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Canoeing Questions and Answers


If you have a canoeing question that you would like answered

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We do run distance paddling, but this is predominantly in sea kayaks at our 2km long enclosed dock.   Basic equipment is available for members to use for free. Membership is only £25 per year.  Join Us – Liverpool Canoe Club

However, you would be best joining Runcorn Kayak Club – they are the best option for the type of paddling you are looking for.

I am new to the sport and would like to attend one of your coaching sessions. What should I wear and bring?

The club provides all the paddling and safety equipment at beginner sessions (over 180 kayaks and canoes, plenty of buoyancy aids, paddles, helmets and spraydecks if required).

Kingsway or Broadgreen Pool:
If you are attending an indoor pool session you only need to bring a towel and swimming costume or shorts and a t-shirt or similar.

Outside at the Liverpool Marina:
Old trainers or similar to protect your feet (You CANNOT paddle barefooted.
Shorts / swimming costume
Tee shirt (quick drying fabrics are better ie a football shirt or similar)
Thin jumper or top (especially if it is cold). A fleece top is ideal
Track suit bottoms or similar (especially if it is cold)
Some kind of windproof (waterproof) top. Special canoeing cagoules are available in canoe shops but any lightweight “golf” type jacket or old cagoule would do to start.
A towel and a change of clothes in a bag to leave in your car (or the coaches car if need be).

As you progress you may want to invest in your own personal clothing. Ask others what they prefer. Most do not wear a wetsuit as it restricts paddling. A good canoeing cagoule would be the first item of clothing to purchase. Take a look around our two local canoe shops or see adverts from other paddlers selling items that are no longer used.

Hi, I am planning a sponsored canoe trip from Selby to Liverpool along the canal but am having issues trying to find a company who hire canoes.  Do you have any information where I may find one?

Kind regards John

Hi John, We often get questions about paddling the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. Indeed, many members have done this journey in the past, but it is a major undertaking – 162 miles all the way to Goole. (127 to Leeds). Unfortunately, we do not hire or loan kayaks or canoes for non-club trips. There are many trip reports and information about the journey on the club site or via some of the links below.

As far as I know, there is no one hiring canoes in the area for this journey. You could ask the Desmond Family Canoe Trail Trust or the Canal and Rivers Trust who manage the route and they may have more information.

DFCT trail

How to book a pool session
We use the large 8 lane Kingsway swimming pool in Widnes on a Thursday evening 9.00 – 10.00pm. The pool has been very popular this again this year. To cope with demand we only accept bookings made online with paypal or a bank or credit card. The bookings for the following week open at 9.00pm on Thursday evenings. Anyone who was too late to book for the current week should have first choice as they will be able to book a place while the others are at the pool.

8 lane Kingsway Swimming pool

The cost of the pool is less than the price of an adult swim at only £5.50. We have 20 boats and paddles etc on the poolside for members to use but you can easily bring your own – provided that it is clean / rinsed with fresh water. Many members pop down for a chat, to watch or help coach. You would be more than welcome.

Click or tap to book………. 

Can I just turn up on the night?
You are more than welcome to turn up on spec but if it is full then that is the maximum we allow in the water and you will have to either find someone who is willing to share a boat, help out on the pool side or just enjoy the chat and banter. Indeed, many weekend paddles are discussed at the pool and several members just pop down to catch up on the news.

I cannot use PayPal – can I still pre-book?
Yes, you will need to pay with a credit or debit card declining to use a PayPal account.

What if I have pre-booked but then can`t turn up?
Unfortunately you will lose your money as the slot has already been reserved and this stops others from booking. If sufficient notice is given, refunds will be at the discretion of the pool organiser. Please email contract Chris

Hi, I just have a few questions regarding the canoe club. I am a 22-year-old female from Norfolk with a few years of kayaking experience. I completed half of my 2* training with the Scout association but had to stop due to moving away a few years ago. I have not been in a kayak since 2014 but would love to start up again and continue my qualifications. 

I was wondering what kind of ages attend the club please? Also, which class would be best for me to join in order to continue my qualifications, perhaps with a bit of a refresher course as well? Furthermore, I am unable to commit to weekly sessions on one particular day due to working 24-hour shift patterns. Will this be an issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hi, we are a large club with over 700 members and take part in all kinds of paddlesport. We have many (all) ages in the club with juniors starting outside from age 8 (even younger in the junior pool) right through to 70+.

The club does run many courses – I guess you need to watch out for the next improvers or 2-star course but there are lots of others. These courses are usually 3 sessions of 2 hours.

As a club for members, many just paddle as a self-supported group. You could easily just come down on a Sunday and Craig or Julie will get you on the water and show you how the club works. As a member you can just turn up to any session that you feel confident to join – you will soon get the hang of how the club works and the many different paddling opportunities there are.

Alternatively, you could pre-book the pool session at Kingsway Pool. We have lots of coaches to help and 20 boats stored there.

Everything is free once a member (£25 per year) except where you need to book pool time (£5.50 per hour) or join a certificated course where we only charge a booking fee to ensure people are serious about attending. No charge for coaching or use of the equipment.

You will find a mass of information online via the website as well as the joining page.

Join Us – Liverpool Canoe Club

See you on the water

Hi I was thinking about giving kayaking another go, I have not joined jet, but

I don’t see any dates on the calendar for the paddle start / 1 Star Training? have you any dates?


We have run 6 introductory / 1 star courses since May but as we move into the summer holidays we do not currently have any planned. We will be more in September but if I get a volunteer coach we may run one in August.

We always circulate courses to our members via the googlegroups email forum. You need to be a member to receive these emails.

We do run a pool session every week on a Monday evening at Kingsway pool. This is ideal for new paddlers or those returning and wanting to develop. We have 20 boats on the poolside and club coaches can give you advice and help you develop. This way you will not need to wait for the next introductory course.

Kingsway Pool Session – Liverpool Canoe Club

Hope this helps,

See you on the water

Canoeing for kids.

I have a 4 and a 6-year-old who would like to try canoeing.  Can I have some information on cost, dates, times etc?


4 and 6 are little young to start outside if you are not a competent paddler yourself and able to paddle in a double or open with them. They will not be able to hold the paddle!

However, when we start back in the pool on Tuesdays 7-8pm at Broadgreen School Pool from October this will be ideal for youngsters that age. It is warm and clean and a safe place to join in with the junior club.

Membership of the club is £30 per year for a family. Outside is free and the 1 hour of pool time costs £4 per person. Use of all boats and coaching is free.

Hope this helps

I’m just getting into Stand up paddle boarding and looking for somewhere to paddle.
If we join your club are we able to launch from the Marina by ourselves or do you have to be part of an organised paddle and if so, do you have any?

