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The club provides all the paddling and safety equipment at beginner sessions (over 180 kayaks and canoes, plenty of buoyancy aids, paddles, helmets and spraydecks if required).

Kingsway or Broadgreen Pool:
If you are attending an indoor pool session you only need to bring a towel and swimming costume or shorts and a t-shirt or similar.

Outside at the Liverpool Marina:
Old trainers or similar to protect your feet (You CANNOT paddle barefooted.
Shorts / swimming costume
Tee shirt (quick drying fabrics are better ie a football shirt or similar)
Thin jumper or top (especially if it is cold). A fleece top is ideal
Track suit bottoms or similar (especially if it is cold)
Some kind of windproof (waterproof) top. Special canoeing cagoules are available in canoe shops but any lightweight “golf” type jacket or old cagoule would do to start.
A towel and a change of clothes in a bag to leave in your car (or the coaches car if need be).

As you progress you may want to invest in your own personal clothing. Ask others what they prefer. Most do not wear a wetsuit as it restricts paddling. A good canoeing cagoule would be the first item of clothing to purchase. Take a look around our two local canoe shops or see adverts from other paddlers selling items that are no longer used.