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Liverpool Canoe Club Role Descriptions

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1. Coordinate and lead the development of all club activity.
2. To develop the Stewardship team to help in the above.
3. To uphold the constitution and rules of the club.
4. Support and monitor key volunteers thus ensuring the well-being and development of all club members.
5. Chair regular Stewardship Group discussions and all general club meetings.
6. Represent the club with the National Governing body and other organisations.

1. To support the Chair with advice and a second opinion.
2. To develop the Stewardship team to help in the above.
3. Deputise for the Chair when required.

Club Secretary
1. Provide up to date records of regular club Stewardship Discussions and of annual meetings, including decisions and actions.
2. Maintain archive records of club activities, but excluding those which are the specific responsibility of other committee members.
3. Coordinate and distribute correspondence to and from the club including internal information and for decision making.
4. Act as a contact point for members of the public and other canoeing organisations.
5. To work as a team with the Chair and Vice-chair to run the Stewardship Group.
6. Promote the canoe club through events, advertisements, British Canoeing, and local councils etc.

Honorary Treasurer
1. Act as the second signature on the club accounts in case of the demise of the treasurer.
2. Act as second pair of eyes on the club financial matters.
3. Audit the club accounts as necessary for a small, not-for-profit organisation.
4. Report to the Stewardship group and the membership when required.

Treasurer (currently merged with the role of Membership Secretary below)
1. Maintain up to date and archive records of all financial transactions.
2. Collect subscriptions and all other money due.
3. Pay bills as necessary.
4. Ensure that cash and cheques are deposited promptly in the club’s bank or building society accounts.
5. Report regularly to the Stewardship Group on the club’s financial status.
6. Prepare year-end statements of accounts to present to the Honorary Treasurer (auditor) and to the club membership.
8. Provide financial planning and forecasting statements as required by the club.
9. Act as one of two signatories authorised to make transactions.

Membership Secretary
1. Issue new members with club welcome pack (email with key information).
2. Talk to, and / or provide details, and information regarding the canoe club, and activities to prospective members.
3. Send renewal notices out to existing members.
4. Update database with relevant members details.
5. Ensure coaches and committee members have up to date information on members as necessary.
6. Maintain confidentiality of club member’s details, and ensure the safe keeping, and disposal of all personal information, in compliance with the Data Protection act.
7. Provide club information to relevant authorities, e.g., as requested.
8. Maintain archive records of club membership.
9. Report regularly on membership matters to the club Stewardship Group and to the annual meeting.

Compound and Equipment Coordinator
1. To support the Stewardship Group in the effective management of all of the boats.
2. To develop and support a team to manage and support the repairing of club equipment.
3. To produce and maintain a list of club equipment and its condition.
4. To receive reports of damage to club equipment via the email address on the booking for and allocate or organise a team to repair.
5. To develop a club replacement policy with support from the club committee.

Lead Safeguarding Coordinator
1. Acts as support and a point of contact for all Club Child Protection and Child harassment issues. Liaises externally when required.
2. Maintains Club focus on all equality policies affecting youths and vulnerable adults.
3. Maintains and supports codes of conduct procedures within youth membership.
4. Coordinates both voluntary and formal DBS disclosures for volunteers and coaches respectively.
5. Attend any relevant courses / conferences on Child Protection and Vulnerable Adults.
6. To develop a team to help in the above.

Coaching Coordinator
1. Act as central point for all matters involving coaching, leading, and training in the club.
2. To develop and support a team to develop coaching and leading within the club.
3. Support and advise coaches in each discipline within the club to achieve the above.
4. Ensure that relevant records associated with club coaching/training are maintained.
5. Advise and support resolution of reasonable adjustments that may be required for paddlers with health or disability issues. To ensure all coaches and training staff are aware of needs around paddlers with issues with health or disability.
6. Report regularly on coaching matters to the Stewardship Group and the Annual General Meeting.

Junior Coordinator
1. To develop and support a team to lead all junior activity within the club.
2. Provide information on youth activity to all Junior paddlers.
3. Act as a representative voice on club issues affecting youth paddlers. Report regularly to the club Stewardship Group.
4. Encourage participation of Juniors in both Regional and Club events.
5. Junior Club coordinator to review junior rules with junior members and forward suggestions to Stewardship Group.

Task/Role Description: Volunteer Coordinator
1. Act as a central contact for all volunteers.
2. Coordinate the implementation of the volunteer’s recruitment, training and support plans for members and parents.
3. Recruit volunteers from within the membership and beyond in various roles including helpers for the everyday running of the club.
4. Ensure all volunteers are clear on their responsibilities through role descriptions.
5. Liaise with volunteer organisations and British Canoeing to provide access to coach, official, and volunteer opportunities for club members.
6. Ensure volunteers are trained and supported appropriately including being vetted if working with children and vulnerable adults.
7. Encourage and promote all volunteering roles and opportunities within the club.
8. Ensure club volunteers are rewarded and appreciated with acknowledgements, awards, and social occasions.

Skills required
Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the club and volunteers. Approachable and confident communicator. Good organisation skills.
Resources to assist in role:
• British Canoeing Volunteer Coordinator Guidance Pack.
• British Canoeing volunteers section on the website.
• British Canoeing Volunteer Development Officer and volunteer resources.
• Running sports top tips ‘Finding New Volunteers – Recruitment’; ‘Health & Safety for Volunteers’; Involving Older People as Volunteers’; ‘Recognising & Rewarding Volunteers’; ‘Retaining Volunteers’; ‘Screening Volunteers – A Guide for Clubs’; ‘Young People as Volunteers’.
• Running sports guide ‘Volunteers’.
• Running sports workshops ‘Valuing Your Sport Volunteers’ and ‘Role of the Volunteer Coordinator’.

Discipline Coordinators (Sea / WW / SUP etc)
1. Act as a central point for all matters involving the discipline, especially for new members keen to get involved.
2. To develop and support “a team” to develop trips, sessions, coaching and leading within the discipline.
3. Regularly attend all meetings.
4. Where required, research and submit fully costed and justified bids for funds for discipline equipment and training.  This must support club-wide priorities and developments.
5. Ensure that relevant records associated with the club in your discipline are maintained.
6. Develop training, courses, trips and events to promote the discipline within the club.
7. Report regularly on discipline matters to the Stewardship Group and the Annual General Meeting.
8. Identify and discuss training needs of your team. Liaise with the club safety officer to maintain the leaders register to agree the level of session leading responsibility each member of your team has and ensure this is communicated clearly to each team member.

Team Ethos
All members of a section team should feel able to suggest trips and activities. The aim of a team is to:
• Increase the number and variety of activities available within a section.
• Generate a strong depth of knowledge within the team, and hence the discipline.
• Share the load of the section lead so that team members take responsibility for different trips or activities.
• Develop the skills and knowledge of each team member and provide a succession planning pathway for future section leaders.
The team should share a common communication platform, (email group, Discord) for the sharing of ideas and to build up a knowledge base, eg river trip guides, recommended levels, get out points etc.
Occasional team meet ups – preferably on the water! – are recommended to develop the team and discuss future plans and ideas.

Stewardship Group Member
1. Regularly attend all meetings to provide balance and promote the views of the wider membership.
2. Support the club to progress actions as agreed at relevant club meetings.

Grants Coordinator / Charity Status
1. Write and submit grant applications to British Canoeing and other bodies as appropriate.
2. Investigate feasibility of and coordinate the clubs` application for charity status.
3. Report regularly to the Stewardship Group.