I have an iSup and my partner has an inflatable kayak and we just want to be able to paddle socially together, but don’t seem to be able to find anywhere we can go

Thanks in advance


Hi Elizabeth,
You would be most welcome to join Liverpool Canoe Club. However, all our paddling at the docks MUST be during club sessions. You can paddle in a small peer group whenever the compound is open or a club session is on. We have lots of these during the summer. Just look at the calendar below:

Calendar – Liverpool Canoe Club

There is nothing to stop you organising a club paddle at the docks at any other time but it should be publicised on the club calendar so that other members can join in. This is the whole philosophy of the club, to promote paddling for club members. To put it on the calendar just email the club at giving full details, times etc or indeed circulate it direct to all members via the googlegroup.

You must follow the club guidelines for paddling at the docks and you must never paddle on your own. It would be great to have more SUPs/inflatables out with our mixed kayak and open canoe groups. Provided that you can rescue yourselves (get back in from deep water) and are reasonably competent you could even paddle as a pair, provided it was a club session and all are invited.

Risk Assessment…….  This is a PDF File

Hi All,

I am planning on buying some canoeing kit. I am currently trying all sorts of canoeing and I would like to buy new or secondhand. I tend to have a problem getting things to fit. I am  6ft 4″ and tend to get jackets with 2 inch extra long sleeves.  Can anyone advise what makes best suit tall people, where I can get good value:

Boyancy aid
Spray deck

Hi I’m 6’4″ (1.93m) myself and understand your point ;-). I’m about 85 kg, don’t know about you.
I only started paddling (sea kayaking) last year and I find there is obviously no problem for most of the stuff, e.g. buoyancy aids, spray decks, helmets etc. (I find all shops near Liverpool fine and sometimes have good sales racks with good value).  Everything with arms and legs is a matter of trying it out. I ended up with a PeakUK Long John (wetsuit) Large; the legs are a tad short but that’s fine, it’s more important that it’s not baggy around the body (for warmth). My cag is a (Yak) XL which is fine for arm length and just a bit baggy around the trunk but that doesn’t bother me (the buoyance aid keeps it in place).
For a drysuit, I just ordered a made-to-measure one, a Typhoon Multisport. They charge around £100 extra for made to measure, but a dry suit is expensive anyway, so better have one that fits. There are no standard sizes that would come near to suiting me. It seems that if you’re tall, you’re also supposed to be obese (or extremely muscular 😉 I’m neither!) Rubberman, Aquatek and probably a few others also do made to measure drysuits.
My paddle is a 2.15m Werner (Cyprus). I know quite a few sea kayakers of our height and they all use 2.15m paddles for sea kayaking. My spare paddle is 2.20 and I find it doable, but a bit long.
So, at least for paddles we don’t have a length problem :-).
Please ask me if you have any questions!


How broad are you? I’m 122kg and 191cm and I’ve had no problem with palm xxl gear or peak xxl (latest stuff is biggest size xl as their xxl was massive!) however, my playboating BA is my old one which is a m/l. Swings and roundabouts really best to go the shop and try gear on till you get an idea of what you want. Several shops are around on the Internet and two are local.

Manchester canoes

Unit 14-15   Rufford Court  Woolston, Warrington , North   WA1 4RF  01925 818437 these guys are moving soon (but will still be close to where they are now) best to give them a call.

Go kayaking/kayaks northwest

Marina Village   Preston Brook   Runcorn , North   WA7 3DW  

United Kingdom 01928 710770 can be difficult to find if you’re sat nav is like mine as it takes you the wrong side of the marina, so I’ve attached their number too in case you get lost.

I think the club still has 15% discount with both of these stores, maybe someone could confirm?

Most paddling kit in go kayaking is peak uk gear (they have various brands of shoes and helmets and also stock Pyranha decks) So for a better range go to Manchester canoes, although I’d possibly visit both as peak uk are a dedicated kayaking company and their gear is top notch, I don’t think Manchester canoes stock peak uk too. I paddle in a peak dry suit, although it’s no longer dry if I swim, it’s comfortable and warm even when wet. A friend of mine is a similar height to you and paddles in their latest dry suit also and has no issues. 

Both these shops are run and staffed by paddlers of various disciplines and will all be very capable of advising and helping you out.

Hope this helps!

Hi None of Mark’s gear will fit you- or mine for that matter! We both have the opposite problem at times. Manchester Canoes is worth a run-out; make sure you ask for club discount (15%?). Good to have you on the session today and we’ll keep you in mind for further sessions. I’ve attached some details of our courses on Skye & Mull. See what you think. 

Just wondering if there are any requirements for going in the docks for personal recreation i.e. If I have my own gear can I go for a paddle by myself?

Sorry but only recognised clubs that pay a license are allowed to use the docks.  We have to follow strict guidelines.

1/  All paddling sessions must be on the club calendar (this promotes paddling within the club and actively encourages others to paddle with you).  Key holders and other experienced members can arrange extra sessions by emailing details to or via the google group.

2/  You must paddle in groups and be very proficient in swift rescues.

3/  You must paddle within our risk assessment  Click here for details…… or via the website.

If you want to paddle on your own then people often use, Liverpool Canal, Bridgewater Canal (from Runcorn), river Weaver (from Runcorn Rowing Club) or River Dee (from Sandy Lane)

My wife and I are possibly moving to Liverpool. I will definitely be joining the club if we do as I am a keen sea kayaker. My problem is that we may end up in a flat/apartment making sea kayak storage a serious problem. Do you have spare capacity to store member kayaks (at a price) or is this something that you just don’t do? If not there must be other members in your club with this problem. What do they do to resolve it? Any help would be greatly received as I would rather leave the misses behind than my beloved kayaks.

We do not generally store members boats although some do put GP or plastic sea kayaks on the club racks at the docks.  (If you were to do this then the boat may be used by other club members at the docks as you would need to only use our club security wires).   The area does need an electronic swipe card to access it and there are security cameras.

However, I guess it is a composite boat so you would not want to do this.  I have circulated this mail to other club members and if anyone has room to store you boat for you they could contact you direct.  We would not want you to leave your misses behind as she is potentially another keen paddler for the club !

 After the paddle to Hilbre last week – This inspired me to take a walk out there when tides are in  – I have read the friends of Hilbre website that explains the tide times and when to set off.
 As a river kayaker mainly I m vague on how tides work and what a spring tide is and also what’s a low and high tide. (Wikipedia Time)

 I assume when tides are low the time the island is surrounded is less – as water will not reach as far in to the estuary.
When visiting over high water set out from West Kirby leaving the Dee Lane slipway at least 3 hours before high water, or 3½ hours on large tides 9.5 metres or higher, to allow for a stay of 5 hours or more on Hilbre. It is safe to leave Hilbre 2½ hours after high water to walk back to West Kirby.
Does this statement mean you walk for 1hr stay 5hrs then walk back 1hr. My interpretation.
How long is the tide in and island surrounded.

You’re not the only person to scratch their heads over Hilbre tides, just ask any of the West Kirby RNLI crewmembers who spend a great deal of their times rescuing walkers cut off by the tides on one of the three islands!

