Climbing Mount Denali (Mt. Mckinley)
A talk / presentation by Michael Alexander
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Monday 16th April 2012(7:45pm for 8:00pm)
at the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina Click for directions and map.... Our talks are open to all

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Club member Michael Alexander, who ran several beginners and introductory courses for us last year, is giving his Mt Mckinley talk at the club. I know many of you will be interested in this and will want to book a seat.

Denali (Mt Mckinley) is one of the coveted Seven Summits. The quest to reach the highest points on every continent. First achieved in 1985 by American Dick Bass, and in 1986 by Canadian Pat Morrow, and also in 1986 Austrian Reinhold Messner. To date around 275 climbers have completed the challenge (January 2010). Two variations are accepted incorporating either Puncak Jaya or Kosciuszko.

The Seven Summits are:

Africa Kilimanjaro 5,895m / 19,340'
Asia Everest 8,848m / 29,029'
S America Aconcagua 6,962m / 22,841'
N America Denali 6,198m / 20,335'
Europe Elbrus 5,642m / 18,510'
Antarctica Vinson 4,892m / 16,050'
Oceania Puncak Jaya (Carstenz Pyramid) 4,884m/16,024'
or Kosciuszko 2,228m / 7,310'