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Liverpool Canoe Club - Members` benefits

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Membership fees cover the minimal costs of the club.
Liverpool CC is run by paddlers for its members.

Liverpool Canoe Club is the largest on Merseyside and is affliated to the British Canoeing. As a full member you are covered by the clubs 3rd party liability insurance while paddling with us and enjoy free access to our fleet of boats and home waters in Liverpool Docks.

During the winter nights we are also based at the Kingsway Leisure Centre, Halewood Leisure Centre and Boadgreen Pool where members have free use of the clubs boats and equipment (a pool fee is payable).

You need no equipment to start paddling with us, once a member everything is free.
The only costs are:
a very low annual membership
and if you choose to go on a club run course you will need to pay a (£5 or £10) booking fee. We do not charge for use of club equipment or coaching.

We have many experienced paddlers and a large team of very well qualified BC coaches in the club. The club runs numerous trips and training throughout the year. Please see the club calendar for details and ensure that you are suitably experienced for the trip or event. The coordinator should be able to give you some guidance or refer you to a coach or experienced paddler for advice.

Those with little experience or novice paddlers are advised to book onto one of our 1 or 3 session (6hr) paddle start and paddle discovery courses. or one of our pool sessions Members only

Beginners Information
 Want to Start Canoeing
 What to Wear
 Canoeing Questions and Answers
 Online Canoeing Handbook
 Club Calendar 

Upon registering you will choose a user name and password to allow access to this site. You are automatically added to the Google group to allow you to send and receive emails about club activities and trips. Members have a wide range of paddling interests and we encourage you to try the many different types of paddle sport offered by the club. Please explore our website to see all of what we do.

We are a voluntary club that is run by its members to promote paddling opportunities and share knowledge and skills with other paddlers. We arrange coaching and trips regularly in the hope that those who benefit will, in time, organise similar paddling for all.

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