If you look at any tide table you’ll notice that, each day, the time of the corresponding high and low water advances by just under an hour and that tidal heights also vary according to how close they are to springs and neaps. No doubt you’ve already discovered this from Wikipedia.

As kayakers we tend to head out around Hilbre when the high tide is close to 9m (close to springs) as this is when the islands are surrounded by water. Because most of us tend to paddle on a weekend, you might get the wrong impression that this 9m tide only occurs twice a month but in reality, Hilbre is navigable over many days each month either side of the spring tide. Ade and his Friday slackers will testify to this.

Similarly, walking out to Hilbre and enjoying staying there when the water surrounds it, can also be done on many days either side of the spring tide.

The advice you’ve copied below in blue is correct and also gives you a safety margin so, to finally answer your question, yes – the statement does mean that you need to leave West Kirby at least 3 hours before Hilbre high water (Hilbre Tides ) and then walk for an hour or so (depends on your walking speed) to Hilbre. All of this time the tide will be flooding into the estuary so you can’t afford to take too long or leave it too late as the gullies surrounding the islands fill up very quickly with fast flowing water.

Once you’re on Hilbre, you’ll watch the estuary gradually fill up with water and you’ll be surrounded by the sea for approximately 5 hours before heading back to West Kirby approx 2½ after high water as the tide ebbs and the sand and mud is once more exposed.

Enjoy – if it’s a nice day, giz a shout and I might come with you.

I’m hoping to start coming in on Thursday evenings.
I have experience in different types of kayaking and canoeing and I’d like to work my way toward an instructor qualification.

What would I need to bring and where do I need to go so I can be ready to go on Thursday?

We have two sessions on a Thursday.

Pool Session at Kingsway Leisure centre 9-10pm and a paddle in the dark session at Liverpool Docks (The guys play a type of no rules polo) 6:30 -8:30pm

You need to be a member of the club to paddle with us so please click the link on the website or here and join online £10/year

We have boats, paddles, buoyancy aids and spraydecks etc. Pool – you only need shorts and t-shirt. For the docks – You just need a change of clothes and hopefully a windproof jacket to paddle in. A head torch is useful for dark nights.

As a member you will be able to view the whole website and find more information about what we do. Venues and locations of sessions is here:

I hope this helps

How do i get to do some canoeing with yourselves??

Been over to your base but know one there?

log in but gives me a list on right that doesn`t really take me where i need to go!

canoeing !

You have logged into your account manager where you change details about your membership.  To view the site and to find general information you do not need to do this.  From the home page just go straight to the page you want using the drop down menus (or site map if on a mobile phone).  If you go to anywhere on the site that is protected you will be asked for your username and password and then be able to seamlessly access those areas of the site.

For instance if you wanted to find out other members contact details, see the photos or read the newsletter you will only be asked for your password once until you close your browser.

If you have done a little canoeing before you can just turn up to any of our sessions at the Marina.  Our canoes are stored through the gate on the left side of the building but this requires a swipe card.  Probably better just to meet the paddlers in the car park and get them to swipe you through the first time.  There are normally at less 10 and sometimes 40-60 paddlers out so they should be highly visible.  Were you at the Marina Bar and Grill (where the sailing yachts are moored on the pontoons?  I will be there on Tuesday evening from 6:15-6:30pm  Paddling is from 6:30-8:30pm

If you are a beginner you would be best starting at the pool session where coaches could guide you though the beginnings.  Again, as a members you will be able to access the pool booking page for Kingsway on a Monday evening 9-10pm.  You pay for the pool in advance £4.00.  Unfortunately all our beginners courses at the docks have now finished but watch the calendar for new courses.

Everything is free, all the boats and paddles etc are at each venue to use by members.

I hope this helps a little

And see you on the water at Kingsway pool or the Marina.

Hi, we have registered with the Liverpool Canoe Club. We have not received any documentation as yet. Could you confirm that we are able to use the club’s facilities as we do not have a fob for shower etc. Thanks for your help.

Hi, To keep our costs right down we do not post out any physical documents.  The reply email and welcome letter link are your confirmation of successful joining.
Welcome to Liverpool Canoe Club – Liverpool Canoe Club

Using your username and password you can access all areas of the website including the list of current members – List of Members – Liverpool Canoe Club

I hope this helps

Hi, I’ve just started kayaking and have had 5 lessons at the Liverpool water sports on the dock, my question is can I turn up for a general paddle at the dock with other members, don’t get me wrong I am not brilliant but have basic control skills but need to broaden my experience

Yes you can just turn up for a general paddle at the dock as you sound to have enough experience to paddle with other members. You will need to speak to the other paddlers and find out where everything is (Boats, BA`s & paddles etc). Julie Brooks runs the Sunday morning paddles and is an ideal contact to show you where everything is.

Hi ,we have been members of your club for nearly a year now and we have not seen any grade one training at Albert dock yet ( on website it says there will be courses in may)and there is not many days out or courses for open canoes .I have asked about days out that have been done and have been told that we have not got enough experience but we cant get experience if its not there. Instead we are going canoeing on our own on the river Dee from sandy lane or from Farndon nearly every weekend which is experience but only on flat water.

Are you specifically after open boat course or general Kayak course?

If you are currently paddling on the river Dee you would seem to already have more than enough basic experience to paddle with he club either on a suitable club trip, club weekend or any session at the docks.  Do you know who you spoke to about experience or at least what trip you were enquiring about.

You may even wish to invite other members on your trips from Sandy Lane or Farndon as many members may be interested in joining you.  Why not just come down to the docks and meet other members and paddle with us.  We have a number of opens (9) that you can use or bring your own.

Hi, I have recently moved to North Wales from Dublin, Ireland to work. I am living in Deeside, and am looking to get involved with a local club or team to play canoe polo. I have played in the Dublin Canoe Polo League for a few years at Div 2 level and was also a member of Wild Water canoe club. I would be very grateful if you could send me some info or point me in the right direction to finding a club or team to play and train with in my area.

You would be most welcome at Liverpool Canoe Club. We have 2 teams in National Division 2 and 3 and several in local leagues. We currently train at Kingsway Swimming pool (just over the Runcorn Bridge) on A Monday night 9-10pm. There are plastic boats at the pool with all kit but most bring their own. We have several members who travel from the Chester area to the pool – it only take about 25mins. During the summer we train at the docks in Liverpool – about 35 mins from Chester

Kingsway Pool Session – Liverpool Canoe Club

We are the largest club in area (probably country) with over 500 members and have lots of trips / events – just take a look at our calendar. Membership is incredible value at only £25 per year. You can join online and then pre-book the pool to ensure that you have a place. (You are given a password for the site when joining)

Join Us – Liverpool Canoe Club

If you want to pop along to see or just attend and paddle on a Monday you would be most welcome. Best to get to Kingsway at about 8:45pm.

