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Welcome to Liverpool Canoe Club

We are one of the most active canoeing and kayaking clubs in the country and have been awarded gold top club status by British Canoeing, the only club in the North of England to receive the Award.

Canoe England top Club Gold

There is a wealth of information on this site and we invite you to browse at your leisure. Some parts of the website are protected and require you to use your username and password. You will be sent an automatic reminder to renew your membership, you can login to your account and pay at any time and all memberships are from the date of first payment. You do not lose any days by renewing early. Your details can be checked or changed by clicking the Account Manager tab at the top of the site.

The club use Googlegroups to communicate with its members. Your email address(es) will be added soon to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest news, events and local paddles. You can either opt-out or reduce the number of emails at any time by contacting

If you are a full member, you are covered by our 3rd party liability insurance while paddling with us as a British Canoeing affiliated club.

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Kingsway Pool Sessions

If you are a novice or new to the sport then the best way to start would be to join one of our introductory courses which run every month. Please see the calendar for details. Calendar – Liverpool Canoe Club

You could also start by booking a pool session at Kingsway or Broadgreen. A large number of kayaks are available at both the pool and the docks for members to use. Details and a location map are available via the events page of the website. Events – Liverpool Canoe Club

As you become more experienced you may wish to attend some of our trips. Please visit the venues pages or trips page to find out more. All club activities are published on the website. We also have various trips on a Wednesday Evening (Chester Weir, New Brighton, Bridgewater and Leeds & Liverpool Canal etc). There are also many trips on a weekend. Please see the calendar for the coordinator and details.

Most of our members are more experienced and have all their own equipment. However, as you become more experienced we do lend equipment for club trips. Equipment – Liverpool Canoe Club **

We are always willing to offer encouragement, advice and coaching to anyone new to paddle sport, please ask for help or advice if required. Either email the site, contact members by phone or pop along to any of our weekly sessions. Members contact details are made available to members via a link on the website  List of Members – Liverpool Canoe Club.**

The club often uses images of our paddling in the newsletter, website and for publicity of the sport. As a member of Liverpool Canoe Club you are asked to allow images of yourself or your family to be published to help publicise the sport. You can ask for any photograph or image to be removed or taken down at any time or indeed ask anyone with a camera not to photograph you or your family. We really will not mind.

Members are reminded that when they joined the club they would have read and accepted the warning that “canoeing is an assumed risk activity.” In particular, attention is drawn to paragraph 14.2 from our constitution.

14.2. In participating in activities related to outdoor pursuits, members and prospective Members are responsible for their own safety and well-being. The club as a body, the officers of the Club and the members and prospective Members will not be held responsible in law should accident, injury or death befall Members or prospective Members voluntarily enjoining in such activities. Before becoming a Prospective Member a waiver of any claim against the club must be signed by applicants who must also agree to abide by the club constitution and guidelines. Individuals are advised to seek advice related to insuring themselves against mishap.

YouTube video to show your how to use the website to find information about the club

For a short video to show you how to access your membership pages and how to book sessions etc. go to

See you on the water.