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June 2016

June Paddler
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31/05/16 Major dates for Club Events – for more detail check the online Club Calendar…….

10 - 12 June 2016

Anglesey (Juniors) Weekend No 2 Pen-Y-Bont Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  To book a place….

3 July 2016

Hilbre Island Sea Kayak Race Click for more……

3 -12 July 2016

Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip coordinator Frankie Annan

15 – 17 July 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 3 Bodfan Farm Click for more…… Coordinator Jenny Brown   To book a place…

22 July – 7 August 2016

Alpine Summer Holiday Click for more…… Coordinator Keith Steer  

14 August 2016

Liverpool Triathlon – LCC Safety kayakers needed Click for more……

17 Aug – 2 Sept 2016

Alaskan Sea Kayaking Trip Coordinator Keith Steer Trip now full

16 – 18 Sept 2016

Anglesey Weekend No 4 Outdoor Alternative Click for more…… Coordinator Peter Massey To book a place…

11 – 19th February 2017

LCC Ski and Snowboarding Trip Coordinator Fiona Barry

13 – 17th April 2017

Scottish Easter Paddling Holiday based at Kinlochleven - coordinator Roy McHale. To book a place…


31/05/16 May “Photo of the Month” Competition


Liverpool Canoe Club Photo Competition Winners

Congratulations to Keith Steer for his winning photo:

“Sara looping on the Swellies – Fishermans Island


Runner up

“The Beer Cooler Challenge at

Anglesey Club Weekend No. 1”


Runner up Jonathan Maddock:

“Four Mile Bridge on a 10 metre Tide”

 Not found your photograph? – see all the entries for this month………..

Criteria for the photo of the month competition…. 25 % Quality and sharpness of the photograph, 25% Quirkiness and framing of the subject,
25% Diversity of the subject material (ie not all one discipline), 25% has LCC logo or clothing in the shot.
Please send in your entries for next month now - website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk

30/05/16 Introductory Course - Fun and games night


Another week had gone by so quickly and once again our group of paddlers and coaches were meeting for the third and final session of the Introductory course for new/novice members.


Our paddlers had been learning a variety of kayak strokes over the last two sessions and now it was time to try out a variety of craft and experiment with those newly acquired skills. Open canoes, a sea kayak, a sit-on-top, a play boat, a crossover kayak and both stand up paddle boards made up the fleet.   For almost two hours the group played and swapped craft building up their confidence. By the end of the session all our group had been in every boat and had experienced the pro's and con's of each. The longer sea kayak being very fast but not nearly as manoeuvrable as the shorter kayaks and the play boat.

Of course, on a fun session we expected some mischief on the water and it wasn't long before people were getting wet. 


Craig Ford demonstrated a T-Rescue with Nadezda providing the rescue craft. Janet, Gerry and Anna practiced bracing strokes whilst young Aleksander on a paddle board was being blown around by the wind that had suddenly whipped up.  The group then decided to see how many persons they could get in the open boat. One by one seven paddlers were sat in the very low and rocky canoe and screams and laughter could be heard echoing around the marina.


With the session nearly over it was time to do the "optional" capsize. At the beginning of our sessions not many had expressed a particular desire to perform this technique but tonight all our paddlers (with a little encouragement) performed a capsized and got safely back to the beach. During the capsize Janet had sustained an injury to her leg which Steve Bond referred to as "battle scars". Even so everyone had smiles on their faces.


Our group of very enthusiastic paddlers had deservedly gained their LCC 1 Star Certificates and were now eager to move onto the next stage in their development.


A massive well done to:-

Craig Ford

Nadezda Ford

Aleksander Ford

Peter Moore

Anna Duenbier

Janet Kennedy

Gerry Kennedy


Report by John Fay    More Photos……


23/05/16 Tees Barrage

These are a set of great photos from Ian Turnbull of the club trip to the Tees Barrage at the weekend.


Sarah Gille – still smiling

Sam Preston playing on the short course

Emma Broberg in the white water


Check out Sarah’s YouTube video from the day…….


23/05/16 Use of the Marina - especially the changing rooms and showers!


