Raasay and Rhona Sunny Skyes
A talk / presentation by Pete Thomas and "Team"
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Monday 10th September 2012 (7:45pm for 8:00pm)
at the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina Click for directions and map.... Our talks are open to all

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"Raasay and Rhona - Sunny Skyes" Scottish expedition in June 2012

All welcome, includes many excellent photos and short video at the end. Find out what it is like to paddle with the club on the sea.

The Plan
The Preparation
The Team ~ short intro and basic summary relative to trip

  • 1. Ian Bell
  • 2. Frankie Annan
  • 3. Mark Pawley
  • 4. Simon Howlett
  • 5. Helen Bolister
  • 6. Helen Siertsema
  • 7. Anthony Vaccaro
  • 8. Kathy Morton
  • 9. John Pegram
  • 10. Carole Thomas
  • 11. Pete Thomasfhf

The Drive up
Useful Kit

  • · Sea kayak according to taste
  • · Tent each or ideally share with partner
  • · Safety gear – some shared but some individual
  • · Cooking kit
  • · On the water kit – to taste
  • · Sleeping kit
  • · Personal Hygiene
  • · Comfort and Sanity

The trip - 7 days paddling
Future plans ~ always depends on weather, costs, time off, team members
The drive home