've got to say that my admiration for those guys who gave us a wonderful demonstration of skill through the Serpents Tail has gone through the roof.


Thanks to all you leaders and assistants who gave their time to run this trip and everyone in the groups who kept us novices safe.


Report by John Fay         More photos……



YouTube Link…..    from Sarah Gille

Vimeo Link……      from John Cooke



01/2/16 Surfing Crosby with the Iron Man Sunday 31st Jan 2016


Paul and I met with local 'Iron man' Wayne Littler today to experience the blustery conditions at Crosby and enjoy the Surf. We knew that, although there was a break in todays wind forecast, we would experience challenging conditions alongside Anthony Gormley's IRON MEN. Littler did we know that amongst us we had our own Iron Man in Wayne who boasted of his tri-athlons, Marathons and wrestling with Pythons during the winter period and a 'day out at the beach' in January would be a piece of cake to a man like him.

With his shorty wetsuit, bandana and flip flops he scoffed as Paul and I prepared ourselves with dry suits and under fleeces and stated that he "wouldn't need s*** like that" as its too expensive and a touch of overkill "And anyway. I'll just swim back to the beach if I come out of my boat" he said.


Famous last words? Well after a good hour or so of Surfing the best waves we have seen at the beach for some time we caught sight of Wayne's upturned boat with his yellow helmet bobbing alongside equipped with his Go-Pro camera mounted on top. Great, we should have some good footage of a Surf rescue here, I thought. Within the dumping Surf we paddled alongside and offered words of encouragement and comfort as attaching a tow-line would risk the chance of entanglement amongst the big waves. As soon as we cleared the great wall of Surf and negotiated its rip tide I asked Wayne to hold on to my rear deck line and prepare for a tow back to shore.


"Mmm Mmm Mummy, Mmm Mummy" he cried all the way back as Paul collected his kit from the water, minus one Flip Flop. Shivering at the shoreline he deleted the footage from his camera, asked about the price of dry suits and said "See, I told you I would be OK. It must be all the training I've been doing this winter".


After reading this I am sure Wayne will wrap up well for our next trip.



Karl.     More Photos……


30/1/16 February 2016 Newsletter Published 
Please open it by clicking this link February Newsletter…… or via the website   More Archived Newsletters…..

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