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Kayaks, cars & horses

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Recently there has been a facebook post from a horse rider who was not very happy with the way a car and kayak passed her (On North Parade near Hoylake RNLI station).

I am sure that this was not any of our members, driving on pavement to get round a horse on North Parade (coast road near Hoylake RNLI), and there could easily be a second persons point of view, but this is a great opportunity to to learn about horses (I don’t know much, but I do occasionally pick bits up).

Horses are very strange animals.

They are very powerful animals, that can be very brave, but they can also spook at the slightest little thing – such as a crisp packet rustling in the wind, or a blade of grass that is slightly taller than the others.

They are often used to cars, but can be very wary of a car with a kayak on the roof simply because it is different to the norm.

As such, it is best to slow down and past them as wide as you possibly can (when overtaking or coming towards the animal) or look for the signal if the rider wishes you to stop. Once past the horse, don’t just rev and shoot off as that can also spook them

Also, if it looks like the horse is having a moment, or the horse is not fully under the control of the rider, then it is probably best to stop well back because a tonne of horse can seriously ruin your day (never mind the risk to both horse and rider)

I am sure this is not one of us, but if this was anyone you know, please tell them as I believe the footage is going to the police / and it doesnt show us in a positive light.

Mike (Facebook post below)

No photo description available.

Aimée Alicia
22 hrs
The **** driver of the mini who decided to beep his horn multiple times, undertake the car that was in front of him and behind us, and then mount the pavement and go speeding past; He almost made willow bolt, and he made Freddie rear (as seen in the pictures)…
All because he wanted to go canoeing in the sea 2 minutes quicker than if he’d just been patient and waited for us to be off the road or in an area with more room.

He could have killed us.
He could have killed a pedestrian.

Does anyone know this driver? Canoe and car are quite recognisable together. Tall man, old, grey goatie and short grey hair.

Taking footage to the police 👌🏻