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"Greenland or Bust"
A talk / presentation by Helen Wilson and Mark Tozer
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Monday 13th May 2013 (7:45pm for 8:00pm)
at the Conference Suite - Liverpool Marina Click for directions and map.... Our talks are open to all
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Helen will speak about her experiences of the Greenland National Kayak Championships in 2008 and 2010. Along with this, we will talk about our observations about life in the Arctic based on our combined travels to the region as well as Greenland or Bust's first commercial expedition last year.

Our mission at Greenland or Bust is to promote sea kayaking using both traditional and contemporary skills. We provide quality presentations, instruction, rolling demonstrations and BCU certification programs worldwide. Helen Wilson is internationally known for her rolling and traditional skills instruction, while Mark Tozer is equally recognized for holding the highest BCU credentials possible.

Greenland or Bust's website,, includes an active blog, a question and answer section and an online store, which features the DVD, Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson.


Simplifying the Roll......

Helen Wilson is a professional sea kayaker out of Arcata, California. Helen specializes in traditional paddling skills using traditional equipment. She competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championship in 2008 (Qaqortoq, Greenland) and again in 2010 (Nuuk, Greenland), receiving five medals in four disciplines. In August 2012 Helen and her husband, Mark Tozer, returned to Greenland to host a commercial expedition of the east coast.

Mark and Helen TozerHelen performs rolling demonstrations, presentations and instructs at events worldwide. She has written skills articles for several publications including Sea Kayaker magazine, The Masik and Ocean Paddler magazine, in which she has an ongoing feature. In May 1010 she released an instructional DVD, Simplifying the Roll with Helen Wilson, which is available worldwide. She has instructed at over 50 events and symposiums in over a dozen countries. She also serves as a board advisor for Qajaq USA.

Besides from being a kayaker, Helen’s other passion is yoga. She is a certified yoga instructor, and Greenland or Bust will release a new DVD "Yoga for Outdoor People" in May.

Mark has been messing around in all kinds of boats in all kinds of waters for almost 25 years. Along the way, Mark has gained a number of British Canoe Union awards including the coveted Level 5 Coach (Sea). Having explored Eastern Greenland, he has come to recognize that modern paddling skills owe much to our Greenlandic cultural heritage of yesterday. Mark enjoys the blend of teaching traditional skills using contemporary coaching processes and puts his students at the centre of the experience.

Mark has participated in and lead a number of overseas expeditions to such places as Alaska, Baja, Norway, Greenland, Morocco, Tanzania, Kenya and Ecuador as well as completing a doctorate (PhD) in expedition leadership. He has contributed to numerous symposium and events around the world, as well as written articles for publications such as Ocean Paddler and Canoe Focus.


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