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2021 Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip to the Summer Isles Day 10

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2021 Scottish Sea Kayaking Trip to the Summer Isles

Day 10 Tuesday Fraoch Eilean Mor, around greenstone point to Slagan Bay by Andy Garland

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We had spent the night camped at yet another idyllic spot. It had a backdrop of the Torridon mountains to the east and the Black Cuillin of Skye across the sea to the west. Added to that, a golden beach extended to the south.

This beach was made of several trillion particles of sand – tiny, tiny grains of silica that did their upmost to invade absolutely everything. Despite fastidious efforts to keep the tent clean it still got everywhere…in my socks, sleeping bag, mug, toothbrush and into just about every bodily orifice that I possess. You might guess correctly that a sandy beach is not my favourite place to camp. Anyway, as usual we were on the water at a respectable time, and we continued our journey south. Before long we paddled past a tiny settlement, called…Sand! (seriously).

After that the coast took on a much rockier character as we passed around Greenstone Point. The winds continued to be light, and we had great paddling conditions.

Our next camp was at Slagan Bay. Now then, after the best part of two weeks on the water the days had begun to blur into one, and I have no recollection of what Slagan Bay actually looked like. However, I can confidently say that I did not camp on sand!

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