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Llandunno Bay – Saturday 25th March

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A leisurely start to Saturday saw us heading down to North wales for a little pootle in the the sea.

Since we failed to tempt any more out for the trip on Saturday it was just the 3 of us which is just about right since we needed to shuttle the cars to West shore for the get out and on the water for 11. This was a little later than I would have liked however no issues as we had plenty of tide. As we rounded Little Orme the seals where in a playful mood and came out so splash our kayaks and have a good old nosy.

Lunch was then had at the far end of Llandunno bay, east end before continuing on past the pier and on to Gt Orme, it was a little choppier than expected but it all added to the fun.

I’d never done the Ormes on this tide and was amazed to see how different the cliffs were on a lower level, some of the caves were also more accessible. I also couldn’t believe how clear the water was here to, never seen it so clear.

As we approached west shore we were on the bottom of the tide and there appeared to be an awful lot of sand between us and the car!! Good job we brought our trolleys. After lugging them up the beach for half an hour I turned to look back how far we had walked only to see that there was a channel running parallel to the big pipe that we could have paddled up! DOH! Ah well I’ll know for next time.

Karl, Chris, Roy.