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Carrying / Lifting a canoe

As we all know, open canoes can be quite heavy. Therefore, it is important to lift and carry them correctly.

Low level carry

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2 person carry

2 person

An easy carry over shortish distances is for 2 people to go to either end, bend legs, and then following an agreed command to lift with a straight back.

To ease the load on your wrist, you can support the weight by utilising a sling over your shoulder.

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Multi person carry

3 or 4 or more person

To ease the load on two people, if there are more of you then simply ask more people to help carry. Again, communication is key to lifting the boat cleanly.

This eases the load on the people carrying, but it is slow and carrying through confined spaces or uneven ground can be difficult.

High level carry

For carrying solo, or on longer distances, it is often easier to carry a canoe up high. HOWEVER, it is very important that we lift the boats properly (otherwise your back will go twang and you wont be paddling that day!).

Below are a selection of videos that show how to lift a boat for a high level carry. My favourite, whether carrying solo or double, is to lift / lower with two people

2 person lift & carry – my favourite, whether carrying as a pair or using the centre yoke. These two vids show 2 person lift and a 1 or 2 person carry.

1 person curl and carry – VERY IMPORTANT TO BE SMOOTH!!! NB, note how you can reduce the weight by resting one end on the floor

1 person lift and carry – a great way to lift that puts less risk to your body.

(Thanks to Ray Goodwin for posting the vids)

Mike A