The Bad News

Please only use the showers and changing rooms if you have your own swipe card.  At NO time should anyone knock on the door to be let through. (1 card equals 1 person in the changing room / bathroom!).  If you forget your card or do not have one please change by your car as normal.  Indeed, if you return wet and / or soaking please consider changing first and then entering the area to shower to ensure that absolutely no wetsuits / soaking kit is taken into them.   While I accept that this is not ideal for an active canoeing club we may loose all access to them if people do not comply.


The Good News.

The Marina has / is still being redecorated but the bar continues as normal via the side entrance.  We are in the process of planning a move for our boats and storage sheds etc to Coburg Wharf (Wooden jetty) on the other end of the beach.  This will give us much better access to the water and dry changing facilities on the jetty.  Until the work is completed we will continue to access the water from the pontoons but at all times keeping away from all moored craft.


The club is looking for volunteers to help with the move.

We especially need anyone with:


  • Access to scaffolding firm or materials / expertise in scaffolding to advise and to build an access ramp for us into the water.  We need a few more scaffold poles and clamps and some technical knowhow.
  • A team to construct the new racks from 3” X 2” timber.  A design and plan has already been produced.
  • A team to construct the new changing rooms (Large prefabricated Sheds)
  • Volunteers to help carry, move and hold things to make the whole job a lot easier
  • Anyone with experience of solar panels / electrics for caravans or boats


Does anyone have access to any equipment needed:

  • Small petrol generator to provide power for tools,
  • sledgehammer,
  • drills and large bits to help bolt the structure together,
  • screwdrivers, spanners etc


We may be looking to start soon after the Bank Holiday so please reply by email with brief details of any skills / times available etc  website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk





Having spent six weeks paddling around the Outer Hebrides with Mark Pawley over the past three years, it’s difficult to find new adjectives and superlatives to describe just how fabulous these islands are from a sea kayaking perspective..... so I’m not going to try. Instead I’m just going to use the usual old chestnuts and, to get them out of the way early on, here they are – fantastic, beautiful, awesome, inspiring. I’m sure you get the idea.


This year, in order to escape the plague of summer midges, we went paddling in May and were not disappointed. The fearsome little nibblers were nowhere to be seen and, by way of a bonus, we saw the place clad in springtime flowers with many species of migratory birds that wouldn’t have been there later in the summer. We also saw Golden Eagles, White Tailed Sea Eagles, Barnacle Geese and heard cuckoos and skylarks each and every day and even saw a basking shark, otters and a number of species of seals.


For our first week we were blessed with hot weather with temperatures reaching the mid twenties. Blue cloudless skies tempted us to venture out into breezy and boisterous conditions to play among the ocean swell and chaotic clapotis. If you take a look at the photographs accompanying this write-up you’ll hardly see a braking wave or even a ripple but that’s because, when paddling in the rough stuff, we hardly had time to breathe at times when concentrating so hard to control our boats. The cameras only came out when in the shelter of a bay or when on dry land. Note to self - must try harder.


On each of our visits we’ve rented a variety of houses and used them as comfortable bases for our paddling, cycling and walking excursions. This has proven to be a winning formula, particularly when the rainfall is horizontal and the wind is lifting the sea. It’s certainly possible to live out of a boat and camp every night but, having a comfortable base and a couple of cars have enabled us to cherry pick the best that the islands have to offer. The hospitality extended by Eileen Pawley, Marks wife, is legendary and, despite half-hearted protests about putting on weight, we eagerly tucked into her fantastic cooking and I even got to lick the spoon after she made us all a huge sponge cake. Yummy!


Because the weather was kind to us this year and also because we were all in good shape for a change, we managed to get out and either paddle or cycle on almost every day. There’s plenty more routes to paddle in the Outer Hebrides but we’ve actually done so much of the stuff that’s possible in average Hebridean weather, that were beginning to look elsewhere for next year. The west coast of Ireland has been discussed but we all wonder if it’s really a match for the Outer Hebs. We’ll see.


Paddlers – Mark Pawley, Pete Thomas, Carole Thomas, Dave Grimes    More Photographs…….


20/05/16 Introductory Canoe Polo session for Junior and youth members

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 6:45pm - 8pm  (Half-term)

Canoe Polo introductory session for Junior and youth members.  Click here to book a place…..

