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Sea Kayaking

 Sea Touring - An Introduction
 Sea Kayaking - Club Photographs **

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 Local Sea Kayaking Paddles
 Hilbre Island - Wirral
 Puffin Island - Anglesey
 The Swellies - Menai Straits
 Sea Kayaking Movies
 Paddle to Seattle Two friends build kayaks and paddle 97 days through wilderness from Alaska to Seattle
 External links and sites
 North West Sea Kayakers ***** **
 Sea Kayaks Techniques Bulletin Board **
 South East Sea Kayakers *
 Performance Sea Kayaks 
 Kayak Essentials
 French Sea Kayaking
Nérée Kayak De Mer En Provence (English translation of French site - Friend of Dave Lynch)
Original site in French...... (in French with videos)

Free Resources for Sea Kayakers

UK Weather - Pressure chart
Inshore Waters ForecastWeather
GB Wind Map****
WindGURU United Kingdom - Crosby
Tidal Information - Liverpool**Sun
Free Tide Software***
How tides work around the world
Tidal Streams
Free Tidal Stream Atlases.... Padlock ****
Tidal Stream Atlases x 27 around UK
Kayarchy - free handbook of sea kayaking
Beaufort Scale
Sea States for Kayakers.... **
178mb download MP4 Video


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