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French Alps 2018 paddling trip Day 7 The Durance by Helen Siertsema

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French Alps 2018 paddling trip

Day 7 The Durance by Helen Siertsema

Sunshine was elusive for our run of the Sunshine run today despite promises of sunny weather by the Meteo. Previous rainfall had kept levels nice and bouncy as we had a lie down and snooze in our boats. Some of us were hitting the “Wall” and were glad of this relaxing run.

Meanwhile, the skies were darkening and hopes of any sunshine appearing evaporated like droplets in a hot pan. As we approached St Clement the heavens opened and the mountains disappeared into a threatening cloak of blackness. Thunder and lightening ensued and we paddled like stink to avoid being turned into crispy bacon.

The sun started to shine as we left our damp lunch spot at St Clement and we were soon bouncing around on wave trains. On arrival at the Rabioux wave, Keith decided to ring the changes and we took the right- hand channel which was a lot bouncier than the usual left one. Rather than peeling off one by one to run the wave, we ran it in convoy. Yet again it was a 100% success rate with no swimmers. Some folk practised ferrying across the huge waves in the rapid with differing rates of success.

The final leg of the Sunshine Run saw the black, rainy clouds disappear as we enjoyed the wave trains in the blazing sun again. It had been a long day, but the paddle was finished off by a bit of rolling practise by the get out. However, Helen failed to partake in this as she was up those get out steps like a rat up a drainpipe and was threatened with all manner of consequences by Keith.

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