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"Siberia White Water Expedition"
A talk / presentation by Roy McHale
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Monday 9th December 2012 (7:45pm for 8:00pm)
at the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina Click for directions and map.... Our talks are open to all

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mapThe reception I received from most people when I first mentioned back in mid 2011 that I fancied going all the way to Siberia to take part in a kayaking expedition down two remote rivers wasn’t really on the positive side. There was a lot of Mick taking. Youre going to die; it`s too difficult and the rivers are too pushy were common responses I even had money transferred into my bank account under the heading of Siberian Funeral Fund” but to be fair, most of the comments were said light heartedly and I could understand why they were said.

See the full story for yourselves at Roy`s Talk on the amazing trip.





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