Open to all under 18s who are interested in playing polo.  This session is ideal for skills or as an introduction to the game. Held inside our large pool at Halewood - this is an ideal venue to start to play. You should be able to paddle and turn your kayak and be confident with your paddling.

We have plenty of polo boats and all equipment at the pool or you can bring your own. We access the pool via the door onto the pool side to the right of the main building (Next to the green containers and mini roundabout.) but you can go straight through to the changing rooms if you wish.  We will have several of the senior coaches and players to give coaching and to supervise.

The session runs from 7:00 pm to 8:00pm but you are advised to arrive for 6:45pm.

From this session we hope to get several teams together to train and play regularly at the docks.  We also have a junior competition planned for Sunday 10th July.  The venue is ideal of parents to watch either from the pool side (no shoes) or from the viewing area.



20/05/16 May Photo of the Month Competition – Click here to vote for your favourite.    


Beer cooler challenge at Anglesey club weekend

Stand Up Paddle boarding at 4 Mile Bridge

Don Brooks roughing it!  River Wye Trip





Rhoscolyn / Borth Wen at Anglesey club weekend



Robin at Rhoscolym

Four Mile Bridge on a 10m tide




Stanley Wave - Anglesey club weekend

The Swellies - Anglesey club weekend





18/05/16 Introductory Course for Novice Paddlers - Week 2


Another Tuesday 6.30pm arrived so that meant it was day 2 of the Intro Course for Novice Paddlers. The group of Nadia, Aleksander, Peter, Gerry, Janet and Anna from last week were back at the Marina choosing their own canoes, buoyancy aids, paddles and those that wanted them, spray decks.  A step on from last week and we were adjusting foot rests and making sure I didn't pick up a left handled paddle again.


John Fay was joined by Colin and Kieran to lead us in a paddle down to the Albert Dock interspersed with a recap of what we had learned from last week. So it was out on to the water mindful that today without the rain from last week the docks were being used by dragon boats and rowers as well as other LCC members and the Juniors. A stretching paddle to warm up the muscles and then we were off towards the Albert Dock. Keeping to the right wall we were a happy group paddling along stopping in the more sheltered corners to reprise last week’s skills of forwards and backwards paddling, sweeps, stopping, and a new skill of combining forwards and backwards sweeps.


There was more wind than last week so those of us in white water boats, and not the crossovers, found that we were occasionally doing a 360 as we continued the paddle down in to the Dukes Dock.  So there we were in front of The Wheel to learn multiple ways of going sideways.  John, Colin and Kieran helping us all out and giving little tips as we practiced the stroke with varying degrees of success.  I managed to paddle right, but depending upon the stroke left went forwards or backwards instead!  As we were relatively stationary and in calmer waters Anna and Nadia pointed out we had been joined by jellyfish.


Then came feathering with a challenge to paddle between Colin and Kieran without hitting them.  Aleksander was given the hardest task with the shortest distance between the two paddlers and shot straight through.


Time had passed so it was now the long paddle back in to the wind back to the Marina.  Everyone looked happy with new skills in the bank but quieter as we exerted more energy in our longest paddle to date.  10 year old Aleksander soon tired and a grateful thanks to Kieran for giving him a tow back to the Coburg Dock.


Out of the boats and equipment stowed away John and Colin let us know what was coming up on next week’s paddle including an (optional) capsize!  Huge thanks again to John, Colin and Kieran for another fun session.  We’ll be back.


Craig Ford


17/05/16 Warrington White Water Course – Volunteers needed.

Warrington Weir at Victoria Park

Do you enjoy your canoeing?


Ok, it’s a rhetorical question if you’re reading this, but would you relish the opportunity to use a brand new white water course in the North West?  That’s the idea behind Warrington White Water, the working name for a new course which is in the process of being developed.  This is the brainchild of Johny Akinyemi, Warrington’s own Olympic slalom canoeist.  With the help of the British Canoeing’s North West Regional Development Team over the last 6 months he has brought the idea to life and with the backing of some key stakeholders (British Canoeing, Warrington Borough Council and The Environment Agency) his concept is beginning to take shape.


The idea is to use the natural contours of the River Mersey in Warrington at Victoria Park with the building of a channel to straddle the existing weir to provide a 250 metre course.  The flow in the course will depend on the river, but most of the time it will be at least as much as Tryweryn and Holme Pierrepoint.  See the conceptual diagram.

