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Sea Kayaking

 Sea Touring - An Introduction
 Sea Kayaking - Club Photographs **

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 Local Sea Kayaking Paddles
 Hilbre Island - Wirral
 Puffin Island - Anglesey
 The Swellies - Menai Straits
 Sea Kayaking Movies
 Paddle to Seattle Two friends build kayaks and paddle 97 days through wilderness from Alaska to Seattle
 LCC paddling trips to Alaska
 External links and sites
 North West Sea Kayakers ***** **
 Sea Kayaks Techniques Bulletin Board **
 Performance Sea Kayaks 
 Kayak Essentials
 French Sea Kayaking
 Nérée Kayak De Mer En Provence (English translation of French site - Friend of Dave Lynch)
 Original site in French...... (in French with videos)

Free Resources for Sea Kayakers

UK Weather - Pressure chart
Inshore Waters ForecastWeather
GB Wind Map****
WindGURU United Kingdom - Crosby
Tidal Information - Liverpool**Sun
Free Tide Software***
How tides work around the world
Tidal Streams
Free Tidal Stream Atlases.... Padlock ****
Tidal Stream Atlases x 27 around UK
Kayarchy - free
LCC Sea States and grading of trips
handbook of sea kayaking
Beaufort Scale
Sea States for Kayakers.... **
YouTube Video


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