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Karnali River trip – Nepal, 2018 by Nathan Marsden.

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Karnali River trip – Nepal, 2018 by Nathan Marsden with Tom Morris, Roy McHale, Richard and Liz Reeves and Mark Young

Finally got around to throwing a little edit together from our trip in Nepal back in November paddling the Karnali River.

Start Point: Dungeswar
Finish Point: Chispani

Day 1 – Long drive from near Nepalgunj to the get in. Left at 5am arrived at river around 11.30 stopped in a crazy village along the way for breakfast of samosa and boiled eggs. River was go from the start big waves trains and the main signal ‘middle middle’. Camp was good, great food and big fire. Camped underneath a tarpaulin.

Day 2 – Easier day today, Sayas let us read and run the rapids. Easy sections of around grade 3-3+ big waves trains, mega fun! Camp f@@king freezing, wind blew through the tarp.

Day 3 – Starting to get to the meat of the rapids. 2 main rapids first called sweetness and light – steady line that was quite easy to get. Some holes to avoid river left but a big wave train down the bottom. Second rapids called Jailhouse big huge hole river right then another in the middle. Line was left at top then over to the right. Tom took a s*** line and swam in second hole, both shoes ripped off and pants half way down 😂 rest of the day steady.

Day 4 – Another big day with 3 main rapids. Gods house (4+) juicer (4) and juicer 2 (flip and strip, 4). Gods house started straight away with a must make line, huge hole on the left then a tongue over to the right. Juicer 2 had a shoot on the left. 2 big  holes in the middle. Line went left, left and left. All followed by 6km of continuous grade 3/4 gorge. Great wave trains with some monster holes to avoid.

Day 5 – Some easy 3 wave trains to get going followed by a stop at a local village to get a fresh pig. Then a long easy paddle to camp. Beach had tiger prints on it!

Day 6 – First section little bit interesting. long day, mellow paddle on mostly flat water but moving. Some easy 2 sections on the bends. 1 big main rapids part way down with some wave trains. Big eddies either side so could play about. Camp great set up with some big logs for a big fire.

Day 7 – Flat. Campsite on an island. Roy, Nathan and Sayas went to local village to get beer and rum. Roy fell smashed 2 bottles of rum and cut his hand. Team made rum punch and great food. Big fire to chill around.

Day 8 – Final paddle was short. Finished in Chisipani village. Had more Dahl Baht for lunch in a little local tea house with farm animals roaming around. 2hr journey on the bus to Nepalgunj airport before flying back to Kathmandu.

Huge thanks to Paddle Nepal!