There are a few other options for polo in the area:

Welsh Warriors have one team in Div 3 – they train with us on a Tuesday.

Manchester WildCatz are based in Salford at end of M56

FOA are based in North Liverpool and train outside

Heya, I have not sat in a kayak or canoe for over 25 years and wish to get back onto the horse so to speak.

Could you let me know if there is anyone from the club whom could help me jump into the deep end. 

I am looking for people/places or centres where I can get the necessary training so I can get out there and gain experience. 

I hope you can give me some advice.

During the winter we have 3 pool sessions a week that are ideal for people returning (Mon, Tues and Thursday).  We have BCU coaches on the pool side and in the water to help you, a wide selection of boats on the pool side and all paddles / spray decks etc.

As a voluntary club you will need to join (only £20 per year) – just click the join tab on the website.

As a member with a username and password you will then be able to pre-book a pool session by clicking the link from the venue page(s) on the website.  Please note that we do not charge for use of the boats or coaching but you will need to pay for the swimming pool (£5 per session – the price of an adult swim)

Alternatively from May onwards we run introductory sessions (3 x 2hour courses) at our base at the Liverpool Marina).  Once happy in a boat you will be able to attend club sessions at the docks and paddle with other members.

Hope this helps.

Join Us – Liverpool Canoe Club


I am a little confused at the moment regarding equipment loans. I have read that boats cannot be hired for private use. Is it the same for paddles? Is it possible to hire paddles for personal use? 
Thanks for the help (I tried my best finding an answer before writing an email)

You can use any of the clubs equipment (boats or paddles) for free during club sessions at the docks or any of the pools.

If you go on a club trip (eg Anglesey Weekend) then you will need to hire a boat (which includes paddle, Buoyancy Aid, Helmet and spray deck) as you will be taking it away from the dock store for the weekend.  This costs £5 per day.

What you cannot do is hire / borrow a club boat to go off paddling on your own, that would be a private trip.  We only lend (hire) club boats for club activities that other members can join in with.

I hope this helps

Me and my boyfriend joined recently and would like to start kayaking but don’t quite know how things work for beginners. It says that there are introductory courses but we can’t find any except for the pool sessions which are too far away for us (over 2 hour drive!!). We aren’t total beginners and have previous experience with instructors and friends so can we just attend the general meetings even though we haven’t got any stars yet? Our goal is to gain stars and begin sea kayaking.

If you have some experience and do not need an introductory course in the basics of canoeing then you can just attend any of the sessions.   Talk to any canoeist (in paddling clothing) and they will show you where the boats, BA`s and paddles etc are.  You will paddle with others on the Albert dock.  Details of venue etc are available via the website.  The best first outside session to attend is a Sunday morning or Tuesday evening where or others will be around to guide you.

PS more intro courses will be added when available – see Google group emails for more info #

Googlegroup – Liverpool Canoe Club

My 10 year old daughter wishes to learn how to canoe/kayak.  Does the club run any courses that she could enrol on and if so what is the cost?

Hi, we do run a number of courses for members to learn to canoe or improver courses for those with a little experience. All our courses are only £5 as coaching is free as is the use of our equipment. However, these courses are mainly for our adult members.

Junior Club

As your daughter is a junior (Aged 8-16) she could join in with our junior club which runs every Tuesday 7:15 – 8:15pm and every Sunday morning 13:00 – 15:30. We have about 10-20 juniors who regularly turn up for each session. We always provide a BC qualified coach to run these sessions, along with help from parents and other experienced paddlers. They are totally free and all equipment is provided. Your daughter will only need to turn up with suitable clothing, (old trainers for feet, shorts or leggings, shirt and fleece if its cold and ideally a light weight waterproof to keep the wind off)

We welcome parents at these session, you are more than welcome to paddle with the group. If you would prefer not get on the water, many parents wait / watch from the dock side or go to the coffee bar in the Marina complex. We do require that a responsible adult remains on site while the children are on the water.

All other information can be found on our website along with our online joining form (£15per year for juniors or £35 for all members of a family)

I hope this helps


I have been a member of the club for over a year now but haven’t had the chance to go on a weekly basis as I am not sure when the other members are there.

Can you clarify when the club is open

Club sessions, as long as you are not a total beginner, are on: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sunday from the Marina. Other trips as per the calendar.

Liverpool Calendar of Events and details of all club paddles (

Hi I’ve been canoeing for years and up to recently used a 17 ft. Canadian canoe but this is now to heavy to load on the car by myself so I have purchased a inflatable. Sevylor canyon SC320 would this be able to be used if I joined the club. gd-asset_14666082

Yes you would be most welcome, as long as you paddle with others in a group at the docks etc so you all provide safety for each other. Club sessions are on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

However, we do have 7 open canoes on the racks + 80 assorted kayaks free for club members to use on club nights. Just ask some one to give you a hand to carry to and from the pontoons, people will be more than willing to give you a hand.

We managed to join this morning.

My husband Chris will be coming along tonight for the Beginners session at 6.30. Unfortunately I can’t come due to a meeting, but will be there on Wednesday’s for the next 2 weeks.

We’d also like to do the 5 hour introductory course on Saturday, is that ok?

I am glad you have managed to join. However, I am sorry but all courses have to be booked in advance. All three beginners courses this month are already full but we will be publishing more for July soon when we can get volunteer coaches to confirm availability. We are a large club with over 500 members and unfortunately cannot cope with large numbers of beginners starting all at the same time.

If you cannot wait until July’s courses one way to get started if you are novice paddlers is to attend the pool session on Monday. We have lots of coaches there along with the canoes etc. This is an ideal way to start in a warm and friendly environment. Many members have started here and then not needed the introductory course to get confidence before joining the club on general sessions (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays). General club sessions are all free, can use club boats and equipment and are suitable for those paddlers who are improvers and not total novices.

I hope this Helps

Hi all, just joined and wanted to get involved in a taster session tonight, what’s the deal, how do you ‘book’ – just turn up at 18:30???

The introductory courses for this month are all full. You would book a course online via the links on the website or direct from the link below.

Bookwhen – Liverpool Canoe Club

After a beginners / introductory course (or if you were an improver or more experienced) you would normally be confident enough to just turn up at a normal club session. These run on Tuesday, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday. See calendar for details. Here you can use a club boat and paddle with other club members.

Liverpool Calendar of Events and details of all club paddles (

If you are a beginner and cannot wait until Julys courses are published you could book a slot at the pool in Widnes (Thursdays 9-10pm) Here coaches will guide you through the early days.

I hope this helps, See you on the water.

Hello. I’m interested in joining the club. I recently moved to the area. I have no equipment here with me but I have done a good bit of kayaking in the past mainly sea. Please let me know how things work. How often do you meet and go out on the canals.