Now whilst the idea is simple there are a myriad of starting hurdles but they are not insurmountable.   Not least they are;

  • A feasibility study and its initial funding
  • An ecological review
  • More volunteers

Do you have any expertise in/ideas for white water courses? A number of ideas were put forward at the RDT meeting but we’re looking for more before we begin the feasibility stage.  We’re also looking for volunteers to join the current small team, so if you have skills in;

  • Project funding
  • Design & technical
  • Ecology
  • Media marketing
  • Web designing
  • Logo designing
  • Legal advice

or just want to get involved with an exciting new paddle initiative for the North West then please get in touch (07940824982 or Email:  fordcmf AT yahoo.co.uk ).


17/05/16 Surfing the wave from the Liverpool Ferry

Alan walks out through miles of mud at low tide to try and ride the perfect man made wave in Liverpool.  https://youtu.be/gIuRlgd6hyU



17/05/16 River Wye Paddle:  7-8 May


There were perfect conditions for a relaxing trip down this famous piece of water.  Karl Leung planned it all with his usual military precision starting early on Saturday morning from Hereford.  Hereford rowing club provides a ‘put in’ for a great variety of canoes and kayaks from inflatable’s to double racing kayaks. These were soon left behind as we proceeded to Lucksall camp site for an overnight stay and barbecue.  A bizarre feature of this site was the availability of a ‘beach hut’ for people who didn’t bring a tent. Painted pink and blue it featured internal sea shell ornaments etc. – showing that the designers had taken the beach theme very seriously!  


Sunday we proceeded further down the river assisted by a good current and cheered by sunshine and some beautiful scenery. The Wye is only really accessible to canoes and kayaks and there are frequent small ‘riffles’ to add variety, with the occasional risk of getting stuck in shallows.  After a thoroughly relaxing paddle we got out at Hoarwirthy where there is a campsite and a very decent pub. If Karl is good enough to organise something like this again it is highly recommended as a stress free leisurely weekend!  


John Vogler     More Photos……


p.s. I say ‘stress free’ but this does not refer to attempts to go shopping in Hereford.  Beware the Tesco car park which immediately plunges underground posing a major hazard to your roof bars and boats – not to mention camper vans.


14/05/16 Anglesey Weekend No1 -Tyn Rhos Campsite at Trearddur Bay 6th-8th May 2016

Just a big thank you to all that turned up and made it a great weekend yet again. Sorry about the rain I did book better weather but obviously I'm out of favour at the moment!


A word of caution- Anglesey

Yes, we are going; we decided on the Friday evening. The Anglesey weekend we were talking about. But we were going on a wing it weekend. Only a small dome tent for Chris and myself and a pop up tent for Natalie Glover. We would also take the small one burner stove for making warm drinks.


So we met at 6.30am Saturday morning to load up the car. This was when we encountered the first problem. The pop-up tent for Nat refused to pop down and fit in the carry bag it came in. Three of us fighting with the tent couldn't get it small enough to fit in the car. We decided therefore to leave it behind. Nat could sleep in the car.


After a two hour drive we arrived at Tyn-Rhos campsite. We booked in and headed for a spot in the middle of the field. After putting up the tent and blowing up air beds we were all ready for a warm drink. So out came the black case which was supposed to contain a gas burner stove. This was the second problem. I was sure Black and Decker did not make camping stoves and my fears were founded when the inside of the black box revealed the cordless drill that Chris had packed by mistake.


After a trip to four mile bridge to watch the antics with paddle boards, kayaks, canoes and body boards we travelled to Holyhead where a new stove was acquired.


On Sunday we packed up and went to paddle the inland sea at the four mile bridge. The weather was amazing. But when leaving our pitch at Tyn-Rhos I didn't see the box in the middle of the field that we had been using for a table for the last 24 hours or so and smashed the side of the car. The current damage estimate is at £2,000. Oh dear, the wing it weekend proved to be a costly affair. Nevertheless, apart from these couple of minor niggles it was a great weekend.


Report by John Fay                     More Photos……..


