Renew your membership with the club

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The club is run entirely by volunteers and is therefore extremely good value.

Membership needs to be renewed every year so that we always have up to date contact details.

Renewal of Family Membership £30.00 per year
(Adult & partner living together & their children)

Renewal of Adult Membership £20.00 per year
(Individual aged 19 and over )

Renewal of Junior Membership £10.00 per year
(Individual 18 or under)

Existing Members helping to run the club (Stewardship group / Active coaches and leaders etc) can ask for their membership fee to be waived each year.  This is classed as a Voluntary Membership. Just email with a brief message if this does not happen automatically.

All payments are made securely by debit card / credit card / paypal account. We do NOT hold any of your bank/card details and your data is secure at all times.