Hi, we are an open club that is extremely good value to join at only £25 per year. We have a fleet of over 100 canoes and kayaks which are free for use my members at docks and pool sessions. As you are more experienced you will not need an introductory course. As a member you can just turn up at a club session and paddle with us.

We also run lots of trips (just take a look at our calendar to see the variety and sheer number). These are mostly coordinated by members and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to the trip. You can ask for guidance from the coordinator if you are unsure.

For club trips you can hire / borrow club kayaks with paddles and BA`s etc. These are booked and a small hire fee paid online. Once you are a full member you can see the whole site and discover the wealth of advice and material available here.

See you on the water.

River Suitable for Children Grade 1+ – minor Grade 2.

I can’t recall it in detail as its been a while since I did it, but what about the 8km loop of the River Douglas and Leeds Liverpool Canal?

Would do to scout it out first as it may be a bit treey, but its near.

Start in Wigan, paddle down the river under the M6, then get onto the canal (its a few metres away at this point) and paddle back to the start. 8km, grade 1ish

Or a straight run of 5km from Wigan to Appley Bridge

At normal to low levels on the Dee, the top end above mile end mill is good for a combination of training and a very short trip

Start in the dead thing eddy where everyone usually gets on. Bit of break in/ferry glide practice. The options are to play at the end of rapid above or carry up on the other side to the ledge, play there or carry on up to above the ledge. put on and work up the river to above the railway bridge. You can practice ferry gliding etc there or work up river and see how far you can get. Paddle back down when ready. The advantage of this trip is that you can tailor it to how quickly the kids get tired and the less strenuous activity is at the end.

hello, just a bit confused…. I wish to attend a beginner course / session and have just become a member. The may course on Wednesdays is full and I have placed myself on the waiting list. Have I missed the intro course? do they take place May to Sept and if so are they to be listed in upcoming events? Further I may struggle to get there for 6:30 as usually can only escape from work at that time thus arriving just before 7pm. Is mine a hopeless case?

Yes, I am sorry but the course in May is now full. If anyone cancels the automated system will email those on the waiting list. This is probably unlikely given the popularity of these courses. We try to put on at least 1 intro course a month. They are sometimes on a weekend, Mondays Wednesdays or Fridays. It all depends when the coach who volunteers is available. All courses will be put on the calendar and the booking page and also emailed around the Google group (so please sign up for these messages).

Arriving just before 7pm will be too late I am afraid as your group will have left to paddle around the dock already. Let’s hope for a Weekend course.

Alternatively you would be more than welcome to attend one of the pool sessions (currently on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.) Here you will be given a basic introduction and coaches or experienced paddlers will be on hand to help get you started. The pool is a good place to learn the basics.

I hope this helps.

Anyone know anything about paddling at Chester weir, river gauges or when to go?

River Dee gauge at Ironbridge….

River flow through the weir is mainly from upper reaches of the river, but the tide comes in and hides the weir / steps at every high tide. In a highish tide, the water will breach the weir and then you will have river flow plus what tidal water has been pushed above the weir. There used to be a rule about staying away from the weir an hour or so either side of high tide, but dont think that is still the case. Although at those times there is nothing to play on so its not worth being there anyway.

From memory, if you get there about 2hrs after high tide there will be stuff appearing. The more the tide goes out, the more features you have to play on, but the features do change at the tide changes. Similarly on the flood as well, features (the steps) disappear and the surf wave on the main face changes.

High tide Chester is about 1hr 8min after high tide Liverpool – link directly for Chester is here

Chester Weir and River Dee flatwater section above CH1 1SD (Souters Ln then The Groves)……

Liverpool Canoe Club Trips with locations and details

Good morning. I upgraded my membership on the site yesterday and am looking at booking on to the introductory course on the Friday evenings in June. One of the days is slightly awkward but I can work around it at a push. Just before I book on the course are there any plans for a one day course in June?

We are hoping to run a one day course sometime in May and maybe June but we do not know the details yet. I suggest you book onto Junes Friday course and if one comes up before ask (just email me) to be moved to the new course. Hope that helps

Hello, I joined LCC earlier this year, see below, and am getting club emails which is great but there was nowhere that I saw to put information about my partner so that he also gets emails and appears on the club list and can login to the site. He’s cc-ed on this email, and has the same address as me. Is it possible to sign him up for emails too?

If your go into your account profile there is a place for you to add an email address for a partner or spouse. In this way they will in time be added to the google group – however you should accelerate this by sending a brief email to advising of the addition,

As a family member the lead person is supposed to forward information about paddles to the rest of the family but we are finding more people are signing up multiple email addresses etc.

Can anyone tell me a good cheap camp site we can go , in the lakes area, or Lancashire with easy access to a late or river please thanks all

I’d recommend Waterside House Campsite. Its on the back road on Ullswater, and you can pitch damn near the waters edge if your lucky.

Also available Coniston Old Hall Campsite on Coniston or Low Wray Campsite on Windermere

For other venues the club has used look at the trips page / tab. Liverpool Canoe Club Trips with locations and details

Hi, looks like I have messed up on my member login somehow, sorry!

Hope you can help

Your account is still valid – you need to use exactly your username and password.

If you have forgotten your password a new one can be emailed to you.

Password Reset – Liverpool Canoe Club

This new password will get you into your account where you can change it for a more friendly one. If this all fails get back to me and I can sort something out.


Silly me ripped my cag seal on my watch – Anyone advise on how to repair rip on a seal on a cag – can this be done by yourself or is a professional job. Although I see repair kits I wonder do they actually work and has anyone successfully repaired one.

A wealth of replies on how to mend a broken seal on a cag from temporary measures with puncture repair kits, stretching over lemonade bottles – good ideas.

For a long term repair so many people have recommended the rubber man – (although sounds like a fetish retailer …lol) He appears to be the most recommended by all.

We always use Chris Steele based in the Conwy valley.

I am going to buy a dry bag, what sizes (they seem to come in litre size, eg 15l) fit in the sea kayak’s? 35L Lightweight Dry Bags

20 litre should fit in most sea kayaks. Sometimes you have to pack the bag inside the hatch and roll it down to seal it if a big bag but still works. Most hatches are 24cm in diameter.

Hi, I have just registered and joined LCC.

I am an ageing returner to the sport and have recently acquired a grp cross between a sit-on-top and a waveski which is a little lighter and more agile than the typical sit-on-top but not an extreme rocker, sharp railed ski. Ultimately I would like to go for a “proper” surf kayak such as a Mega but I’ve never really mastered the art of rolling which is why I currently favour the ski. I am looking just at recreational paddling to get some fresh air and try to regain some level of fitness but I do like playing in waves, albeit usually the smaller type normally on Anglesey. My question is – Is a surf kayak really appropriate for me or would I be better off with just a whitewater/river running boat. My only concern with this is that at 90kg I would have to go for a fairly large boat where the surf kayaks seem to carry a bit more volume for their length. I would like something that would be easier for me to master rolling in the short term but I don’t want to end up swapping boats in quick succession.

