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[htm] 2021 Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip - Summer Isles.htm249.1 KB2021-Sep-28
[htm] 2021 LCC Alpine Holiday with Staycation Alternative Week 1 Pembroke.htm104.8 KB2021-Aug-19
[htm] 2021 LCC Alpine Holiday with Staycation Alternative Week 2 Grandtully Campsite.htm123.6 KB2021-Aug-19
[htm] 2020 Team Alaska go on a Skye #staycation!.htm172.8 KB2020-Sep-10
[htm] 2020 Open Canoes on the River Tweed.htm88.5 KB2020-Sep-05
[htm] 2020 Alpine Paddling Holiday France.htm234.6 KB2020-Aug-07
[pdf] 2010 River Wye Descent.pdf207.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[pdf] 2009 Club Trip to the Alps 2009.pdf514.9 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2019 Nepal Sun Koshi.htm179.3 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2019 Lofoten Islands Trip.htm278.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2019 Alpine Paddling Holiday France.htm231.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2018 Nepal Sun Koshi.htm186.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2018 Alpine Paddling Holiday France.htm177.5 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2018 Alaska - Prince William Sound Expedition.htm258.9 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2016 Nepal White Water.htm202.0 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2016 Alpine Paddling Holiday France.htm176.3 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2016 Alaska - Prince William Sound Expedition.htm316.2 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2015 Lofoten Island (Norway) Expedition.htm79.7 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2015 Costa Brava (Spain) Sea Paddle.htm142.4 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2015 Alpine Paddling Holiday Austria Slovenia and France.htm138.6 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2014 Sea Kayaking on the Great Lakes - Georgian Bay.htm113.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2014 Menorca Sea Kayak Expedition.htm173.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2014 Alpine Paddling Holiday.htm188.5 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2013 Scottish Sea Paddling Expedition around Ardnamurchan Point.htm88.4 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2013 River Tay - Source to Sea.htm63.5 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2013 Alpine Paddling Holiday.htm188.9 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2012 Alpine Paddling Holiday.htm192.7 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2012 Alaska - Prince William Sound Expedition.htm209.4 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2011 Jura Expedition.htm61.7 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2011 Caledonian Canal.htm40.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2011 Alpine Paddling Holiday.htm125.3 KB2020-Mar-07
[html] 2010 River Wye Descent.html45.1 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2010 Alpine Paddling Holiday.htm77.0 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2010 Alaska - Prince William Sound Expedition.htm92.7 KB2020-Mar-07
[htm] 2018 Paddling the Lower Karnarli River - Western Nepal.htm16.1 KB2019-Sep-06
[htm] 2012 White Water Kayak Expedition to the Sayan Mountains - Siberia.htm90.2 KB2019-Sep-06
[htm] 2012 Sea Kayaking Bute.htm25.1 KB2012-Oct-16
[pdf] 2009 Turner Tours Ltd or Open boat Expedition to Canada 2009.pdf333.6 KB2011-Feb-19
[pdf] 2009 Leeds to Liverpool Canal - For the benefit of the British Heart Foundation by Kim Fraser May 2009.pdf109.2 KB2011-Feb-19
[pdf] 2008 Alaskan Sea Kayak Expedition August 2008.pdf453.1 KB2011-Feb-19
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