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French Alps 2019 paddling trip – Day 12b The Ubaye Racecourse by Martin Aldridge

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French Alps 2019 paddling trip

Day 12b The Ubaye Racecourse by Martin Aldridge

Off the Upper and the shuttle complete, we all stopped for some lunch in the glowing sunshine. I on the other hand, returned to patching my boat, which to be fair had been holding up surprisingly well all things considered, but needed a bit more TLC to protect the crack.

A choice was then offered – people could paddle, or people could relax at the lake, get some rays and play on the SUPs. Some chose relaxation, whilst others chose crazy paddling instead 😊.

Boats loaded and then on the road we went, for what seemed like ages. At the get in, boats unloaded and off to shuttle again, as a very nice man (who should have been paddling) offered to bring us back without the need for a shuttle at the end.

Groups sorted, on the water we went for my boats retirement paddle ☹. Then I started seeing things, I was sure I could see a Helen doppelganger, but wasn’t she back at camp? Thankfully it turns out it was Helen, who had magically appeared with a different group – I’m being told there’ll be a separate write-up, but we’ll see.

Even though the water levels were lower, you still couldn’t see the rocks, the water being the same colour.

Sarah: “what did we do today”; Martin: “hit a lot of rocks”

Our illustrious leader took point and meandered his way between the rocks. An amazing river and well worth the paddle even if low, we all got to the get off having successfully navigated our way down, to then enter the actual carnage of the day, the raft get off.

What a palaver. Absolute chaos, with idiots parking and even bigger idiots being impatient. Nevertheless, the crack team of trailer movers came into play and unhitched the trailer, reversed the bus and rapidly throw the boats in.

So at this time as it’s my last day, we should probably tally up the leaders curse. So far, in chronological order:

  • Kirk: Swim
  • Nikki: Swim
  • Martin: Broken Boat
  • Keith: Broken Boat
  • Sarah: Swim
  • Helen: Swim
  • Ian: Hmmmmmm – me thinks tomorrow will be interesting

We all then headed to the lake, to relax and play on the SUPs. A perfect end to a perfect day.

More photographs……….