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Coaching Courses and Training run by the Club

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Discipline Award LCC Coach and Leader Lists (All) Password Protected
Sheltered Water

LCC Paddle Start Course (Introductory)
LCC Paddle Discovery Course (Improvers)
LCC Paddle Explore Course (The Skills for Journeying)

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LCC Sheltered Water Leaders ListPassword Protected

White Water

LCC White Water Award
LCC Progressive White Water Award
Advanced White Water Award

LCC White Water Coach & Leader List Password Protected
Sea Kayak LCC Sea Kayak Award
LCC Coastal Sea Kayak Award
Advanced Sea Kayak Award
LCC Sea Kayak Coach & Leader List Password Protected

LCC Canoe Award
LCC Progressive Canoe Award
Advanced Canoe Award

LCC Canoe Coach & Leader List Password Protected
Surf Kayak Surf Kayak Award
Progressive Surf Kayak Award
Advanced Surf Kayak Award

LCC Surf Leader List Password Protected
Standup Paddleboard SUP Sheltered Water Award
SUP White Water Award
SUP Paddle Surf Award
LCC SUP Leader List Password Protected
Freestyle Flatwater Freestyle Award
Freestyle Award
Advanced Freestyle Award
LCC Freestyle Leader List Password Protected
Touring Touring Award
Open Water Touring Award
Mulitday Touring Award
LCC Sheltered Water Leaders Password Protected
Polo   Contact Polo Representative
Marathon   Contact Marathon Representative
Racing   Contact Racing Representative
Slalom   Contact Slalom Representative
Rafting   Contact Rafting Representative
FSRT Courses (Foundation Safety & Rescue Course)
BC Canoe Lifeguards SESA Awards
Open Boat (Candian Canoe) skills course
Introduction to White Water Courses
Rolling Courses
White Water Rescue Orientaton & Training course
BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning for Sea Kayaking
BC Lifeguards Basic First Aid Course (4 hours)
BC Lifeguards Aquatic First Aid Course L1 (8 hours)
BC Lifeguards Aquatic First Aid Course L2 (8 + 8 hours)
BC White Water Safety & Rescue Training Course
4 Star Sea (Training and Assessment)
4 Star Inland (Training and Assessment)
Advanced White Water Safety & Rescue Training Course
Sheltered Water Coach Training
Coaching Seminars (Open to all in the NW Region)  Password Protected

RYA Certified VHF Radio course


We do not charge for our coaches time when they volunteer to run courses for our members. We try to put on a number of in house courses each year to cater for our members needs. We have introduced a £10 booking fee to ensure that members confirm their place and that the course takes place. Use of club equipment is free with courses that take place in the docks or at any of our pools.

Occassionally coaches from outside the club run discounted courses for our club members. These are usually of a more advanced level where members are expected to have their own equipment. Club equipment can be hired for these courses if required.

New Members with little experience are advised to take an introductory course to get the confidence to join in with club activities. Over the winter months it is best to attend a pool session where you will be given a safe and warm introduction to paddling.

Please give us your feedback
If you have recently taken a course with us please give us feedback on how well we have done. It takes less than a minute Click here for online form..........

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