Hilbre Island, Little Eye & West Kirby Events Sunday 5th July 2020 Sponsors
Last updated  25/06/2017 19:51 High Tide Liverpool 11:58am 8.8m
No. Hilbre Race (13Km) Boat Deck / Hull Class Bib No. Time h:mm:ss Position No. Little Eye Any Kayak (9Km) Boat Colour Bib No. Time h:mm:ss Position Helpers / Time keepers
Dee Sailing Club
1 James Shrimpton Norse Kayaks Bylgja White Hull. Red/White Deck Sea Kayak       1 Glynn Carter Scorpio LV  Blue         Fiona Barry Time Keeper
2 Dafydd Owen Screenings for Cancer Have Rapidly Declined During COVID-19 Pandemic
Delphin Mk2
Yellow/Yellow Sea Kayak         2               Carole Thomas Time Keeper
3 Victor Leather  Delphin Green  Sea Kayak         3               Keith Steer  Coordinator VHF
4 Ian Makkison scorpio MV Yellow/Yellow Sea Kayak       4             Silvia Mould Time Keeper
5 Lucy Clough Scorpio LV  Blue Sea Kayak         5             Pete Thomas Photography
6 Alistair Darby ???? ???? Sea Kayak         6             Road Closure
7 Mike Dagley Night Heron Cedar strip deck, light brown Sea Kayak         7             Ade Mould  Road Closure
8 Nigel Waddington Scorpio MV Mk2  Yellow/Yellow Sea Kayak         8             Safety Kayaks
9 Timothy Cross Romany Surf White/ White  Sea Kayak         9             Danny Byrne (VHF) Hilbre North
10                 10             Ian Bell  (VHF) Hilbre Hilbre North
11                 11             Middle Eye
12                 12             Middle Eye
13               13             Little Eye
14               14             John Worswick Little Eye
15               15             Olivia Oldham Safety Kayak
16                 Carl Leungs West Kirby
17                 No. West Kirkby Race (4Km) Colour Bib Time Position Dave Reynolds Safety Kayak
18               1 Janet Cresswell Scorpio LV  Red       Richard Clews West Kirby
19               2             Ste Alcock West Kirby
20               3            
21               4            
22               5            
23               6            
                  7             Safety Boat 1 (6.5m RIB)
                  8             RHIB 1 = Paulajo 
                9             Skipper Kevin Gerrard
28               No. Open Canoe West Kirkby Race (4Km)   Colour Bib Time Position Safety Boat 2 (6.5m RIB)
29               1             RHIB 2 = OSAC Diver
30               2             Skipper Mark Lamb
31             Dave Keig
32               Chris Moran
If you later wish to withdraw please contact website@liverpoolcanoeclub.co.uk to free up the place for others. 
Hilbre Island Race Trophies Little Eye Race Trophies
1st Racing Ski 1st Little Eye Race
1st High Performance Sea Kayak 2nd Little Eye Race
1st Standard Sea Kayak 3rd Little Eye Race
2nd Standard Sea Kayak
3rd Standard Sea Kayak West Kirby Race Trophies
1st Female Paddler (not placed above) 1st West Kirby Race
Highest placed LCC member (not placed above)   2nd West Kirby Race
Safety Boat 3 (6.5m RIB)
RIB 3 = Skelm Club 
Skipper Eddy Scot
Dan Cotteral
Craig Priest