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Hi, I'm thinking of bringing my son to junior night at the Broadgreen pool. Does he go in the pool alone or do I have to book an adult and child place.  Also, can he bring a friend to try it out if his friend is not yet a member? Thanks, E

Juniors normally paddle in the pool on their own, parents can come on the pool side to help or to watch.  Indeed, some actually get in the water to help with rolling or capsize drills if they are paddlers themselves or you can leave that to the coaches.  We do allow coaches to stand in the shallow end to supervise capsizes etc.


Unfortunately we do not do “try it or taster sessions”.  As we are a volunteer run paddling club everyone has to be a member to paddle with us.  We have over 500 members to cater for and only members are insured for paddling with us)  At only £5 a year for juniors, membership is actually far less than most commercial organisations charge for an hours introduction (the minimum fee is around £10 per hour).   His friend could join and pay for a pool session and still get great value even if they only attended that first session.


How to book a pool session
The club uses an online booking system to book places for its events.  You will be asked to supply an email address when you book.  You have 10 minutes to click on the link in the returned email or the place is released.  You have a further 10 minutes to pay by PayPal or debit / credit cards to confirm the place       Click to book an Event…….... 

Can I just turn up on the night?
You are more than welcome to turn up on spec but if it is full then that is the maximum we allow in the water and you will have to either find someone who is willing to share a boat, help out on the pool side or just enjoy the chat and banter. Indeed, many weekend paddles are discussed at the pool and several members’ just pop down to catch up on the news.

Last year I could pre-pay at the pool for the following week. Can I still do this?
Unfortunately no. We need to streamline the pool booking process and the best way to do this is to remove the need to collect, count and bank large amounts of cash. Indeed, as we anticipate it being so busy this year an online booking system will make it far simpler and fairer for all.

I can not use paypal - can I still pre-book?
Yes, you will need to pay with a credit or debit card declining to use a PayPal account.

What if I have pre-booked but then can`t turn up?
Unfortunately you will loose your money as the slot has already been reserved and this stops others from booking. If sufficient notice is given refunds will be at the discretion of the pool organiser. Please email contract Chris Murphy or Roy McHale