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Half the paddle, twice the paddlers

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Recent open boat course (3 dock sessions and a trip) went really well.

A mix of new and more experienced paddlers met for the first session in conditions that can only be described as diabolical. It was lashing down with rain and blowing an absoloute hoollie (opens dont like wind unless we have the sail up), but everyone got stuck in and just did it.

Session two was glorious sunshine as the group worked on trimming the boat, tandem and solo paddling, hunting, and balance. Everyone did great.

Session three focused on the ability to rescue these very large craft in a safe way, ie how to empty a boat whilst not using any muscle power, and how to get back in without using any effort. This was followed by some poling, and prying and generally progressing to such an extent that everyone is safe to join a session / trip.

Session four was the trip, Farndon to Chester (12 miles), glorious sunshine, but headwind (ouch). Everyone did really well.

WELL done to all!

Unfortunatley there are not too many photos, but for some great 1970’s instructional videos then I strongly recomment the link below to the Path of the Paddle series. Excuse the 1970’s music, fashion and non uk health and safety, but the skills are just as valid now as then.

Top tip for tandem boaters, listen out for how much communication there is!!!!!!!!

Enjoy – but remember a felt hat is not as good as a crash hat in protecting your head from rocks, and PFD’s should not be quite so faded.

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