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Hilbre Island Event Results

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Many thanks for taking part in this year’s Event.
Next Event – Sunday 17th July 2022

Full results / photos and details of next year`s event are now on our website – just click the appropriate links.  If you have any feedback or comments to make next years event even better, please email them in.

Sunday 12th September 2021
Full list of all results and times….

 Hilbre Race (13km) 8.7m Tide Little Eye Race (9km)West Kirby Race (4km)
 1st Racing SkiNigel jones 1st KayakSimon Witcher1st Junior KayakPoppy Clews (12)
 1st Performance RaceIan Makkison 2nd KayakDerek Connolly2nd Junior KayakOliver Groom (9)
 1st Sea KayakJames Shrimpton 3rd KayakBrian Green3rd Junior KayakElla Clews (15)
 2nd Sea KayakMax Pipe
 3rd Sea KayakMark Martindale
 1st Double Sea KayakIsaac and Al Pipe
 1st Female Sea KayakHelen Marriott
 Highest LCC memberAndy Rowley