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Advanced Canoe Award / 5 Star Open Canoe

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This award is designed to advance your canoe skills and your ability to make appropriate decisions for safe days out canoeing on rivers of grade 3(4), in open water over 500m from shore and in winds of up to and including force 5.

On the sea, you will be operating along simple coastlines with easy landing throughout. As an advanced canoeist you will have extensive experience of ‘wilderness journeys’ of anything from a day trip to a multi-day expedition.  Your experience will include paddling a wide variety of rivers with different flows, volumes, gradients and a range of different open water venues. 


A kayak that is safe and fit for purpose for the remit of the award and the assessment tasks.
This may include for example:
• Open Canoe

grade 2 Eden The Weir on the River Eden


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