Any help and advice would be gratefully received. Thanks image005

Interesting question so I can only give a view. A radical surf kayak is very narrow, tippy and difficult to roll, especially at 90kg. If you were very good and wanted to enter competitions it might be right for you. Right now I would say no.

I used to do a lot of surfing on a wave ski, indeed I still have it but have been thinking of selling it for 3 years now but have just not got around to it. I spend all my time in the surf in a small, shortish, flat bottomed plastic kayak. This is much warmer than the ski, quite manoeuvrable and as it still has some length so can get out through the surf or pick up less steep waves.

You would be best to try some of the boats at the club before trying to get a kayak for yourself. This weeks pool session is fully booked already but next Thursdays bookings will open straight after this weeks session at the pool – this would be ideal for you to learn to roll. Nb we are very overcrowded so get ready to book a session. Alternatively you can attend our club sessions at the docks to paddle and get used to kayaks or indeed go on any surfing sessions when they are advertised.

This is my current kayak – S8 large volume but it is now dated and I have broken 2 with spits on rivers over the past two years. I am looking at the new Loki from Pyranha when it launches in December but it will be expensive.

I have recently become a member of the Liverpool canoe club but have not been able to make it to any meetings yet. I was wondering if I would be able to store my kayak at the club and if I would be able to access it at any time (for example pick it up on a Tuesday morning if I was going away with it for a few days)?

Several members do store their own boats on our racks at the docks provided that there is space. They are secured using our cables and locks on the understanding that the boat could be used during a club session by the club if you are not there.

You are able to take the boat at any time and would be trusted with the code for the shed and locks.

If this is acceptable then please speak to Keith during a club session.

What is the chance of booking myself and wife in for the next introductory course and how do we go about it ? Everything is done online to reduce administration to keep costs down etc. Once you have joined as a member your username and password will allow you to see all of the website and can book courses, see events and members details etc.

Membership is £35 a year for a family

The introductory course is £5 each for registration. This ensures people are committed and turn up for all 3 sessions to get the best introduction to the club. (We do not charge for coaching or borrowing our equipment) You will then be able to / be confident enough to join us on a club night – Tuesdays and Thursdays and take a kayak from the rack and join in with the paddling.

Go to the member’s page / tab or click the link below for details of courses.

Register for a beginners or coaching course ***

I joined the club last month and I am beginner to Canoeing what’s the best way to get started?

If you are a novice probably the best way to start would be to join one of our introductory courses (May to October) or come to the pool sessions in winter. (Please see the calendar or venues pages for details). The pool has three more weeks to run and unfortunately the beginner’s course in May is full but we are taking bookings for the one in June.

All details via the website Go to the Events Tab!

Or direct links below:

Liverpool Calendar of Events and details of all club paddles (

My son and I took part in the introductory sessions last Summer and now have our own boats.

I was wondering if we are OK to access the dock this week via the slipway and get on the water at the top end of the dock (adjacent to the car park before you arrive at the club house & where we practised rolls last year) as we do not have an access card to the club’s area next to the sailing club ? Any advice would be welcome.

Hi, Access to the Docks is via a group only. You are not allowed to just turn up and paddle. (This is a British Waterways requirement)

However, you are more than welcome to get on via the slipway during a club paddle or session (ie Currently Sunday mornings 10:00am or Thursdays polo training at 6:30pm – please check if we are going down as not always the case) Also every Tuesday and Thursday when we start again fully in May.

In addition you may look out for planned sessions at the docks via our calendar (or try to persuade a more experienced club member to coordinate a club session. ie we need the name of coordinator / person responsible and to invite other club members via email group or calendar as this then makes it a club session.

Hope this helps

Please see clubs risk assessment for use of the docks……….. Risk Assessment – Liverpool Canoe Club

I am just wondering what date does the dock sessions start again in summer as this weather is lovely and i want to get on water in my boat soon, thanks

We are down most Sundays from 10.00am

Tuesday and Thursday starts fully in May (see Calendar)

Some are running sessions on Tuesday evenings at New Brighton for a few weeks

We may start Tuesdays again in April but watch the calendar for this.

Hi, I bought a membership for my 13 year old son yesterday, with a view to him undertaking a 4 week beginners course, hopefully in May as he would very much like to give canoeing a go. He would very much like to join and undertake the activity with a friend as he is quite anxious about coming along on his own and not knowing any one. I

I’ve read the rules on under 16 year olds and my question is please that if his friend also joins as a member, he is 14 years old and then they book on the same beginners course, is it ok if just one of the parent /s of the boys attends with them both please? Many thanks in advance.

Yes of course. We are very happy for parents to work together to supervise their children as long as there is someone in “loco parentis” who is responsible for all children in their care. We have many families in the club; some with parents who paddle and some who do not.

I have a SOT (Sit on Top) kayak. I am very new to kayaking. The question I have is, when I am changing from one side to the other after a stroke, should the paddle blades be dribbling water all over my legs and feet, or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for your time and information.

Although you can expect some splash or mild dripping while on a sit on top this should not be excessive or cause you any discomfort.

Two possible causes:

Your paddle – some of the cheaper blades may retain water when lifted during your stroke. Fluting or rubber drip rings (designed to prevent drips) may make this worse. More expensive paddles are sleek and retain little water. If your paddle has rubber drip rings try moving them to the middle of the shaft and cutting them off if this makes it better.

Your stroke – the blade should not cross the centre line of the kayak, ie any drips should fall into the water and not onto your legs. Body rotation and a straight top arm should be in evidence. We do have online videos to shown forward paddling etc on our website – you need to be a member to view them.


BCU Forward Paddling Technique.wmv

However, the best way to improve your paddling is to paddle with others. BCU coaches could then give you advice and correct any errors. We run many courses each year or have club sessions in Liverpool Docks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Other centres also offer commercial courses (Crosby lake and Merseysport)

Hope this helps

Liverpool Canoe Club

I am interested in joining your club but I wear glasses, is that a problem? Regards CRK_pink

We have many members who wear glasses (and sun glasses in summer). You will need to make sure they are attached as they will be expensive to replace etc. although there is little chance you will capsize most of the time. There are several methods that people use.

1/ piece of string

2/ sports type strap

3/ For white water paddling water on the lens is the main problem so most will wear contacts for very rough water.

I hope this helps.

Hi, I was just wondering if there are any facilities at the dock to store my Kayak? I’m not going to have a car from next month as i’m starting at uni and cant afford to run it but would still like to have a way to use my Kayak.

We have over 100 kayaks and canoes in the secure area. Members are free to use these for any club session for free. Unfortunately the racks are so full that it is unlikely that we will have room for your to store a personal boat there. In exceptional cases and if the boat is suitable for general club use by other members it may be possible to store it on the rack alongside club boats. Contact the if you need more information

Hi all am looking to start paddling with my family, so am looking for 3 kayaks to buy as cheep as possible as cash is tight at the moment, i have been looking around at the different types of kayaks available and am interested in a touring kayak, but as a starter am willing to buy any type just to start with for this year. thanks all and looking forward to joining you all some day.

