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Alpine Paddling – Lower Guil 30/7/17 by Sarah Gille

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Chris on the lower Guil

A very pleasant and easy run, dropping into a flattish section of the Durance that ends at the St. Clément slalom site.  There used to be some intricate navigation to reach the put-in, which was epic with a trailer, but there is a new dirt-track road which makes even a cycle shuttle fairly benign.

After a rainy night the sun broke through and we set off to the river with the spikey mountains.

The drive down to the get in was a bit scarey as we passed some precariously balanced rocks that were soon to be eroded into the valley below.  We got changed into our storm soaked kit and split into 2 teams to head down the river.

We bounced along and played in a few waves as we passed some brave rock climbers and a 100m waterfall.

We were all having a lovely time.

Soon we reached the cloudy strorm drenched river on the durance and continued our journey of the day.

More Photos……

Cathy on Lower Guil
8tuart on the play wave