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French Alps 2018 paddling trip Day 2 The Lower Guil by Keith

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French Alps 2018 paddling trip

Day 2 The Lower Guil by Keith

We were away by nine and headed down towards the lower Guil. Overnight rain had put a little volume in the rivers and it looked like a good choice. A short stop at a boulangerie for some more pain (bread) and breakfast pastries and we were off.

The get in was over a small bridge at the end of a rough track. After nearly running over a breakfasting family (who had set up a table in the middle of the turning circle) we quickly unloaded the trailer and were on the river. Someone had created a small dam and model waterwheel near the start – quite a work of art.

A delightful paddle down through the gorge and valley below took us to a hanging waterfall pouring from the cliff top. Some paddled into a small cave and overhand on river left and then under a Tyrolian Traverse setup by a school group who were abseiling down a cliff. The river then led down through a straight section with a number of “wing dikes” or walls which created great eddies for breaking in and out.

We then met the river Durance and there was a distinct boundary between the two rivers (clear mixing with glacial grey meltwater). We passed under a limestone overhang and on down to St Clement Slalom course and rafting centre. We spent some time playing on the waves there before having lunch and fetching the minibus.

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