Why don’t you use the club boats for a while until you know exactly what you want. These are currently at the pool until they move to the docks in May for the outdoor summer sessions. They are free to use during club sessions. The best way to start is by coming down to the pool sessions at the Kingsway Pool on a Thursday. We have lots of boats and coaches to help you get started. Check the venues pages for details / maps.

In May we intend to run our successful introductory courses again, watch the calendar / newsletter for announcements. If you do not need introductory lessons you can just attend our club sessions on a Tuesday or Thursday evening from 6:30.

hi all, wondering if anyone can suggest a handy canal put-in with parking in Wirral or Chester, as I’d like to take my kids on a safe starter run (they know how to paddle, just lack practice.) your advice would be much appreciated. Cheers.

Try these locations, good parking and easy water – links are from the trip’s pages of the website. Liverpool Canoe Club Trips with locations and details

River Dee at Chester – Sandy Lane Car Park

Bridgewater canal – Runcorn

River Weaver Canal – Runcorn / M56

Is it necessary to do a starter kayaking course before joining your club? I wish to learn the relevant skills with the view to doing some coastal/sea kayaking in the future. I recently retired and have the time and some energy left. Thanks.

It is recommended to do a starter course during the summer when we run them – next is due in May when we start back outside. However, during the winter many people start by coming to the pool in Widnes on a Thursday – see the venues page. This is ideal for beginners as the water is warm and coaching can be given to get you off to a good start. You can just join and start coming along or pre-book a pool slot when a member via the website using paypal or a card.

Hi, I am 15 years old and paddle with peninsula canoe club on the Wirral. I am looking for more white water trips and am particularly interested in freestyle . I have paddled the tweryern and at JJs regularly also at Stanley embankment so have had experience of white water. I am interested in competition but don’t know where to go next for advice so thought I would try your club.

Hi, there is the junior freestyle circuit which runs each year, you may already been involved in this. Unfortunately their website seems to have changed to bogie boards. Try the main freestyle site for updated links.

We do run a lot of river trips each year and often go surfing or to Stanley Embankment. We have several members who paddle freestyle (two French lads (Martin and Bertrand) who were part of the French circuit before moving here).

You are welcome to paddle on our trips / with us but as you are under 18 will need to be supervised by a parent or guardian. Each year we do paddle in the French Alps and again if your parents were not attending you would need someone over 18 to act in `loco parentis`. We have regularly done this in the past.

Our membership fees are incredibly low as we have few running costs.

I hope this helps.

My son and I recently joined the club. We are both eager to start kayaking but are unable to get to the pool sessions. Is it a requirement to do this before we can go on any of the paddle outings e mailed by club members. Regards

There is no requirement but at this time of the year (January) you would need to be fairly experienced (probably with you own equipment) as even a paddle on a canal would be very cold and people would be moving fairly quickly to keep to warm.

If you are beginners you would be best to sign up in May to the beginner course(s) at the docks (various evenings) and possibly at weekends. The weather is far warmer then and it would be a better introduction. Watch the emails and website for more information.

Hi, my name is xxxx and I´m 22. I never tried canoeing before, but I would really like to do it. Is there any possibility to have a try it session in the next time? I´m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hi, we did run two come and try it sessions last year as part of a BC initiative. They were in May and June. Unfortunately there are none planned in the near future.

We are a large and active club with over 500 members. Membership is extremely good value at £25 per person per year. If you are keen on starting canoeing and want to receive coaching and help we do run sessions at the Kingsway pool in Widnes on Thursdays – see the venues pages. We do, however, expect you to join the club first.

If you just want to try canoeing on a one off basis then either Merseyport or Crosby Watersports centres are a good place to start. If you then want to take the sport further you may like to join one of the clubs in the region.

Hi, i’m looking at starting up my canoe interest and thought it best to join a local club. if possible could you give me some information about your club and ways in which to join.

Liverpool Canoe Club would welcome you as a member. We are a very active club run by its members to promote all kinds of paddling. Consequently our costs are minimal, membership fees cover these costs and is only £25 per year. All details are available via the website and you can join online (this keeps our costs down). Just click the join tab / page at Join Us – Liverpool Canoe Club

We paddle from our base at Liverpool Marina (Near Albert Dock and Merseysport) throughout the year. We have a variety of club boats on our racks and gear in our shed. While most of the GP boats have been moved to our pool session for the winter there are still plenty of boats available to use during club sessions – all totally free of charge and on a first come basis. These boats are available for loan on club trips for a small contribution for wear and tear.

Equipment – Liverpool Canoe Club

We paddle most weekends – see our calendar for trip details. During the summer we paddle on most evenings (Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs) but the main club evenings at the docks are Tuesday and Thursdays. (Tuesdays from 6:30pm currently until it gets too cold – please bring a torch. Pool session in Widnes is on Thursdays over the winter)

All venue information and maps are again available from the site – just click the venues tab / page

Hope this helps, See you on the water

Some of you were talking to me at a few pool sessions about what some boaters call the dark art of rolling and what resources are out there on the world wide web and in books. Dave Rider

There are many types of rolls out there some very complicated with only a limited use such as the tornado roll and the other more common rolls such as the screw roll and mine and many other coaches favourite the C to C roll. Kayak-rolling

It works in every scenario and if it is done properly it is arguably the safest and most efficient roll. There are many videos of the net, unfortunately there are many bad examples of this roll. But here are the ones I have used in teaching.


This 1st video in my opinion is one of the best on the net. It clearly shows the basic principles behind what is involved in what is require to safely do the roll. PS don’t worry when you say “I’m no way as flexible as that woman”. I guarantee everyone says and they can all do the roll!

This is one of the latest rolling videos to enter the web. Made by some paddlers at Bangor uni for there degree. It is well put together and shows a clear step by step guide.

This last video is another American “Kayak School” video. some cautionary notes on this are needed. The roll below is an add on to the C to C but defiantly one that should be thought about once the basics have been mastered. The yanks call it the combat roll basically it is a C to C roll but coming up leaning forward protecting the head. This is not just for white water paddlers but for all forms of paddling!


The old fashioned form of the book hasn’t been surpassed yet by the internet, especially in terms of rolling resources. This book is often termed the “Bible” of rolling resources as it is easy to use and is well worth the price! The first batch of pages are available free on Google books it even shows a very useful flow diagram.

The second book I haven’t actually read but does come recommended to me from other coaches. Rolling-Kayak-Ken-Whiting

I hope this helps

I’m looking to join the canoe club. I have some basic experience in both kayak and canoe paddling but haven’t done any assessments. I see there is a 1 star assessment this month, is it possible to join and take this assessment without doing the Intro Course for New Members? If so, do you choose which night to attend the assessment (16th or 23rd) or do you have to attend both.

