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Club Expedition to Skye 2020 Day 8 (Friday) 15th August – Loch Hourn to Kyle of Lochalsh

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Club Expedition to Skye 2020
“Team Alaska go on a Skye #staycation!”

Day 8 (Friday) 15th August – Loch Hourn to Kyle of Lochalsh

With good weather and the tide with us this was our longest day at 21.7 miles. It was also the longest day as at 3.10am a few of us were woken by the sound of the tide getting rather close to the tents. A mini rock pyramid was built at the waterline as a marker and by 4.10am Jenny was happy the tide was finally dropping and went back to sleep.

We packed up in a midge-free breeze and Chris and Jenny’s tent was caught in a gust and tumble turned towards the sea where thankfully it was saved. We paddled off at 8am along the northern shore of Loch Hourn with the wind behind us, wildlife spotting for birds, otters and seals. The sea was clear and deep with large shells, urchins and a variety of seaweeds on the bottom. Small fish flitted about the rocks. We had elevenses in the shelter of the Sandaig Islands as the wind dropped and the sun shone. A few boats were moored with snorkelers splashing about.

We were thinking about stopping before the narrows, but we had made good time, the tide was racing along with us so we decided to push on to the other side of the Bridge of Skye. The heather on the mountains was starting to come out creating a purple tinge, which then got stronger through the next week. As we went through the narrows there was some frisky seals making a good splash and a head wind picked up. We crossed Loch Alsh to go along the north coast to shelter from the wind. We all had a snigger at someone doing naked yoga on a rock and battled on against the wind to stop for a quick shop at Kyle of Lochalsh just as a fog bank started to drift in.

We stopped on the beach behind a rocky outcrop just north of the bridge on Skye as the fog really came in. Chris and Jenny went to work on fixing a broken tent pole – success, but as it was foggy outside, they stayed inside with only 1 porch up for the night. Later at 10pm the fog had lifted and there was a lovely pink sky.

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