Saturday Sea Trip  Roscolyn Bay to Trearddur & return

Curly was originally suggesting paddling out to Penrhyn Mawr but when so many sea kayaks turned up at the campsite it was suggested to paddle from Roscolyn (Borth Wen) along to Trearddur Bay and back.  This is a fantastic bit of the coastline with many stacks, rocks, cliffs and arches to explore.  Conditions were ideal with the slight swell giving the occasional breaking wave to enhance the photos.



Saturday The Swellies (Menai Straits)


We drove out first thing on Saturday morning to join everyone else but as we drove over the Britannia Bridge we could see that “The Swellies” were running strong so dropped down to Menai Bridge to check it out. There were a few rescue boats zooming about below the bridge gaining experience of the fast running tide.  Sara and I quickly got changed (there are places for 4 cars directly under the arch of the Menai Bridge on the Anglesey side) and put in just before the bridge.  The water was boiling and we played for a while as the water poured through the arches. 



As the tide began to drop off we turned and headed for the Swellies rock and its yellow and black marker.  We tried to get onto the wave as it formed around the marker but risked looping into the metal pole.  We were swept down tide towards “fisherman’s island”.  There was a group of sea kayakers from the Netherlands playing in the waves as they poured over and around the fish traps.  After showing the sea kayakers a few pop outs and loops we eventually headed for the shore and worked our way in the eddies back towards the Menai Bridge.  This paddle is a well worth the effort and ideal for all types of boats.  

Keith S          Tide Atlas for the Swellies……           More information…….                                      
More Photographs……..


Saturday Trearddur Coastal Path

Jon Maddock        More Photos……………

4 Mile Bridge and the Beercooler challenge

We arrived Friday night at Tyn Rhos campsite with plenty of daylight and plenty of time to outfit my new canoe. On the way to Wales, Harvey and I dropped in on Apache Canoes to collect my new Beercooler. I also picked up Stu's Demo Beercooler too as the Challenge was on for Saturday.

Karl, Keenan and Brandon were waiting for us when we arrived, and Karl was super excited about this stupid small boat. When I showed him the spare one I'd brought he wanted it for himself. We contacted Apache Canoes and Karl bought it there and then. So now there are two idiots with idiotic boats!

We spent the next two hours drilling holes in our new boats getting them ready for Saturday.

Saturday Four Mile Bridge and the Beercooler Challenge

So we needed a course. Luckily I'd brought some balloons. We blew them up, attached some blind cord and tied them to a stone which we sunk onto the bottom of the inland sea. We started with five, but quickly were down to four. We did have some spare ones but the kids decided to shoot them with their bow and arrows. Then we began.

The challenge was to paddle the Beercooler around the balloons and get back to the shore. Thirteen competitors took two runs and the best time won. In the event that nobody completed the course, the longest time upright would win.

What made the challenge more challenging was Harvey, Keenan and Brad lurking about ready to pounce on the paddler.

Results (See the table opposite)

As you can see, paddling the beercooler is way harder than you might think. Karl sneaked in a third run after an hour of practice and was able to take the trophy from his youngest son, Brad.

The rest of the time at Four mile Bridge was spent messing around in playboats, canoes, standup paddleboards, in the biggest jet of water ever seen coming through the tunnel. Canoes were vertical, paddlers were swimming, and fun was had by all. 

Roll on the next weekend.

Paul Harwood                                  More Photographs……..

Sunday Roscolyn to 4 mile bridge & return


From Borthwen to Four Mile Bridge and back Sunday 8 May 2016


A bright sunny day and calm conditions awaited us as we set off from Borthwen.  For anyone who had paddled the weekend before, conditions could not have been more different.


The gently rolling sea made it ideal for rock hopping and exploring the interesting rock features along the way to Cymrayn Bay.  We then began the pleasant paddle up river towards Four Mile Bridge with the tide behind us.


At Four Mile Bridge we took out and some of the group played on the tidal feature that appeared on the other side of the tunnel.  There was a wave, eddy lines and a few boils to keep all entertained while practicing surfing, ferry gliding, breaking into the current and a few rolls!


After a leisurely lunch, the tide had turned enough for us to start meandering back, although there were some sandbanks to watch out for.  A few eddy lines provided opportunity to practice some skills as we reached the sea before we made our way back to Borth Wen to take out.


Thanks to all involved for a great first day out with the club and for such a friendly welcome.