Yes, if you have some experience you do not need to do the introductory course first, you can either come down on club nights to paddle with the clubs boats and equipment (first come first served) or indeed put your name down for a coaching course. I will add your name to the list for the one star assessment course (your need to attend both evening to ensure you complete all the elements of the award). Please see the syllabuses and notes available via the coaching page or calendar.

Please ensure you join online before the course so that you can join us.

I was wondering what the protocol was for organising trips? I`m looking to take some friends down the Dee, Corwen to horseshoe falls, I thought about opening it up to others but wasn’t sure of the club rules, could you tell me? Also, I`m potentially bringing 2 new member tomorrow, do they need to register first or can they try before they buy? Many Thanks

If your running a trip and are happy to open it up please use the googlegroup to advertise to other members. Please make it clear that there will be no coach cover and participants need to be confident of their ability to cope with the trip. You will probably need a few days notice to get any replies. At least 5 days notice seems to work best.

As it’s only £25 to join for a year they should be a full member first. This ensures that we have all their emergency details etc. If they are not sure that they want to join a club they should try a taster session at Merseyport or Crosby Lakeside Watersports Centre.

Hi there, Do you have any taster sessions for canoeing or kayaking? My son Dylan will be 7 in October and would like to give the sport a try. Where about in Liverpool is the club? Many thanks.

Hi, 7 is a little young to start although we do have families that paddle and paddling adults often bring and supervise their young children. Junior club in the pool over the winter would be fine for a 7 year old but 8 is really the minimum for paddling outsside.

We are really a canoe club for committed paddlers or those that have tasted the sport and are keen to learn. We are based in the dock by Liverpool marina (yachts) and the water is deep and dock walls steep. Liverpool Watersports Centre (Merseyport) may offer taster sessions or the new centre at Crosby. Dylan may have to wait until he is a little older – perhaps 8 years of age.

Hi, I have recently joined the club with a family membership and I was wondering when it would be possible for us to get involved? Cheers

Hi, You should have received a welcome email detailing information on how to paddle with the club. Your password will allow you to explore all of our site. If you and your family are total beginners then an introductory course would be best – the next one starts in September, Monday evening from 6:30pm (see our calendar) – 8 booked onto the course at the moment, let me know the names and ages of any of your family who wish to attend all four sessions.

If you have paddled before then you could just come down to any of our sessions – Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Marina – check the venues pages for maps etc.

Welcome to Liverpool Canoe Club – Liverpool Canoe Club

Hi there, We were hoping to come along to the kayaking tonight at 19:00…..(2 people) As we are first timers is this the best time to go – if so do we need to register online first? Many thanks.

You would need to be members first and if you are beginners will need to join a beginner’s course before joining in with the club night sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday. There is one running in July for 3 weeks but this is currently over subscribed with 18 (needs 3 groups). You could add your name to the waiting list or sign up for the one in September. All club sessions generally start at 6:30pm with gates locked before 7:00pm with most on the water by 6:45pm. We then split into groups to paddle with more experienced paddlers or club coaches as appropriate.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good inflatable kayak as i am on a limited budget and have no roof rack and i want to give canoeing a try. Thanks

I have owned a Sevylor Tahiti for about 4 yrs and it is a very good starter inflatable. I have done 8 mile trips in it on canals and lakes, even out in sea surf and it will take 2 people and a good load carrier too. It’s a lot better made than some cheaper beach toy boats, and you can get them at Outdoor World in Bootle now I think. You should be able to get one for around £119, but do get the optional skeg, and a decent paddle; it makes a great difference to the handling.

Article here:

There are better boats made by Stearns and Gumotex, but they are a LOT more expensive

Decathlon in Stockport also have inflatable’s and are reasonable regarding price. Unfortunately the cost goes up with better quality kayaks. Three or four members also have inflatable’s and might be able to offer advice on where to buy. As a member you are able to attend either our beginners courses or introductory sessions. We have two sit on tops which are similar to inflatable kayaks or you could try our open canoes or rigid kayaks. Our introductory course for July is now full, the next beginners one is in September. – see calendar for details on how to reserve a place.

I have joined the club but do not seem to get any of the googlegroup emails?

Hi, I am sorry that something has gone wrong. Please confirm your details so I can manually add you to the group. More information on how the Googlegroup works is here…….. Googlegroup – Liverpool Canoe Club

I am a new member with very little recent experience in a kayak although I did a fair bit 35 years ago. I have been to Pyranha today to have a look around before buying a Kayak. However when I asked the staff about paddling on the Bridgewater Canal and the fees involved, the said that there were none as canals are free so long as its just paddling and not a motorboat. Is this right please because somebody has told me that all Canals have a fee. I am interested in paddling on the Bridgewater and Sankey Valley Canal and the River Weaver. Do I need a licence thanks?

Officially you need a British Waterways licence to paddle on any canal. These are included if you join the BCU as a member (about £39 a year) or direct from British Waterways.

However, in practice you will never be asked for one if you put on locally so you should really just get on and paddle, keeping clear of any boats if they are moving or any fishermen etc. We often paddle on local canals as a club and have never been asked for a license.

The club uses the Liverpool Docks as home waters – we do pay a license for this to British Waterways but as a member you would be welcome at any of our sessions (formal and informal).

Hi, I was wondering if you could offer me some advice about getting into sea kayaking. My boyfriend and I are hoping to take up sea kayaking. We have been out with a friend who is a coach a few times for some taster sessions and we have been to Scotland for three days kayaking with a coach.

We are looking for a club to join where we can undertake some training towards obtaining the BCU star awards and where we can just go paddling on an evening or weekend. We are interested in doing the 2 star award and eventually the three star award. Could you let me know if this is possible for us to do at Liverpool Canoe Club and who the best person is for us to chat to about joining you? Thank you very much, Best Wishes,

Hi, As you may have noticed we are a very active sea kayaking club but also have other sections (general Coaching, Sea Kayaking, polo, white water, surf etc)

Once you are a member you are able to attend any of our club sessions (Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays) from the Yacht Marina and Sailing Club from 6:30pm or trips further afield depending upon your experience. However, you may be best joining our introductory course. We try to one at least one a month – days and times vary. All equipment is available on a first come basis. If you are more experienced you could start at any session.

Our coaches offer courses and assessment – see our calendar for current courses (BCU paddle start, BCU 1, 2 and 3 star are on offer this summer) There is no charge for any of our coaching as the club is run by members for its members but there are fees payable direct to the governing body (BCU) to obtain certificates when you pass awards. We do however ask for a £5 booking fee to ensure you are a serious candidate.

All details via the website

Any of our experienced paddlers would be willing to give you advice, just come and have a coffee or drink with us after each paddling session at the marina bar at the yacht club.