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 Local Clubs
 North West Region website
 Paddlesport Development in the North West
 Chester Canoe Club
 Colwyn Canoe Club
 Deva Canoe Club (Chester)
 Friends of Allonby CC
 Liverpool University CC
 Manchester Wildcats
 Manchester Canoe Club
 Peninsula paddlers
 Runcorn Canoe Club
 Sefton Paddlers
 Warrington Canoe Club
 Local Teaching Centres
 Liverpool Watersports Centre
 Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre
 National listings of Canoe Clubs
 Canoe England - Find a club **
 Selected Club Sites
 Bradford & Bingley Canoe Club
 Halifax Canoe Club
 Canoe Magazines
 LCC Monthly Newsletter
 The Paddler online Magazine
 Canoe & Kayak Magazine Play boating site
 Sit ons Sit on top site
 White water warriors kayaking site

 External Links to Kayak Handling
 External Links to Canadian (Open) Canoe Handling
 The Canoe Camper - Paddling Skills ****
 External links to Rolling

 External Links to Eskimo & Deep Water Rescues
 Eskimo Rescue Techniques ***

 External Links to Freestyle (Rodeo) Moves
Youth Freestyle Series **
 Freestyle Tricks - NiftyTricks Kayak **
 Playboating Magazine
 Playboating Northwest
 Pages From This Site
 General River Running
 Sea Touring
 Open Canadian
 Play Boating
 Canoe Polo
 White Water Racing
 Canoe Sailing
 Marathon Racing
 Flat Water Sprint
 Paddle Advice (Length & Construction)
 General Sites 
 The British Canoe Union ***
 Canoe Wales **
 Irish Canoe Union Website **
 Google Search canoeing kayaking uk
 Scottish Canoe Association **

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