Nicola Heaton      More Photographs……..



Roscolyn to 4 mile bridge & return

I have just come back from my first Anglesey trip, and can say without question that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


I decided last year with a friend to take up Kayaking again after a 30 year break, since returning to water I have attended a few pool sessions and a sea Kayak Course in the Marina, and decided that I would attend the Anglesey trip because first impressions of the club instructors and members were excellent.


Everyone is helpful and genuinely wants to help you improve, Ive borrowed kayaks from members and had about 4 different members help me with my Roll, (which is still half a roll)


The Trip was entertaining and informative and met some new friends.


After speaking to Peter and Carl we hooked up with Trevor and head down to Four Mile bridge (Cymyran Strait is a strait that runs from Beddmanarch Bay in the north to Cymyran Bay in the south between the islands of Anglesey and Holy Island


As we arrived at Four Mile Bridge the immediate attraction was spectacular with a made ready surf created through the bridge itself, the tide was too high at this point so on Carl’s advice we head south from the bridge in nice sheltered waters with plenty to explore, Carl informed us that we had about two hours play time before the tide would move out to sea, we did make it back, although in some sections the water was about two foot deep, time flies……… 


We then built up our courage and headed through the bridge,very exciting and fun to, although it ended with me being upside down then realising that my dry suit hadn’t been zipped up properly, thanks Terry…


We had a quick coffee in a nearby Cafe then head North, found a island stop for Tea, then returned,  excellent day paddle 


Keith Howard             More Photographs……..

Sunday Stanley Play Wave

Stanley on a 10

This is "Stanley on a 10" by John Cooke on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them...

Eight of us meet up at the country park near Holyhead.   It was to be a big tide so the wave formed a little early and we were all running about 30 minutes late.  John and Roy rushed to just paddle through from the sea side before the stopper became too large.  (If the rocky island just to the right of the tunnel is covered by the rising tide then DO NOT PADDLE through.)  The rest of us opted to paddle around and over the train tracks and approach from the Inland Sea side.  We were very glad we did when we saw the height difference on this 10m tide (Liverpool).


Emma had just moved here for a 6 week placement at Everton and wanted to get involved with some paddling.  She is a sponsored paddler with Epic surf skis and will be training at the marina over the next few weeks.  Graham offered her a lift!  It was a bit of a tall introduction for a sprint paddler but she did try to surf the wave.  We all took turns to drop onto the wave and surf the foaming pile.   The boils below the wave gave lots of opportunities to practise rolling.     More Photographs……..



12/05/16 MID WEST SYMPOSIUM - TAYVALLICH. 29th April-2ndJune 2016


After talking with Mike Bell a short time ago, three of us decided to join the Midwest Symposium at Tayvallich. It was now almost May and with fine Spring conditions anticipated we booked a cottage right at the side of Loch Sween.


During the week preceding our departure the weather turned rather foul and heavy snow fell in the area of our journey. I really expected to find the event cancelled, as road conditions were reported to be bad and as the single track roads near to the venue could have been impassable I contacted one of the organisers for up to date information. All was reportedly fine, so, at about 10.00am on Friday morning we joined the M6. The weather was cold and overcast, 300 miles to go.  Around Carlisle snow was piled up either side of the road,


Access to the water from here                                              

would we get there we asked? Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Crinan Canal, snow-capped mountains, but with the weather improving all the time. At 4.00pm we turned south to enter the village of Tayvallich, a Church, an Inn, a cafe and shop on the beach and a Village Hall, all based around a large circular bay. The cottage we had rented was virtually on the beach and only a very short walk from the Village Hall, were everything was happening. The Village Hall was surrounded by tennis courts and a football pitch which had access to the bay.


After registering with the symposium reception we brought our kayaks to the football pitch where they were kept  all weekend. No long carrying sessions. There was access to the village hall to get hot drinks and leave dry clothing and lunches.


The organisers, Karitek, had a large trailer with equipment for sale and a large variety of boats to freely try. The Coaches from Oban Sea Guides  offered a number of skills courses. We opted for Edging, Recovery Strokes and Rescue Skills plus a couple of half day trips. The coaching was excellent and with the recovery stroke session the coach and assistants actually stood in the water and got hold of the back of the kayaks and tipped them to make it realistic. On the trips we went out of the bay.


