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For Sale Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″ £1,100

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For Sale Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″ £1,100 ono  Now Sold

£1,100 ono

Sea Kayak Capella 169-P&H-Glass fibre & Diolen-16ft 9″

Water tight, good condition with a few launch scratches to hull, see photos. New deck lines and keel strip fitted last year. •

Width 22″ (56cm) •

Weight in Diolen 51.7 lbs (23.5 Kg) •

Cockpit dimensions 15.75″ by 29″ (40 by 74cm) •

Capacity 140 to 266 lbs (65 to 120 kg)

The Capella is an exploration kayak suitable for all paddlers, from beginners to the more experienced. The Capella provides an excellent balance between speed and stability. The Capella’s 56cm (22″) beam means that it falls in the middle of our sea kayak width range. It is ideally suited to all round sea kayaking or sorties across bays yet retains enough manoeuvrability for relaxed coastal exploring. This kayak is ideal for taking advantage of many different experiences that sea kayaking has to offer and is a favourite choice for many paddlers around the world. The Capella comes fitted as standard with an excellent retractable skeg system and comfortable adjustable seat. Other features include 2 large watertight hatches and one day hatch, adjustable footrest, backrest, deck lines and chart elastics. It is constructed with a glass fibre deck and glass and diolen hull.

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