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Alpine paddling – Upper & Middle Guisane, 02/08/2017

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1st river of Ciaron’s last day. The water levels were a little higher than last week with the warmer weather providing some extra melt water. Team bra (Ian + his team of girls – Helen, Hannah, Wendy & Jenny) set off in the fast ferocious flow. Today there seemed to be less eddies and the few we found required positive paddling strokes to catch them. By S-Benders team suspenders only had one set of wet bra straps. The full group reformed before styling the rapid in a forward direction this time. We continued down the river back in our groups. Hannah leading the way we made our way through the villages to the bridge covered in Petunias at the get out. Ian geting a surprise as he rounded a tree lined bend to get an eye full of the local ladies sunbathing topless in an opening. The river will now be known as Booby River, renamed by Helen. We enjoyed some lunch in the sun and had a look at the bio pool still chuckling about the big knocker sighting – a rare experience for us Brits – while Keith peddled off for the van.