Day one took us to the Fairy isles. The guide we had was a marine biologist and he took us around the islands outside the bay. The water was shallow and clear he was picking stuff off the bottom and identifying it, in particular the native mussel only found in that area. Two Canadian canoes were pulled up on one of the islands where people were camping. Day two saw us venture out along Loch Sween. It was blowing quite hard from the South which made progress “Interesting” the required “about turns” were performed faultlessly but with great trepidation. The coaches now began Surfing back at some great speed, but waited for us slow coaches to catch up.

A short, but great trip.


A great location, with plenty of shelter to allow paddling even in conditions far from perfect.


On Saturday evening there was a Ceilidh which was really wild and on Sunday evening a quiz which got to be quite boisterous and funny.  A good time was had by all and we look forward to next year.  Thanks for the tip Mike.


Sue, Bob and Irene   


View from our cottage

Location of Tayvallich



12/05/16 Wild Swimming in Ireland Book Cover 1a


A fab new book that has just been published that might be of interest: Wild Swimming in Ireland.  It’s a guide to 50 really fabulous places to swim (or of course you could paddle) around the coast of Ireland.


If anyone's thinking of heading west this summer it would be a great book to bring along either for paddling spots or swimming spots or just really nice places to visit!


Oh yea, and it's by my sister! An award winning open water swimmer, channel swimmer (and paddler from a young age so one of our one!)


If you want a copy it is published by The Collins Press and is available from all good bookshops or order online from: www.wildswim.wordpress.com   (you get a signed copy if order through this site, and her royalties are better!)


Sorry for the shameless promotion, but it really is a good book!


Martin McCoy



12/05/16 Introductory Course for Novice Paddlers


Tuesday 10th May saw the first 2016 Introductory Course for Novice Paddlers held at the Marina.  Congregated in the rain (what happened to Monday’s gloriously sunny 25 degree weather!?) at the Marina car park was a group of 8 paddlers ranging from a genuine first timer to paddling to those that have used the Kingsway and Broadgreen pools for winter practice.


We had another novice with us, being John Fay, as this was his first coaching session.  So it was round to the club boats and gear and with the help of Steve Bond and Alex Hunter we were each fitted out with boat, paddle and buoyancy aid.  A quick lesson in how to properly carry a boat and we were down by the water eager to embark.


On to the water and I discovered I’d got a left handed paddle, which despite persevering with I couldn’t keep the boat in a straight line so a massive thanks to John for swapping his own paddle for mine, with the words “Don’t get used to that paddle.”


Now began a series of lessons in how to paddle in a straight line forwards and backwards, stopping and turning and general getting used to our boats.  The lessons were delivered superbly by John, and assisted by Alex, allowing us to go at our own pace and building on our new found skills bit by bit.  Even though we had to concentrate we all had huge smiles as we put in to practice what we were learning and realised that yes, we could do it.  A huge well done to Emma as this was her first time in a boat, but you would never have guessed it.


We were joined by Steve Bond to assist John and split in to two groups to continue practicing paddling up and down near the Coburg Wharf.  We soon found that a number of us had developed a new skill of being able to rotate a full 360 with no effort at all, leading to Nadia being nicknamed Mary (as in Go Round!).  The two groups came back together for a paddle down to the end of the Brunswick Dock.  Chatting merrily away between ourselves and the coaches we paddled in great spirits and tried to find the nesting duck (hint: she’s in the dock wall).  Reaching the end of the dock it was time to turn around and head back to the Marina.  Soon we were out of the boats and back on solid ground after two hours of paddling and not a single wet exit.


Huge thanks to John for a brilliantly led coaching session and to Alex and Steve for their assistance.  You all certainly made it a fun session.  Thanks also to the group of Emma, Nadia, Aleksander, Peter, Gerry, Janet and Anna for making it an enjoyable first time on the (real) water.  Roll on next Tuesday when we’re on a trip down to the Albert Dock.


Craig Ford



08/05/16 Porth Dinllaen almost to Trefor & back Saturday 30th April 2016

Bangor Services 9am

As the bank holiday weather forecast deteriorated so the plans changed from a weekend trip to the Llyn to a day out. Thursday night the decision was made that Saturday was the best weather day, where to go paddling was a decision best left as late as possible. So a small gang of LCC sea kayakers met at Bangor services and decided that the Llyn was still the place to go.


Car Park Faffing

We opted for a trip without shuttles and decided to launch from Porth Dinllaen, the drive to Morfa Nefyn was a reminder of just how beautiful Pen Llyn (LLeyn Peninsula) is. After driving down to the beach (Lon Bridin) to drop the boats and park cars we got off onto the water.

Surf landings and launches

Paddling along the coast there was just enough swell and reflected waves from the cliffs to make the paddling interesting and I have to confess possibly looking at the water more than the view. Stopping on a long expanse of beach required a surf landing and after a lovely leisurely lunch in the sunshine an even bigger surf launch, after being slapped in the face and punched in the chest twice by the waves.   I looked up to see that everyone was on the water and mine wasn’t the only damp head!


A leisurely return journey was not quite as leisurely as planned at some points as we paddled against the flood, life became easier when Ian Bell marshalled us all closer to the shore and on the return trip I paid more attention to the beautiful scenery. Arriving back at the beach we did the required faffing to empty and load boats, all except Chris P who paddled over to the pub saying something about staying in a shack overnight. The rest of the group rewarded themselves with hot drinks and cakes in the café before heading home.

A great day along a beautiful bit of the Welsh coast.


Thanks to Ian B, Pete& Caz T, Karl & Chris W, Chris P, Kathy M, Andy G

Frankie A 


01/05/16 Weaver Navigation

A last minute plan to paddle the Weaver Navigation was sent out to our LCC members on Friday for the Saturday paddle. A little too short notice for most but a small group of Six met at the Runcorn Rowing Club for a trip to the Dutton Locks and back.


New member Paul Barnett along with Phil Edwards, Natalie Glover, Gary Thomas and John and Chris Fay all met at 10.30am and were on the water for 11am. Paul was paddling his We-no-nah 16ft Royalex canoe solo for this journey and was going to find it tough going against the wind.


Actually the outgoing leg of the journey wasn't too bad. We soon passed under the M56 motorway and then the Sutton Weaver swing bridge which recently underwent restoration costing £4.5 million. About two hours later we were passing the wooden twin-span Dutton Horse Bridge and could see our landing spot ahead.

A purpose made rubber landing point for canoes was where we tied our boats and then walked the few yards to the lock and the picnic tables alongside. Here we enjoyed lunch and stretched out legs. On the other side of the locks we could clearly see the wreck of the MV Chica, which in its prime was a Hotel boat.


Lunch over we headed right under the footbridge and made our way to the sluices which form part of the flood control defences on the Weaver. You can usually hear the water pouring over the sluices way before you see them and the surface of the water is usually covered in a snow like, sweet smelling white foam. After paddling in the swirling water for a while we headed back.


The wind was strong now and waves were forming making the trip back hard going. Paul was experiencing some difficulty now solo paddling his canoe against the wind so Gary joined him to tandem paddle. Gary's river kayak was quickly tied to the red We-no-nah canoe and towed behind the canoe for the remainder of the trip.


Phil was first back at the landing stage pleased with himself that he had, as usual, soaked everyone with his splashing antics. Soon everyone was out and almost 6 hours from setting off our journey was over.


Report by John Fay                    More Photos…..


01/05/16 Liverpool Canoe Club juniors showing off their hand rolling skills

Liverpool Canoe Club juniors Ollie, Keiron and Charlie showing off their hand rolling skills at the last Broadgreen Junior club session of the winter.  The juniors now move to the docks on a Tuesday evening.

Click to see the video…….

All the junior boats, paddles and BA etc are stored their.  Parents of juniors are welcome to paddle with the group.  Every Tuesday 6:30 – 8:30pm. 

Parents must remain on site – the Marina has a bar and restaurant with Wifi.  

More information…….

01/05/16 Beer Cooler Challenge
Next Weekend is Anglesey Weekend Camping.  Click here for more information and book a place on the campsite…

The Beercooler is coming back. New slalom challenge, new race, new trophy. Four Mile Bridge, Saturday, Anglesey.  Who's in for the Beer Cooler Challenge?  Paul Harwood

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